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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
It seemed a bit sad to delete the bio's of the old mods and admins. This is a bit late as CN is over two years old now, but from now on the bio's of previous admin's or mod's will be placed here.

After all they did put time and effort in, and as such they deserve to be remembered.

NB: The time and date on this post has been backdated so it appears as the first post xd

Master Vampire

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Jul 12, 2007
The Netherlands
[split] Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Master Vampire aka MV - stepped down 18/09/2010

Position: Admin and Founder of CN
Location: the Netherlands

Function: I'm the founding father of Carpe Noctem. I initially took up the job to create a new VC website. Currently I'm offering advice to DoN and the Mod team in our Mod Forum. I'm trying to help out finding new stuff to add toe the forum once in a while. I'm also trying to welcome the new people, and offer my advice and discussion on the forum. Alas, I haven't got the time anymore that I used to have. So you won't see me around that often.

Personal: I'm currently studying Molecular Life Science at age of 19, which basically takes up most of my time at the moment. I'm going to find a nice place in the city I study, now I travel 2.5 hours per day trying to get to and fro.

First off, I had been collecting Wood Elves and joined Machiara's Battle Glade. I was pretty active on the Warhammer scene, registering on most of the big Warhammer fora. I joined The Waystone and helped out a lot there, until it merged with The Raining Glade into Asrai.org. When the new Wood Elves came out, I sensed my time to help out has ceased. I turned to undeath.

The VC were my next love. How could I not like the 6th edition clown-head Skeletons? Skeletons really gave me the motivation to start. I decided to start a forum, which remarkable got off the ground with help from peers etc. It took 2 incarnations until we got to this version.

About my VC, I major part of the hobby was painting and merging in with the fantasy setting. I really liked to think of how it would be like in that world.

About other things, I do game a lot. Games like Left4Dead (1&2), Half Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic and Heroes of Might and Magic are not unfamiliar to me. I've spent a lot of time in all of them.

Other things that I like are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin' Park, Nickelback and Breaking Benjamin. I also enjoy dance and trance music. Basically music that has a good dancing beat. That '70s Show is a nice series on Comedy Central, as is Becker and Frasier. Movies that I like are Batman, Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan and probably many more. I like to play soccer with my brothers.

The last few years, I've realised that I'm not really happy about my life. I would say depressed, but it is a pretty hard word for it. The drag of all this is that I'm really inproductive. I hope I get the motivation to really get things going.

Other than that, I haven't got much going for me right now. Most time is occupied with my university, and that does kind of suck really. But I'll have to bite it through!

But enough about me now,


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Feb 5, 2009
Toronto, Ontario

Position: Administrator (second in command)
Location: near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I've been gaming (Fantasy 1st, then 40k) forever and a day :D (that's about 20 years or so). I started out with a Dark Elf army (before they had an army book, or minis, 3rd edition I think :innocent: ) That was my only fantasy army for the first several year of gaming. Next, I got into 40k (2nd edition) and my first 40k army was Eldar... I still play Eldar as my primary 40k to this very day.

My Dark Elf army got boring and have branched out to play Brettonians, Vampire Counts, Chaos (Beast and Mortals), and Skaven (most of these armies I still have). On the 40k front I have played almost everything (Eldar, Dark Eldar, CSM, Sisters of Battle/Witchhunters, as well as previous armies for Harlequins, Orks, Tau, and various Space Marines [Space Wolves, White Scars, Raven Guard])... so that leaves out what, Daemons, Imperial Guard (but I have a bit in my =][= army), and Tyranids.

I enjoyed the playing aspect of the hobby most, though due to lack of time I've been more interested lately in other aspects of the hobby... I really enjoy converting and building things that are different.

Previous Position:
To War! Moderator (Global Mod)

Previous Function:
As the To War! mod I will primarily keep track of the To War! forum. I have been known to frequent many of the sub-forums as well, and hope that I can continue to do that, perhaps even moreso.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
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Mar 2, 2008
A place somewhere.
[split] TEMP - Past Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Vekarin the Dark Bladed, a.k.a VtDB (or just Vekarin)

Position: Global Moderator
Location: Outside of Boston Massachusetts, United States, Earth


I'm just an all-around mod for the entire forum along with Skaramak von Carstein. My job is to patrol the forum, stimulate discussion and make sure nobody does bad stuff. Any evil doers will suffer the wrath of my modhammer!

