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True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Mouse awoke in darkness, the weight pressing down upon her the sent of earth fillimg her nose and mouth, stifling her breath.
"Can't...breathe," she thought panicking. In her terror she didn't even realise she no longer drew breath. With strength born of desperation, she clawed at the dirt in front of her face. Slowly it gave as the frightend girl dug herself out of her grave, in a shower of dirt her head erupted out of the freshly disturbed ground. Dragging herself out of the hole Mouse staggered to her feet.
Looking around Mouse stared in shock,
"I died...I died!" her mind screamed, "No!" she shouted as realisation hit her. Dropping down to all-fours, she vomited the remains of her last meal all over the ground. Trembling she curled up in to a ball on the ground. A few moments later a cry sounded through the night, as Mouse began to cry. A heart rending sound of despair as she understanding fully what she had become.
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