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Potion of Strentgh vs OTS


Apr 27, 2012
Basically, do you prefer Potion of Strength or OTS on your lord (and, more importantly, why)?

I see a lot of people using the potion, but only having high strength for one turn in an entire game is a prospect that concerns me greatly.


Vampire Count
Oct 28, 2011
I have never given the Pot of Strength to my V Lord, but I have to a Ghoul King.

In both cases, I just prefer the OTS on them if I know I'm up against Daemons or Humans with lots of ward saves (like Karl Franz, for instance, where extra armour means nothing).

I do, however, use the Pot on a Hero Vamp, to get him going.

Now... if I was to use my lord against, say Elves, there would be no need for the Ogre Blade, in which case, I'd let my Lord keep his hand weapon and pop the Potion when I'm up against a 1+ or 2+ AS character, keeping his points low (or giving him the Earthing Rod I can't field regularly with him! :D)
Aug 18, 2009
I usually try to run ogre blade, so potion of strength would be a bit overkill. OTS is therefore the default option, as it's the most generally useful ability you can add at that point. Though, I have tried sword of strife with the potion... That's a lot of fun! But less competitive, obviously, requiring you to drop down to a 5+ ward.


Black Knight
Oct 23, 2011
I have ran potion of strength with a double handed weapon build. Str 10 attacks for one turn works wonders against large toughness beasties or 1+ armor. Empire steam tanks, skaven furnace or bell, juggernauts of korn are just a couple good targets. However, even then i run the OTS on another character in the unit with the unit champion separating them of course.


Black Knight
Jan 16, 2013
Ots because I always run an ogre blade. Str 7 is plenty strong and to make your opponent reroll successful ward saves gives you more wounds for red fury. Destroys special characters pretty much instantly.


Grave Guard
Apr 6, 2010
On a Vampire Lord, my answer will be neither, since I prefer Charmed/Enchanted shield over OTS, and won't have points left for PoS after taking Ogre Blade and 4+ ward.
For an SGK, I'd pick OTS, since the built-in regeneration allows you enough points to take Giant Blade over Ogre Blade, and the ONLY reason not to do so, is that you won't be able to fit in a scroll or book on the SGK as well.

If you're running a build without a +Strength weapon, I think Potion of Strength is the better option, since I find that being able to deal with armour/toughness is more important than dealing with ward saves.

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
Sep 16, 2010
Depends if i mount my vampire lord or not.

If mounted i will have a 2+ Armour Basic so i will take Ogre Blade with TOS but if on foot I will run Ogre Blade with Enchanted shield.
Both Builds have TOP of course but it just depends on my bunker/bus/deathstar that i run.


Mortarch of the Dark Soul
True Blood
Dec 23, 2012
Personally OTS is more useful. Its constant, allows vampire lords to bring down rivals and doesn't last one turn. Potion of strength doesn't hold up on the math hammer either, if you roll all 2's and 1's then its busted. If you want a one turn strength boost take a lance. Now a lance and potion of strength used on different turns, that is a bit better. But that enchanted item slot is wasted on the potions honestly.


True Blood
May 15, 2008
If you want the OTS, try this; Sword of Might, ToP, OTS, charmed shield. Str 6 is enough to go up against monstrous cavalry in my opinion.