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Sadness Overwhelming...

May 9, 2013

My undead army stood still on a shelf for the last couple of months with it's commanders still not able to comprehend what had really happened.. It took me a while to realise that "the world as we knew it" had really come to an end. Nevertheless, me and my friends hoped that we could always play the 8th edition or wait for the independent projects to forge us new rules to animate our dead legions. The End Times Campaign with the new beautiful and powerful units became an interesting choice yet again. Plans were made for army to acquire new reinforcements from the South as the Tomb Kings joined the undead ranks. The combined Death Army could finally triumph, stronger than ever!

Unfortunately, I have recently discovered that this will never be the case as the Tomb Kings models have been discontinued...

I have been battling the feeling of loss for the last couple of days but I simply don't know how to get rid of it.. The fact I will not be able to unite those two armies and lead them to battle in the ultimate setup is just killing me. I simply don't know what to do.. so I thought I could cry in someone's shoulder - your shoulder.

What should we do? How can we endure? What could we focus on? How can we adapt? What are the Vampires of the Old World doing at this point in time? Are there other sources of models for the TKs? Are any of the third party independent rules I unfortunately know very little about worth it? Where to seek information about them?

I am very sad my second "awakening" came so late. I looked at TK models on in GW Store so many times before and always thought to myself - "one day".. Now, this day may never come...

I'm sorry for the mellow tone of my post. Please, forgive me the sadness.. I never thought that as a Vampire I was capable of such "undesirable" feeling...
Dec 14, 2012
I understand how you feel. I started Tomb Kings to go alongside my Vampires but there were many units I kept thinking I would buy later on while I focussed on other things, I bought the last stock from my GW but there are still things like the Casket of Souls or the Bone Giant that I don't and probably won't ever have :( Its a shame because they were very nice models. The best I can recommend is trying ebay. I can try asking some of my friends since a few shop from recasters but they only tend to buy 40K stuff so I'm not sure if they can get Tomb King models on those websites.
May 9, 2013


Sleepless Knight
True Blood
Dec 25, 2010
When Undead Legions allowed for a dip into Khemri, my first thought was how none of the Tomb Kings models fit my VC aesthetically. So my suggestion is do what I did: convert some Counts As units for anything you can't get ahold of. I made a Heirotitan, a Casket of Souls, some Necropolis Knights, a couple of characters and some Catapults. All with a more European gothic undead look.


A Knight of Blood
Nov 11, 2013
Aye, it's not very good indeed, but models can be bought still, for example, Bonner Comic Laden in Bonn still sells lots of old stuff like old metal dragon princes. All is not yet lost, and how can the undead or vampires lose their spirits? Impossible. The world is just our cattle to feed and prey upon, and nothing can stop us!


Crypt Horror
May 26, 2013
You can eBay lots of tomb king stuff. Also go to your local hobby stores and see what they have left in stock.
But yeah, GW is being right jackasses all over the place this last year. Not much can be done about it though.
Jul 4, 2013
I think the future is bright for undead models from GW, as the smaller factions (like fyreslayers) potentially could result in more diverse aesthetics than what was possible with the army book approach. My guess is that the "new" stuff will look similar to morghasts and include a construct or two.

As for rules, While I have not yet started playing AoS (planning to purchase the death book), I've been playing many games of Kings of War 2ed using undead. There is an Empire of Dust list that was designed specifically for tomb king model range, so if you do ebay some of those models at least there is a company supported rule set out there.
Mar 19, 2012
Don't get rid of anything. there's nothing to say that you can't STILL use your TK's along with Grand alliance Death, I plan on using my (very) old Screaming skull catapults and skele archers. Black tree design along with other companies make alternatives, so Mummys and skele chariots etc.
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True Blood
May 15, 2008
It's a sad thing indeed. TK's were my main army and I still hadn't purchased everything I needed before they were discontinued. I suggest those interested try to hunt down independent shops for TK models as there are a few in my area that still have some things here and there.
There's always the option of using minis from other companies as well. Crocodile Games and Reaper Mini are good choices.


Wight King
Feb 3, 2015
I absolutely secon the above comments, especially Lord Elpus; when 40k moved from 2nd to 3rd Edition I threw out my models, gave them to a mate for free, and I've regretted it ever since. Whether you soldier on now or walk away for years, you'll always feel that pull to come back, so don't be hasty; play the long game like a true Lord of the Night!

I always look to eBay for stuff; if you're quick on the Tomb Kings you'll still beat retail prices, but leave it too long and the prices will only go one way, until an inevitable re release of the Desert Dwellers subfaction, repackaged and £5 more expensive.

I also loved the Undead Legion making its triumphant return, although sadly at 2 minutes to midnight; boy was that a sucker punch for me! I collect counts-as models I like in order to build my Vampire Counts into a complete Legion:
. Werewolves for Crypt Horrors
. Converted Skeleton Archers
. Zombie Ogres (flesh golems) as Ushabti
. Skaven Doom Wheel conversion as the Black Coach
. Old Nagash model as a Heirotitan
. Bone Crab as a second Scorpion
. Witches as Necrotects
. Bone Catapults and Chariots as is

The most frustrating thing for me is that my friends won't let me field a Legion army, but I'll collect it anyway, if not to spite GW then because I want to see my vision through.