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Previous Version of the Legion of Nagash Army List - Reference Only

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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
This thread shows the current progress of the Legion of Nagash Army List in the 8th Edition. We are currently woorking on updating the rules to the 8th Edition from the ones created in the 7th edition, each entry has a status below detailing where they currently stand.

Basic Army List

Special Characters
The Body and Spirit of Nagash - Not yet updated
The Nine Dreadlords of Nagash inc Arkhan - Not yet updated
The Crone in the Black Pyramid - Not yet updated

Zenith Lord - Updated to 8th Edition
Disciple of Nagash - Updated to 8th Edition
Revenant - Updated to 8th Edition

Zenith Prince - Updated to 8th Edition
Nagashi Captain - Updated to 8th Edition
Mortuary Priest - Updated to 8th Edition
Reaper - Updated to 8th Edition

Monster Mounts - Updated to 8th Edition

Skeletons - Updated to 8th Edition
Favoured Ones - Updated to 8th Edition
Zombies - Updated to 8th Edition
Cultists - Updated to 8th Edition
Black Riders - Updated to 8th Edition

Necrophytes - Updated to 8th Edition
Pinnacle Knights - Updated to 8th Edition
Pinnacle Guard - Updated to 8th Edition
Locust Swarm - Updated to 8th Edition
Wraithwisp - Updated to 8th Edition

Black Shards - Not yet updated
Spectral Cavalry - Not yet updated
Ancient Warrior - Not yet updated
Bone Thrower - Not yet updated

Rituals of Nagash - Updated to 8th Edition
Lore of Nagash - Updated to 8th Edition

Magic Items
Weapons - Updated to 8th Edition
Armour - Updated to 8th Edition
Enchanted Items - Updated to 8th Edition
Talismans - Updated to 8th Edition
Arcane Items - Updated to 8th Edition
Standards - Updated to 8th Edition
The Books of Nagash - Updated to 8th Edition

Army Specific Rules

NB: The below rules currently follow the 8th edition VC Errata concerning the VC Army Book

Undead - Updated to 8th Edition
Ethereal - Updated to 8th Edition
Wight Blades - Updated to 8th Edition
Nagashi - Updated to 8th Edition

Nagashi Special Rule - Updated to 8th Edition
Though they can feel fear like normal men, years spent with the living dead as inured them to their presence. Trained from birth to follow their long dead overlords, their fanaticism knows no bounds.
Any unit with the Nagashi rule are alive and do not benefit from the Undead rule. However they are not affected by Fear that is caused by the Undead special rule.
Whilst the army general is alive they also benefit from the stubborn rule, however should the general die all Nagashi units loose the stubborn rule and must also take a panic check. If failed they must flee towards the nearest table edge. This may mean the unit flees combat in which case the enemy units may pursue or hold as normal.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
RE: Things that are certain



Zenith Lord - 300 - Updated to 8th Edition
M 4 / WS 6 / BS 0 / S 5 / T 6 / W 4 / I 5 / A 4 / Ld 10

The Dread Lord knows all four Rituals of Nagash and may cast one per magic phase. However he does not have access to the pool dice and does not count as a wizard in any other respect.

-Hand Weapon
-Full Plate Armor(4+ armor save)

Special Rules
-Wight Blades
-Implacable Will: Any unit which the Dread Lord joins may march move heedless of march block, or any other marching restrictions. In addition any unit subject to the Alive! special rule will become unbreakable, and any Undead unit will lose one less wound due to combat resolution, if joined by the Dread Lord.

Great Weapon.................12 pts.
Additional Hand Weapon.................8 pts.
Lance(if mounted)...............8 pts.
Shield..................... 10 pts

Mount(one choice only)
Skeletal Steed..................21 pts.
~ Barding 7 pts.
Greater Carrion...................30pts
Ancient Bone Dragon...........370pts
Dragon Shade....................300pts

Magic Items
Common/Nagash's Legion lists up to a total of...........100 pts.


Disciple of Nagash - 260 pts - Updated to 8th Edition

Amongst the most powerful of Nagash's servants are his loyal Disciples. To become one of the chosen few is an honour reserved only for the Mortuary Priests who possess the power and skills to become masters of the necromantic arts. Such skill only comes from hundreds of years of training and practise, they are all ancient beyond belief, a rare few even as old as the Great Necromancer himself.

Each is taught personally by Nagash himself in the ways of death, though none possess all the evil Liches knowledge. However even just part of the Dark Lords knowledge makes the Disciples terrible foes, able to lash flesh from bones with just a look, or command an army of dead that none can match save Nagash. They are also granted access to the remaining books of Nagash except the ninth. The secrets and power these books contain combined with the Disciple's already vast knowledge makes them truly unstoppable.

Once a Disciple has truly proved his loyalty and Nagash is assured that he will not be betrayed, a choice few are sent into the world. Masked by potent amulets they walk unnoticed in the lands of men, elves, dwarves and other creatures. Here they work as the shadowy agents of Nagash, working to create events that will benefit their Lord, whilst at all times ensuring any knowledge of the ancient Liche is destroyed. Thus the world has been lulled into a false sense of security, believing the stories are just that, little knowing the the Great Lord of Undeath is slowly growing in power once more, and when he marches to war once more he will do so with his trusted Disciples at his right hand side.

M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 4 / W 3 / I 4 / A 1 / Ld 9

A Disciple of Nagash is a Lvl 3 wizard. He may choose spells from either the Lore of Shadows, Death, or Ngash and may cast two Rituals of Nagash per turn.

-Hand Weapon
-Scarab Jar: Strength 4 breath weapon.

-May be upgraded to a Lvl 4 wizard for +35 pts.

Special Rules
-Master of Undeath: The High Priest gains a +1 to cast spells from the Lore of Nagash.

Mount(one choice only)
Skeletal Steed..................21 pts.
~ Barding 7 pts.
Greater Carrion...................30pts
Ancient Bone Dragon...........370pts
Dragon Shade....................300pts

Magic Items
Common/Nagash's Legion Lists up to a total of..............100 pts.
A Disciple of Nagash must choose one Book of Nagash as described in the Magic Item section. This does not count towards his magic item allowance.


Revenant...............275pts - Updated to 8th Edition

Their will defies death itself, and though their bodies have long since rotted away, leaving not even bone, the souls of these heroes live on, trapped to the material realm.

Without a tomb to lay them at rest, they wander the world, perhaps haunting places of their slaughter, perhaps simply observing the world, or guarding artefacts . In form they appear as an insubstantial cloaked and robed figure, floating two feet above the ground, their faces the only remnant of their former visage. They are armored with metallic plate, hovering around their 'skin', this armor shifts to accommodate for blows, giving excellent protection. Being ethereal, the weapons they wield flow past armor, biting into the life-force of the victim, in this way they can become stronger, learning from their deceased victims.

A curious tendency to note is that they are attracted to dark-magic, this corrupts them, turning once noble soldiers into parodies, fallen angels. Cripple Peak is an almost irresistible lure and though possessed of free will, the promises of Nagash soon turn them to servants, some willing, the others not. Nagash teaches his favoured the secrets of his rituals, turning these powerful warriors into formidable battlemages.

To face one in combat is to face a soldier of incredible agility and speed, to flee is to watch a creature ignore terrain hazards and move indomitably on, scything down from the air, and turning ones fallen comrades against you. A vehement anger drives them on, a jealousy of freedom, or contempt of lesser races. Their presence on the battle field causes magical power to wax, as their absorbed dhar reinvigorates fellow magic users.

They are the Revenants, Lords of the Spirit World, Generals of Nagash.

M 5 / WS 7 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 3 / I 6 / A 5 / Ld 9

The Revenant knows all four Rituals of Nagash and may cast two per magic phase. For the purposes of casting Rituals and dispelling the Revenant counts as a Level 2 wizard, however he cannot roll for any spells. This magic level can be reduced by items / spells that affect magic levels. Note however the removal of a magic level does not in anyway affect how many Rituals the Revenant knows.

-Hand Weapon
-Floating Armour (Described below)

Special Rules
-Unseen Death
The Revenants blade belongs to the world of spirits and death, its sharp edge cannot be seen but those struck by its cold edge feel it nonetheless.
All attacks made by the Revenants mundane weapons have the armour piercing special rule. Note this is classed as an ability of the Revenant and not the weapon and thus cannot be negated.
-Magical Aura
Each Revenant on the board adds one PD / DD in the appropriate magic phases to the armies pool, that may be used by any friendly caster.

Great Weapon.................8 pts.
Additional Hand Weapon.................8 pts.

Magic Items
-Floating Armour - Magic Armour
The plates of ancient armour float atop the spirit form of Revenant, shifting and moving to protect its wearer as best as possible.
Confers a 4+ ward save
-Common/Nagash's Legion lists up to a total of...........100 pts. The Revenant may not choose a magic weapon or armour



Mortuary Priest - 105pts - Updated to 8th Edition

In ancient days, in the long-forgotten lands of Nehekhara, lived a people obsessed with death and eternal life. At the centre of all of this were their lords, the kings of Nehekhara, who desired to reign eternal in the undying splendour of the afterlife. However, Settra, first and greatest of the kings of Nehekhara, resented terribly his role in the great scheme of things and he wished to escape death altogether, so that he could forever be master of great temporal power, of the kingdom of Nehekhara. To this end he commanded that his priests should find a way to stave off death forever, so that he could become an immortal, and rule for an eternity. Thus was founded the Mortuary Cult. Each successive generation of priests took up the quest for immortality, and their combined knowledge pooled, so that it grew ever greater over the ages. Eventually the later generations of priests did achieve immortality, although Settra was long dead by this time, so that they became liches, little more than preserved corpses, but maintaining the entirety of their intelligence and freedom of will.