I like to think of myself as a pretty casual gamer, although when internet matches of Halo or Warcraft III go to long I find myself breaking that definition frequently. I play to have fun, increasing my tactics, painting and modeling skills and knowledge of the rules, but not really to play competitively. What's point in a game if you have no fun playing it?
I started this hobby around 8 years ago with LotR, and my devotion to it has increased exponentially. I now own many sizable forces from LotR, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and Battlefleet Gothic along with running my own gaming club. I've been active on this forum since about a year ago after I began playing VC, and I was quickly drawn into DoN's TVC as well as try to be a help around the forum itself. I've found it to be one of the best internet communities around and I am very honored to be able to continue my services to it past those of a member of the Undead.

I also enjoy LARPing, Tabletop RPGs, computer games and long walks on the beach.

Hope that helps. If you ever really want to talk to me, you'll find me all over the site almost any day of the week, and a quick PM will easily catch my attention.

P.S - Recruiting for my army of non-perverted world domination is always open...

Skaramak von Carstein

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 13, 2007
St Helier
Old Team

Skaramak von Carstein - Stepped Down 21/12/2009

Position: Global Moderator
Location: Jersey, in the Channel Islands

General mod for the forum, mostly active in the rules, tactics, army list and painting sections, but do travel to other corners of our realm here, so there is nowhere to hide.

I am one of the more ancient members of the forum (if not the most ancient), and have been on this and the previous incarnation for many years. I am married to a wonderful lady who puts up with me and my little projects.

I started gaming in the mid 1970's with the old Airfix plastic soldiers and kits, played various RPGs after that, and picked up a Warhammer boxed set whilst visiting London (first edition). I dropped out for a while after 3rd edition, having gone off the GW big spikey bits minis in that phase, and was put off 40k in its early space womble days.

Tinkered again during 4th edition, and heve been there ever since.

Army wise, I have fairly sizeable VC, High Elf, Lizardman, Empire and Bretonnian armies, and small Dwarf, DoW and Ogre forces. I also have unpainted minis that are developing their own event horizon. I am working on all of these

Always happy to answer questions/give advice where I can, either in threads or pm if you prefer.

Enjoy your stay, and may the dice-gods be with you.

Belladamma Voltaire

Vyrkos Primogen
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Manchester, UK
RE: Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Voltaire - Stepped Down 21/12/2009

Position: Chronicles of Death Moderator
Location: Merseyside, UK

Function: To offer advice and encouragement to those who are posting in Carpe Noctems background related forums.

Personal: I used to run this place you know! Following a hiatus for some personal issues, I returned here to pick up where i had left off posting wise. The Chronicles of Death needed someone to moderate them and I like to think of myself as one of the most prolific contributors to that section in both my own work and contributing to other peoples background discussions.

I play VC, Warriors of Chaos as well as many non warhammer roleplay related games. This means I have a diverse knowledge of vampires across gaming systems meaning I can offer directions others may not think of when writing their own fluff. My own personal works can be seen via the links in my signature.

The Dark Sheep

Master Vampire
True Blood
Feb 8, 2008
[split] Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

The Dark Sheep - stepped down 19/03/2010

Position: The Dark Art Moderator
Location: Oslo, Norway

I am first an foremost into the Painting & Modelling part of the hobby, so you'll definitely see me posting in those forums most of the time. Though I try reading through most (if not all) of the new posts in the various sub-forums. I'm relatively active in the off topic forum and I'm the one to blame for the thing that is the never ending countdown thread...

I'll just go straight out and confess that I'm lazy..!

I am 17 years old and have just started my concluding year in highschool. I have a job as well (and thank god for that because Warhammer is even more expensive here in Norway) so when I get home I'm normally too exhausted to do anything and it takes hours to calm myself down to the point where I can hold a brush properly.

Now... with that out of the way, let's talk about my relation to warhammer. I have been in the hobby for about 7 years and as I said above I'm a painter and not a gamer. This is because my friends quit the hobby a matter of months after we'd learned how to play. The result is a warhammer veteran with a grand two (yes you heard me) games under my belt. Though I enjoy playing theoryhammer.

Finally If there are any painting & modelling related news you'll find them in my signature.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
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Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Get of W'soran

Get of W'soran - Stepped down 06/04/2010

Position: Chronicles of Death Moderator
Location: Craigavon-Northern Ireland, UK

To offer advice and encouragement to those who are posting in Carpe Noctems background related forums.
Since I pretty much love writing and reading warhammer fluff I tend to read all the threads in that section anyway

Right I'll start of with saying I'm 19 years old and on one of those Gap Years from education and I live in Northern Ireland which sucks bad although with some luck I am going to university next year to study Chemistry in England, the funny thing is the place I am going to is called a dump by the English yet seems a hundred times nicer than where I live!

