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QfA Tournament Battle Reports

Mad 'At

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Apr 2, 2011
I went to QfA the weekend before the last, and had a blast playing 9th Age.

This is the list I used:
Orcs and Goblins
1 Orc Warboss on Wyvern (general); Shield, Plates of Lork, Talisman of Greater Shielding; Beast-Bane Halberd, Potion of Speed @350
1 Forest Goblin Warboss on Spider Monster; Lance, Shield, Wizard's Hood, Armour of Fortune; Tome of Arcane Lore @195
1 Cave Goblin Boss on Big Cave Gnasher; Lance, Hardened Shield, Talisman of Lesser Shielding @65
1 Orc Boss (BSB); Great Weapon, Mithril Armour, Lucky Charm, Icon of the Relentless Legion @140
1 Goblin Shaman on Wolf; Level 2 Path of Shadow @105
1 Orc Shaman; Level 2 Path of Wilderness; Dispel Scroll @125
30 Brutes; Spears and Shields; Full Command; Banner of Speed @295
25 Orc Lads; Bows; Shields; Full Command; Banner of Cleansing Flame @140
5 Goblin Raiders; Spears; Shields; Musician @80
1 Giant @140
40 Gnasha Herd @280
6 Greenlings @80
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot @55
2x1 Gnasha Wreacking Team @2x80
1 Rock Hurler @90

The idea was to have two hardhitting units, the Brutes (Big 'Uns) and the Gnasha Herd (squigs), both with movement 5 and swiftstride (Squig have it per default and calling the Waaagh! grants it to all greenskin units). The BSB with Icon of the Relentless Legion lets either the Arrer Boyz or the Brutes march up with triple movement, for some added push. The rest of the army is mostly various fast things, and so many threats that hopefully some will make it to the enemy lines. With magic I have some solid buffs and hexes using Wilderness and Shadow. Both have attributes that help me move around even further. Mad 'At is also there, with Wizard's Hood making him a lvl1 wizard with random path and Tome of Arcane Lore granting him a second spell. The Wyvern Warboss provides a large leadership bubble and a very hardhitting dude thanks to Beast-Bane Halberd. Somewhat fragile though, but Toughness 6 from Plates of Lork is handy.

Onto the battles.

Match 1
vs Dwarven Holds
Dwarf King: Great Weapon, Dwarf Palanquin, 2x Rune of Shielding, Rune of Iron (225 pts)
Guild Master: BSB, Shield, 3x Rune of Shielding (137 pts)
Guild Master: Great Weapon, 2x Rune of Shielding, Hold Stone (131 pts)
Runic Smith: Shield, Rune of Spell-Disrupting, Rune of Iron (112 pts)
Runic Smith: Shield, Rune of Spell-Devouring (102 pts)
Engineer (65 pts)
34 Dwarf Warriors: Shields, Full Command (327 pts)
20 Dwarf Shooters: Great Weapons, Full Command (310 pts)
30 Iron Guard: Full Command, Runic Banner of Dismay (540 pts)
Open Field Machine: Dwarf Catapult, Engineering Rune, Runic Blessed (155 pts)
Open Field Machine: Dwarf Cannon, Flaming Shot, Engineering Rune (120 pts)
Close Quarter Machine: Dwarf Volley Cannon, Engineering Rune, Runic Blessed (165 pts)

Jumping right into the scary stuff. Before the tournament there had been a lot of arguments about the dwarves being very powerful, probably too powerful. Here is how our field looked after deployment:

My army from left to right: Mangler, Mangler, Giant, Wyvern, Brutes with Mad 'At, Squigs, Hurler, Ladz with BSB, Squig Boss, Raiders, Chariot. Greenling on his flank.
His army from left to right: Warriors with Runic Smith, Catapult, Cannon, Shooters, Volley Gun with Engineer, Iron Guard (Ironbreakers) with King, both Masters and a Runic Smith.

