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Oct 25, 2022
Hello, I found this group after searching for army tactics and finding some fantastic advice. I have not played Warhammer in over 20 years; my first army was Undead, and then Vampire Counts when they split up the army. Right now I'm just reading information about the three armies that most interest me (Soulblight, Nighthaunt, and Flesh Eater Courts) before I start collecting again. I'm a little intimidated by how detailed the miniatures are having not painted in a couple of decades, but I'm eager to get started.

While I'm here, does this forum cover Flesh Eater Courts, or just Soulblight and Nighthaunt? I didn't see any FEC stuff at first glance and was just curious.

The Sun King

Staff member
True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
Amazing to have you here Volbrect ! Yes, as Unas says this forum is for everything Death. At the moment we only have finished handbooks for Soulblight and Nighthaunt, but I think Grave Tacticus is working on one for Ossiarchs and when a new book comes out for FEC I know I would like to do that as well. But whatever army you decide on, we are all more than eager to discuss tactics and list builds and help with painting advice. In general painting has become way less daunting now than it was 20 years ago - there are many great tutorials online and the paint range includes very helpfuld types of paints like shades and contrasts.

Grave Tacticus

Staff member
Jul 26, 2020
Carpe Noctem Volbrect! I certainly started working on the OBR handbook, but life has thrown me several lemons I have yet to swallow all the way down as yet, but hope remains... and you never know, might get a new book next year after FEC (presumably).
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Ancient Vampire Lord | Siphoner of Spammers
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May 22, 2010
Nottingham, UK
Welcome and I am very pleased that you are finding the resources and advice helpful. The community here is very supportive and there are a number of experienced players who can help you. As for painting, I have a backlog of upainted miniatures that dates back as far as 1990, so you've got nothing to worry about :D!
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