As for past times I tend to Read a lot of fiction (mostly fantasy), although recently I've been reading a lot of Warhammer fantasy and 40K novels. I play a lot of computer games, especially RPGs and Tactic games and write various short fantasy stories.
I also practice Kendo, Fencing and Archery, some of it formally, some informally (which means I suck!) and I used to do a number of martial arts out of boredom.

When it comes to Warhammer I only got into it properly the last three or four years (not sure, doesn't feel like that long ago!), I was horrible at the whole building of an army hehe but when I finally got my Necrarch force ready I play half a dozen games, mostly learning the rules, then one day on the train I had my models stolen!

Since then I haven't really played anything and due to a severe lack of money have been only slowly re-gathering and painting my VC Force.
These days most of my efforts in Warhammer-related ways are focused around the writing of fluff and the RPing in TVC!

So I think that's it! Thanks!


True Blood
Sep 29, 2009
Redarmy27 aka Red Army

Position: Global Mod- Mod of the Dark Arts
Location: Little Canada (suburb of St. Paul), Minnesota, USA

Upon the kind request of the Dark Sheep and DoN, I have taken the role of being the Dark Arts mod. I will help and tutor members in their modeling and painting endeavors. While I can paint reasonably well, I myself am still learning. I look to bring as much as I can about the painting and modeling aspect of the site as I can and will constantly be expanding my area of the site.

My name is Jake and I'm from the Midwest region of the United States. I got into the hobby when I was 19, during my freshman year of college back in 2005. I began primarily as a painter, helping my buddies paint their armies until I finally made the leap and purchased my own armies and painting supplies. Since then I have fallen in love with the hobby, painted many other peoples' armies and am JUST starting to really play now. If I could play as well as I can paint, I'd be set. When not painting, I'm enjoying my other hobbies of paintball and running, or hanging out with the girlfriend, whom I've gotten into Warhammer as well.

I'm pretty down to Earth and I enjoy reading and watching movies. I get a lot of ideas for my stuff from things around me and my crazy imagination, so if I go off on wild tangents, just excuse it.

Anyways, that's pretty much me.




Vampire Lord
True Blood
May 17, 2008
[split] Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Onikaigo aka Oni - Stepped down 29/05/2011

Position: Moderator of the Council of the Night
Location: Chatan-Cho, Okinawa

Function: Moderator of the Council of the Night, but I'm still a global mod. So I'll be floating around just about everywhere doing what I can to help out Carpe Noctem. I've been known as a forthright, and blunt individual but I assure my fellow Carpe Noctem members that I hold no ill will, and am trying to learn to be even a bit subtle.

The name's C.J. I'm a military man, stationed in Okinawa until 2012 (Or maybe stationed on earth until 2012....), and hail from the US. of A, Texas to be specific. I found Warhammer almost 5 years ago now, shortly after finding my first love in Warmachine. I played ogres somewhat successfully until I finally, over the protests from my boss and friends, went with my true love; Vampires. I've not looked back since. I've got a growing grey horde that I'm slowly painting, though not being quite as talented as some members here I'm working to the best I can do. I'm a big roleplayer, an avid but struggling painter, a tactician, and a traditional Vampire fluff fiend.

As for other hobbies, I teach two sets of Martial arts: Tae Kwan Do (A first level Black, am I), and Southern Shaolin Gung Fu under master Dei. I play Warhammer and Warmachine, I own a PS3 and sold my soul to FF 13, and greatly enjoy classical level reading. My bookshelves in my barracks are packed with all sorts of random novels, from Alexandre Dumant to Brian Jacques.

The staff and populace of CN here has been hugely beneficial to my gaming experience, and my painting experience, and whats more I can place 100% of my enthusiasm for the game after not playing in over 6 months at their feet. I haven't found a better forum than CN, so I intend to do my part to keep this forum helpful, friendly, and as wonderful as an experience that it's been for me.

Feel free to PM me with any questions, concerns, or complaints! I hold true to an Open Door policy, and won't turn anyone down.

Carpe Noctem! (Awh heck. Carpe ominous!)


True Blood
Aug 31, 2009
RE: Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Knightofni - Stepped down 29/05/2011

Position: Chronicles of Death Moderator
Location: Swindon, United Kingdom

To lurk in the Chronicles of Death section and encourage you budding young Necrarchs to write your own fiction and to provide constructive, helpful feedback; and also to encourage and assist with your queries about background and fluff.