Then came the birth of Nagash, now infamous and feared throughout the Known World as the Great Necromancer, the one who spawned the evils of the Black Arts and the fiendish undead created through them. Even more-so than most of Nehekhara’s people, Nagash had a morbid fascination with death in his youth, and joined the Mortuary Cult of his native city of Khemri at an early age. He eventually resolved that he would not allow death to steal existence from him, although he did not settle for the half-life of lichedom, at least not initially. Of course, Nagash eventually seized the throne from his brother, King Thutep, and, with the help of a captive Dark Elf sorceress brought to Khemri as a slave by chance; he learned much of Dark Magic. Now high priest and king of Khemri, Nagash distilled an elixir from human blood that perfectly restored and maintained the imbiber’s youth. Many ambitious and corrupt priests of Khemri’s Mortuary Cult sought favour with Nagash in order that they might partake of his Elixir of Life. The other kings of the various city-states of Nehekhara were disturbed by the happenings in Khemri and waged war against Nagash, crushing his armies and slaying his myriad followers and forcing him to flee into the desert-wildernesses of Nehekhara.

This was not the end for Nagash’s followers, however, for in time Nagash returned, having crafted his own magical lore and mastered it. He had become the Great Necromancer and achieved true immortality independent of the gods of his people. His followers he raised up once more, as liches preserved not by the power of the Nehekharan gods, but rather through the dire potency of Nagash’s formidable Necromancy. Now resurrected, the undead Mortuary Priests who had served Nagash in life gave up the ritualistic incantations of their folk in favour of the unholy magic of their master. As such the practices and tenets of the Mortuary Cult, which they had once abided by, were warped and twisted into the worship of the god-like Nagash, and the near deification of the state of undeath. These Mortuary Priests followed Nagash and served him in all of his wars, becoming masters of Necromancy in their own right. In modern times, most of the Mortuary Priests reside with the Great Necromancer in Nagashizzar, forever studying the Black Arts under the direction of the most powerful of their number, the Disciples of Nagash, in preparation for the day their master sends all his vast armies forth once more to conquer and despoil the lands of the living.

Though most of the Mortuary Priests are ancient beyond reckoning, it is not unknown for new members to be inducted into their ranks, for many aspiring necromancers of great promise are drawn by the lure of the libraries of lore held within Nagashizzar and by the notion of being taught by one of the mighty and learned liches that serve under Nagash himself.

M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 3 / W 2 / I 4 / A 1 / Ld 8

A Mortuary Priest is a Level 1 caster. He may choose spells from either the Lore of Shadows, Death, or Nagash and may cast one Ritual of Nagash per turn.

-Hand Weapon
-Lesser Scarab Jar: Strength 3 breath weapon. One Use Only

-May be upgraded to a Lvl 2 wizard for +35 pts.

Special Rules

Mount(one choice only)
Skeletal Steed..................21 pts.
~ Barding 7 pts.
Greater Carrion...................30pts

Magic Items
Common/Nagash's Legion Lists up to a total of..............50 pts.
A Mortuary Priest must choose one Book of Nagash as described in the Magic Item section. This does not count towards his magic item allowance.


Zenith Prince - 100pts - Updated to 8th Edition

Across the Old world and beyond, there are tales throughout history of the rise and fall of ancient civilisations. These long deceased empires were only small compared to what exists today, but each had warriors of power and skill, and when these champions fell they were buried with all the regalia of their leadership and exalted position. Weapons, armour, and all the gold and wealth accumulated in their life was placed into burial mounds and these sealed over my potent magic’s and charms, to allow the dead princes to slumber throughout the ages.

However, not all of these tombs remain inviolate. Many have been broken open and ransacked, their riches stolen and spread throughout the world. However, some would open these tombs for far darker purposes. In the Worlds Edge mountains, many of these mounds were erected, and Nagash soon noticed them from his throne in Nagashizzar. Using the dark magic at their command, his servants opened these tombs and raised the princes from death. These princes are filled with all the pride and arrogance of their former lives, and wish for nothing more than to rule empires anew, though the land they once had be little more than dust and memory now.

However, they are bound to the service of those who raised them. They are commanded by Nagash, and when he demands they lead his regiments to war. The Princes stride at the head of an undead horde, resplendent in shining armour, and wielding wicked weapons forged in ages past. Although they are long dead, these champions still feel the thrill of battle, and will slaughter all who stand against them. Facing one of these undead champions in battle is a terrifying experience; as they hack around themselves with brutal strokes, severing limbs and cutting open vital organs, while incoming attacks bounce from their bronze armour, or just sail through the gaps in their bones.

In life many of these princes were the champions of ruling Lords, their chosen man who carried their standard before them, leading the elite of the kingdom to battle. Nagash often uses them in the same way, but rather than heraldry and fanfare, these princes now carry dark banners, reeking with death and malice, as they lead regiments of the dreaded Pinnacle guard to war.

M 4 / WS 5 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 5 / W 3 / I 4 / A 3 / Ld 8

-Hand Weapon
-Full Plate Armor(4+ armor save)

Special Rules
-Wight Blades
-Commander of the Guard: Any Undead unit joined by by the Zenith Prince can march move as per the BRB. He confers no benefit onto Nagashi units

May take a Shield (+2 pts)
May take any one of the following: GW (+4 pts), extra HW (+3 pts), or Halberd (+2 pts)

Mount(one choice only)
Skeletal Steed..................15 pts.
~ Barding 5 pts.
Greater Carrion...................30pts

Magic Items
Common/Nagash's Legion lists up to a total of...........50 pts.


Nagashi Captain - 65pts - Updated to 8th Edition

M 4 / WS 5 / BS 3 / S 4 / T 4 / W 2 / I 5 / A 3 / Ld 8

-Hand Weapon
-Full Plate Armor(4+ armor save)

Special Rules
-Captain of the Nagashi
Feared and respected by the Nagashi followers, they will not dare flee within his sight, for they know their bodies will be put to better use as the mindless undead
The Captain may join any unit in the Legion of Nagash . Any Nagashi unit joined by the Captain may re-roll any break tests they may have to make. He confers no benefits onto Undead units.

May take a Shield (+2 pts)
May take any one of the following: GW (+4 pts), extra HW (+3 pts), or Halberd (+2 pts)

Mount(one choice only)
Skeletal Steed..................15 pts.
~ Barding 5 pts.
Arabian Warsteed...............30pts

Magic Items
Common/Nagash's Legion lists up to a total of...........50 pts.


Reaper - 125140pts (max of one upto 2000pts, an additional one may be taken for every full 2000pts after that.) - Updated to 8th Edition

Some would call the rats of Clan Eshin the deadliest assassins in the world. Many others would name these as the dreaded Druchii famed for their poisons and swift strokes, all are wrong, all pale in comparison to the dreaded Reapers of Nagash.

In the ages and centuries past many men have toyed with the art of Necromancy in vain hope of gaining immortality, few succeed however and when they die their spirits do not rest easy. Nagash summons the spirits of these men and binds them to his will arming them with deadly blades that cut both the victims soul and their mortal flesh. On the battlefield they are rarely seen but when called forth strike with a otherwordly strength and speed that few can match. Immune to the blades of mortals and nigh unstoppable they hunt the foe remorslessley until their destruction or their master sees fit to end the chase.

The most favoured of these Reapers are gifted with Rune forged blades capable of shatttering bones and poisoning minds with the slighest cut, truly they are to be feared by all who appose them.

These ethereal assassins are the vanguard of a Nagashi attack cutting down the enemies leaders and strategists before dissapearing into the wind leaving only dead in their wake.

M 6 / WS 6 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 3 / W 2 / I 8 / A 4 / Ld 8

-Scythe - Great Weapon

Special Rules
-Ethereal (may only join Undead units)
-Harbringer of Death
Clad in dark shrouds these fell creatures are much more than normal wraiths. They are the bringers of death, charged by the Dark Lord himself to destroy those individuals who would stand in his way
Reapers have the Killing Blow special rule, however it works on a 6 to hit, not to wound. Additionally at the start of the battle chose one enemy character. The Reaper may re-roll any failed to hit rolls when fighting the chosen character.
The Reaper may not be the armies general nor confer his Ld on any unit he joins.

-Walk Between Worlds
The Reaper has the ability to walk in the world of spirits, making sure he reaches his target without delay
The Reaper may scout as per the BRB, however he cannout use this ability if mounted

Mount(one choice only)
Dead Horse............14 pts.

Magic Items
The Reaper may only choose one of the following weapons

The Blade of Souls - 100pts
As per the Legion of Nagash Magic Weapon list.

The Rendering Blade - 40pts
Barbed and jagged beyond reasoning, even a glancing blow from this weapon can rip a body in twain
Great Weapon. The Reaper has the normal Killing Blow rule in addition to his special Killing Blow rule i.e. he will effect a Killing Blow on a 6 to hit and /or a 6 to wound.

Great Divide - 40pts
This unwieldy scythe would seem to be far too cumbersome, however its strikes kill dragons and daemons in a single blow
Great Weapon - The Reaper's special Killing Blow will affect creatures of any size in the same way as the Heroic Killing Blow.

Unseen Death - 40pts
Light and as insubstantial as a ghost, this blade allows its wielder to attack with almost unmatched speed
+2S, Bearer gains ASF and doubles their I in combat

Chill Touch - 35pts
The touch of the Reaper is deathly cold, sapping the strength and will to live of any foe it touches
Great Weapon. For every successful wound caused the enemy model permanently suffers a -1 to their S & T to a minimum of 1.

Spectral Blade - 35pts
This weapon has a life of its own, and can find its way past the stoutest parry, or defend from the strongest blows
Great Weapon. The reaper has +1 to hit. Also all enemies suffer -1 to hit when targeting the Reaper in Close Combat


Mounts - Updated to 8th Edition

Ancient Bone Dragon - 370pts - Updated to 8th Edition

For many years the dragons have travelled to the Plains of Bones when they knew their lives were nearing the end. At the centre of this place of death, carcasses the size of hills can be found, the remains of the fathers of the drakes. Only the acolytes of Nagash have the power to summon these giants back once more, but to do so gives them a servant that is nigh on indestructible.