Goblin: Devouring Darkness (Pit of Shades), Turn to Smoke (Enfeebling Foe)
Orc: Raging Storm (target unit cannot shoot or fly for one turn), Beast Within (Wyssan's)
Mad 'At: Death. Soul Harvest (augment, gain Holy Attacks, boosted force reroll of armour saves too), Touch of the Reaper (damage, 1 wound).

I let him start deployment and we put down a few units, one at a time. When it was obvious what corner he would bunker in I dropped my whole army and went first. The Greenling I scouted to his flank, hoping to cause some confusion.

In my turn I advanced. The Ladz marched up 12" thanks to the BSB. Ready to open fire in the next turn. Magic saw me pushing the Squigs forward a bit more thanks to Wilderness attribute.

He turned his Iron Guard to face my Greenling and opened fire. Most was concentrated on the Manglers but to little effect. Here is how it looked:

I continued to advance. With magic I cast Devouring Darkness on the Iron Guard and pulled the Rune of Spell-devouring, erasing the spell from my memory but letting this one through. Sadly the template scattered off and not a single dwarf was devoured. The Greenlings danced out of sight of the Iron Guard.

He continued shooting. Killing both Manglers and putting 5 wounds on the Giant. This is how it looked:

In my turn I declared 3 charges. The Wyvern into the Volley Gun needing a 9 with Swiftstride. The Squigs into the Iron Guard needing a 9 with Swiftstride and the Giant into the Warriors needing an 8. Only the giant made it. In combat he rolled Yell and won by 2. The Runic Smith got to strike though but failed to cause the final wound. The Dwarves held on steadfast Ld 9 without rerolls. This is how it looked:

Shooting killed the Wyvern in his turn, the giant was killed by the Runic Smith, who continued to yell:

I charged in with the Squigs in my turn, clearing it this time. Got Beast Within off on them and Turn to Smoke on the Iron Guard, lowering their strength by 1. In combat the Squig were slaughtered and killed only 7 dwarves in return. I rolled poorly but it was still quite a chock. Here is how it looked:

The rest of the game was mostly me fleeing. With the Squig gone the Brutes were in a tight spot and choose to flee from the dwarven charge. The Ladz made a steady retreat too. The Squig Boss was killed in combat and his shooting killed the Chariot. Only bright thing was the Greenling now having an open path and charged the Volley Gun. With 30 attacks in combat with a Warmachine they brought it down, despite wounding on 6s with their S2. The Rock Hurler also finished off with a good shot finally and took out the cannon.

He won the game 14-6.

Match 2
vs Ogre Khans
Blood Shaman, General, lvl 3, Butchery, Dispell Scroll, Talisman of greater sheilding, Screaming sword (325)
Gorlock, lvl 2, Wildernes, Tome of Arcane Lore (155)
Brawler, BSB, Grabbing Fist, Banner of Courage (165)
Tracker, Scout, Mammoth Armour, Speed Potion, Tallisman of Lesser Sheilding, Rottenjaw, IronFist (220)
12 Ogre Tribsmen Full command group (390)
49 Hill Goblins, Full command group, Spear, Forman, Hillebard (210)
5 Canonners (259)
Sabertooth tiger (35)
4 Yetis, Scout & Skirmish (190)
Rockhorn (250)
Frosthorn (200)

Our armies after my first turn:

His army from left to right: Rockhorn, Cannoneers with Gorelock, Tracker, Hill Goblins, Frosthorn, Tiger, Tribesmen with Bloodshaman, Yetis.

We both deployed cautiously until I dropped the the rest of my army when his Tribesmen were deployed, earning me +3 on the roll which won me the first turn. He scouted the Yetis on his right flank becuase I blocked his left with the Greenlings. The Tracker scouted near the centre.

Goblin: Devouring Darkness, Turn to Smoke
Orc: Beast Within, Monstrous Transformation
Mad 'At: Disease. Pestilent Miasma, Mass of Flesh.

In my first turn I moved up the squigs half of the army. He responded with charging the Rockhorn into my Brutes and failed a charge with the Tracker into my Ladz (lucky for me, if he had cleared that one it could have ended very badly. Here is a close up before combat:

The Rockhorn was brutal in combat. 3D3 Impact Hits, 5 Attacks and D6 Stomps, all at Strength 7. Many Brutes perished but the dished out a lot of hurt in return. The beast had only 1 or two wounds remaining after the combat phase. His Yetis slipped past my guard and placed themselves near the flank of my squigs. The Tiger stepped on a Mangler despite my best efforts to bring it down with the Ladz.

