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Recruitment/OCC: Nuln by Night (Tales of Vengeance)

The idea, You are all basic humans from different varied and assorted ways of life, turned Vampire by a sire of your choosing. However your master is now that, of a One know as Harindir Vaskatchi. You are inexperienced to the guile's of vampiric life and have been given a choice Impress The vampire lord and cast off your old life to embrace your undead one or be at the mercy of the witch hunters which lurk in the dark streets of the city below.

The setting will be that of the city of Nuln and work within the courts of the Countess Emmanuelle von Liebewitz. Those interested post a reply :vampire3:

Count Vashra: Lukas Confirmed
Get of W'soran: Sigmund von Dresler Confirmed
Duke Danse Macabre: Lady Arabella Dietrich Pending/ Letter Pending
Malochai: Adamm de Floryce Letter Pending

Full Name: Harindir Valarion Vaskatchi Burgrave of Averland
Associated Names:
Age: 772
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Jason Nightwere
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Luccini, Telia

Titles and lands
Burgrave of Molberg, Recently titled Burgrave after the restoration and acquisition of Molberg of Averland. Owning properties in both Luccini in southern Telia and in the capital of Nuln in the empire, He has ingratiated himself in the nobles court.

Harindir is a tall mountain of a man at a height of approximately 7 feet; he was sired at the age of 20 by Jason Nightwere. His dark brown hair drapes over his board thick shoulders, his stare is one of both nobility and destruction sealed within is a heart of black steel which knows knows bounds. He is usually attired in fine silk and linen clothing and is always accompanied by a fine metal long sword to his side. He adores the theater and is usually seen wearing a porcelain mask inlayed with white gold, this is a powerful magical item gifted to him by his sire as a token of favor to the young Nobel, he wields this item sparingly, however enjoying using it at opportune times.

Harindir is considered by most of normal aristocracy as some what of an arrogant brat. His tone is usually smooth and confident, although he is usually only thinking of how best to stab the empowered in the back to acquire something of value to him or his house. He prizes respect over all and will quickly run through any who do not greet him with such. As a human noble he was mainly confined to a dinning hall and forced to be seen not heard and rarely spoke a word to any in his mother's court. Until of course he was sired and became a lord of the night, becoming a commanding leader and noble commanding lesser creatures to do his will.

Brief History
Born in Telia in around the 1800's he was born into a power full noble family. He lost his father early on due to a strange disease which affected none but the Nobel, and in years to come would never be explained. His mother was a shrew of a woman and refused him to venture too far from the castle keeping him under careful watch at all times, and in later years Harindir resented her presence greatly. he was brought up around the wealth of his family and many others his love interests were brief and secretive and little in his life had any meaning and it seamed it never would. His mother controlled the estate and the treasury while Harindir was left simply to watch his mother squander his fathers riches on connections and diplomacy.

On his 21st birthday as the nobles drank and danced in his families manor, he walked the battlements, as a shadow descended upon the keep wind roaring behind it the form of the creature moved up right and peered into the young nobles terrified eyes as he held fast to a dull sword whimpering at the abomination before him. Jason's Dark voice spoke inside of the counts head
Be silence boy, I mean you little harm"
The stern voice echoed through his mind, as Harindir froze with fear, the feral Yellow eyes fixed on his.
"Who are you?"
the frightened youth managed to whisper out as the creature came closer towards him, a small chuckle in his voice.
"The question should be who you are" He fought back the fear and spoke clearly to the fiend
Harindir Vaskatchi, my mother owns this castle"
A long chuckle escaped Jason's lips, as he came even closer towards the noble
"My name is Jason Nightwere; I have seen things no mortal can dream of and never found something as delighting pathetic as you. Tell me boy, do you enjoy, life"
The cold rasping voice choked the courage in Harindir as he panicked and thrust his blade into Jason missing its mark it was grabbed by some unknown hand and ripped form Harindir's hands as Jason grabbed him by the neck and brought him towards him grinning with glee at him as he did.
"Then, perhaps it is time you tasted death and know of what I can show you, wouldn't you think..." Jason said before his fangs bit deep into Harindir's neck.
'And see how dying suites" Jason said grimly as he turned the young noble right then and there.

