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Oct 11, 2007
Winnipeg, MB
Last updated: March 15/2010.

This thread will hold all players plus their characters. No discussion here; just completed characters and player information.

Can people also give me their contact info (if they want) the PM system is really slow and bulky. I use MSN and Gmail chat although my MSN hasn't been working very well through the web browser. If you do add me, mention this forum or my name or something to identify yourself.


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Oct 11, 2007
Winnipeg, MB
Grish - GM

Activity Level: High as can be
Location: Canada
Timezone: GMT-6
Plays at work (shh), after work

Character Bio:


Vampire Lord
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May 17, 2008
Name is Oni or CJ, and I am a player.

Activity level: High
Character: Colton David Church
Location: Chatan-cho, Okinawa
Timezone: GMT +9
Plays at home, should be able to get a post a Day on workdays, pretty often on non workdays. Work is a No go.

Character Bio:

Colton David Church AKA Colt

Age: 24

Born and raised in Texas, the United States of America in a little town called Odessa. His parents divorced at an early age, leaving him in the care of a drinking mother, along with his elder brother and sister, and youngest brother. He grew up really quickly, having to learn many things on his own, and his physical growth hit him in his 'Tweens. An awkward age to reach near full physical maturity, he stood at six foot two inches, and a healthy two hundred pounds several years before anyone else.

Due to accidents when he was younger, he's developed a slow, ponderous type of motion. He thinks about where he puts his body at all times, after injuring several friends during football games or playing make believe in his younger years; this often gives him the appearance of being 'Slow' or unintelligent. Something he tries hard to disprove, as it's one of his buttons to be called stupid because he doesn't talk as fast or do his homework as fast as others did.

His jobs have been rather simple; physical labor away from most other people. A ranch hand, a butcher working in a meat packing plant, roofing in the summers, among others filled out his time and his paychecks.

After he turned 18, he joined the Armed Forces of America as a Marine, and served 6 years in a uniform traveling around the United States, and one tour of Duty in the Sandbox. Only a few months after being honorably discharged, he found himself at home with his family wearing a business suit standing around the grave of his mother; and that's when he decided that he can't stay 'Home', because Home doesn't exist anymore.

Using his military savings and his inheritance, he's been traveling for several months, working odd jobs along the way to keep his funding topped off at a comfortable level. He's found himself in Toronto currently working for a construction company, doing manual labor but expecting a raise sometime in the near future.

MSN messenger: Justahuman_really{at}hotmail{you know what goes here}com
Use the contact for whatever. I'm interested in Blondes, brunettes, black hair, and Mage RP discussion. Preferably female on the hair color though.

Count Erick

Wight King
Dec 28, 2008
Alas, Erick is currently out of the game.

Count Erick - Player

Activity level: High
Time Zone: GMT-6

Name: Andrew Roberts
Birth Date: 8/ 3/ 1991
Height: 5' 9"
Physical Characteristics: Olive skin, brown hair, brown eyes. Very thin.

History: Andrew Grew up in and around the urban environments of Tulsa, Oklahoma. An orphan, Andrew was an unruly child and always felt that something vital was missing from his urban life. Despite the fact he was intelligent, he didn't do well in school. Likewise, while he could make friends easily enough and plenty of people where attracted to him, he rarely tried to make new acquaintances and never kept a girl friend for very long. He was also given to mood swings and was known for laughing at the slightest provocation, even while being beaten in a brawl.
Suddenly, after one faithful night at a local concert, Andrew disappeared. Two of his (latest) friends where found, murdered, in an alleyway, while Andrew was no where to be discovered. In truth, Andrew dropped out of school and left his home, traveling north to Canada. Why he left, what he is running from, or what he is heading for, remains unknown.


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Oct 30, 2009
Behind Darvy
Sanai- Player
Activity Level- High (I troll these forums daily.)
Approx. Location- Perth, Australia. GMT +8 hours I think.
Character: Cal Allente. Will edit his details into this post once I have approval on the character.
Email/Msn- cal823(atthingy)hotmail(dotttycom!) I dont really go on msn anymore tho. You better off just communicating with me in forum or via pm.