My name is Oli, and have played Warhammer for nearly six years. I own a number of small armies, though my beloved Druchii now number close to 6000pts.. that said, I have to admit that I am hopeless at the actual playing part. With my dubious General skills and my playing record being quite poor, I tend to take more of an interest in the more creative aspects of the game; the modelling, the painting etc, and in particular the Background and Fluff. I enjoy reading and writing, being of a spontaneous and creative nature.

I am a laid back person with a multifaceted sense of humour, with a severe dislike for mushrooms.

If you have any problems, questions, or you just want a chat then please feel free to PM me.


The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
RE: Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Danceman - stepped down 28/07/2010

Position: Gobal Moderator.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden.

As a global mod I am roaming the entire forum though will usually frequent the To War! section of this forum. Do not feel discouraged to ask about issues pertaining to other parts of the forums, I'm here to help after all. I am no stranger to modelling and have a good grasp on warhammer background.


My name is Niklas. Been with the hobby since 1997. Started out with an Imperial Guard army which quickly turned into Dark Eldar. After this I started out with Harlequins and sold off my IG. Fantasy didn't come along till around '99 or so and started with Wood Elves and Dark Elves. Dark Elves gradually took over, only to be sold off along with my WE to made way for my VC army. This was around 2003-2005 I think, no entirely sure. Not long after this TK and Dwarfs were added to the collection. Up untill today I've changed armies a great number of times and the only armies I haven't played is Skaven, Brets and Empire.
Today, my main armies are VC, TK and Dwarfs in fantasy and Dark Eldar and CSM in 40k. Though neither of the 40k armies see the light of day as I did not particularly care for the 5th edition.

As a hobboyist I think I am the all-around gamer. I love the idea of creating army lists that people say won't work and show them they're wrong. My army will look unique in every sense of the word or it won't appear at all. That's the idea anyways, sometimes though, I take the shortcut due to lack of time and money.

As a person, I don't know. If you stick around here you might just figure that one out yourself.

Interests of mine are science, namely, astro-physics and astronomy. Philosophy is also a major interest of mine. As a by-product of this I've also developed a massive interests for foreign and/or ancient cultures(in every sense of the word). So basically, if it sciencey and nerdy I am probably interested in it.
Other than that, I like dancing(DUH!). Not the normal tango and stuff, but more like hardstyle, melbourne shuffle, running man, jumpstyle and that of stuff.
But sum me up as a person, my attitude towards life if you will, is that I want to try everything once and as a result I tend to juggle many balls into the air but not really pay attention if I happend to drop one or two.

I think this will suffice for now, if there is anything, just send me a PM!


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Feb 13, 2008
The far north, near northrend

Position: Dark Arts Moderator
Location: Originally from Kiruna (With the famous Ice Hotel) but now I live and study in Umeå, Sweden.

As a mod in the Dark Arts forum I will contribute the knowledge I posses in the areas of painting, converting and all round modelling to you in this part of Carpe Noctem. I hope that I can answer any questions you might have about these things and more.

My name is Carl and I live in Umeå in the north of Sweden. I go to law school here and study to one day become some sort of lawyer. I love to hang out with my friends at school and at home. If you try and find me you will have most luck at the local cafés or at school. I think I can describe myself as an easygoing and social guy. I've been in the hobby since 98 and the first Army I started collecting was Blood Angels for 40K and VC for fantasy. Ive stuck to those armies until the present day, adding The empire and Eldar to my collection the past two years.

About the painting side of the hobby, I like to think that I have developed a good painting standard over the years but I am in no way the best of the best. Still learning and will gladly accept tips and trix. I also play a lot of battles, for the most part it has been fantasy and with the new edition looming on the horizon it looks like fantasy will be my main attraction for some time to

Feel free to PM me if you want to know more or have any other questions, be they general or about modelling and painting.


Lord Fear

Master Vampire
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
RE: Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Lord Fear

Position: To War! Moderator
Location: London, England

Helping the team moderate the popular To War! section, with its tactics, rules questions, battle reports and the like, just to keep an eye on things and help retain the great atmosphere of the site.

I'm Daniel, and I've been playing this game on and off for more than 15 years now, having started an undead army way back when Mummies, Vampires and Liches all got along like a house on fire. After a decade long break I returned to the hobby and the Vampire Counts, making them my first and foremost army. I have shamelessly dabbled in the living forces such as High Elves, Goblins and even Daemons on occasion, and seem to have a near exhaustive knowledge of the rules, plus having played so many games I have a fairly large expanse of tactical knowledge to go along with it.