Soon after he left the castle and went aboard with the vamperic lord learning as much as he could until one day 200 years later he returned to his home to find it abandoned by all. Until he invited a selection of noble guests, any never leaving the hallowed halls the same as bright arcane fires burned through out the night and rested at the days break. Harindir grew in power and influence and hosting the most exclusive parties of the court. Many a noble and royal has passed thought the doors of the Vaskatchi manor and few are wise to the true horrors of the house Vaskatchi's powers over the weak willed are powerful indeed and few can resist his charms and illusions.

Magical Lore's Known: Necromancy / Vampire
Raw Magical Power: 3
Magical Skill: 3

The mental mask
This mask was given to the noble by Jason Nightwere its powers enhance the will power of its wearer and Harindir uses it to control the weak minded individuals he comes across.

The Black Death
His sword is light and quick. Harindir uses it to quickly cut down any who should have the misfortune to disrespect or underestimate this vamperic lord and is also enchanted to cut through thick armor.

Bow of the black
Another creation of Jason Nightwere this bow requires no arrows it is bond with a spell which shoots magical shards of dark magic.

Powerful will - can control others with low will
Excellent swords man
Summon creatures - can summon dark creatures to do his bidding
Lahmian Bloodline - Harindir is fast and agile due his bloodline.

Arrogant - At times he can be clouded to unseen danger.
Not a powerful with magic.
Requires respect- with out respect he can become hostile, even attempting to kill anyone who disrespects him.

Get of W'soran

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RE: Nuln by night and the Tales of Vengeance

Certainly interested!

And it's awesome to see that you're back Nightwere :D

Some Questions:
1.So basically our sires are gone and we now serve the above vamp?

2.Our do our sires serve the above so we're slightly removed from the over-all master in Nuln?

3.How old should we be roughly? What's "young"?

4.In this scenario are there other factions in the city? I suspect the Nuln Lahmians for example would be unamused at this new comer, not to mention that he's a male of their line.

I've other questions about the setting and the general goal of the rp such as how it will work, will there be any sort of combat system etc but the above four are what I think are most needed to know for actually creating a character :)
RE: Nuln by night and the Tales of Vengeance

1. Yes, your sires for some reason (your own) are no longer in the picture and you are learning the ins and outs of what a vampire is. I was thinking no older than 5 years old so you can have some experience if you desire.
2.The above is also true, you can have a master who has sent you to this vampire to carnal favor or to simply spy his machination's in the city of Nuln.
3.No older than 5 years old, if you want someone older message me, but generally I wanted to start off kinda Newish. this allows for some skipping between objectives so absolute max will be around 50 years as a vampire.
4. There will indeed be other fractions, and they will be opposing dear Harrindir and therefor the characters. Currently Lahmians in the upper echelons of society and the Stegori at the bottom who are the secret masters of old town the Von Carstiens are a minor house as the base of their power is in that of Sylvania at this time.

Speaking of time, this game will be focused around the year 2000 allowing for skips forward and interaction with the vampire wars over the next 500 years depending on how things play out. However I am also thinking of keeping it at the current time of 2523 leaving creativity to be more open. I'm saying this to see what people would prefer either way the game that I am formulating can work.

As far as combat is concerned, I am unfamiliar with how to implement such a thing if you have recommendations, I would love to hear them? The game will be centered around politics and achieving goals for Harrindir I'm writing up characters both noble and lesser for the characters to interact with so I'll see how it goes hope that helps.

Get of W'soran

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RE: Nuln by night and the Tales of Vengeance

The background is dependent on the story taking place after the year 2305 as the Knight Order wasn't founded until after that.

Full Name: Sigmund von Dresler
Associated Names: None
Age: 41 (Sired when 36. 5 years a vampire.)
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Ankarash the Freed
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Nuln

Sigmund is a tall and broad chested man who had gained a great deal of muscle through a lifetime of living as a warrior and solider first and an aristocrat last. He has quite sharp features and looks a few years younger than he was when sired, he was often remarked at court for being quite handsome.
He has short cropped brown hair and is clean shaven. As a result of his rising the knight is quite pale and his pale eyes have become tinted with red which becomes more predominant when he is angered or if he is drawing heavily on his vampiric gifts.
Sigmund often wears his black plate armour which is the same as that he wore as a knight but with the markings of his order removed and painted completely black. The main reasons that humans remove their plate (comfort, hygiene, exhaustion) do not apply to the dead and so he can go for long periods wearing it.
The knight will sometimes don simple, but expensively made, clothes of black that are a plainer version of those worn by the nobles of the Empire.