Name: Alice Tennant
Gender: Female
Height: 5' + a half
Build: Curvy, fit but not skinny.
Hair Colour: Dark Brown, curly
Eyes: Gray
Place of Birth: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
Current Home: Toronto, Canada
Current Empoyement: Barmaid
Background: Born in Australia, Alice Tennant is the daughter of an Australian Air Force pilot and a nurse. She was a loner through much of her school years, due to her fathers constant postings making it seem pointless to maintain friends that she would just have to leave. Her father piloted F-18 Hornets for the Royal Australian Air Force, and her mother worked as a registered Nurse in various hospitals. When Alice reached the age of 18, she began training to become a Vetinarian, living in Perth, Western Australia at the time. She also had strong interests in all things creative, from art to music, and at this point finnally had some firm friendships. At the age of 21, she travelled to America, and while in America, had financial difficulty, and ended up on the streets for a short period of time while she waited for backup money to help him get a flight home. However, she did not make his flight home, as she had a mental breakdown, and was soon commited to a local mental institution after attempting suicide due to the death of her friend in a car accident. At the age of 22, she was freed when the institution was raided by human rights activists, and she stumbled out of that place with jumbled memories of men in white coats, vicious orderlies, and sharp syringes. She caught bus's and hitchhiked her way across america, until she reached the Canadian Border. She contacted a family friend at Broder Base, where her father had once been lent to the canadians as an instructor for a squadron converting from F-18 Hornets to the new Joint Strike Fighter. This person lent her some money to help her out. Alice Tennant made him promise not to tell her parents that she had resurfaced, as hse did not wish to pain her family, or continue her past life. Now she is 23, and is just settling in to her new life.


Grave Guard
Nov 14, 2009
Evanm7- Player
Activity Level- OVER 9000!
Approx. Location- New.. Jeresy!
Timezone- GMT - 5h during Standard Time
Character: Draco Malcolm.
Email/Msn- Email is malcolmevan [{at}] yahoo dotcom.

Name: Draco Malcolm. (Latin and Scottish!)
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Patras, Greece, Europe.
Age: 27.

Physical Description:
Height: 6' 3".
Weight: 140 Pounds.
Draco is very slim, with a thin stomach and straight, pale legs. His flesh is a slightly tan color, and a scar hangs from his right eye to his chin. He has dark black hair and sea blue eyes, and usually wears a white coat over a blazing red pants and shirt. He is very weak physically and avoids fights at all costs.

Draco has been described as an idiot, a wanna-be, and many other derogatory things.

Needless to say, he's not. As a young boy, Draco was a child of divorced parents. Both the parents lived in the same town, in Greece. As soon as Draco went to primary school, all his teachers noticed him as someone who was scared of the rules. They noticed that Draco never acted out, had mostly high grades, and always did what his teachers told him. It was a decidedly queer thing.

At Draco's entering into fifth grade, he began to take a great interest in science. This was only brought to the fore as he took his first class of science, taking a Checking-Quiz and scoring 100. Draco asked his parents if he could go to a Science For The Young class (SFY), and they accepted and enrolled him.

Then came sixth grade. Draco was already preparing for middle school and then came the gradation. Draco ascended when his name was called...

The teacher called out a list of scholarships and money that Draco had won.
Traveling- North America.
Winner of the Forty-second science fair- 540 Euros.
Entrance into Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology College.
Draco and his family were overwhelmed. None of it was useful now, though.

From then on, Draco was a normal boy with a interest in the science. His grades were high, but that was normal by his current grade level. Gymnasia 1 passed. Then Gymnasia 2. Then Draco was flying into the Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology College.

Draco passed through the College, learning many things the Newtonian Mechanics. He got a degree in Science- the study of Physics- and Draco took great interest in the forces that act on the body.

Draco then got a job as a teacher in the same college he went to, until he was 25. Draco then received the 540 Euros and traveling degree. He used the degree to travel to Toronto, Canada. Once there, Draco rented an apartment with a roommate named Scarlett. Draco has now lived in Toronto for two years.

Draco has moved out of the apartment and into a large house. He has a modest flow of income coming from a book called 'Randomness' which contained 300 completely random facts, his job as a Scientist looking for ways to develop a type of fabric that traps heat, and his side-job as a developer of mods and other add-ons for several games.

Draco has a weird outside personality, always thinking of ways anything could be used to beniefit him. He likes to think of everything as a force, even people, and all of the forces are acting on other forces. This unique view allows Draco to take apart most situations and analyse them, identifying the forces causing the problem. (This is fun to RP)

When presented with other people, Draco does all he can to appeal to them and agrees to anything they say. This is because if Draco gets into a physical fight, he'll get destroyed! Draco also likes to hear other peoples views, and is a devout Atheist.