M 6 / WS 3 / BS 0 / S 7 / T 6 / W 7 / I 2 / A 6 / Ld 5

Special Rules

Large Target

Bones of the Earth
Muscles and skin have long wasted away on these creatures, but the bones they leave behind are held together by a magic so strong that they are almost impossible to break.
The Dragon has a 3+ Scaly Skin save

Father of the Dragons
These beasts are the ancestors of the lesser drakes, and they are a stark reminder that they are not as immortal as some would believe. The sight of the long distant kin used in such a way can deter even the most determined of dragons
An Ancient Dragon causes fear in all other dragons with the exception of Dragons who are ItP.

To some extent the dragon's spirit clings to its bones, enraged beyond belief at the desecration of its long dead body. At times it grows strong enough to manifest with a roar of pure hate and terror.
One use only. This attack can only be used in the shooting phase, and may be used when the dragon is in combat. Roll 1D6+3. Any units within this range must take an immediate Panic check at -2 Ld. Violated has no effect on units which are ItP.


Dragon Shade - 300pts - Updated to 8th Edition

Not content with summon the bodies of the ancient dragons, Nagash sought supremacy over their noble spirits as well. In time the most devious of his magics managed to corrupt their souls, chaining them to his command forever

M 6 / WS 6 / BS 0 / S 5 / T 5 / W 5 / I 5 / A 6 / Ld 8

Special Rules

Large Target

Cradle of Shadows
Whilst its ethereal form does not allow any to ride this dangerous creature, its magical nature allows it to takes it master inside itself, delivering them safely to wherever they are commanded
This rule overrides the normal ethereal rule and allows corporeal characters to use the Dragon Shades as mount if the option is available to them.

Essence of Decay
The merest touch from this dragon leeches vitality from its victims. Those who are not slain outright by its claws find themselves ageing rapidly unto decay as the years rush forth to claim them and even their equipment.
At the end of every combat phase every enemy model in BtB contact with the Dragon Shade must take a toughness test. If failed the model suffers a wound, no armour saves allowed.

Will of the Master
Dragons are noble creatures, and though dominated by another's will, an Inkling of their former personality shines through.
If the rider is killed, then the dragon starts is slain outright, no saves are possible against this.


Fellbeast - 185pts - Updated to 8th Edition

In the air above Nagashizzar, many terrible creatures swirl and glide around the spires and towers of the fortress. They are an unholy amalgamation of animals, twisted by the warpstone they are exposed to on that fell peak. The opposite of the noble Hippogryphs, they often have a sinuous snake-like body, with the wings of a bat and the head and front limbs of a dragon. However, whatever there varied may be appearance, there is no doubt that these creatures are deadly, capable of ripping a man in half with their claws, or devouring a horse in a bite.

M 5 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 5 / T 5 / W 4 / I 4 / A 4 / Ld 6

Special Rules

Large Target
Scaly Skin (save of 4+)


Greater Carrion - 30pts - Updated to 8th Edition

The Land of the Dead lies to the south of Nagashizzar, and in its great expanse the armies of the Tomb Kings can often be seen. Like giant fleshless birds circling above, the Carrion are hideous creatures attracted to the scent of blood and battle. Nagash makes use of these creatures in his forces, and bestows the Carrion upon his generals. this is a great boon, letting them soar above the enemy, and as a steed the Carrion are as vicious as any creature in the desert lands.

M 2 / WS 3 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 2 / A 2 / Ld 3

Special Rules

Flying Cavalry


Arabian Warsteed Hero Mount +12pts / Lord Mount +18pts

In the deserts of Araby, to the south of the Land of the dead, the armies of the Sultans ride to war on great Warsteeds, large noble beasts with a fiery temperament. Nagash breeds many of these spirited horses for use in his armies, and those living followers of his will often be seen riding to battle atop one of them, ready to charge down his enemies in a mass of Man and Horse all but impossible to stop.

M 8 / WS 3 / BS 0 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 3 A 1 / Ld 5


Dead Horse - Updated to 8th Edition

Not content with living steeds, the Great Necromancer and his generals choose the fittest, most bloodthirsty Arabian warsteeds and flay the flesh from their bones with their dark powers. Their lively spirit remains bound to the bones now capable of carrying a man or undead tirelessly over league after league no matter what the terrain. These Skeletal Steeds are given to Nagash's elite, to spurn them on ever faster to greater acts of service to their lord.

M 8 / WS 2 / BS 0 / S3 / T3 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / Ld 5

Special Rules

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
RE: Things that are certain

Skeletons - Points/model: 6 - Updated to 8th Edition
As per VC except may take a magical banner worth upto 40pts


Nagashi Zombies: 4pts per model

M4 / WS1 / BS0 / S2 / T3 / I1 / A1 / Ld4

Special Rules:
Nagashi Undead
Regeneration 6+

Horde of Death

Whilst an individual zombie is a poor opponent, when enough gather together they can be a fearful for as the push and claw in an unending orgy of bloodshed. Such are ease with what these weak undead are sustained, their destruction has little effect on the ebb of magic across the battlefield
Zombies always fight in one extra rank than they would normally be allowed to. For example if they could normally fight in two ranks to the front, they would fight in three. If in Horde formation, they would be able to fight in four. The includes fighting to the flank or rear, so if charged in the rear, two ranks would be able to fight back.

In addition when working out crumbling where a unit of zombies is involved, the number of wounds caused to zombies do not count to working out wounds inflicted on non-zombies units. For example:

Enemy inflicts 4 wounds on zombies, two on skeletons, 2 ranks = 8CR
Zombies inflict no wounds, skeletons cause 2 wounds, two ranks and flank = 5CR

Result is 2 wounds caused by Crumbling. 2 wounds are taken off any zombie units involved. However for the remaining non-zombie LoN units deduct the wounds caused on the Zombies (4 in this case). This means no other crumbling wounds are caused, however the enemy still counts as winning combat that wound for all other purposes.


Nagashi Cultists - 7 pts./model - Updated to 8th Edition
Though ranked low in the plans of Nagash, these mortals follow him without question. The belief they have in their Dark Lord lends them a fanatical fury which they vent on those who would defy their god and master.

Cultist..... M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 4 / A 1 / Ld 7
Champion: M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 4 / A 2 / Ld 7

Unit Strength: 10-25

Morning Star and Heavy Armour

May choose the following equipment upgrades (costs are per model):
Flails +1pts

-Any unit may upgrade one Cultist to a Musician for +5 pts.
-Any unit may upgrade one Cultist to a Champion for +10 pts.
-Any unit may upgrade one Cultist to a Standard Bearer for +10 pts.
-Any unit may give their Standard Bearer a magic banner of up to 40 pts.

Special Rules

N.B: If the army does not contain a Nagashi Captain, a cultist unit does count towards the minimum core percentage.


Favoured Ones - 8 pts./model - Updated to 8th Edition

On the slopes of Nagahsizzar reside a a foul breed of humans. They swore themselves to Nagash long ago, and their ritual sacrafices to him long ago turned into macabre feasts of flesh and blood. Despite their cannabalism driving these foul ghouls insane, they still retain a low cunning and intelligence enough to use weapons. When Nagashs legions march to war, they follow in its wake, prowling along the flanks of his armies, hunting down their next meal.

Favoured One....... M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 4 / W 1 / I 3 / A 2 / Ld 7
Greater Fiend....... M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 4 / W 1 / I 3 / A 3 / Ld 7

Unit Strength: 5-20

-Throwing Spears

-Any unit may upgrade one Favoured One to a Greater Fiend for +7pts.

Special Rules
Poisoned Attacks (also applies to thrown weapons)

The Dark Feast
The feasting of flesh is an honour to the Dark Lord, and none would deny the Favoured Ones their chance to show their devotion. In battle any they killed are devoured where they fall, an act that not even Dreadlords of Nagash would dare interfere with.
The Favoured Ones cannot pursue or overun. In addition no characters may join any units of Favoured Ones.


Black Riders of Nagash - Updated to 8th Edition

Riding ahead of the vast undead hosts of Nagash, these human followers of the Dark Lord spread fear and confusion to those that would oppose them

Black Rider of Nagash - 14pts per model
Rider......M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 4 / A 1 / Ld 7
Steed....M 8 / WS 3 / BS 0 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 3 A 1 / Ld 5


Each rider may be equipped with Shrunken Heads for +2pts per model

Shrunken Heads
Theses terrible weapons are the shrunken heads of those that fight the Dark Lord's plans. Though not powerful, the fear and horror they create can be just as effective
Thrown Weapon. 8” range. 2x shots. Str2 and causes panic check when they wound.

Special Rules
Fast Cavalry

NB: Black Riders do not count towards minimum core percentage.

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
RE: Things that are certain


Pinnacle Guard - Updated to 8th Edition

As Nagash sits on his throne atop Cripple peak, he is guarded by his most powerful servants. These mighty warriors are the Pinnacle Guard; undead champions of ancient human tribes raised to guard a new master. Armed with fell blades and clad in nigh-impenetrable armour they are a foe to be feared; never tiring, never fleeing, they strike down their enemies with deadly efficiency.

Pinnacle Guard - 14pts/model
Pinnacle Guard M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / L6
Gate Captain M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 2 / A 2 / L6

Unit size: 10+
Weapons and Armour: Hand Weapons and Full Plate

May choose one of the following equipment upgrades (costs are per model):

GW + 3pts
Extra HW +2pts
Halberds +2pts
Spears +2pts

May also purchase the following upgrade (costs are per model)

Shield +2pts

One Pinnacle Guard may be upgraded to a Musician for +6 pts
One Pinnacle Guard may be upgraded to Gate Captain for +12 pts
One Pinnacle Guard may be upgraded to a Standard Bearer for +12 pts
May have a magic standard worth up to 65pts

Special Rules:
Wight Blades
Will of the Master

Will of the Master
Created to protect the masters of Nagash's Legion, these warriors stand firm against any odds.
If the unit is joined by the Body or Spirit of Nagash, or a Disciple of Nagash, the character may be placed in the middle of the unit (or as close as possible) but may still cast any spells that do not require LOS. Also the unit does not count as having flanks or a rear when working out CR. Lastly, the unit may use the 'Look out sir' rule even if only one soldier remains.