Sigmund as a living man was widely considered honorable and kind, loyal to his comrades whilst showing mercy to his foes and charity to the lower classes. Over the past five years however it has seemed that his human attributes have begun to fade away by the influence of his new nature, a rather common effect of the siring, however Sigmund still desperately clings to what he once was and tries to behave as a man although this will at times give way to the beast within.
One noticeable quality which even death can’t change is his sense of loyalty, he always stands by his word and will do whatever he must to repay a debt.
Sigmund has little time for politics or plotting and openly shows his disdain for those who take part in such cowardly methods of advancement.

Brief History
Sigmund was born to the ancient von Dresler family of Nuln, although well respected it was neither powerful nor rich but its name carried great weight and influence. As a second son Sigmund could not hope to inherit much and instead, as a young man, put his name forward to the Knights Griffon and was accepted. Sigmund rose to the rank of Preceptor and then to the inner circle by the time he was thirty, although only average with the lance and other weapons in the Imperial arsenal he was considered an extraordinary swordsman.
When he was thirty six, only a normal night whilst walking through the streets of Nuln, he was grabbed by an unseen figure and knocked out. When the knight awoke he was in a large empty room with a tall man. This stranger offered Sigmund a choice, he could fight for his life using a sword that lay at his feet or he could die. Sigmund swiftly chose the former and dueled his kidnapper, the fight did not last long, however instead of death the other warrior granted Sigmund unlife.
The very next day Sigmund left his order and proclaimed that he would go on a pilgrimage to seek Sigmar’s holy sites. The truth was that Sigmund’s sire, Ankarash, had plans for his new apprentice but needed the knight’s identity left intact.
For the next five years Sigmund trained with his sire in the ways of warfare and combat and the newly sired vampire could not hope for a more skilled master, over time he learnt about his master from the little the large man spoke of himself. Ankarash was one of the eldest of the Lords of the Night and in life had served in the military of a long dead civilization in the city of the First of their kind, Lahmia, before being turned.
Sigmund’s lessons were not only those of a warrior but he was also taught the history of his kind, the different bloodlines that existed within the old world and who their progenitors were. He learnt how to embrace his new found power and to become more than a simple mortal swordsman.
Sigmund also met others of his kind along his travels with Ankarash, somewhere warriors which his master seemed to know quite well whilst others where well-dressed men who fled at the sight of Ankarash. Sigmund supposed there was some way that experienced vampires could perhaps tell when another more powerful member of their kind approached…or perhaps Ankarash was simply well known. He met women who walked amongst humans as if they were one of them, indeed Ankarash had Sigmund spend a few months with a group in Altdorf so he could learn how to hide his nature in plain sight. They also met a rotten corpse-like figure one night who approached Ankarash looked for a favour but was chased away by the warrior with a mere threat. However the worst of all was a hulking beast of pure muscle who attacked them one night in the wilds but his master turned it into a training exercise and let Sigmund battle the beast, only stepping in when the monster almost killed the young immortal.
Sigmund knew throughout his entire training that his time with his master was short, Ankarash had told him that he was being forged to fulfil a debt with Ankarash could not complete himself. Then one night his sire sat down with him and explained that Sigmund would be returning to Nuln, his brother had been killed by what appeared to be a simple street thug and Sigmund was the heir to his Noble House. Whilst in Nuln Sigmund would seek out one called Harindir and would lend his service as a retainer to this vampire for as long as he needed it. When questioned why Ankarash could not do this himself the elder vampire merely smiled and said that if he were to get involved it would upset the balance of power within the city too much and draw the eyes of the most dangerous of their kind.
Sigmund soon returned home, he knew that his brother must have been killed as part of the plan to allow Sigmund to return to the city and keep his identity but even though this saddened him it hurt much less than the knight had thought it would. He supposed that his humanity was fading after all.
Sigmund now seeks out Harindir to swear his blade into the Lahmian’s service.

Magical Lore's Known: None
Raw Magical Power: 1
Magical Skill: 0

The Crimson Blade
A Longsword, sometimes called the bastard sword, which has a blade of red. It was a gift from his sire and although it was never enchanted it seems to contain a small measure of his power.
The longsword/bastard sword is a well-made sword, designed for use in two hands but short enough and light enough that it can be used in one when needed. Some dark power has attached itself to the blade from its former user granting it unnatural durability and cutting power.

Sigmund’s Armour
A masterly crafted set of plate armour painted black. It has no magical characteristics but is well looked after.
This armour is very protective but well enough made to not be much of a hinderance.