When I'm not telling people what the rules say or posting nonsense on the internet, I'm studying for a PhD in biochemistry. If only that eidetic memory that comes in so handy for all them rules queries applied to useful things like my studies... but where'd the fun be in that! I've been on this site for a long while now, previously as Count Flapula, so am glad to be able to give something back.

Any questions on any aspect of the hobby and I'll be happy to help, don't worry, I don't bite (not any more!), thanks for reading.

Lord Fear

Capt Rubber Ducky

Vampire Count
True Blood
Jun 9, 2009
RE: Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Capt Rubber Ducky AKA CRD

Position: Council of the Night Moderator
Location: Nottingham, England

I will be helping to moderate the Council of the Night section, though you'll find me around most the forum. I like to help out where I can, but is more on the encouragement side of things when it comes to painting.

Well I started playing the Lotr about 6-7 years ago, and started playing fantasy (and VC) about 2 years ago, I've recently picked up 40k as well. I'm not much of a painter but i'm a keen gamer, I play regularly at Warhammer World (GWHQ), so if your around ill give you a game. I have basically every single Lotr army, VC in fantasy and Chaos space marines in 40k.

My name is due to a lost bet, it was a rather silly bet so I won't go into it, luckily it isn't as silly as my xbox live name which i did when I was 13, i'm not going to tell you what that is. I'm also keen on skiing, surfing, snowboarding and this thing where you stand on a board (like a skateboard but with big wheels) and your hold a large kite, but I don't get a lot of chance to do those very often.

I'm currently at collage studying, maths, more maths, physics and geography. I'm also starting the process of applying for university, cambridge being top of my list atm, so if anybody knows any tricks i'd be keen to hear them.

If you have questions about anything feel free to PM me and ill do my best to answer them, or point you in the right direction.



Master Liche
True Blood
Jun 6, 2010

Position: Dark Arts Mod
Location: Originally from Casper, WY, USA and still here.

I am a...oh whoops, wrong function! With many thanks to DoN and Red, I am a mod in the Dark Arts. I will be giving painting, modeling, and sometimes good advice, answering questions, and being an all around good pervert.

Like DoN, I am a proud pervert. It was really nice to find a home for my pervertedness, as well as CN. I currently work in the mining industry, namely making cat litter. So if you enjoy using cat litter, its thanks to me, or someone like me. (Now isn't that a scary thought?) I am married to my wife, who is The Wife on here, and we have three ghouls together. I've been playing Warhammer since late 4th edition, and the first game I played was Bretonnians vs Dwarves. Needless to say, the Bretonnians ended up slaughtered, and I never used them afterwards. I picked up my first VC army shortly thereafter...It was actually the cheapest used army I could find. I still have a lot of them, though it's expanded immensely since then. The Wife is slowly helping me repaint them to remove the terrible paint jobs of yesteryear. Me and The Wife run a successful painting business and ebay store based around our painted miniatures, and within 5 years, look forward to opening our own brick and mortar gaming store, since the local one is closing its door.

If I'm not on CN, I'm on facebook, so feel free to PM me, and I'll give you my facebook name.


Wight King
Dec 28, 2008
Lurking in the Darkness
RE: Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team


Position: Global Mod - Council of the Night Mod.
Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada. (it's nice when there's no snow!)

Thanks to Disciple of Nagash, I've been given the oppertunity to help out the team by mainly watching over the Council of the Night section, but also being able to ninja wherever else help is needed!
And most importantly, to send forth my legion of minions to gather rummors of up-coming GW releases from across the dark expanse of the inter-webs!

The name's Stephanie, or just Stephie for short as there were 4 others in my grade 3 class! So yes, you've been infiltrated by the opposite sex, though I'm not sure if it was a good idea to blow my cover with all the pervertedness here?!:zombie2:
I got into the hobby at the tender age of 14 and started with a Bretonnian army. After realising that rolling all 1's didn't work for the brets, I tried my hand at a Chaos army, but didn't fare much better as 1's didn't work out so well for them either...
In '98, I picked up 40k on my way to a hockey tournament, and found out that while space marines were cool - especially the dark angels, rolling lots of 1's led to failure there too!
Since then, I've worked for GW as a redshirt, untill our store was closed up last december, and I now have stacks of boxes for VC's, daemons, skaven, high elves, lizardmen, space marines, dark eldar, space marines, eldar, space marines.
My main love is my Lahmian vampires, and I've found an army where rolling 1's at least lets me last untill turn 2 or 3 because I can at least bring back my (un)dead!