Wraithwisps - 75pts per base - 0-2 units per army - Updated to 8th Edition

These dreaded creatures are amongst the most frightening under Nagash’s control. Unlike the paltry swarms of mewling spirits that the follow the armies of necromancers and vampires, these are truly the shades of death. They are the souls of killers, torturers and rapists plucked from the deepest levels of hell, and they return to attack the living with unrivalled hate.

M 6 / WS 3 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 3 / W 4 / I 3 / A 4 / Ld 6

Hand Weapons

Special Rules

Tortured Souls
Just as they were in life, these shades are full of rage and anger. They hate the living even more so and exact their revenge in an unending orgy of bloodshed.
The Wraithwisps have the Frenzy and Hatred special rules. Such is their anger they may re-roll to hit in every round of combat, plus they can never loose their Frenzy or Hatred.


Pinnacle Knights - 22pts - Updated to 8th Edition

The macabre knights of Nagashizzar are bound by the same fell sorceries that animate the Pinnacle Guard and are armed with the finest weapons crafted in the dire forges of the Great Necromancer's mighty fortress. Like an unholy tide they storm across the battlefield, a silent host of rotten cavalry, terrifying to behold. They fear neither death nor pain, seeking only to bring them to those who would oppose their lord. Few mortals can look upon the Pinnacle Knights without despairing, and fewer still can resist their ferocious assault.

Pinnacle Knight - M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / L6
Gate Marshal - M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 2 / A 2 / L6
Dead Horse - M 8 / WS 2 / BS 0 / S3 / T3 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / Ld 5

Unit size: 5+
Weapons and Armour: Hand Weapon, Full Plate.

May choose the following equipment upgrades (costs are per model):
May take one of the following: Barding (+3pts), Scythed Barding (+5pts)
May take one of the following: GW (+3 pts), Flail (+3pts), Additional Hand Weapon (+3pts)

One Pinnacle Knight may be upgraded to a Musician for +8 pts
One Pinnacle Knight may be upgraded to Gate Captain for +16 pts
One Pinnacle Knight may be upgraded to a Standard Bearer for +16 pts
May have a magic standard worth up to 65pts

Special Rules
Wight Blades

Deathly Skill
The Pinnacle Knights are the Deathly outriders of Nagash's host. Their steeds are little more than an extension of their will, and move with but a thought. This leaves the knights free to wield their weapons with both hands, swinging great flails or carving throught the enemy with wicked blades in each hand.
Pinnacle Knights may fight with an additional hand weapon as if they were on foot, this means they gain the +1A if an additional hand weapon is chosen.

Scythed Barding
Barding. When equipped with this Skeletal Steeds gain +1 strength on the charge as if they were armed with spears.


0-1 Locust Swarm - 35pts per base - Updated to 8th Edition
Unit size 3+
In the desert of Nehekhara, despite the unforgiving sun, some creatures cling to life. Occasionally, when the rains come down and bring life to the river, vast swarms of Locusts emerge from the ground, drawn by the moisture in the air. These insects are voracious and hungry, and spend their short lives hunting for food along the river, devastating swathes of land. However, unlike in other parts of the Old world, these insects do not die. Foul necromancy from Nagashizzar spreads across the land and infuses these insects with unholy vigour. Flying in front of Nagash’s legions, these swarms spread death and disease, devouring anything they come across.

M 1 / WS 2 / BS 0 / S 2 / T 2 / W 3 / I 2 / A 3 / Ld 10

Special Rules

Droning Horror

Fused with the dark magic of the Supreme Lord of Undeath, the drone of the swarm takes on a horrifying sound that cannot be ignored. It grates on their senses, setting their nerves on edge and even the stoutest warrior hesitates as the swarm bears down on him
Any enemy unit within 6" of a Locus Swarm must pass a Ld test if they wish to fire a missile weapon, or in the case of wizards, if they wish to cast a spell. If failed they cannot ignore the drone of the swarm and suffer a -2 to any to hit rolls. In the case of warmachines that fail and do not roll to hit, the player controlling the swarm can choose to make the warmachine player re-roll the artillery dice. This rule also applies to stand and shoot if the swarm charges a unit, however in this case there is no range limitation. Any wizards that fail the test will miscast (without IF) on a roll of double 1.
This rule does not affect units that are Immune to Psychology.


Necrophytes - 20pts per model - Updated to 8th Edition

Necrophyte.................M 4 / WS 2 / BS 0 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / Ld 7

Unit size: 5-10 Necrophytes

Unit restrictions: 0-1 unit per 2,000 points

Weapons: Hand Weapon

Armour: None

Special rules:
Thrall magic

Thrall Magic
Although not having mastered the black arts yet, necrophytes are still able to channel a moderate amount of dark magic. Unable to create or control thier own undead...yet, they help channel thier masters power through his unliving minions. In battle neophytes embolster and empower the link between the undead and thier master, working together to channel his dark reach into the outer edges of a battlefield. It is in this way that necrophytes first learn to control the undead.
Before using this power you must select one model to be the "Locus" for that turn. The Locus can change from turn to turn.
Roll on the following table at the start of every Legion turn:
1-5 Necrophytes still alive: 1D6+1
6-10 Necrophytes still alive: 2D6+2

The total is the range from the Locus in which any Undeads unit may march move for that turn only. Only units that are in this range at the start of the Legion turn may march as per the BRB.

In addition any Undead unit that is within this range and suffer from crumbling at any point until the start of the next Legion phase (check distance at the time when the crumbling would occur), they suffer one less wound than normal.

The benefits described in Thrall Magic are not usable while the Necrophytes are fleeing.

The Necrophytes of Nagash are not warriors, and only take to the battlefield to further their training in necromantic lore. As such they shroud themselves in the darkest of shadows and avoid the enemy at all cost
The Necrophytes may not willingly charge the enemy. Any enemy attempting to shoot or cast at the Necrophytes suffer -1 to hit or -1 casting roll. This is in addition to the normal -1 to hit for being skirmishers.

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
RE: Things that are certain


Ancient Warrior - 230 pts - Not yet updated

With Controller Alive
M 4 / WS 8 / BS 0 / S 5 / T 4 / W 8 / I 8 / A 5 (6) / LD 10

With Controller Dead
M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 5 / T 4 / W * / I 4 / A 2 (3) / LD 5

Two Hand Weapons
Heavy Armour

Special Rules


Forgotten Lore
The warrior has knowledge of martial techniques forgotten may years ago.
At the start of each round of combat the Ancient Warrior may choose to re-roll either his to hit rolls or or to wound rolls.

Power Strike
May choose to swap all its attacks for 1 S10 hit, that causes D6 wounds, these benefit from the forgotten lore rule.

For the warrior to work at its optimum it must have a controller. There *must* be at least magic user in an army with an ancient and one must be nominated to be the ancients controller. The controller cannot be the armies general.The controller and ancient do not have to stay near each other and operate as normal.
Whilst the both controller and ancient are alive the following applies:
The controller loses 1PD and 1DD in the relevant magic phases.
Ancient has the following benefits

  • Uses the top profile
  • May march move as per the BRB
  • Regeneration
  • Always Strikes First
  • Immune to Killing Blow
  • Magic Resistance (2) against enemy spells only
  • Power Strike as detailed below

If the Controller dies the Ancient loses all the above abilities, and uses the lower profile. In regards to the wounds, halve the remaining amount rounding *down*, this will mean if it has only one wound when the controller dies, the Ancient will die as well. The Ancient also suffers from Crumbling as if the general has died (NB - The general dying has no effect on the Ancient)
If the Ancient dies the controller regains the lost 1PD and 1DD and may use them as normal.


Spectral Cavalry - 65pts each - Limit: 1 unit per 2000pts - - Not yet updated

Unit size: 4-10

Spectre - M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 3 / A 2 / Ld 5
Champion M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 3 / A 3 / Ld 5
Mount - M 8 / WS 2 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 3 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / Ld 2

Spirit Armour

-Any unit may upgrade one Specter to a Musician for +20 pts.
-Any unit may upgrade one Specter to a Standard Bearer for +25 pts.
-Any unit may upgrade one Specter to a Champion for +25 pts.
-Any unit may give their Standard bearer a magic banner of up to a total of 90 pts.

Special Rules:

Insubstantial -
As per the VC rulebook with the following addition:
They may also charge or march through friendly units as long as they fully clear the friendly unit at the end of their movement, if they fail to clear it either counts as a failed charge if the unit was charging, either way if the remaining movement takes them into the unit they will stop when they touch the friendly unit.
Any friendly unit that the Spectral Cavalry move through either suffer D6 wounds as per crumbling if they are undead, or if alive must take a panic check.
This ability is lost if a character joins the unit.

Spirit Armour
Grants the bearer 2+ armour save, and a 5+ ward save. The ward save does not work vs magical attacks. Movement is not affected by this armour.

Deadly Touch
Attacks do not allow armour saves and count as magical.

Spectral Wind
At the end of the combat phase, if the unit has won combat but not broken the enemy they may choose instead to leave combat by passing through the enemy unit. Roll 3D6 as if pursuing out the back of the enemy unit, providing the distance rolls clears the enemy unit place the Spectral Cavalry appropriately. If the roll is not enough to clear the enemy unit the spectral cavalry remains in position and the enemy will strike first next next combat phase unless their weapons or other special rule prohibits them from doing so (i.e GW), the enemy does not gain any other bonus's i.e strength bonuses.
This ability cannot be used if the Spectral Cavalry has been charged in the flank or rear.
This ability is lost if a character joins the unit.


