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Vampire Count
Aug 11, 2012
I only recently received my big box of models from the Bones 3 Kickstarter, and this was one of the extras I bought. I think it cost me $50 and now retails for $80.

Some pictures of what you get...



These are all in the soft white "Bonesium" plastic. A nice range of grave markers, a couple of sarcophagi and a coffin with skeleton. Always useful. I like that they haven't put crosses on the graves, I think Christian imagery clashes a bit in fantasy models sometimes.

A few assorted undead, I'll be using the female spectre and probably the zombie wolves, which are rather small for cavalry bases but would look good in your zombie hordes. There are some little pumpkin head guys, which just about avoid being too cute and twee.

Then we have a couple of nice statues, two decorative pillars and a doorway (the back of which is flat so I guess it's to decorate a scratch-built model of your own. And finally there is a scary worm thingy (quite Nurgley) and a Grave Elemental, which looks like fun.

The main feature is this big ole crypt model. This is in more traditional hard plastic...



This is a nice big model, with detail inside and out. The door is even designed with a working hinge, which is nice. It mostly slots together so it's an easier build than a GW building. Strangely, the roof is NOT designed to lift off after the building is assembled, which seems a waste of that interior modelling, but it would be an easy modification to allow it to do so.

Finally, we have some cemetery fencing in more hard plastic



The level of detail here is not up to the GW standard, but this also makes it easier to paint and the design is very flexible.

All in all I'm pleased with what I've got here. I won't use all the models, but it's a shame that I didn't have the graves and statues and so on in time to incorporate them into the rest of my army as there is good stuff here. I hope in future some of these models will be available in smaller sets or individually as they would be very useful.


Cheerful Cranium
True Blood
Aug 20, 2012
That looks pretty cool, thanks for sharing! Topic related, do you have any tips for storing this stuff? I have very few terrain pieces, mostly because I have no idea where to put bigger things...


Vampire Count
Aug 11, 2012
Good question! My Citadel Graveyard which I painted is just packed back into its original box, but I wouldn't want to transport it like that. I suppose the same as anything else - a strong cardboard box with some foam to protect it.

I don't even have proper storage / transport for my army yet, it still lives on some shelves, so that's a project I still have to address...

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