My claim to fame is kicking the crap out of Phil Kelly's Ulthwe army with my Salamanders army at the '03 Canadian GT, and then the following year at another tournament, having him watch as I gloriously killed my guard army in a 6" exploding penitant engine!:slapface: (my opponent's sisters were all fine though)


Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Apr 26, 2010
Count Darvaleth AKA...erm...Darvy

Previous Position: Moderator of the Chronicles of Death
Current Position: Global Moderator
Location: London, England (Earth for those who are interested)

Previous Function
As moderator of the Chronicles of Death, I will lurk in that area of Carpe Noctem, helping any user in any capacity, making sure everything runs smoothly, promoting (and sometimes running) roleplays, organising Fan-fiction events, helping with Background queries, and also making sure the area stays perverted. (We all know what happens when DoN’s meter doesn’t read above fifty...)

Current Function

The above... but everywhere!

Me? Very well, but you’ve been warned!
I got into the hobby a few years back now, when I saw a friend of mine reading the Vampire Counts army book. I said “what’s that?” and it began... I started off collecting Dark Elves, before inevitably stretching to Space Marines. After a little fling with Lord of the Rings, I settled with just Fantasy and 40k. As the years went by, I slowly moved away from Dark Elves, and oddly towards Vampire Counts, perhaps inspired by my friend bringing back dead troops (this idea astounded me as when my guys died I put them straight in their case!) and the lovely background of the army. I still collect VC today, and as such about a year and a half ago I signed up to CN, and, well, you know the rest. Recently I have moved to play Necrons, and even more recently Tau, in terms of 40k. Necrons taught me it is possible to paint an army fully (if only 1000pts) so hopefully I’ll do the same with the Tau.

I’m an avid video-gamer. I have an xbox 360 (live account: Sneaky Trumpet) and play CoD, Halo, Fable, Portal, Fallout: New Vegas and, well, good-looking RPGs which take my fancy. I will also soon buy GWs Space Marine game because...it’s irresistible. Even if it sucks, I will at least feel I gave it a try! :tongue: I can also be found trying to create the Pyramid of Nagash on Minecraft on PC. It’s a good game and I’d certainly recommend it. (I recently finished my water-slide which touches the clouds at the top!)

Oh, and my name’s Danny. I know, a little less grand than Darvaleth, but I must’ve been drunk when I came up with that name... until I had Google Chrome auto-fill I had to type in the user every single time I tried to log on, and believe me I often forgot how it was spelt to start with. And of course, I love music; I play the Piano, Trumpet, and also the Drums. I adore Beethoven, and hope I won’t cramp the mod team’s style with my classical (although many would argue it’s actually romantic) music. I’m a total sucker for roleplay, and also Rowan Atkinson, in my opinion the funniest man in the world.

Hope to see you around on the forum. If you have any questions, just drop me a PM. NB: reading my reply may destabilize your sanity. (And that’s only if you’re lucky!) xD

Yours eternally, in life, death, and whatever else you can think of,

Count Darvaleth


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
Behind Darvy

Position- Dead Space (40k) Moderator
Location- Western Australia (Where a walk in the park can kill you)

As the Dead Space Moderator, it is my job to manage the 40k section of Carpe Noctem. I will be bringing my experience and passion for 40k to Dead Space and will be trying to encourage and help everyone in their 40k endeavours, whether they serve the immortal emperor, or wish to bring down the foolish worshippers of the corpse god. I have been issued a commissarial bolt pistol, but I hope I will not have to use it.

My name is Sean, I am 20 and have played 40k (and been around fantasy) for most of my life. I started collecting blood angels at an early age but eventually switched to the glorious imperial guard. I love all aspects of the warhammer/40k hobby and am also big on gaming, reading, writing and art. I have also been studying in the field of wildlife and veterinary work and have been doing consumer representative work in mental health. I am a very creative, sensitive kind of person who is fairly laid back and willing to have a joke at any time, and I approach the hobby with a positive, lets have fun attitude.

If you need anything in regards to 40k, or any other game (including battlefleet gothic, which I also play) feel free to post in the dead space forum or PM me. Even if you just wanna chat casually I'm always there for any carpe noctem member.

Your faithful servant in the name of the glorious emperor, Sanai.