The Black Shards – 275pts – 1 per 2000pts - Not yet updated

Fashioned out of solid obsidian, these powerful objects are miniature versions of the Black Pyramid that still stands in Nehekhara. Knowing how reliant his armies were on magic Nagash created these to sustain his forces no matter how fitfully the winds of magic blow

Shard…...M * / WS - / BS - / S - / T 7 / W 5 / I - / A - / Ld –
Guardian M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / Ld 7
*See Inanimate special rule

The Guardians are equipped with Full Plate Armour, Shields and Handweapons

Special Rules
Undead (Guardians only)
Wight Blades (Guardians only)

Inanimate Object
The Shard is only an enchanted object and thus is completely Unbreakable, and cannot be affected by any objects / spells / rules that affect psychology etc. The Shard can only be moved in battle using the below Levitation spell. Any enemies in BtB contact with the shard automatically hit it, no roll to hit is required.
It has 5 guardians who rank up in front of the shard. They will move to protect the shard at all times, therefore unless the Guardians are already engaged in combat any charges are counted as charging to the front of the unit. Move the Guardians to the relevant unit side.
The Guardians can never leave the Shard, and the combined unit can never charge, not even if affected by spells that would force them to. The power of the Shard protects them against such influences.
The Shard also adds +2 CR.

The Shard draws necromantic magic into itself, fuelling the undead nearby and making them nigh on unstoppable. Those alive who follow the rule of Nagash are also reminded of his power, urging them onto to greater feats of bloodshed
The Guardians have a 4+ ward save and the ASF rule.

Any Nagashi with 12” of the Shard at the start of the Legion’s turn automatically rally if fleeing. Otherwise they are entirely immune to fear whilst within 12".

During the magic phase the Shard may cast the Great Awakening from the Lore of Nagash was a bound spell. The power level is determined by rolling 2D6.

Magical Source
The additional power provided by the Shard empowers Liches and Priests if Nagash, giving them the strength to overpower their enemy
Whilst the Shard is still in play, any enemy dispelling attempts are at -1.

The shard is slowly lifted off the ground by swirling dark magic and glides forward, its guardians following in its wake
Bound Spell. Power 5. The whole unit may march move at the Guardians movement rate as per the BRB. This movement does not allow the unit to charge.

Catastrophic Power
Filled with such immense energy, destroying the Shard can prove to be just as deadly as letting it continue it’s nefarious work
If the Shard is destroyed roll D6 +4. All units within this range suffer S5 hit on every model. This hit also counts as having the Killing Blow special rule.


Bone Thrower - 50pts - Not yet updated

Thrower ..........M - / WS - / BS - / S - / T 7 / W 3 / I - / A - / Ld -
Siege Cadaver M 4 / WS 2 / BS 2 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / Ld 5

Unit Size: 1
Crew: 2 Siege Cadavers (Note: The crew can never be increased past its starting size, however it they can be raised back even if both are killed, as long as the Bone Thrower has not been destroyed.)
Weapons and Armour: The Skeleton crew have light armour and hand weapons
Range: 48"
Strength: 5
Damage: D3

Special Rules:
Bolt Thrower (pierces ranks as per the BRB)
Made from the thigh bones of giants, the bolts are fused with magic by the Disciples of Nagash, designed to make sure they do not miss their target
Shots from the Bone Thrower do not suffer from negative range modifiers apply to the shots. All other positive and negative modifiers apply as normal.

Cursed Ammunition - 25pts
Wrought with runes of death, these deadly bones cause the flesh to rot with the slightest scratch
The player may re-roll any wound caused by the Bone Thrower. They still benefit from the Enscorcelled special rule. The upgraded shots also count as magical.

Upto two Bone Throwers may be taken as a Special choice

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
RE: Things that are certain

Special Characters

The Body and Spirit of Nagash - 1200pts - Not yet updated

Nagash is a Lord and a Rare choice and must be the army general.

The Nagash special character consists of two models; the Spirit and the Body, which deploy at the same time but can operate independently during the game. Note the Spirit is considered separate at the start of the game and no wounds need sacrificing for it to leave Nagash's body.

The Body
The withered form of the Master of Necromancers sits upon his throne, borne aloft by his most loyal servants; the Pinnacle Guard. They serve him in death as they did in life, and will forever serve their lord.
The unit consists of 1 Body of Nagash model (which counts as the four models it displaces for rank purposes) and 11 Pinnacle Guard equipped with GW, HW, Heavy Armour & Shields.

Body of Nagash - M * / WS - / BS - / S - / T 6 / W 7 / I - / A - / Ld -
Pinnacle Guard - M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 2 / A 1 / L6
* The body moves along with the Pinnacle Guard at their standard rate. If 4 or less Pinnacle Guard are left the unit cannot move.

Black Armour of Nagash
The Ninth Book of Nagash
The Staff of Power

Additional Pinnacle Guard upto a max unit size of 30 for +19 pts per model
One Pinnacle Guard may be upgraded to a Musician for +10 pts
One Pinnacle Guard may be upgraded to Gate Captain for +20 pts
One Pinnacle Guard may be upgraded to a Standard Bearer for +20 pts
May take a magic standard worth upto 75pts

Special Rules:


Protect until the last
Empowered by their Lord and Master, the Pinnacle Guard will stop at nothing to protect him
The body must be placed in the centre of the unit (or as near as possible). It will only move into the front rank when there are insufficient ranks.
The Body of Nagash cannot be challenged.

Seat of the Spirit
Intrinsically tied together, the spirit cannot survive without the body
If the Body is killed, the Spirit of Nagash is automatically destroyed, and regardless of VP the Legion can only achieve Minor Loss at best.

The Spirit of Nagash

When detached from the body the Spirit is a US1 skirmisher.

M 6 / WS 8 / BS 5 / S 4 / T 4 / W 3 / I 6 / A 4 / Ld 10

None (benefits from items carried by the Body of Nagash, See Item entries)

Special Rules:
5+ Ward
May not join units

Level 4 Wizard (due to the Powers of the Ninth Book of Nagash knows all spells from the Lore of Nagash, and may choose four other spells from the Lores of Shadows, Death, Fire or Metal). All magic is cast by the spirit of Nagash, and as such the range for all spells must be measured from the spirit. If the spirit occupies the body, then all ranges are measured from the body.

May cast all four Rituals per turn.

Creator of Necromancy
As the creator of this foul art, Nagash knows it better than anyone one else, and casts it with unparalleled skill and power.
Nagash generates one extra PD and DD in the relevant magic phases than normal, and he gains +2 to casting form the Lore of Nagash, +1 to cast from any other Lore.
Any Rituals cast by him are at power level of D3 + 6.
In addition any miscasts made when casting from the Lore of Nagash are immediate ignored. The spell fails and the magic phase is immediately ended.
There is also no limit to the amount of PD Nagash may use to cast a spell.

Whilst his spirit his free to roam, it can never escape the link to his body, and must return there when grievously hurt.
If the Spirit is reduced to 0 wounds by any means then it is immediately forced back into the Body of Nagash. This includes normal instant kill items or spells, such as Infernal Gateway.
Whilst the spirit and body are combined, the Spirit may still attack any enemies in BtB using its own stats, and may cast magic as normal. However any attacks directed back must be made against the Body.
At the start of Nagash's next turn he may attempt to once more leave his body providing his body is not directly in combat. To do so the Spirit must drain 3 wounds off the Body, therefore the body must have at least 4 wounds remaining. The Spirit may then be placed within 12" of the body, however may not move that turn. The wounds drained from the body may be healed as normal.

Black Armour of Nagash
Forged from a meteorite that crashed into Crippled Peak, this armour has formed a second skin on Nagash's body, proving to be nigh on impenetrable.
Grants 2+ Armour save and 4+ Ward save

Staff of Power
Nagash's withered hands still hold this potent artefact, which the ancient Liche created to aid him with his most devastating spells
At the end of each magic phase the Staff more store upto 2 unused PD / DD, which then may be used in the following magic phase. These can be used by the Spirit of Nagash only. The staff starts the battle with 1PD already stored.

Ninth Book of Nagash
The final Book of Nagash has never been seen by any other that the Great Lord of Undeath. Though there are many copies, none contain the full power or knowledge contained in this sacred tome.
This book combines the effects of all the previous Books of Nagash (1 to 8).
Due to the powers of the Books, the powers benefit either the Body or the Spirit as follows:
Body - Benefits from the effects of Books 2, 4, 5
Spirit - Benefits from effects on Books 1, 3, 6, 7, 8


Arkhan the Black ...................620 pts. - Not yet updated

M 4/WS 8/BS 4/S 5/T 5/W 4/I 6/A 5/Ld 10

Arkhan is a Lvl 4 wizard. He may choose spells from either the Lore of Shadows, Death, or Nagash.
He may cast all four Rituals of Nagash per magic phase thanks to the Staff of Damnation

(All Arkhans equipment is considered the superior original version of the copies seen used by the Vampire Counts)

The Tomb Blade of Arkhan
The sword was fashioned by Arkhan countless years ago, the enchantments within stealing the souls of those it slays infusing it master with necromantic might
For each model killed by this blade, a unit or model within 12" is healed, which can be Arkhan himself. This may not take wounds or a unit above their original starting number / size

The Book of Arkhan
As the most trusted of Nagash's Dread Lords, this book was gifted by the Dark Lord to wreak havoc in his name
This Book combines the abilities of Books 4 & 7 of the Books of Nagash. This means he may add 1PD to any casting attempt which cannot cause IF, but may still cause a miscast, and any enemies within 6" suffer -1 to their to hit roles for combat or shooting.

The Staff of Eternal Damnation
The skull atop this black staff glows with baleful magic, it's power driving the dead around it on with terrible hunger
Allows Arkhan to cast all 4 Rituals of Nagash per magic phase instead of the normal 2.

The Scarab Armour
Surrounding the Dread Lords body is a cloud of enchanted Scarabs. These creatures will protect their masters life and will throw themselves in front of any perceived threat.
Confers a 4+ ward for the Bearer and any mount.

Special Rules:

Master of Undeath
Arkhan gains a +1 to cast spells from the Lore of Nagash. This is in addition to the normal +1 for a total of +2.