Ring of Dresler
An image of a Lion set in red stone can be seen on this signet ring.
A ring worn by the Head of the von Dresler household.

Master swordsman
Trained Knight
Intact Identity – Despite being a vampire Sigmund’s youth has allowed him to retain his image as a noble of Nuln but he knows his immortality won’t let this last long.
Well Trained – Sigmund was given five years of non-stop training and experience at the hands of one of the oldest Vampire’s in the world. Despite his youth this means he has a broad knowledge of the history and existence of vampires.

No Magic
Ignorant of Politics – Sigmund is useless with politics amongst both the living and dead
Oath – Sigmund has come to swear an oath of loyalty to Harindir for as long as he wishes it. This limits the honorable knights own choices.
Blood Fury – A weakness amongst the Blood Dragon line. Sigmund is still young enough that he hasn't got full control over the blood lust that sometimes befalls those descended from Abhorash.
RE: Nuln by night and the Tales of Vengeance

Looks good to me, I would say that much of your interactions with vampires would be more literary and spoken word rather than first hand experience. Though you have met such individuals, your experience with them is still only quite naive perhaps?
Also your linage will more likely be that of someone who is respected out of name however your place in a court room will be accepted but not necessary. Therefor your interactions will not be well received as no one has a vested interest in your holdings or your affiliated title.

I would ask two things of you, firstly a summery of your characters battles in life. A 30 year old male swordsman of the empire would have been in at least 2. Weather leading a troop, or there a part of a generals entourage and a letter too Harrindir, about you coming to stay with him weather that be from your sire or you yourself I leave up to you.

Hopefully there will be more interest In this but if not I can just play with you :vampire3:

Get of W'soran

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RE: Nuln by night and the Tales of Vengeance

Mr Nightwere said:
Looks good to me, I would say that much of your interactions with vampires would be more literary and spoken word rather than first hand experience. Though you have met such individuals, your experience with them is still only quite naive perhaps?
Also your linage will more likely be that of someone who is respected out of name however your place in a court room will be accepted but not necessary. Therefor your interactions will not be well received as no one has a vested interest in your holdings or your affiliated title.
Well he's met other vamps but the only one he had any real interaction with was a coven of Lahmians who give him some lessons in how to act human and only then because they owed his sire a favour.
He breifly saw some von Carsteins but they fled at the sight of his master and he doesn't know what bloodline they were.
He fought a Strigoi, who his master stepped into to kill when the fight got too one-sided.
He saw a Necrarch but his sire wouldn't let him speak to the sorcerer and he had to leave camp for a short period until the visitor was gone (he had no idea why Ankarash was so private about the visit).

But his actual knowledge of the bloodlines is more or less theoretical, more historical than anything else with a generalised summary of the characteristics each line tends to show rather than actual interaction.

The family name is respected greatly in Nuln and in some other parts of the Empire but it's only because the family have served as a long line of soldiers, knights and generals. There has never really been a von Dresler who took part in politics and their appearances at court tend to be for special occassions or at the invite of another Lord to lend their name to some cause. Frankly the family has lasted for centuries without having to get into politics so they just don't see the point. (They would likely be sneered at by newer "rising" families and those with ambitious schemers).

would ask two things of you, firstly a summery of your characters battles in life. A 30 year old male swordsman of the empire would have been in at least 2. Weather leading a troop, or there a part of a generals entourage and a letter too Harrindir, about you coming to stay with him weather that be from your sire or you yourself I leave up to you.
I'll do this as soon as I get home :)
Notable people to keep in mind

There is no Elector Count of Nuln, although the Countess Emmanuelle von Liebewitz of the County of Wissenland is based in the city. She is Chancellor of the University and is known for her extravagant parties, desiring to surpass the Imperial Court in Altdorf through sheer decadence.

Theodore Bruckner serves as the Judicial Champion of Nuln and Countess Emmanuelle’s Headsman. He wields the archaic sword 'Liarsbane', he fights in battle mounted on the terrifying Demigryph, named Reaper, which is perhaps the largest of its kind, which suits Bruckner's over sized physique perfectly. Bruckner sports long braided mustaches.

