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Roleplaying question: how would you guys include player controled Space Ships and Battle-suites


True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
So I'm working on a Tau Role-play where players take on the Role of Officers in a Tau Commune which is trying to retake a system from the Imperium. now here's the problem

Fire caste Officers have battle suites and Air Caste Officers have ships, I have a Character sheet made up but it only really works with infantry so I was thinking of just making up another separate sheet for Ships and Battle suites but how would the stats work.

for balance reasons I'm only going to allow Air cast players have Cruisers and Escorts the space stations and capital ships would be GM controlled .

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
I 'might' be interested in this.

Proposed solutions for stats:

Battle Suits: List stat bonuses from the Suits in the bio, and notify which weapons are Battle Suit as opposed to personal in Weapon section of bio. This will avoid the Fire Caste officers needing two bios.


Separate bio listing ship type, armament, launch bay capacity(?), hull strength/Armour and shields.

Play around with those ideas and see how they work out.