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Revenge of the Three-Word-Story!

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Mwuhahahaha! :vampire3:

That's right, you devious, drunken denizens of CN, the three-word-story has returned! However, this time there will be a twist! :devil2:

Slowly, but surely, words will be removed from your vocabulary. When you see a moderator post like this:

:siren: Word - word - word (whatever these words happen to be in the story)

WORD REMOVAL: And, so, definitely, drunken. :siren:

This means that all the specified words have been BANNED from use in the thread! You must find ever-more inventive ways of expressing yourself as more and more words are steadily removed. You can always check this post for the current banned vocabulary list.

(As a note to mods, please copy and paste all of the banned words into this OP, editing them into the list. :thumbsup: )


- Specific Words:

Then, Also, This, Even, Although, Maybe, Them, They, However, Perhaps, Giant, Midget, Dwarf, Colossal, Pygmy, Gnome.

- Any word beginning with:

A, H, K, Y.


And so, without further ado:

Once upon a...


Hasn't left TVC for the rest of the forum
True Blood
Yay, challenge accepted :konrad: I'll be sure to use proper grammer.

Huge tortoise, there


Hasn't left TVC for the rest of the forum
True Blood
Unusually for them,

I won't post again until someone else does Darvy, sharing is caring after all, and I don't want to do a Dark heresy: Vanexide's secret again :)

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
save the members

... (from a word removal!)

:siren: Word Removal: Also, this, even. :siren:

Carry on. Eventually we might remove all words starting with "T", or something devious like that...