Draco is also very wrapped up in the outside, and scarcely thinks about his own conditions.

Current Status:
Has been in Toronto for 2 years.
Modest income.
Wrote a book.

Not easily angered.
Doesn't anger others.

Weak physically.
Doesn't express his views.
Lives in a state of dirtyness.


Jan 29, 2010
Player: AsdrubaelWho
Character:Quint Zdebuuki
Activity: High for now (unemployeed)
Location: Midwest, USA (Indiana)
Time Zone: GMT -5/6 I'll have to check (Mac doesn't give me GMT)
Contact: email: asdrubaelwho(cat)yahoo(spot)com or pm though CN.
Can get a gmail account if necessary.

So, my character:

Name: Quint Zdebuuki
Birthplace: Born in 1952 in Nairobi, Kenya
Gender: Male
Married: Yes
Ethnicity: Kenyan
Religion: Christian, though not devout

Physical Description: 5’ 6” tall, 140 lbs, One leg several inches shorter than the other so walks with a severe limp. He is thin and long of limb for his stature.
Skin: Medium brown
Hair: Short and very dark
Eye Color: Golden hue

Occupation: Teaches African Studies, Swahili and Somali at University of Toronto.
Education: Primary education in Kenya, University at University of Limoges, France, Post Graduate at University of Toronto.

Activities: Reading, researching, scholarly conversations, collecting African drums and musical instruments (though not any good at playing any), model trains and performing shadow puppets for children at the Children’s Hospital, of which he is astoundingly adept.

Quint’s ancestors were farmers in Central Kenya until their lands were usurped by the Imperial British East Africa Company at the turn of the twentieth century and given to British and European settlers. His grandfather was an itinerant farmer who worked the lands that once belonged to him and was allowed a small plot of land to use to farm for his family until he was conscripted into the Carrier Corps, a military support organization, during World War 1. As a porter in the Carrier Corps, his grandfather labored long and hard portaging supplies from The Port of Mombasa to military operations in the interior. During his service in the Carrier Corps an Indian military officer Sarpal Deendayal of the British Indian army took note of his work ethic and leadership and took him into his personal service at the end of the war. As his options were next to nil, he was forced to stay in service to the Deendayal family in Nairobi to support his family. As his grandfather before him, Quint’s father worked in service to the Deendayal family.

Quint was born in 1952, in Nairobi. His mother did not survive the birthing and Quint had to be pulled from the womb. It was a very difficult birth. Quint’s left leg was broken seriously and, improperly set, healed badly, leaving it several inches shorter than the right.

Quint was cared for by the servant women of house, then, once he turned five, by his eldest sister. Physical work being difficult, Quint was often required to stay out of the way and took to hobbling around the manor. He would often go to where the linen was hanging to dry and practice making shadow puppets on the sheets. During one of his walks around the manor, Quint was told by a young Deendayal, Vedprakash, to sit and hold a book open whilst he read. Vedprakash informed Quint he was being educated to become an ambassador. As time passed Quint and Vedprakash became good friends. As Quint constantly asked Vedprakash what this word was and what that word was, Vedprakash took to teaching Quint to read and write. Quint was a very quick study and soon was on par with Vedprakash so Ved began teaching him other subjects.
Though the Mau Mau rebellion for Land and Freedom was over, neither youth was allowed to leave the manor, as there was still a great deal of tension between the Kikuyu, Embu and Meru tribes of the Mau Mau revolt, and the British government.
Thus they spent much time together adventuring around the manor.
The boy’s friendship and Quint’s education continued until 1964. The previous year, Quint had the honor of being alive when Kenya achieved independence from British rule. In 1964, the Deendayal family moved their household and assets back to their family home in India. In 1965 Vedprakash took a trip to Limoges France to visit the university and Quint and his father went along. Once there, Vedprakash, as he and Quint had planned, enrolled himself and Quint in university. Quint studied political science and, six years later, graduated cum lauda with minors in African history and Swahili.

Vedprakash had returned to India but Quint decided to travel to the United States to observe society and the developing political awareness there.
He traveled the country for a few years then traveled to Canada, where he settled to attend University of Toronto. Four years later he received his Doctorate in African Studies and took a position in the Political Science department.

Quint currently lives in a small cottage/house full of the things he loves with his wife Melanie, who is a professor of anthropology and early human language. He met Melanie here at University of Toronto when he was 28 and finally convinced her to marry him when he was 35. They have no children of their own but spend much of their free time traveling and doing social work with children's organizations.