Castellan-Engineer Jubal Falk is an engineer with a skill in tactical matters who many consider destined to become Guild master of the Gunnery School. Falk leads the Nuln Ironsides; a heavily armored regiment of Handgunners. Falk’s natural talents and enforcement of strict discipline have earned him an great repute, and he is well-respected by his men both for his skills as a battlefield engineer and as their leader. Falk himself sports a mustache and mutton chops, which in battle are concealed beneath a visored helm. He fights with pistol and the notorious Hochland long rifle.
Wonderful more minions for his lordship can't wait for the characters to come in whahaha!

This should be a rough floor plan of the Mansion of Vaskatchi
Disregard the computer bank :tongue:
I may get around to doing one up myself but I am lazy like that?


Get of W'soran

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Mr Nightwere said:
It might be worth noting that the Countess does not like Wissenland at all, seeing it as a backwater.
As ruler of Nuln she wishes to see the city divorced from the province of Wissenland altogether and given it's own electoral vote. Wissenland would then be ruled by the Toppenheimer family who would get their own vote. Such a gratious move by the Emperor would of course result in a very generous "donation" to the Imperial Treasury.
She's also tends to waste the city's money on parties rather than something that could even loosely be interpreted as good ruling.
Physically she's extremely beautiful but personality wise she's abominable being vain, spoilt, selfish, shallow and not very intelligent (basically a bimbo) to the point where she destroyed her own sibling.
Also there are rumours that she may not have been in line for her position but had...err...private negotiations with the Emperor to obtain it.
Shes also in a secret alliance with the Todbringer family of Middenland but I'm not sure if it's done anything aside from some trade deals.
There are rumors that Graf Boris Todbringer's illegitimate son Hienrich is infatuated with Emmanuelle (I think in some fluff she returned the feelings but that might not be canon) and although a bastard Boris's true born son Stefan is either already dead or an invalid who is considered mentally unfit to rule (I've read both versions in different places, hes always an invalid but not always dead!).

There's also The current marshall in Nuln is Wolfhart von Liebwitz. He hasn't got any skills as a military leader, and is more interested in women and alcohol. It should be noted though that the "Marshall of Nuln" is actually the administrative head of the city's military and not a General. Its quite possible he's not a very good paper-pusher anyway but we've no evidence of that.
I think he might be the countesses cousin but can't recall of the top of my head.
I could have sworn in Gortrek and Felix, she was described as a larger woman, and quite unattractive. Could this be what become of the young woman, when she grew older?


Lord of RAW
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What kind of update schedule/ post intensity were you looking at for this Mr Nightwere?

Also, given the nuln setting, are we to be considering elements of Nuln from the Genevieve setting to be canonical/ present? :tongue:

Get of W'soran

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Mr Nightwere said:
I could have sworn in Gortrek and Felix, she was described as a larger woman, and quite unattractive. Could this be what become of the young woman, when she grew older?
I haven't read Gortrek and Felix in some time and I'm at work so can't check my copies but shes suppose to be very beautiful, it's one of her defining features alongside her stupidity (well her party throwing money wasting stupidity that is).

Maybe G&F decided to change that for the lulz? Maybe we're misremembering the books? Maybe maybe maybe!
Lynks said:
What kind of update schedule/ post intensity were you looking at for this Mr Nightwere?

Also, given the nuln setting, are we to be considering elements of Nuln from the Genevieve setting to be canonical/ present? :tongue:
Post intensity? update schedule? I am unsure about these or the conventions they follow. I plan to update relatively consistently.

The Nuln setting given that I have not read the Genevieve setting will probably be standard. I will however set the date as 2524 and go on from there.

You will all have to forgive me, I have wanted to do something like this for a while but the logistics of it are new to me.

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
I want to join, but I'm keeping myself on a strict 2 roleplay+TVC plan, and so will see if charter, Country, King gets of the ground again before posting a character up. I will decide by Sunday.


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SOrry for using silly words nightwere, the gist of it was how often will i have to post and how much will I have to post? :tongue:

Duke Danse Macabre

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Trust me to put it off to write till later then get sucked into a 12 hour a day work week. :(
I'm off Sunday so I'll write up then, got to hedge my bets with how many of these last past the half year mark.
Lynks said:
SOrry for using silly words nightwere, the gist of it was how often will i have to post and how much will I have to post? :tongue:
Well I'm not sure, I plan to try and get an update out once a week and keep on top of flow of story. As fat as how much you should write I leave up to you. Recommending now going on and on for 10 paragraphs. I am looking to run a relatively simple game with more character interaction and development than anything else. Thus being relatively new to the vampiric world.