In my turn the Squig Boss slammed into the side of the Rockhorn, felling it with D3 S6 impact hits before it could fight back. The Wyvern charged the Tracker and killed it, overrunning into the Cannoneers. The remaining Mangler jumped through the Yetis, causing them to panic and therefore flee straight through the Squig Horde. The Ladz took the few last wounds of them in the Shooting Phase. here is how it looked:

In his turn he reformed the Hill Goblins to face the flank. The Tribesmen moved forward with the Frosthorn. Due to the -3 Initiative aura of the monster I was unsure if my squigs could take them. I dispelled most of his magic and the Wyvern kicked ass in combat. The Ogres broke and were run down. Here is how it looked:

I my turn I thought "what the hell" and charged with the squigs. I tried my best to support them with magic but only got Mass of Flesh though, granting them 6+ reg (later I learned that should have been 5+). Then combat happened. The Ogres went first and killed, surprisingly little. Hitting on 4+ is always a major gamble. The Squigs stuck back and caused a total of 19 wounds. The Ogres broke and were chased down. The Squigs thundered into the Frosthorn and my opponent conceded. Final picture:

I won 20-0

Match 3
vs Highborn Elves
High Prince on Ancient Dragon Great Weapon, Lucky Shield, Cloak of the stars @ 520
Archmage Lvl 4 Path of Fire Dispel Scroll @ 260
BsB 95 shield 2 @ 97
31 Coastal Guard FC HA Banner of flame 20 @ 453
10 archers mus 10 @ 100
5 Elven Light Cavalry @ 80
23 Protectors of the Flame FC Gleaming Icon 5 @ 380
Coast Guard Reaper Repeating Shot @ 75
Coast Guard Reaper Repeating Shot @ 75
Fire Phoenix @ 160
Ice Phoenix @ 200

The armies after deployment:

His army from left to right: Light Cav, Coast Guard Reaper, Ice Phoenix, Cost Guard Bolter, Ancient Dragon, Coast Guards with BSB, Archers with lvl4, Protectors of the Flame, Fire Phoenix.

Goblin: Shadow Miasma, Turn to Smoke
Orc: Beast Within, Raging Storm
Mad 'At: Disease. Pestilent Miasma, Putrefying Touch
Elf: Fireball, Cascading Fire, Burning Ramparts, Smouldering Ember

My opponent deployed swiftly and went first. Most notable thing that happened was that the Archmage cast Burning Ramparts on the Ladz, meaning I didn't move them in my turn and practically lost my own magic phase. I did get of a charge at the Fire Phoenix with the Chariot, but both sides rolled poorly and nothing really happened. Here we are after both our first turns:

He charged the Ice Phoenix and the Dragon into the Greenlings, who were reduced to 3 wounds remaining in combat. Shooting and magic took care of the last Mangler. The Fire Phoenix killed my chariot.

I had stupidly enough not positioned my Giant so that it could charge the Fire Bird if the chariot did poorly (I had pretty much counted on the Chariot either killing it in one turn or being killed in one turn). Therefore I moved the Giant up to stare it down, and then cast Raging Storm on it to make it crawl around helplessly in the grass with movement 2. This let the Giant charge in the next turn, but he did poorly in combat and not much happened. My Squig got into combat with the Dragon and thanks to a Beast Within they did some damage. When the Ice Phoenix later charged in they were done for though.

The Giant was flank charged by Light Cavalry, which meant he got something to kill. Winning combat by a lot the last elves and the fire bird broke. I pursued the Cavalry to get into a good position to charge the Protectors of the Flame, but rolled a double one on distance meaning that charge would be hard. My Wyvern managed to charge and kill the Ice Phoenix. In the following turn he was charged by the Dragon, who had 4 wounds remaining. Here is that epic combat:

I rolled amazingly good. 4 attacks meant 3 hits on 4+ and 2 wounds on 4+ again. The dragon failed its saves if it had any) and therefore took 4 wounds thanks to Beast-bane Halberd. My Warboss was victorious!