Though relatively happy, Quint has observed the degradation of societies around the world and has written several books concerning the topic. He sees the socioeconomic and political situations appear to be coming to head and is unsure of where this will eventually lead.

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Player: Disciple of Nagash
Character:William Gardiner
Activity: High - should be able to post at least once per day, more on weekends.
Location: South UK
Time Zone: 0000 GMT
Contact: Normally PM works best to be honest. If you do need to arrange to chatm you will need to PM me first so I will sign into MSN. My MSN address is mrandmrsgoth[at]hotmail[dot]co[cot]uk
However the chat room for CN is 90% finished which may help.



Name: William Gardiner
Nickname: Will to those who really know, and you have to know him well to call him that.
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Build: Lithe body, broad shoulders.
Hair Colour: Dark brown almost black, starting to go grey around the temples.
Eyes: Brown
Place of Birth: Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
Home: Apartment in RP town (Toronto?)

William grew up in a middle class family, neither rich nor poor. He was an only child, but unlike other similar children he was never spoilt. His father was somewhat distant, and his mother whilst loving believed that here goal was to raise her child to be able to look after themselves when they grew up. As such he was taught things from an early age, always offered help but never had things done for him that he could do himself. This self sufficiency became more prominent in his teens, and he was always planning, making sure that things that needed to be done were done. It was around this time he started intermittently studying martial arts, in an attempt to improve his self image and tone up his very slim body. In school he did well achieving most A grades during school, and then went on to study advanced English due to his love of reading, and his desire to be writer.

Around this point he reached a dark part of his life, though not normally what would be considered. William did not got off the rails etc, but some of his friends did and it was his loyalty that dragged him down with them. He was always there, trying his hardest to help them, but in the end he became more involved that he should have been.......(this part to remain hidden for now). During whatever happened he damaged his left thigh and hip, resulting in a noticeable limp. He has used a walking stick ever since.

Fast forward to current date and William is now living in Toronto. Having already written one book on the Occult under an assumed name, which received a modest reception, he as managed to secure a publisher for the sequel, which is based on energy working in the Occult.

Current Status:
As mentioned William is living in an apartment, small and one bedroomed. It has a living area that has the kitchen area at one end. It is comfortably furnished, and it has some of the latest equipment such as a large TV, PC etc. Monetary wise the bulk of his money has slowly dissolved, supporting him as he writes his sequel or spent on his apartment. He still has enough to support a reasonable lifestyle for now. He has a 10 year old Vauxhall / Opel Omega, that whilst old runs fine at the moment. He has got a close knit community of friends that he sees from time to time, however he also spends a lot of time in solitude. His most pressing concern at the moment is that he is suffering an extreme case of writers block and the first draft of his novel was due over two weeks ago.

Health / Fitness

William does exercise two to three times a week. He dislikes excess fat, though he also dislikes muscles. As such he is toned and lithe. He still practises the martial art techniques taught in his younger days, and has surprisingly fast reflexes and apart from his left leg, is quite supple and agile. However is lacks raw strength that bulkier men have.
His main problem in his left leg. Damage to his hip and thigh have left it stiff and it generally aches. If used excessively it can also cause William pain. He normally walks with a wooden cane / walking stick to compensate for this.
Everything else, vision, hearing etc are all normal.

The first that strikes most people about William is how calm and reserved he is. He does not react to insults, refuses to get drawn into arguments, and at times seems to not care and be cold. He always tries to think and plan, always tried to talk things through. He values truth and honesty, yet he also knows there are times when it is not prudent to tell the full truth.
For all this coldness, it does not mean he doesn't care. Underneath he does, before what happened to him made him hide it away. Those who are closest have come to recognise the signs though. The slight raise of his lips would be a burst of laughter from a normal person, a blink of surprise outright shock.
Though he would never admit it he does harbour desires of meeting a women and settling down. He does meet women from time to time, however most find it difficult to get close to someone who hides their feelings so much, and as such they have not worked out.


True Blood
Aug 31, 2009
Player: Me (knightofni)
Activity: High, at least 1 post a day
Timezone: GMT


Name: Kade Hazzard
Age: 22
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Mechanic

Kade is approximately 6’1” tall with a slim but athletic build; stylised raven black hair and grey eyes. He has strong but pleasant facial features, and has a haggard-looking stubble ensemble. His upper left arm is heavily tattooed.

