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The General's handbook is coming to Age of Sigmar and with it are coming points and some rules to keep armies more balanced. Is anyone who was just playing KoW going to make the switch due to this? Was anyone still playing KoW? Doesn't look like there's much activity in these forums.


True Blood
I'm sticking to KoW. The game is fast, there's no model peeling, no rules discrepancies and is very tactical. I've heard the General's Compendium has actually made things worse in some cases, new rules making undead even more br0ken than before.
I've been playing Army of Dust (Tomb Kings) and I don't have much interest in the regualr Undead force that uses vampires.
You must enjoy the new Empire of Dust models they're realeasing on Mantic's webstore then. The Ushtabi variations in particular are nice since you can't buy them anymore and the ranged versions are one of the few mantic ranged units that can also do OK in melee.


True Blood
They look alright, I'm sure they'd appear much better with a different color scheme. I fortunately have a lot of TK models but what I do lack are the bowshabti. I'm actually going to buy the new sylvaneth treekin with bows as I want a fully plastic army.
That unit is definitely nasty, I agree. Brew of Keeneyeness on them and you will win the game as long as they shoot each turn.

Man, I miss posting on the forums
I know what you mean. I bought a bunch of soul Reaver Infantry and they're all metal that was disappointing. I don't know why they're making new models out of metal


Grave Guard
People are still playing KoW (it is just as popular as AoS, if not more so in my area). Just not posting on the forums I guess.
KoW is what I've been focusing on in terms of building and painting new models but the introduction of points in AoS is at least going to get me into a few games with flesh eater courts with models I've already painted and haven't seen much use in KoW (terrorghiests). A skirmish game doesn't quite scratch the itch that a regiment rank/flank game does. While I have yet to play AoS, it does seem to have a lot of depth in terms of unit interactions and bonuses which allows for more strategy in the list building phase. This is the one spot where KoW falls a little bit short for me, but overall it is a great ruleset. I see myself playing both games going forward, especially if AoS scales to smaller game sizes.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Kings of War is great, I'll be sticking with it for sure. Age of Sigmar, well, I'm sure it's a good game in it's own way, but it's not Warhammer and it's not a massed combat, ranks and flanks style game so I'm not interested. Plus the models are silly expensive. There's not a lot of activity here, but let's be honest, there's not much more on the AoS section of the board either. The death of Warhammer signalled a significant decrease in the traffic to this site altogether. KoW specific boards, especially the Mantic Forums, are doing really well.

Unlike WHFB, KoW isn't won or lost in the list building phase. And I tend to find that games which place less emphasis on the list building aspect of their game (I only really have experience with KoW, SAGA and Hail Caesar in the category) tend to have less online presence. I guess there's just less to talk about. Where games with more emphasis on list building (40K, WHFB, X Wing and Armada) can all be won or lost before the game starts, and there's LOTS of discussion around balance, list optimisation, tournament viable list builds, etc.