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Project Furnace: Players Wanted

Beithir Seun

Feb 12, 2008
The Furnace is project run by Tabletop Gamers for Tabletop gamers and aims to design a living rulebook and army book series that will be available in e-book and book form. The Furnace will be a non-profit organisation. We aim to design rules systems for historical, fantasy and science fiction genres with various scales in mind. These books will be living - constantly updated and edited until we reach a system that meets our needs. We will use our own knowledge, skills and abilities to produce a unique piece of work that can be used with multiple miniature producers.

We currently need as many people as we can to begin development so if you're an artist, writer or developer at heart, take a look at our website at: http://www.thefurnace.webs.com/. If you have any questions, please ask, I'll be more than happy to answer!

(P.S DoN has given me permission to post this)