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Raising from the grave

Hello everybody

I came here from your french neighbor, the forum whcv. In advance i'm sorry for my crappy english.

There are seven years now i started warhammer with the vampire counts battalion box. And since i'm driving deeper and deeper in this wonderful universe. Roughly speaking i think i got almost 2 hundred minis today (picked from gw, mantic, reaper...) with 3/4 painted. But sadly, i can't play that much by lack of time. So instead i paint my minis, i draw my characters and i write their stories. I write a lots of them in fact. All my stories are available online, but only in french...

But, if writing in Shakespeare language is'nt an easy task to me, i can read pretty well. So, i was roaming on the french forum and then thought "Wait, i know there are an english version of this forum and i never went take a look". Naturally i threw a quick eye at your tales section and, well, i think i'll stay a little longer than i expected.

Sooo... here i am xD


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Hi there! Let me welcome you to Carpe Noctem :)

From what I read, your situation is very similar to my own. This way of enjoying the hobby is just as good as any other ;) The Tales section, if a little slow this times, will still provide you with plenty of content to read. You are also more than welcome to post your own stuff, if not written, then maybe painted (or drawn, you mentioned that too) :)
Thanks for your hospitality.

In time i will post them i think. But for now i'll mostly look and read before sharing stuff who, i admit, are already posted on multiple other websites...

Still, waiting for this day, i can shortly introduce my main character.

Manesh'k is a son of Lahmia from it's olds years. A pathetic wizard but great fighter with a great sense of honor and who respects humans : as mortal he was first protecting them from the undeads, he was a soldier of Lahmia. Century later, he stole power from a fire sorcerer of the empire and discover basics of magic. One adventure after another, he fought a herald of khorne, a treeman, savage hexwraiths... and went mad in contact of the warpstone. For now, he's known by mortals as Mandrak, a scary shadow in Mordheim, where my story is stopped for now.


fighting the treemen (inktober 2017 drawing)


corrupted by a skull-sculpted warpstone​


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True Blood
Welcome to the forum :).

The short extract that you've posted has potential. I think that you could post longer extracts in The Tales from the Crypt board for the rest of the community to look at and develop your narrative more, as I'm sure that it would make for a good read :).

I could post indeed, but for that i must translate everything aaaand... this short paragraph here resume more than two hundreds of pages written. I told you, i write a lot... And since i already hardly find time to go on in french, to translate all of that would be a very time-eating task :-/


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When I looked at the pics I thought that the drawing and the model aren't exactly very similar - so it was really cool to discover that there's an interesting in-story reason for that :thumbsup: this indeed sounds promising.