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Painting Log: January 2008

Nov 14, 2007
I know I'm new and may not have the right to start something that may have been dying out, but better to ask forgiveness than permission. Right, so lets get this month/ year off to a productive start ...remember our new reinforcements will be arriving shortly and should they arrive to your post without all the pomp and flair as befits a Vampire Army I'm sure your enemies will make gestures at the beginning of your battles that one might conclude as an affront to your dubious character, (well perhaps not) but you know what I mean.
I myself am awaiting the new models so I have decided that if I can't paint a splendid Vampire army, I will paint up a few enemy additions to "our" most hated foe...The Empire. My list for this month's 200 points includes:
10 Empire Crossbowmen (Altdorf color scheme)
10 Empire Handgunners (Again, Altdorf)
5 Empire Huntsmen archers (these guys go with another group of 5 which are completed) There we go, my list for January 210 points. Pics to follow.
Nov 14, 2007
Beginning group shot of the Empire units I'm going to complete this month(no excuses, only victory):rolleyes:

You will see the sticks that I use to paint in an assembly-line fashion, I can't tell you how quickly you will complete units if you just cut down the amount of "pick up each figure" time. This technique is nothing new but seems to be overlooked by army painters.

Some of the Handgunners have paint on them, as I purchased them from a friend who wanted to collect something different. I will be repainting them to fit in my current Empire-Altdorf army.

Just another shot of the units with a few angry Orks in the background who are upset that they were left behind by their mates after a battle...they get so cranky when I don't put them on their shelf.
I hope you enjoy and by the way....Happy New Year!!!!:grin:


Grave Guard
Sep 12, 2007
So far so good :)
The last 2 pictures are a bit blurry though and really makes it hard to see anything in detail...

The "stick" technique I knew nothing of, but I would imagine that it gets hard to go all around the models, if you f.i. were to paint skeletons that way...
But to each his own I guess ;)


Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 30, 2007
I've finally finished my skeleton spearmen unit. Phew! It was a real effort!

I'm now looking at 31 zombies (Citadel) and a skeleton cannon (Fenryll). Pictures to follow!
Nov 14, 2007
Ok, time for an update. The handgunners and crossbowmen are coming along rather smoothly. I have not started the huntsmen as of yet, though I'm looking forward to a change from all the blue and red.

Last week I showed you guys that I paint in an assembly-line fashion and I forgot one important bit, I use white glue (Elmers, PVA, or whatever brand you have handy) to attach the model's base to the wooden stick. I have tried "sticky tack" (the sticky silly-putty type of adhesive) but found that the model does not stick as well to the wood when I attack it with a brush.:tongue:

I apply the glue on only two sides(bottom of the model's base) that are opposite from each other. The bond holds great and the model can be pulled off from the stick with just a small amount of effort with your hobby knife. I have only tried this with the plastic models, but I'm thinking of giving some metal rank and file a go next month. Well, thats it for now and maybe next time I'll be able to take some better pics of these Empire chaps.

@Bug- I just can't wait to see the skeleton cannon your working on so for the love of Cheetos and everything else that is holy... let us see some of that undead shooty death.:tongue:
Nov 14, 2007
Well, it appears that the month of January is winding to a close, but that just means that we are another month closer to the new Vampire Counts army release. I can't count the number of times I said to myself while painting the Empire guys "Man, I wish I were painting the undead ... skeletons, zombies, wolves...anything!" But alas I must practice my patience and wait March/April.
On another note one of my best mates has issued a challenge to me and a game of 5000 pts per side Empire(me) vs. Orcs & Goblins(him) for February 17th and as this is my first huge battle I am rather giddy at the prospect of pushing that many models around. As you might have guessed this has inspired me to paint feverishly in order for us to play with as many painted models as possible...anything to pass the time until the new release.
This brings my January painting log to a close and allows me to put a little time and thought into what I would like to paint for next month. So lets get this show on the road...
Group shot

Crossbowmen with marksman

The 5 Huntsmen(they will reinforce another 5 in order to make a complete unit of ten.)

The Handgunners

A unit of twenty Night Goblin Spearmen with full command- Hey, what can I say... I finished my monthly challenge early

I had these guys half way done when the January challenge started so you know you can not leave anything unfinished...Hope you guys like!