Elsewhere the Brutes entered combat with the Protectors of the Flame. It did not end well for the elves and after two combat rounds they broke and were chased down:

This put my troops in a tight position though and were forced to take a flank charge that killed them:

It was a bloody battle, both killing more than 1600 pts. But the difference was only 20 pts s it was a draw. 10-10.

Match 4
vs Dwarven Holds
Dwarf King, General, Palequin, Shield, R.o.Iron, R.o.Mountains, R.o.Smashing, R.o.Fury, R.o.Precision, 288 pts
Guildmaster, BSB, Shield, R.o.Kinship, 2xR.o.Iron, R.o.Forge, B.o. Dismay 157 pts
Runesmith, Shield, R.o.Spell-Disprupting, R.o.Kinship, R.o.Flint, R.o.Aegis, Ro.Iron, R.o. Oaths Keep, R.o.Glittering Gold, R.o.True Grit 157 pts
30 Greybeards, Full Command, Great Weapons, Scout, B.o.Speed 515 pts
10 Warriors, Full Command, Shield, Ambush 140 pts
14 Forgeguards, Full command, War standard 255 pts
Anvil of Power, R.o.Storms, R.o.Shattered Earth, R.o.True Grit 150 pts
Anvil of Power, R.o.Storms, R.o.Shattered Earth, R.o.Glittering Gold 150 pts
Anvil of Power, R.o.Storms, R.o.Shattered Earth, R.o.oaths Keep 150pts
Dwarf Cannon, Engineering rune 115 pts
Steambomber, 100pts
Steambomber, 100 pts
Berserker, 60 pts
Berserker, 60 pts

So, another dwarf matchup, but with a vastly different army. With 3 Anvils and a Runic Smith there was a lot of bound spells. 30 Greybeards with Great Weapons and Scout meant a big threat that could be placed anywhere. Topped off with some shooting and two bombers. This is the field after deployment:

His army from left to right: Bomber, Anvil, Bomber, Forgeguard with Runic Priest and King, Anvil, Berserker, Longbeards, Cannon, Anvil, Berserker.

Goblin:Shadow Miasma, Chariot of Mist
Orc: Beast Within, Curse of the Wild Wood
Mad 'At: Black Magic. Moraec's Fury, Bolt of Darkness

I deployed swiftly and got first turn. I got to deploy my scouts first and used them to block the Greybeards. I my first turn I surged forward. The Brutes were positioned so that a charge from the Greybeards would mean them stepping on the Mangler. The Rock Hurler picked off an Anvil. Here is the result:

He charged the Berserker into the Greenlings in his turn. He opened fire at the rightmost Mangler with the Forgeguard, both Bombers and even dropped a bomb at it. Some horrible dice rolling later it still stood with 1 wound left:

I charged the Giant into the Anvil, the Chariot into the Berserker and the Brutes into the Forge Guard. The rest of the army advanced. The Brutes' charged proved deadly, for themselves. The Forgeguard were in a ruin and I had to test Dangerous Terrain failing on 1s and 2s. Many Orcs fell, including the champion. Therefore Mad 'At entered challenge with the King and was slaughtered. The Brutes killed enough to win combat but not by a lot. The dwarves stayed put. The Giant yelled but to no avail since the Anvil is Unbreakable. The Chariot ran over the Berserker. Here is how it looked (Mad 'At is dead):

He charged the flank of the Brutes with the Greybeards, stepping over the Mangler who killed a lot of dwarves. Some more were killed by the ruins. With magic he got off a magic missile on the remaining Mangler, causing D6 S6 hits. He rolled 4 hits and this is the To Wound roll:

4 ones. My Mangler survived. The Brutes had it worse. The Dwarves killed them in droves and broke them from combat. Not before they could finish off the last Forgeguard though, leaning the King alone and exposed.