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
I've made my mind up. I will join. Character will be up soon. My posting days will be Fridays and weekends.

Here's my character:

Full Name: Lukas
Associated Names:
Age: 0 (sired on 20th last month)
Bloodline: von Carstein (not worthy of the name yet, though)
Sire: Julian von Carstein
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: A small village in the Empire

Lukas is tall, with blond hair and an eye colour depending on the situation-dark blue in normal circumstances, pure black hen angry/in battle. He wears a long-sleeved black leather top, and a pair of black long leather leggings.


Plays a double personality. On the surface, appears to just be a joker who is far too trusting to be a Vampire, but underneath his brain is constantly spinning. In conversation he seems friendly and likes making jokes, often cynical, and has the arrogance of all von Carsteins, but is adept at extracting information and working out where sides are. He has an unfortunate obsession with blood, sparked when he notices it, as one month is hardly long enough to learn to control the thirst. He tries his best, but sometimes simply gives in and gluts himself. He is also struggling with the beast inside him, which can come out in arguments or fights.

Brief History
Julian von Carstein was raiding a village near his castle. He had just about finished, wiping his blade clean of the blood of a mortal, when he saw a baby lying in its bed. He heard it crying, but not as loudly as others would after seeing a Vampire kill their parents and drink from them before their eyes. He reached into the baby’s mind, and was surprised by what he saw: as-yet-unformed guile and cunning, a glimpse of its future personality, and most surprisingly, the slightest shadow of something. Julian shivered when he recognised the shadow as the beast lurking within an iron prison in his soul. Overcoming his horror and reasserting his wits, Julian realised that if he could hone this child’s nascent talents, and dilute the beast-which he would have to be careful about, because Vampirism exaggerated one’s personality, and he knew all too well the fate of the Varghulfs, some of whom he had once known, and the Strigoi, whom he felt the world would be better off without-he could produce a fine addition to his line and a worthy get, a true son of Vlad von Carstein.
When Julian returned home with the baby, whom he had named Lukas, he immediately set about finding mortals to care for the baby, as he knew nothing of caring for babies. He also set himself the task of learning Shadow magic, especially the arts of deception, because he wanted to ensure that the child would not learn the truth until he was ready. The castle looked like an Imperial castle, and his Skeletons and Grave Guard and Black Knights looked like human soldiers and Knights of the Empire. He released the rest of his army, knowing that they could not be easily disguised. He changed his own appearance to be a lord, which was easy as the main thing he needed to do was simply brighten his dress.
As Lukas grew up, he was given the best education possible, including on Vampires, although he was sent to his room when any turned up, for Julian knew very well the implications of being a mortal’s foster father. As he grew older, the shadow of the beast inside him that Julian had seen began to develop with him, until in an argument with Julian his eyes glowed with a simmering fury, and Julian realised that the beast was beginning to assert itself. From then on, Julian attempted to stop arguments with Lukas before the beast awoke, and tried to teach him to restrain himself. He had no wish to sire a Varghulf. To Julian’s concern, no matter how hard Lukas tried, he could not shake the influence of the beast within. Worse still, he was not even a Vampire yet, and he was in danger of losing himself before his personality was exaggerated. Another, better part of his mind was developing, however. He was increasingly smart, and learnt quickly. By 15, his intellect was such that he began to see through Julian’s illusions, and he eventually demanded an explanation. Julian stalled, believing Lukas not ready, but eventually, 2 years later, he feared the beast coming out, glutted on Julian’s frustration, so he told some truths, to stop any chance of Lukas snapping. Lukas was horrified when he learnt of the truth, and redoubled his efforts to control himself, also attempting to not argue ever again, but he could not completely block it. On his 20th, all that had not yet been mentioned was revealed, the illusions dropped, and the offer made. Lukas accepted.
As a Vampire, Lukas continued to try to discipline himself, but was hampered by the natural arrogance of a von Carstein, and the exaggeration of personality that Vampirism is. After a month, he was told that there was something requiring investigation in Nuln. Julian told him that he himself could not go, but he was certain Lukas was up to the challenge, as long as he kept the beast under lock and key. Also, meeting other Vampires might help to reign in his behaviour, including his unfortunate habit of losing control whilst feeding.aa

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy (instinctive)
Raw Magical Power: 1
Magical Skill: 1


If someone is too dangerous to allow to live, but too dangerous to fight, wait until he is asleep.
A knife.