The Right Hand of Nagash
Unless Nagash is present, Arkhan must be the armies general. He also causes Terror

The Black Tower
Through his superior tactical knowledge and the abilities of his tower, Arkhan always strikes when it will prove most advantageous to him.
Any army with Arkhan as the general may add +2 to the roll, to see who gets the first turn.

Mount(one choice only)
The Manticore Chariot - 265pts
This hellish construction was made by Arkhan from the remains of a Manticore he slew with his bare hands. Fused together with a Khemrian chariot it has carried its master loyally for hundreds of years, its claws and teeth killing as it did in life.

Counts as monster with the following profile:
M 8/WS 3/BS 0/S 5/T 5/W 5/I 3/A 4/Ld 4

Special Rules
-Massive Bulk
The bulk of this creature of nightmares causes horrific damage as it ploughs into the enemy, its wheels, claws and fangs tearing apart its foes with ease
Causes D6+4 S6 impact hits upon charging, however it makes no other attacks for that turn.
-Large Target
-Creation of Arkhan: Should Arkhan be killed the Manticore Chariot is also destroyed immediately.


The Crone in the Pyramid -220pts - Not yet updated

Once Nagash had learned the art of Dark Magic from the dark Elves that had been stranded on his land, he discarded them, killed them without further thought. The corpse of the strongest, the Elven Sorceress was entombed in the Black Pyramid believing her corpse would draw more of the dark winds to its peak.
It was not until many years later that it was discovered she was still alive. Though blind and maimed she still possessed powerful magic and hatred had fuelled her insanity. Realising the potent weapon she could become Nagash took her, using her to subvert the magic of enemies, her cries of rage and pain horrific to all those who heard her. However she is a fickle weapon at best, as she hates Nagash more than any and at times she can prove just as deadly to those she serves.

M4 WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W5 I3 A2 Ld9

The Crone has two handlers whose attacks etc are incorporated into the above stat. The fight and move as a monster but are not subject the monster reaction table and cannot be chosen as a mount. She is also not affected by spells that would affect monsters.

Special Rules

3+ ward save
Immune to KB and poison

The Screams of Agony
This is a shooting attack with a range of 18", does not require LOS and can be used on units that are in combat. If the Crone is in combat it can only be targeted against a unit she is in BtB contact with. Roller 3D6 and deduct the target's Ld, for each point over the target's Ld it causes a wound with no armour saves allowed.
When the crone finally dies, she emits one last wailing pierce against the unit that killed her. This is made after her death but before combat resolution is calculated if applicable. If killed by a ranged attack the wail will only afflict the enemy unit if it is within the wail's 18" range.
It is affected by Against Her Will as described below.

Magical Distaste
Any enemy wizards who attempt to cast a spell whilst they are within 12" of the Crone, or the target of their spell is within 12" of the Crone will suffer a miscast on a roll of any double. In the case of a single die casting, a roll of one will result in a miscast. The range is measure after the spell is cast.
It is affected by Against Her Will as described below.

Against Her Will
At the start of every turn (your's and your opponents) the Crone must take a Ld test. This must be taken using her own Ld (subject to any modifiers due to spells etc. This test cannot be re-rolled for any reason, the first result always applies. If failed her handlers fail to control her for that turn and the following apply:
-She may not move that turn unless it is compulsory (from a spell for example).
-In her shooting phase she must target the closest unit with her scream, regardless of whether it is friend or foe. If there are multiple choices at the same distance roll off for the target
-In the magic phase her magical distaste affects friend and foe.
-She may not attack in combat and any attacks directed at her hit automatically.

The Crone has little mind of her own. She may not be the armies general nor can she pass her leadership onto other units.

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
RE: Things that are certain

Magic Items of the Legion of Nagash

Common Magic Items - - Not yet updated
Power Stone - 20 pts
As described in the Warhammer rulebook.

Dispel Scroll - 20 pts (cheaper due to the heavy magic item nature of this army)
As described in the Warhammer rulebook.


Magic Weapons - Updated to 8th Edition

Blade of Souls - 100pts
Invisible to the naked eye, this weapon bound by Nagash himself cuts not not through flesh, but through the very soul of its victims. One bite, one scratch from the sword will cause the most grievous damage
Cancels out armour and regeneration saves, and also causes D3 wounds per successful wound. If a 6 is rolled to wound the blade also cancels out ward saves.

The Wraith Sword - 70pts
Trapped within this sword is a powerful wraith, it's cold aura striking terror into foes whilst bypassing their defences
Causes terror and does not allow armour saves.

Dagger of Betrayal - 45 pts
This dagger positions itself to strike deep into the heart of its victim, filling their heart and soul with malice and hatred as they die.
Can only be used in challenges. When the model targeted suffers it's first wound from this dagger, all other attacks from both models are discounted. The target model immediately directs a full round of attacks against either it's unit or itself (owning players choice) which benefit from any magic items the model may be carrying. In every subsequent round of combat, the model takes a leadership test. If passed, it regains control and can attack as normal, if failed, it directs all of its attacks against its own side as described above. If not in a challenge, it just counts as a magic weapon.

Balista of Rampart Smashing - 30pts
When the undead mercenary Varison led the Siege of Glósolií in Kislev, it is said he brought down the gates with a single charge from this legendary lance.
One use only. Lance. At any point during the battle that the bearer charges, he may decide to activate the lances power. He must declare this before that start of that turns combat. For that turn only all attacks are resolved at S10, and cause D3 wounds. After this turn the Lance counts as a mundane lance for the remainder of the battle.

Draining Voulge - 35pts
This heinous weapon is saturated with dark magic, and it takes tremendous will power to resist a blow from it. Those who do not have the strength feel their bodies weaken and grow frail in seconds, and are soon little more the desiccated husks.
Great Weapon. After every successful hit, the target must take a Toughness test. If failed, the affected model immediately takes one wound unsaveable by any means. You may then roll to wound as normal. If passed, roll to wound as normal.

Daggers of Arachnos - 35pts
Created from the fangs of the gargantuan spiders that inhabit Mount Arachnos, these vicious blades prove deadly to any that feel their touch
Counts has two handweapons. The bearer gains poisoned attacks that work on a roll of 5+ to hit, instead of the normal 6+.

Bane of the Beasts - 25pts
This crossbow was once used by the dwarfs of Karak Azgal before it was overrun, designed to destroy the monstrous creatures that assaulted their hold. Stolen by Nagash's servants, it has been tainted by warpstone and the cursed barbs can fell even the mightiest opponent.
Crossbow. When used against units with the Monster rule it hits on 2+, and if a 5 or 6 to hit is rolled it automatically causes D3+1 wounds. If used against a monster that has a rider, if it successfully hits the shot does not get randomised, it automatically gets allocated to the monster.Against any non-monster targets it simply counts as a magical crossbow.

The Dead Crescent - 10pts
Though light and fragile, this blade unerringly finds its mark, striking where it will hurt the most.
-1 S. Confers the Killing Blow ability.


Magic Armour - Updated to 8th Edition

Note: A Disciple of Nagash may select any magical armour. This is an exception the BRB excluding characters from choosing magic items if they do not have access to their mundane equivalent.

The Armour of Obsidian - 70pts
This black armour is fashioned from pure obsidian, providing total protection from those that would use magic against the bearer.
Heavy Armour.All magic items in BtB contact are nullified and are mundane versions. The bearer may not carry any other magic items (except the book of Nagash). A wizard wearing this armour may not cast spells or rituals. It also grants Magic Resistance (3)

Armour of Deathly Empowerment - 65pts
The seemingly old and decrepid armour is more than it seems, for when its thirst for magic is slaked it makes the bearer unstoppable.
Light Armour that confers a 5+ ward. At the start of each magic phase the bearer can choose to fuel the armour with PD or bound spell (such as a Ritual of Nagash).
For each expended PD / bound spell the the bearer may add +1 to either their S, T or A characteristics, up to a maximum of two per characteristic until the start of the next Legion magic phase. Each dice also boosts the ward save by +1 up to a maximum of a 3+ ward save until the start of the next Legion magic phase.

The Armour of Stone - 60pts
Though seemingly useless, this bulky armour is nonetheless tougher than steel
Heavy Armour. Grants the bearer +1W and +1T. The bearer also looses -1M, -2I and cannot be mounted.

Helm of the Lightning Dead - 35pts
This item fills the user with unnatural vigour, enabling them to strike with blurring speed.
6+ armour save that may be combined with armour, shield etc as normal, it may also be combined with other armour. Also confers the ASF ability.

The Shroud of the Liche - 35pts
This flowing cloak covers it wearer in darkness, making him virtually invisible
Light Armour. Confers a 5+ ward

Skeletal Carapace - 30pts
This armour slowly fuses to the wearers skin, imbuing them with tremendous resilience and granting the strength to resist attacks that would slay others in an instant.
Heavy Armour. The model wearing this armour may only ever suffer one wound per attack inflicted. For example the bearer can only ever suffer 1 wound from a cannonball. This also includes the Killing Blow rule - if a 6 to wound is rolled the bearer will only suffer one wound, however it will still cancel armour and regeneration saves.

Bronze Buckler - 25pts
This ancient Nehekharan shield was master forged many years ago. Such was it's design that no mundane weapon could destroy it
Shield. The bearer gains a 4+ ward that is negated by magical attacks.


