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Re-Vamped 2K list

Jan 8, 2009
2nd stab at a list. I've gone magic heavy, rather than cavalry focussed.

2K List:
Vampire Lord
Magic Level
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Forbidden Lore
Night Steed
Skull Staff
Crown of the Damned
Avatar of Death 475

Wight King
Steed + barding
Sword of Kings
BSB 145

Sceptre de Noirot
Scroll 105

Goul Kin
Summon Gouls
Flayed Hauberk 190

15 Skeletons
Full Command 155

15 Skeletons
Command 140

15 Gouls
Ghast 128

Corps Cart 75

5 Black Knights
Champion 136

19 Grave Guard
Great Weapons
Command 238

3 Fell Bats

3 Wraiths 150

My gut feeling I've gone over top on characters, and need to prune back there to get a unit of Dire Wolves or more Gouls, as I think my dead are a bit thin on the ground.

All help welcome!


Vampire Thrall
True Blood
Mar 5, 2009
Hi, I think this a pretty decent list, and having that amount in characters is not actually that bad. We do tend to be a character heavy army.

Your lord is pretty decent, although I do worry abit about the crown. I know its only a 1 in 12 chance, but not getting any magic dice from your lord for a turn could be really bad, especially one focused around magic. Additionally, forbidden lore means that all dark acolyte gets you is +1 power dice and the ability to throw 5 dice. You'll almost never want to throw 5 dice - miscasts!! So it's +1 Power dice. Not sure its totally worth it on this build. Flying horror can keep you safe from any nasty combat lords, while your toughness and armour should protect from bow fire.

Wright king is good.

I like the necro, cheap and effective zombie raiser. Might be good if you could afford to get him invocation as well.

Support vampire is good. I'm not sure you need the second scroll, unless you're often coming up against 10+ power dice armies. The black periapt might be a suitable replacement, or even a magic weapon like sword of might if you plan to run him in with the ghouls.

Your core is ... a little confused. Generally, it makes sense to concentrate on either skeletons or ghouls. Given that you've taken ghoulkin, I would have thought that your Ghouls might get a little bit isolated from the rest of your infantry. By getting one troop type, it will allow you to focus on one master power. Skeletons generally seem to work best when enhanced with a magic banner, and the common feeling is that spears are not worth the extra points they cost. There should probably be a bunker for your lord. It would also be good if you could find the extra points to up-grade your cart, probably for unholy loadstone in your army.

Specials are generally good, although I think you could get away with running your grave guard a bit smaller. I'd be tempted to remove the champion from the black knights to use them as ultra cheap rank breakers. It would be nice to get a magic standard on your grave gurad, but it can be quite pricey. Bats are good war-machine hunters.

Wraiths are good. Banshees can be v good, especially against some armies but removes alot of the combat effectiveness from a small group of wraiths.

So, overall I'd say -

Drop crown
Drop nightmare
Drop dark acolyte for flying horror = gain 55 pts

Drop Ghoulkin and summon ghouls from vampire
Add in Dark acolyte
Exchange dispell scroll for sword of might = 30 pts gained

Remove spears = 15 pts gained
Remove 5 ghouls (use as bunker for lord and necro) = 40 pts gained
Remove black Knight champion = 16 pts gained
Remove one grave guard (run 6x3) = 13 pts gained

Total gained = 169

Spend on warbanner for skeleton unit 1 and banner of dead legion for skeleton unit 2 = 50 pts
Up grade cart with loadstone = 25
Grave guard to get banner of borrows = 45
unit of 5 dire wolves = 40

Total cost = 160 + bitting blade for your lord? Just in case?