Sweeney Todd

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Mar 9, 2008
Sweeney Todd

Position: Moderator of the Chronicles of Death
Location: The sunny shores of Singapore, where there is no such thing as ‘seasons'. Every day is summer, and humid as well.

Officially I am moderator of the Chronicles of Death section, which means that I am the FBI Party Van…I know what you did last summer. I may be moderating more than that though, such as the creep next door that we call ‘Darvy’ :tongue:. I will be helping out in general, and promoting/facilitating/overseeing roleplays and fictions, if I’m not actively taking part in said activities myself.

I’m Nick. My journey into the realm of tabletop miniatures began in 2005 with Warhammer 40K, like many others. Unlike many others though, I started with Tau, not Space Marines. Since then I have picked up Necrons and Eldar, the latter being my main 40k army at the moment. The movie/musical whose title is my username somehow inspired me to start WHFB, with Vampire Counts(obviously) being my first Fantasy army, and Warriors of Chaos after that. I have also branched to non-GW systems, namely Flames of War and more recently, Infinity.

I hold a Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering and have dabbled in a few different things in the past like Aikido and keyboards(the musical instrument, not the one you type on). When I was in my early to mid teens I foreshadowed what I do now by writing rubbish fiction. Currently I work in a small wine company. When it comes to videogaming I play on PC and generally go for strategy games and RPGs. I <3 the Witcher and Deus Ex.

I may spend the majority of my time here in what is basically the ‘writing section’, but I can also help in tactics and army list construction. I would offer to help with painting, but in this aspect I’m incredibly slow and I consider myself to be a novice when it comes to this. Feel free to PM me if you need any assistance.


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Aug 9, 2010
Untitled_Muskeeteer aka u_m

Position: Global Mod - Mod of the Dark Arts
Location: West Yorkshire, England

Along with Santawraith and Redarmy27 I am the newest moderator of the Dark Arts section of the forum. Painting is where my passion for the hobby lies. I've dabbled in gaming but one thing has always been there throughout, is the artistic side of war gaming. Whilst I am a seasoned veteran of the brushes, I can't always give people the advice they're after as there is always new skills and aspects I too am learning. I will however, endeavour to give members the best and most helpful advice in their painting and modelling projects. Perhaps along the way I'll learn a few things myself!

Few know my true identity, but those that have sense to come here and get to know the staff will know that I'm Iain. I was first introduced to the hobby back when Mordheim was released (c.1998). Through my teens I dipped in and out of the hobby before essentially giving it up when I was 19, becoming more interested in university life and my band. In October 2009 my fiancee had been looking at my models, and was pretty impressed. She bought me some new paints and encouraged me to start again. Well I did. I rekindled an old love and haven't looked back. Since starting again my painting has gone from stength to strength, having won several local competitions. As a result, I now regularly take commissions and moderate this fine online community.

Outside of my painting, I'm a high school English teacher and I love it. I enjoy sailing and walking and generally being outside. I play the bass and I like reading and watching films like most people. My other secret passion is cooking. Give me a kitchen and a well stocked larder and you will make me happy!

But back to the hobby, I'm here to help with your painting problems and modelling misfortunes, so if you need advice just PM me!




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Jan 25, 2012
Johnny-Crass aka Johnny

Position: Mod for the To War! section
Location: Northern California, USA

Function: I am the new face on the To War moderator team. That means I am here to help you with your lists and rules questions as well as maybe giving you a better understanding of the game. I have on hand almost every army book if you have a query and am always willing to give advice when needed.

Personal: I am known to most as Johnny in the land of 'real life'. I have been playing warhammer for 7 years of my life with a touch of other games thrown in. I have also been playing chess both friendly and competitively for well over half my life. I also consider myself a decent painter.

I am going to school to become a Nurses Aid and then hopefuly be able to get into a nursing college after that. On my off time I cook and work for most of the local punk bands in the area.

If you have any rules problems or game questions I am your man

Thank you


Lord of RAW
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Dec 29, 2010

Position: Council of the Night Mod
Location: Sydney, Australia

I'll be working with Malochai to keep things in order in the Council of the Night area, basically we'll be making sure things stay on topic in the off topic areas of the forum :P I'll be helping answer any questions people have and making sure things are in the right place so feel free to ask away!