The Lucasian Blade
Named for Lukas, the Lucasian Blade was forged to provide him with a blade requiring no maintenance.
A sword that has magic in it automatically cleansing it of dirt and mess, and keeping it forever sharp.

Young-The energy of youth, and always ready to try something new
Double personality-can use his surface personality to lure out information that his brain can work with

Young-Has not had the opportunity to adapt well, and cannot be in the sun at all. Also weaker than most Vampires due to his youth
Inept Wizard-Has not had much time to learn magic, and so has only weak instinctive necromancy
The Beast Within-Lukas is struggling to reign in the beast inside him, present since he was young and worsened by his Vampirism, meaning he may lose control in bloodthirsty scenarios, or when his temper rises.
Count Vashra said:
I've made my mind up. I will join. Character will be up soon. My posting days will be Fridays and weekends.

Here's my character: Lukas
Ok so nice looking character I will however need the following.

1: more info why the vampire chose you why are you special or more about what your sires goals where with you in mind.

Your sire should have a decent amount of depth more so even than your player character. this means you have history and to allow your character to develop rather than starting with someone who has a grasp of who and what they are and what they can do.

2: No vampire newly sired would have the 2 in magical skill I would be happy to have your character have a 2 in raw magical power but that would still be very high for a Von Carstine sireling.

Magic is usually learnt and it takes great deals of time for humans to gather power to them it can be taught but usually people are born with magic and even if they are gifted;die because of being a witch this is common even with the university in Altdorf.
A vampire however gathers the dhar to him as like attracts like with much of the magic of Warhammer. thus a vampire of 700 may only become a 3 if its not something they actively seek out. (Vaskatchi being the example here)

3: You have very powerful magical items and I will have to say they are not going to be allowed for this type of game. There will be a time in game when you can have access to such items but not at start. Unless you give me a hell of a reason how or why you got them.

There are some minor picks I could make, but those are the main ones and apart from that a lovely addition to the game.

It should be noted that the more you give me the more I can use for the story and hopefully make for a better experience with some wonderfully flushed out characters.
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
Count(ess) Palatine
Count(ess) of the Empire
Imperial Knight

Electors were among the princes of the Empire, but they had exclusive privileges in addition to their electoral ones which were not shared with the other princes. The dignity of Elector was extremely prestigious, and was held in addition to such feudal titles as Duke, Margrave, or Count Palatine.
However such titles are bypassed in the Warhammer fluff, Its Important to note how The nobility function generally and indeed I may be adding titles to the Elector counts to give me an idea of their full title
Eg the Elector Countess Palatine of Wissenland rather than Just Countess which is a much lower title.

So everything on the list above will be the People you will be dealing with in a court scenario. Harrindir Vaskatchi is a Burgrave meaning he is approximately an earl meaning he rules a territory surrounding or dominated by a fortified castle. Above Barron but not enough to rise himself higher (yet). I will be doing up some characters who will mostly be made out of cardboard but none the less connected through some means, your character may have to figure out should a court room scenario play itself out. This is where I would like to see the game head towards. There will be an amount of danger in this however as with all those who wish to raise above their station and being a vampire Makes it all the more difficult. Parties to be hold and people to kill or even sire should Harrindir deem it so.

I hope this gives some helpful insight to the game and some ideas about your characters, generally the more I work on this and the more I get the more likely it is to hold together and last as a game.

On Wissenland

The most southerly of all the provinces of the Empire, Wissenland is triangular in form, defined by the Black and Grey Mountains on two sides, and by the River Reik on the third. Originally confined to lands west of the Sol, Wissenland absorbed in the eighteenth century what remained of Solland after the invasion of Gorbad IronClaw. Eight hundred years later, the people of Wissenland still often refer to lands east of the Sol as "old Solland" or "Sudenland" modern derivative. Western Wissenland is largely irrigated by the rivers that come down from the mountains and feed the soil, which in turn flows into the upper Pfeildorf Reik. These tributaries are fed by snowmelt in the spring, which is not without cause widespread flooding and flooding in the towns they pass through. Meissen itself was almost wiped out by the great flood of 2484.