Enchanted Items - Updated to 8th Edition

Touch of Ages - 50pts
These twin blood red rubies sit in the bearers palms, held in place by intricate gloves of silver. When ready they cause power to pulse through the bearers hands, as he grabs his foe in a vice like grip. In seconds their body is aged by hundreds of years, reducing muscle and flesh to dust.
Bound Spell - Level 5. At the start of combat the bearer may choose to forgo his normal attacks. Instead choose one model in BtB combat (if in a challenge this must be the model involved in the challenge). Both players then roll D6 and add their basic strength. The bearer then adds 3 his score. For every point he beats the other player he inflicts one wound, no armour or regeneration saves are allowed. If the bearer fails to beat the other players score no damage is caused.
If the Touch of Ages is successfully cast it runs out of power for the remainder of the battle. If unsuccessful rolll 1D6, on a roll of 1 it exhausts its powers and cannot be used for the remainder of the battle.[/color]

Gauntlets of Dread Intellect - 40 Points
Once the gauntlets are donned, the bearer's sword arm moves with a will of its own. Suddenly all of the attacks strike true, and inflict damage far more grievous than they could have done on their own
In combat the bearer may choose to either re-roll to hit or re-roll to wound. This must be declared at the start of each round of combat. In addition it grants the bearer the Armour Piercing ability

Mantle of Ritual Mastery - 35pts
This cloak is covered with forgotten runes. Whenever the bearer performs a ritual of Nagash, spectral voices echo his words, adding its dark power to the bearer's
The wielder of this cloak adds +1 to the casting values of all of its rituals.

The Black Jar - 30 points
The Mortuary Cultists canopy jars are seen as symbolic within the cult. The higher ranking of the priests carry particularly intricate jars. These jars contain scarab beetles that are more vicious than the standard ones. These beetles are infused with dark magic, binding them to the Priests will.
DoN & Mortuary Priests only. This jar replaces the standard Scarab Jar carried by a DoN or Mortuary Priests. The bearer may make a breath weapon attack every one of the bearer's turns, at +1S of the normal jar they would carry. This breath attack is classed as magical.
Every time the jar is used roll D6 straight after. On a roll of 1 it exhausts its powers and cannot be used for the remainder of the battle.

The Necromancers skull - 20pts
This used to be the head of Kadon, the necromancer who found the Crown of Sorcery and with it built Mourkhain. Now, it still seeks to control all magic, and draws it to the bearer.
Every time a wizard of the opposing army rolls a miscast, the bearer may cast one Ritual that is chosen at the start of the battle. He may do this even if he cannot normally cast Rituals.

Eye of the Dark Lord - 15 points
One Use Only
This trinket is a little black box containing an eye of the Necromancer. It contains his cold hard stare and when opened, deters all enemies from coming within its gaze.
The bearer of the Eye of the Dark Lord may declare its use whenever an enemy unit is engaged with the bearer. The enemy is forced to re-roll any Psychology based tests for the remainder of the current player turn. If, for whatever reason, the enemy is immune to Psychology, then the unit would be treated as normal until the end of turn (ie. their ItP is cancelled for the turn)


Talismans - Updated to 8th Edition

The Gem of Souls - 55pts
Trapped within, the defeated souls rage and cry for the blood of the living. They refuse to let their bearer die until all lie dead before him
Grants 4+ ward, in addition once per turn the bearer may re-roll the first failed ward save granted by this item. The bearer is subject to frenzy and can never lose it.

Gem of the Supreme - 50pts
This magical gem is infused with the blood and souls of the mightiest warriors of Nagashizzar. The gem hates nothing more than magic and will stop most magic dead. The efforts required to do this take their toll on the gems bearer though, and the gem has had many owners through the ages...
This gem counts as a dispel scroll, however every time it is used the bearer suffers an automatic wound with no saves of any kind allowed.[/color] The gem can be used once per magic phase.

Sacrificial Stone - 50pts
Linked to the soul of its bearer, this innocuous rock sustains them to the detriment of their followers.
At the end of every player turn the bearer may choose to sacrifice two wounds on the unit he is in (distributed as per shooting, with no saves of any kind allowed) and regain one previously lost wound of his own. The stone has no effect if the bearer is not in a unit.

Key to the Grey Vault - 40pts
One Use Only
This talisman bears the power to briefly tear through the veil between dimensions, allowing the user to take on the aspect of the restless denizens of the Grey Vault.
This item is used at the beginning of either player's turns, including the enemy's turn if the player wishes. Until the end of the player's turn in which this item is used, the bearer and any unit he is with gains Ethereal.

Shadow Shard - 25pts
One Use Only
This mystical gem activates when its bearer suffers harm, quickly removing them out of danger
As soon as the bearer suffers one or more wounds in combat roll D6. On 2+ the bearer may move out of combat and up to 20", in a direction determined by the scatter dice. Discount the hit and any further hits / or wounds from the bearers opponent. The bearer cannot move into contact with an enemy unit, but may join another friendly unit providing they are not in combat. On a roll of one the gem fails to work and is destroyed.

The Ghoul's Fang - 20pts
Once belonging to Vorag Bloodytooth, this fang retains some semblance of Vorags spirit, instilling a terrible bloodlust into the bearer. If it is destroyed however, this influence will soon wear off.
The model with the tooth gains frenzy that cannot be lost by normal means. However, when the model suffers its first wound, it is discounted and the Fang is destroyed, meaning the bearer looses this Frenzy.


Arcane Items - Updated to 8th Edition

The Wizards Speculum - 35pts
Ever wrathful of those who would undermine his dark magics, Nagash created many trinkets to turn their powers against them. This potent item twists and turns the winds of magic, empowering the user whilst draining power from the enemy.
Once per game turn at the start of any magic phase, the user may decide to swap his magic level with any enemy wizard that is within 18" and LOS. Only the wizards levels are swapped. All spells, items, special abilities, etc remain completely unchanged. (Yes, this could result in a level 1 wizard with 4 spells).

The Ebony Skull - 30pts
This cracked skull is so old and decayed that it appears to be no more than a blackened husk. But for those who know the keys to its enchantment, it can unleash horrific power from its empty eye sockets
Bound Spell 3+
When activated this item casts the True Gaze of Nagash as per the Lore of Nagash.

Circlet of Power - 30pts
Within this bronze circlet are shards of warpstone, attuned to storing power on behalf of its bearer. But like anything created purely from magic, it is highly unstable and too much power can overload it.
At the end of any magic phase, the wearer of the Circlet of Power may store up to 1 PD/DD per caster level. These dice can be retrieved at the start of the next magic phase, however, the user must exceed the number of dice stored on a roll of d6. If the roll is failed, then the stored dice are lost.

Ruminating Snuff - 25pts
What goes into this vile concoction is unknown, however what is known is that whenever the powder is sniffed it clears the mind and allows the user to see the winds of magic like never before
The user can channel PD and DD as normal, in addition to being able to cast Rituals.


Magic Standards - Updated to 8th Edition

Standard of Lifelessness - 125pts
This standard hungers for the life essence of its enemies. Urged by the dead that march under it, it consumes the will and souls of those nearby.
For every rank consisting of at least 5 models the owning unit has, enemies within 6" get -1 Ld for the purpose of breaking. For example for 3 ranks, enemy units would suffer -3 to their Ld. This modifier effects Ld based tests and attacks.

The Hunger Stone - 60pts
Atop this standard sits a massive black diamond that thrums with the power of of the Dark Lord himself. Under its influence the dead are driven relentlessly forwards with a hunger for living flesh
Bound Spell. Power Level 5
If successfully cast 3 friendly undead units within 18" may march move or charge as per the BRB. If a unit is charging it must be declared before the unit is moved, before then rolling for the charge distance as normal. Movement made by this item cannot be march blocked.

Banner of the Ages - 50 points
One Use Only
This ancient standard is infused with the power of the ages that have gone by since the very beginning of the ragged flag's existence. Enemies attempting to approach the bearer find their movement sluggish as though time itself conspires to keep them at bay.
Declare you are using this banner during the enemy's Declare Charges phase, after charges have been declared but before charge distances are rolled. This banner may only be used if the bearer or his unit chooses Hold as their charge reaction. For this turn, any units charging the bearer or his unit reduce their maximum charge distance by the highest die rolled for its charge distance. Models with the Ethereal special rule are immune to the effects of this banner.

The Crystal of Geheiminsnacht - 40pts
The baleful glare of this cursed crystal scorches the eyes of those who look upon it.
When a magic missile, or missile weapon including war machines are targeted at the bearer, and/or the unit he is in, the bearer may use this item. The unit attempting to shoot must take a leadership test, which they cannot use their generals Ld nor may they benefit from the BSB's ability to re-roll failed leadership tests in this instance. If this is failed, they must target something else.

Swarm Banner - 40pts
This grotesque banner is made from the skins of slain enemies and has a permanent cloud of stinking flies surrounding it. These insects have diseased and rotting bodies that can infect and even kill men..
At the end of every turn roll D6 for every enemy model in btb contact with this unit. On a roll of 6, the model suffers one wound with no armour saves allowed.

Doomrider Banner - 40pts
The coldness that exudes from this banner temporarily freezes all who come in contact with it, allowing the rampaging dead to cut them down without mercy
One Use Only. Cavalry Only. Cannot be carried by the BSB. At any point during the battle the bearer of this banner may activate its power. Providing the unit charges that turn, all their attacks automatically hit in the following combat phase. This includes the mounts attacks but does not any characters or their mounts that have joined the unit.

Warp Banner - 35pts
This standard covered with dreaded spells and warp stones can manipulate the winds of magic to it's owner's advantage
While bearer is not fleeing the bearer and unit he is with receive a Magic Resistance of (1)
If there is a friendly caster in BtB contact with the bearer, at any point during the magic phase they may choose to use the banner's warpstone. The caster gains +2PD for that magic phase only, however the banner looses its powers for the rest of the battle. Note the two extra PD are generated only when the caster decides to use them, not at the start of the magic phase, however the max 12PD cap at any one time still applies.

W'sorans shroud - 25pts
This tattered cloth was enchanted by Nagash to imprison W'soran and his acolytes while they were tortured, after there failure to overthrow Nehekara. It still echoes with their screams, which no creature can hear and not be afraid.
All units that are within 6" and are not undead suffer -1 to their Ld. This also affects units with the Nagashi rule.

The Pennant of Eternal Death - 20pts
This banner warps the air, creating an illusion of legions of dead that will never die
Any enemy units in close combat (note this is the same close combat, not necessarily base contact) cannot claim steadfast even if they have more ranks.