I charged the Wyvern into the Greybeards. The Chariot charged the Cannon but was killed by dangerous terrain from the field. The Squig Boss therefore slammed into it instead. The Mangler jumped through the King and the Anvil, bringing the king down to 1 wound remaining. With magic I supported the Wyvern. He did alright in combat but both sides held. The Squig Boss killed the Cannon and the Giant continued to mess around with the Anvil.

The Wyvern combat proved long. Both tried their best to support with magic but when the Ladz charged his flank his fate was sealed. The last dwarves broke and were chased down. Took a big risk doing it though since I had to take dangerous terrain with 1 wound remaining. The King had a chance to rear charge my Wyvern but chose not to since I had Potion of Speed and would kill him before he got the chance to strike. The Anvil stepped on the mangler and suffered 6 wounds, but saved 4 with 5++. My Squig Boss charged his remaining Berserker and continued into the King. D3 Impact hits took care of him and next was the Anvil which was also killed. Only thing that was not killed was the 10 ambushing warriors who had snuck up and killed my Hurler. Here is a final pic:

I won 17-3.

Match 5
vs Orcs and Goblins
Neanderorc Warboss, General, Shield, Wrath Axe of The Final Horde, Bronze Breastplate (260)
Neanderorc High Shaman Level 4, Path of The Big Green Gods, Spirit Tatoos, Screaming Swords, Obsidian Pebble (315)
Neanderorc Boss, BSB, Great Weapon, Mithril Mail, Banner of Speed, Lucky Charm (150)
Neanderorc Shaman, Path of Wilderness, Dispel Scroll (95)
35 Orc Brutes Neanderorcs, Full command, Additional handweapon, Banner of Discipline (420)
2x5 Common Goblin Raiders (120)
5 Forest Goblin Raiders (60)
10 Trolls (420)
2x Rock Hurler (180)
2x Gob-Lobber (220)
2x Gnasher Wrecking Team (160)

More or less the standard list of OnG from 8th edition, just a little less chaff and a little different gear on the characters. Here we are after deployment:

His army from left to right: Raiders, Mangler, Trolls, Machine Park, Neanderorcs, Mangler, Spider Raiders, Raiders.

Goblin: Shadow Miasma, Turn to Smoke
Orc: Beast Within, Inner Rage
Mad 'At: Light. Burning Brightness, Time Warp.
Neanderorc: Here We Go, Great Green Hand, Zap!, The Big Stomp

He deployed everything in one go more or less. I used my Greenlings to block his leftmost raiders from using Vanguard. I let him charge his raiders into mine, figuring I had the upper hand since I had shields and he did not have any eq. The dice gods decided I was wrong and my wolves broke but were not chased down, they later rallied but played no further part in the game. The Mangler behind his Neanderorcs rolled triple 4 for Movement, meaning it goes in a random direction. Importunately for him it went backwards into the table edge. With shooting he misfire a Gob-lobba, destroying the weapon. The other killed my Goblin Shaman.

I charged Mad 'At into his Raiders but failed to roll 6 with Swiftstride.

On the other flank I pushed aggressively with the Greenlings. Eventually they stepped on the Mangler, taking 10 wounds but having 20 to spare. They got charged by the Trolls after that and were killed.

In the middle the mangler had a bit of a duel. This is how they were positioned at one point:


After that he Zapped! my Mangler and charged through his own. With the Neanderorcs. The Squig killed 7 Orcs and were all slaughtered in return, the trolls in the flank didn't even get to fight.

While my Wyvern was busy cleaning up the Raiders after Mad 'At's mess, the Ladz and the Brutes both charged the Trolls. I got Inner Rage off on the Ladz and Time Warp on the Brutes. With a Waaargh! declared I had 3 attacks each and killed a lot, the trolls broke and were chased down. The Brutes overran into the Neanderorcs but due to their initiative 3 from Additional Hand Weapons mine did not have a chance:

I did get the pleasure of killing his warmachines though, with the Chariot, Ladz and Giant working together.

He won 15-5.

I ended up in 13th place (out of 49) with a total of 58 BP. Very happy with that result.

Feel free to comment :)