There are some who call me... Tim, the area of Sydney I live in is accurately named the hills shire. It's a rather hilly place (for Australia mind you) and there is little reason to leave as it has pretty much everything you want in walking distance or a short drive. Having said that, if you do want to leave it's rather difficult as there's little public transport and the roads are a mess :P
To start off with, probably my most defining feature is a wierd compulsion to always use the :P emoticon, or if i'm feeling fancy :tongue:.
I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Economics at university which is proving to be both interesting and dead boring at the same time, it's a magical combination. My goal really is to take that knowledge and teach at high school (13-18 year olds) in the end. I haven't got much of a reason for this, it's just economics is one of the things I find interesting and I'd hate to have a desk job. I also like teaching people things :P.
I got into the hobby when I was a wee little lad, picking up the first edition of the lord of the rings battle strategy game and continuing on with that for until the main rules reached the current iteration and then some. Looking back my brilliant painting and wonderful conversions are quite appalling. My painting achievement was to drybrush silver over tin bitz and my best 'conversion' was sticking extra weapons on the back of a model and doing a weapon swap.
Moving into 40k, I collected the Tyranids and continued on with them until the new army book for Vampire counts came out. 'But how Lynks?' you all cry, 'you've been here longer than that'. It was in fact the last edition that was new at the time :P. I've been playing pretty much nothing but fantasy since and quite regularly too, so I can claim I rival Johnny's knowledge of the game :P
Outside of warhammer, I read a lot when I get a new book (or failing that I'll re-read some) so conequently my personal bookshelf is floor to ceiling and full to the brim, with books two-deep, three deep in some places. Aside from reading,
I'm a relatively avid PC gamer, though I never think to buy new games and thus when i feel like playing I don't have them at my disposal :P That doesn't matter though as long as I've got my Wizards and Warriors (yet to meet another person who has played this terrific game of a time gone by). I also DM for a group of D&D players on occasion when we can all find the time (rare occurrence) and I love designing settings, which is part of the reason why I'm looking into trying to write my own roleplaying game, nothing for publish really, just a system well designed to the world in which I want to set it.
While I could go on, I should probably wrap this up as I've said a bulk of text already.

See ya' round,


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Jan 17, 2012
Chaos_Born- Global Moderator from 16th July 2012 to 17th July 2014

Position: Global Mod
Location: Hereford, UK

I suppose my job is just to go around the forum and keep an eye out for misdoings that may have slipped through the nets of the section specific Mods.

I've been a part of the hobby now for some three years (I think). I started, like many people, by playing 40K before realizing that fantasy was vastly superior:) I began by playing a combination of Skaven and vampires, but then since my discovery of this forum it's been all vampires. No matter what army I've focused on at any time though, I rarely paint anything due to a combination of ineptitude and laziness (so don't expect any pearls of painting wisdom).

Outside of the great hobby, people call me Joe (not sure why) and I play a bunch of other RPGs (avid follower of the Final Fantasy series) and games like MTG, D&D and board games like Risk. It's not all about games though and I'm also a proud cyclist and go on long bike rides with my mates to prevent us from becoming potatoes from all the gaming.

That's about it really. If you need anything, you're always welcome to PM me
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Jul 26, 2010
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
[split] Previous Admins / Moderators

Bravo_10 - To War! Moderator from 30th May 2011 to 11th June 2013


'll be helping to moderate the To War! section of the forum. Essentially, my job will be dealing with tactical questions, rules queries, battle reports, and the like. I'll also be writing a few batreps myself, as has been my custom of late.


My name's Tristan, and I'm from the wonderful land of milk and honey known as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I only started playing Warhammer about two years ago with my buddies, and I still haven't quite finished my model collection. As soon as I walked into the local game shop (a place called Legions) to decide on an army, my eyes fell upon the Vampire Counts armybook. More so than any other army, VC just called to me, so I pledged myself to Nagash's teachings and joined the aristocracy of the night. Compared to the other moderators, I probably have the least experience with the hobby, but I can tell you that I've been a living and dying by the tactics forum here for quite some time now. I've learned so much from CN, and I hope to use what I've learned to help other vampire enthusiasts!

In the so-called 'real world,' I'm a college student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering. But other than that, I'm quite a keen musician. I've played the upright bass for about 8 years now, and I've performed probably around 50-75 live shows, ranging anywhere from jazz standards to classical opera. Most recently, I played Beethoven's 3rd Symphony and Verdi's "La Traviata" with a group called the Undercroft Opera, and I hope to join them again this summer for "The Marriage of Figaro." So yeah, I'm a bit of a classical nut.

My aim is to continue to do what's made CN such a fantastic forum, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me, and I'll help you out as best I can!

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