The Books of Nagash - Updated to 8th Edition

These tombs of ancient power possess the knowledge of the Great Necromancer himself. Re-written after his resurrection, a copy is given to each Neophyte when he joins the ranks of the Legion. As he progresses up through the ranks, he gains access to the more powerful and rare books. The ninth book is reserved for the Dark Lord himself, as he guards his most devastating magics closely.

All magic users must choose one book and only one book. Duplicate copies of a book cannot be taken until all available books have been chosen, after which you may take copies. e.g. If you have 3 Level 1 casters, then books 1 & 2 must taken, while the third caster has a choice between a duplicate of book 1 or book 2.

The books are limited by caster level as follows:

Lvl 1 - may choose between books 1-2
Lvl 2 - may choose between books 1-4
Lvl 3 - may choose between books 1-6
Lvl 4 - may choose between books 1-8

The book does not count towards the character's magic item allowance, nor can it be negated by any means (e.g. Law of Gold, Vaul's Unmaking, etc).

Book 1 - The Book of Summoning - 25pts
Once per magic phase the bearer may re-roll all dice when casting a summoning / healing spell to see how many models / wounds are raised or healed. In the case of the Great Awkening, you may only re-roll the dice for one unit.If re-rolled, you must abide by the second result.

Book 2 - The Book of Binding - 25pts
If a unit containing the bearer suffers wounds due to CR, this book will negate D3 such wounds to the unit itself. The book has no effect against CR wounds inflicted upon the bearer.

Book 3 - The Book of Control - 40pts
At the start of each combat phase, the bearer may select any unit with the Undead rule within 24". The target unit gains +3 WS and +1 I during that combat phase.

Book 4 - The Book of Fear - 40pts
All enemy troops within 6" of the bearer suffer -1 to their shooting and close combat rolls to hit.

Book 5 - The Book of Everlasting - 60pts
The bearer adds D3+1 to his unit's CR at the end of combat. This has no effect if the bearer is not within a unit.

Book 6 - The Book of Undermining - 60pts
In your opponents magic phase you may re-roll upto D3 of your opponents casting dice. This may be the dice from one spell, or split over multiple spells. Your opponent must stand by the second result. This may cause a miscast or IF.

Book 7 - The Book of Power - 75pts
Each magic phase the bearer may decide to add an additional power die to each spell cast. This decision can be made after rolling the initial power dice for the spell, but the additional die cannot cause IF but can still cause a miscast.

Book 8 - The Book of Knowledge - 75 pts
The bearer knows all spells from the Lore of Nagash and may choose another four spells from the Lore of Death, Shadows and Metal. The bearer may choose spells from multiple Lores.

Disciple of Nagash

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RE: Legion of Nagash Army List - Things that are certain

Magic of the Legion of Nagash - Updated to 8th Edition

Rituals of Nagash

All casters in the Legion of Nagash know all four rituals, in addition other characters may know them in which case it will be specified in their profile. They replace the ability to channel extra PD as per the BRB, thus no casters in the Legion of Nagash may channel. They channel dispel dice as normal during the enemy magic phase.

To cast a ritual the wizard rolls D6 (not taken from the pool dice, in effect a “free” dice) and adds their magic level. On a roll of 5+ the Ritual is successfully cast at a power level equal to the total rolled. If the wizard fails the Ritual is simply not cast, though the wizard can still cast as normal for the remainder of the magic phase. A natural roll of 1 regardless of modifiers is always a failure. A wizard may choose to cast a Ritual at anypoint during the magic phase

The rules for irresistible force and miscasts do not apply to Rituals. In all other respects, Rituals are treated as normal spells. For example, they can be destroyed by enemy magic items, spells, etc. that destroy spells, which would affect the caster making him unable to use that Ritual for the rest of the game. All Rituals are augment spells.

Ritual of Birth
This ritual may be cast upon a single Undead unit within 12" of the caster. The targeted unit may raise / heal the following amount:
Core: D6 wounds (may take over original unit size)
Special: D3 wounds
Rare / Characters / Monster Mounts: 1 wound

Ritual of Life
This ritual may be cast upon a unit within 12" of the caster. The targeted unit may make a single march move. If this move takes them into base contact with an enemy unit it counts as a charge.

Ritual of Death
This ritual may be cast upon a unit within 12" of the caster. The targeted unit may re-roll all rolls to wound in combat until the next magic phase

Ritual of Afterlife
This ritual may be cast upon a unit within 12" of the caster. Any models struck down in the next combat phase may still make all its normal attacks, even though it is dead.


The Lore of Nagash

Fear of the Dark LordLore Attribute
The power of the Dark Lord is the driving force behind his legions, and this reminder is no more obvious when his potent magics cause chaos across the battlefield. When a Lore of Nagash spell is successfully cast, any friendly wizards within 12” that have a magic equal or lower to the caster are have their minds cleared as they see their Lords might. If they previously failed to cast a spell (and thus could not longer cast for the rest of this magic phase), that is now negated and they can continue to cast as normal, possibly failing to cast and being stopped from casting again. However there is no limit to how many times a wizard may have his mind “cleared” in a magic phase.

To randomly generate a spell from the Lore of Nagash, roll a D6 and consult the chart below.

D6..Spell..................Casting Value

0 ....Possession......................................4+
1 ....Whispering Spirits............................5+
2 ....Visions of Doom...............................6+
3 ....Land of the Dead.............................7+
4 ....The True Gaze of Nagash..................9+
5 ....Curse of Reanimation.......................10+
6 ....The Great Awakening.......................12+​

Possession - Cast on 4+ (Signature Spell)
Through the eyes of his servants the Lord sees all and punishes those who defy his rightful might.
From the first book of the Cult of Nagash, Chapter 16, verses 11-12

This spell can be cast on any undead model within 18".
For the remainder of this magic phase the caster counts as been stood at the targets position for casting spells. If the caster suffers a miscast the target suffers the effects as if were the caster with the exception that if the result is to loose a magic level or spell, the caster looses that as normal. A more powerful version of this spell can be cast on 7+, which increases the range to 36”

Whispering Spirits - Cast on 5+
At His command the power of our Lord commands His immortal spirits, and they fill the thoughts of his foes with words fear and undermining. All who stand in their path are rendered powerless, such is the might of our Lord.
From the second book of the Cult of Nagash, Chapter 12, verses 4-6

Remains in Play. This is a hex spell that targets one of the enemy unit within 18". When successfully cast, this spell removes all psychological effects with the exception of stupidity, even if caused by magic items. This includes the army specific rules such as Cold Bloodied. The unit must also use its stat base Ld for all Ld tests.
Undead / DoC units affected by this spell must take psychology tests as normal. If failed instead of suffering the normal effects they will suffer a number of wounds equal what they failed the test by as per the rules for Instability/Crumbling. The wizard can choose to cast the spell at 12+, in which case the spell affects the target unit for the rest of the game. If the spell is successfully cast then it cannot be dispelled by any means.

Visions of Doom - Cast on 6+
The Lord of the Dead stretched out His hand towards His foes, and gifted them a vision of their demise. All who saw it quaked and fled, and the Lord was pleased.
From the second book of the Cult of Nagash, Chapter 5, verses 17-18

This spell can be cast on any point within 24" that is within the wizard's line of sight. Once cast, all units within D6" of that point must take an immediate (unmodified) ld test or flee away from the spot.

Land of the Dead - Cast on 7+
Who dares stand against Him, when the spirits of the land conspire to keep His foe at bay?
From the first book of the Cult of Nagash, Chapter 8, verses 9-10

Land of the Dead is a hex spell that targets one enemy unit within 24". Once cast, the enemy unit halves any movement it makes (including flying movement or fleeing) is halved until the start of the casting player's next turn. The wizard can choose the more powerful version which reduces the target’s movement to one quarter (rounding up), in addition they cannot make any reform movements, even the free reform granted by the presence of a musician. The upgraded version has a casting value of 14+

The True Gaze of Nagash - Cast on 9+
His gaze fell upon them, and He judged them. Dammed in His sight, their flesh abandoned them, and they became dust.
From the fifth book of the Cult of Nagash, Chapter 9, verses 6-8

This is a magic missile with a range of 24", If successfully cast, the Gaze of Nagash hits its target and causes 2D6 Strength 5 hits. A powered up version can be cast at 16+ with a range of 36” causing 3D6 Strength 5 hits

Curse of Reanimation - Cast on 10+
Pity the fool who comes against our Lord, for their souls are forfeit and their lives His for the taking.
From the third book of the Cult of Nagash, Chapter 3, verses 12-14

The Curse of Reanimation may be cast on any one unengaged enemy unit within 24".
If successfully cast, it causes D6+4 Strength 4 hits, with no armour save allowed. Any models killed by this spell are immediately raised as zombies and placed in BtB in front of the affected unit. They are ranked up as per the normal BRB.
In the following combat phase they count as charging, and any Ld or break tests the affected unit has to take for the remainder of this turn are at -1Ld. (Due to the unnerving nature of their comrades attacking them).From this point on the zombies are classed as a normal unit worth 25VP
Alternatively the wizard can cast the powered up version on 20+. Instead of zombies the raised models will be Pinnacle Guard with basic equip as per their army book entry. The raised unit of Pinnacle Guard will instead be worth 100VP.

The Great Awakening - Casting Value - 14+
At His command the dead will rise. Those thought broken will be whole, and even those who fought Him in life will be welcomed in death.
From the fifth book of the Cult of Nagash, Chapter 7, verses 7-9

Once this augment spell is cast, every undead unit you control within 24" automatically regains the following number of wounds:
Core - D6+3
Special - D6
Rare - D3
Characters (not in units) - D3

In the case of core units, this can create additional models above the number the unit started with, whereas in the case of special and rare units it can only bring the unit back to full strength.
This can also heal undead characters as noted above, though it will not work if they are specifically within a unit unless there are excess 'healed wounds' to be passed on, in which case they can only a maximum of 3 wounds may be passed on. In the case of mounts, roll D3 each for the character and the mount.
The range of this spell can be extended to 36” on a casting value of 21+
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