Kade is intelligent and humorous; most of the time he is responsible and has to think twice before putting himself in a compromising situation. He does however find it difficult to engage with strangers; he may seem pleasant in conversation but rarely opens up and allows himself to trust people. To those that he does trust and care about, he is unswervingly loyal and protective, sometimes overly so.

Brief History:
Kade was always an intelligent child with a very bright academic future ahead of him. He excelled in most areas at school showing a particularly keen interest in; chemistry (though this may have been a result of a certain curvy female teacher) and at his father’s insistence, Ice Hockey. He eventually graduated from High School with top grades and, leaving high-school hockey behind, was fully expected to be enrolled with a top notch University... that was until a tragic accident intervened.

Kade’s parents were killed in a car-crash (father suspected of drink-driving), of which his younger sister Meredith was the sole survivor. With no other family around to help look after his sister and next to no inheritance, Kade was forced to abandon his promising education in order to care for his six year old sister.

Four years after the car-crash, Kade is working as a Mechanic in a backstreet garage, earning just enough to keep himself and his sister off the streets, though this also down to the help of their generous landlady; and a few shady jobs Kade has had to do on the side when money gets a bit tight; Illegal car upgrades, registration modifications and the occasional ‘clean-out’, strictly outside hours of course.


Dec 20, 2009
Dreadgrass - Player
Activity level - High (or a bit less on busy work days ;) )
Location - Brisbane Australia
GMT variation - +10 hours (I think...)

David Cunningham
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Hometown: Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Height: 5'10
weight: average
Build: average

A whimsical man, David has a reputation among his family and co-workers as being absent minded, lazy and a procrastinator. In truth he tends to have a very narrow focus, something that interests him he will hone in on and do very well with, often to the exclusion of other tasks.

In School his grades varied greatly, whatever subjects/ topics took his fancy were always well completed, where those that didn't suffered.

Since School his employment history is scattered, no job that he's qualified for has really held his interest. In the last few years he's moved to (insert location here) to try and find a place in life for himself. He currently works with a security agency, the job itself he doesn't terribly engaging but it does leave him a fair amount of time to think and reason...

David is a devout atheist and believes that everything can be explained, that there is no such thing as fate, (or magic ) and that chance favours the prepared mind...

Further detail available via PM, Grish, you've added me on MSN I believe, anything further required please PM me.

Mr Nightwere

May 30, 2009
Name: Arron Gracen
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6
Build: Lithe body, broad shoulders.
Hair Colour: Dark brown almost black,
Eyes: Green, blue, yellow. (these are my actual eyes and they hypnotize people!
Place of Birth: New castle, Australia
Current location: Apartment in RP town

Arron was born in new south wales in Australia and lived there for the first five years of his life. After his grand parents dyed he and his mother father and new baby son moved away from the busy, dirty city and moved north to warmer seas. Arron was always a perculer child and had a different way of looking at things in his life. He believed in the impossible and would get lost in a forest near by his Queensland home the forest was a source of inspiration through his child hood and in turn pushed away others people and sought friendship with other strange people like himself.

for ten years he explored this strange forest, learning and thinking and fighting with his imagination running hiding and loving the forest which grew with in his soul. This continued until his parents split apart and the house was sold. His opinion of people was less than gracious after years of abandonment because of his strange behavior. His sense of love was more like a devotion and the his first encounter was filled with doubt and distress and in the end was born to fail.

His school life was mildly productive and he enjoyed the company of his favorite teachers sometimes more than his friends. In fact he enjoyed all manner of interesting people and never shied away form engaging one of these fascinating people in some form of conversation. He would have been best described as an air head enjoying music and the world around him more than maths or English which he paid little attention in. After school he went on to become a musician excelling at the violin and acoustic guitar he studied and taught others to pay rent. and writing in his spare time on an warhammer forum.

He soon moved away from Australia to travel the world and see the sights with his friend Greg Jewlen an intellectual and all around lazy guy he and Arron have traveled for about 2 years looking for their purpose in life.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Activity Level: High enough (if we ignore his regular internet deaths)
Location: UK/Ireland
Timezone: GMT
Plays in the house, whenever really.

Name: Dr Michael Adams
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Build: Lean/Slim.
Hair: Light Brown pulled back into a short ponytail, receding at the temples.
Eyes: Aqua Blue with yellow rings around the pupil.
Appearance: Usually a Suit although during work he will sometimes wear a Lab-Coat (As is the dress code requirement for the company). He also wears glasses although at times he wears contacts instead.
Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Current location: Apartment in Toronto.