Agricultural lands are fertile around the Reik, but as the region extends to the increasingly hilly mountains, it is more rocky and barren.Gray-blue Flint are so common that many nobles claim that the earth produces nothing other than stones. We often find these stones piled at the edge of fields and local buildings. Many children ofvWissenland earn their first in the spring, following the plow and removing troublesome field stone. Subsequently, many learn to shoot crows and rabbits for a skilled flint jet. Due to the nearby mountains, the inhabitants of Western Wissenland abandoned any culture except for subsistence crops, and the wealth of the province depends mainly on mines. While the dwarves of Karak Hirn name and appropriated large areas of mountains, negotiations over the centuries allowed humans to sit also their rights to mine, although this has not been a end to the illegal operations performed on the land of the dwarves. Dwarfs do not like what they see as the theft and, more importantly, as the shoddy work.

The overland trade is also important for Wissenland and many passes through the mountains, linking the region to Bretonnia,Tilean and the Border. Almost all pass roads converge Wusterburg who thrived on business brings travelers in its many inns and stables, some of which date back over a thousand years. Many travelers take the time to go to the many excellent dwarf holds and is often where their goods are sold. During the harshest winter periods, almost all the passes that lead to Wissenland are cut because of the snow. There is however the underground river which rises near Kreutzhofen and emerging near Miragliano in Tilean an invaluable source of trade throughout the year. The value placed in the permanent opening of the rustling is such that the ancestors of the present Countess Electress agreed that Tileans retain control of the 225 km long tunnel. Their income from assets that pass on their land outweigh the renunciation of control over the tunnel.To the east of the Sol stretch of rolling grasslands used for herding sheep. This part of Wissenland former Solland, is famous for its high quality wool and beautiful furs that trappers hunt in the mountains. Sable Wissenland is highly popular in the social circles of Nuln Altdorf and elsewhere.However, there are sad memories of the past in this region Wissenland. The ruins of many villages and towns destroyed by Iron Claw remain silent witnesses to the devastation of his horde. Most people avoid these ruins, is respect for the dead or for fear of ghosts.
RE: Nuln by night and the Tales of Vengeance

Full Name: Madam Anita Valaron Inkhall
Associated Names: The Silent
Age: ---
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: ---
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: ---

The Leader of the Lahmians of Nuln know as the silence is a formatable opponent for any vampire. Her pale exquisite complexion is wrapped in fine silks and gowns. Raven hair tied high shimmers with a grace and beauty many cannot match. She dresses in the style of Telia and prides herself on her Jewelry and fine gowns, her voice reaching the countess from time to time gifts exchanged for favors and benefits to her clan.

Calm and precise she is a predator of the night and thus speaks sparingly contemplating her words to have exact meaning. Those on her good side see only a beautiful woman filled with joy and innocence. Cross her however and feel the venom drip from her lips and eat away your soul. Anita only goes out to court sparingly and hardly leaves her manor surrounded by her gets and underlings.

Brief History
Full Name:Leos von Liebwitz
Associated Names: Counts blade, Bloody brother.
Age: 20
Bloodline: Dead
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Nuln

Titles and lands
No longer applicable however a high ranking lord

A handsome young man, with the body of a trained swords man light on his feet and the decisive movement of power and control. Mousy blond hair and blue freckled eyes.

Generally calm with the occasional temper tantrum but don't like him hear you say that, as he is fiercely proud of his sister's achievements which in his mind are countless and her stalk determination and conviction of being a great ruler to her ungrateful people. Leo lives in the golden haze of nobility and has no real understanding of the poor people he rules over nor is he interested either the respect and integrity of his family name is his only real concern everything else is second.

Brief History
Emmanuelle's younger brother, Viscount Leos von Liebwitz died recently under unclear circumstances. He was considered a master swordsman who fought several duels to defend the honor of his older sister against slanderers.


Full Name: Fritz Von Haldstadt, Chief Magistrate of Nuln
Associated Names:
Age: 53
Place of Birth: Averland

Titles and lands
Chief magistrate of nuln

Haldstadt is a sever looking man fine combed back hair and and angular set of features accentuated by his goatee and angular and side burns. His graying salt peppered mustache is waxed and neat and this is reflected in his clothing also not garish and ornate as others of the court but neat and refined. His eyes are a dark brown held in a vipers eyes which on occasion leer out at of his narrow skull.

Paranoid character makes him very dangerously

Brief History
Haldstadt is obsessed with gathering information, especially the sleazy ones, about people, and has at the moment a rather large archive.
His paranoid character makes him very dangerously and he has even gone so far as to make deals with what he supposedly hated the most: Chaos, in the form of Skavens.


Wissenland is by the by essentially a country called Belarus in our world

This by the by is also the Map of the old world Isn't it pretty :vampire3: