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Sculpting Ethereal Flames

Apr 21, 2018
Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on sculpting those ethereal looking flames you see on for instance the Mortis Engine?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
I never really tried doing something like this, but if I had to, I would build the general shape with some wire and then proceed to put some blobs of greenstuff on it. Only when those are cured I would fill the gaps with some more greenstuff, possibly with the help of some clay shapers. Finally, if there's a need for that, I would smooth it with several layers of watered-down liquid greenstuff.

One could do all the greenstuffing in one go on the wires, but separating into several steps allows for greater control and lessens the probability of accidentally touching and messing up some earlier part.

I also suggested using blobs because the etheral parts of the mortis engine look more like smoke than fire. If you want to go for something fiery, then I would try sculpting is as described above, if maybe a bit thinner - and then begin adding the flame parts - long teardrop shapes which you could attach to the main 'smoke' part.

Or you could go full hellfire mode and try doing something like Rob Hawkins did on his Nagash HERE. I didn't find any post on his blog where he would describe how does one sculpt those fires, but maybe you can find it somewhere or just ask him there.
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Apr 21, 2018
That "blob-idea" sounds really cool! I'll definitely add that to my to do list (together with a certain chalice of blood :tongue:)!

For the flames on Nagash, I think this tutorial explains that style quite nicely, I don't think I'll personally be doing this, but it does look really cool on that Dreadnought and equally cool on Nagash!

Thank you for your help! :)