Michael was born in Belfast within Northern Ireland and was raised there for the first many years of his life, when he turned 18 he moved to England to study Physics at the University of Manchester. Graduating at the age of 22 he was employed by a Military Contracted firm to work on weapons development. Four years later he went back to his old university to study a Masters in Physics which he studied for two years.
It was during these two years that he met his future wife, Emily McEvoy. Michael married her two years later at the age of thirty moving to London and within a year his daughter, Jessica, was born.
Two years later Michael returned to the University of Manchester to get a Ph.D. in Particle Physics.
At the age of thirty six his wife divorced him and he moved away to Toronto in Canada
For the past two years he has worked for another Military Contracted Weapons Research Company called “Calinex”.


Michael is a very intelligent man, at least academically, but he shows little skill when it comes to people. He has no true friends to speak of only acquaintances. Whilst some believe this to be a lack of ability in actuality he just doesn't want anyone friends.
He can at times come of as superior, especially to those he decides are remarkably less intelligent than himself and he has a harsh view on society believing many people who have not “accomplished” much in their lives are a waste of life.
He is also rather cynical and has little faith in anything, having been heard to mock believes of love, religion and other ideals.
Despite a rather friendly personality, a man who politely smiles and nods with his colleges he thinks of himself as being “numb to feeling” and the smiles are merely what he feels to be a social requirement.
Although he would never admit it, even to himself, he does wish to find something he could truly have faith in aside from his science which is where his interest in the Occult originates.


Most of his free time is devoted to further study into his area of expertise but he does have a few hobbies.
The main one being Martial Arts, he studies a Kung-Fu style known as Northern Praying Mantis and the Japanese Sword Art Kenjutsu. Both of which he is a high level in.
He also has experience in several other arts from when he was younger although he as dropped them all in favour of the two he still studies.
Whilst at home he also reads quite a lot, mostly fantasy and sci-fi stories although he occasionally reads books of the Occult as he finds them fascinating although he is unsure why.

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Mar 9, 2008
Player: Me(Sweeney Todd)
Activity level: Medium(Actually High, but I randomly have to perform guard duties every few days)
Character: James Lee
Location: Singapore
Timezone: GMT +8(quite close to the Aussies actually)

Name: James Lee
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 1.7m
Build: Lean
Weight: Around 58 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Place of Birth: Singapore


James grew up as the only male child with one sister in an upper-middle class family. Even as a child James had always been 'different' from others, and this apparent oddness meant most of his peers shunned and ostracised him. As a result he grew up in the heavily urbanized city-state as an introvert with only a very small circle of close friends. At the age of 17 he entered a diploma course in Computer Engineering. Older and more mature now, James fit in much better. At the end of that road though, he found few lasting friends after graduation though for him it was a fun 3 years while it lasted.

Shortly after graduation, the compulsory military conscription of his home country called. After basic training, he found himself in working in military security as a perimeter defense trooper. The 2 years he spent in armed service were to him a total waste of time, and his random working hours rendered it difficult or impossible to engage in the pastimes and activites he used to dabble in. After being discharged, he proceeded to work for and obtain his driver's license, and then spent several months of 'me time'. Currently he has headed overseas for further education, namely a degree.


To those who don't know him very well James is a quiet, possibly nondescript introverted fellow. Those who truly know him know of him as distrusting and suspicious of others, and would not be surprised by his hidden capability for serious, intelligent conversation. Those who he is merely acquainted with only see his strong capacity for randomness, resulting in jokes that range between inane, vaguely childish, biting, saracastic and highly offensive. This serves as a smokescreen to hide part of his personality.

James is a person who pursues what interests him, almost to the exclusion of all else. When it comes to mundane things like household chores, James is lazy and unmotivated. He is a pseudo-thinker who enjoys debates with friends and generally sitting back contemplating ideas and possibilities. As such he has read a little bit of all kinds of 'serious' topics ranging from finance to religion, politics and morality. In particular he enjoys philosophy, religion and computer programming.


In the past James picked up computer programming and Aikido. Currently he spends much of his free time on chess(both English and Chinese) and other wargames. His other main hobbies also currently include 'Glowsticking', a form of dancing with glowsticks, though he is attempting to find the time to go back to his past pursuits. Other than this he reads all kinds of material from fiction to philosophical texts.
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