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The Keeper

Jun 4, 2011
Reaper, Brigitte Naughty French Maid to Vampire Countess conversion guide.


I got a request from a member a few days ago for a guide on how I went about converting my topless vampire countess. Unfortunately I didn’t take WIP pics when I worked on this mini but will explain the best I can. So let’s beginning…

Bitz list.

Theres quite a few bits used in the conversion all of which I had in my Bits Box at the time, they are as follows:

1X Reaper miniature: Brigitte Naughty French Maid (50084) from there Chronoscope range
1X GW Necromancer collar
1X GW High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor lance
1X GW High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor Sword
1X Bat emblem trimmed off from the GW zombie Dragon kit
1X dagger/pouch from GW Grave Guard kit
1X Wing helm from the GW skeleton Warriors kit
1X Plastic Chain from GW Flagellant kit
2X Small Skulls trimmed off bits from the GW Flagellant kit
1X Feather from GW State Troops kit
1x Paper Clip (or any thin metal for pinning)
1X 20x20mm base
Milliput Standard or green stuff (I use milliput because I find it easier to work with and it sands down nicely)

First steps.

1) First up wash all the parts then removed the mold lines.
2) Carefully bend Brigitte’s duster hand slightly upwards to the angel wanted, then remove the top and bottom of the duster leaving the empty hand. Then remove the basing tab off her feet. Then filed down the clipped areas to leave them smooth.
3) Next drill a small hole through her now empty duster hand, just big enough to get a pin through. Also Drilled two very shallow dips in her feet. Drilled a slightly deeper hole between her feet to add a pin (Be extra careful on these as her feet are tiny). Then pinned her to a cork.
4) Take the collar from the plastic necromancer kit, push this around her neck (it’s a good fit but as with all conversion work its ALWAYS best to dry fit parts before gluing ) glue this to the base of her hair and give it time to dry.
5) As you can see this leaves a small indent where the collar meets her shoulders, fill this in with Green stuff.

Next up is sculpting the skirt.

6) This is simpler than it sounds, on a clean surface roll out a long thin sausage of green stuff then cut this into roughly half inch lengths. Place these smaller lengths side by side pushing them slightly together just so they bond to each other, you will need enough to make it go from one side of her pinny round her bum to the other side of her pinny. Using a sculpting tool wrap the skirt around her pushing the top end neatly under the original mini skirt so you can still see the ruffles. Then at the bottom of the sculpted skirt carefully bend out the ends to show the flow of the skirt. (wait for this to fully dry)
7) The Next layer of her skirt is simpler to sculpt. Start by making a paper template with a jagged design (like a row of small upside down triangles). Wrap this around her over the top of the now dry skirt you just made (again from one side of her pinny to the other, resizing template as needed). When you have the right size and shape you want roll out some green stuff nice and thinly, take the paper template place this on the green stuff and cut around it. Then add the new green stuff shape to her again pressing the flat side under the original mini skirt, then carefully bend out the tips of the triangle shapes as desired. (allow this to fully dry)
8) Preparing the Bat emblem. This bit is fiddly you need to remove the chain first of all, then file down one side of the emblem so the overall emblem is half as thick as it started out leaving one side with the bat face on it, then put it aside.
9) The last bit of sculpting is for the belt, again roll out some green stuff thinly and cut a small strip from it and cut a bit off the end (again to make this easier u can make a template first although I didn’t for this step) Wrap this around her starting at the right side of her pinny to the middle of her back again tuck this into place. Now take the little bit you cut off the end and place it on the right side of her pinny pointing towards her feet bend this into desired shape.
10) While the green staff belt is still wet, where the two strips meet on the right side of her pinny, take the filed down bat emblem and push the flat side carefully into the join ( I put Vaseline on the back of the emblem to stop it sticking) then carefully remove it. (again wait for belt to fully dry)
11) Now all the sculpted areas are dry sand them if need be to thin out areas and remove any blemishes.
12) Wipe all the Vaseline off the bat emblem then glue this into the indent you made for it (The reason I didn’t just leave the emblem in while the green stuff set is, I didn’t want it to fall out if the model got knocked or anything while gaming)

Making the skull Sceptre.

13) Take the Dragon prince lance and carefully cut away the lances tip then cut about 1cm down from this. From the other end of the lance again cut about 1cm, this will leave you with the gem and a bit of shaft. These two bits are all u need.
14) Using the same drill you used from the duster hand, drill about half a cm into both parts of the lance where you cut them off the main piece. Glue a pin into one of these bits and thread it through the hole in the duster hand. Allow the pin to go a little past the hand and trim it off. Now glue the other side of the lance into place on the end of the trimmed pin. This now forms the sceptre.
15) Trim the chain off one of the small skulls from the Flagellant kit and glue this onto the tip of the sceptre.
16) Take the other small skull again trimming the chain away and put it to one side. Take the winged helm and trim the wings from it, glue these to the top of the skull. Then take a large chain from the Flagellant kit and glue one end to the base of the winged skull. To bend the chain heat it up a bit first so it doesn’t just snap. Just dry fit this part for now, it attaches at the gem end of the sceptre.

Finishing touches.

17) Glue the Grave Guard Dagger/pouch to the left side of her pinny.
18) Dry fit the Dragon Prince Sword to see where it sits then bend her right arm carefully to meet the sword. Once you are happy with the position glue it into place.
19) Glue the feather between her head and the collar.
20) Take the base and drill a hole in the middle of it, remove the mini from the cork and feed the pin through the hole in base, when you are happy with it position glue it into place and trim the pin (the dips made earlier in her feet helps for a better bond between base and mini.
21) Once you have painted the mini and the winged skull chain separately, you can glue these together. Then all that’s left is to base it.

That’s it, quite a lengthy guide but I have given as much detail as I can, hopefully this will help the member who requested it and indeed anyone else who likes my conversion to recreate it.

Any questions just ask :thumbsup:

- Mikey


Master Liche
True Blood
Jun 6, 2010
wow Keeper your gonna get me in trouble.

On a side note I am adding this to the conversion link thread as ya it is just too awesome not too.


Grave Guard
Feb 22, 2010
Thanks keeper glad you did not make me beg for it lol! I would have ! :vampire3:

The Keeper

Jun 4, 2011
Santawraith said:
wow Keeper your gonna get me in trouble.

On a side note I am adding this to the conversion link thread as ya it is just too awesome not too.

Cheers Santa :thumbsup:, spread it around i really dont mind peeps copying and improving my ideas. Just hope peeps find the guide easy to follow without pics.

Randar said:
Thanks keeper glad you did not make me beg for it lol! I would have ! :vampire3:

Your welcome Randar, best of luck with it xD

- Mikey


Grave Guard
Jan 1, 2012
This is well out of my skull grade at the moment, but consider me impressed!

This is jus a grea well of ideas as well, for an project, imo

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