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Seer no evil

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Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
A great mixture of phlegm and blood hit the floor of Castle Schwarzberg as Valda stumbled in half beaten to death. He had been soundly defeated by Arkhan the Black and it was smarting him in place he had long thought decayed beyond measure. Frowning at the creak his door made, Valda turned in a rage and slammed it with all his strength. Wiping his mouth with the part of his beaten armour, he nearly fell into a heap. Looking in front of where he had entered, the ghostly figure of Akamantis appeared. She had a concerned look on her face. Valda walked through her and made his way to descend into the dungeon of Schwarzberg.

Yes, the dungeon, I need to rejuvinate myself, I need to change, to evolve for the threat ahead...

Spitting again, Valda smiled as he saw the one door he opened once a century. This was his private place, nobody came here.

"Don't open the door Amadeus."

Turning and snarling, Akamantis had joined him in the basement and he was not pleased.

"You know whats in this room Akamantis and it is the only thing that can save me right now and save us all is in this room."

Sighing, Akamantis disappeared as Valda grabbed of the handle on the door. Its rusting iron hinges let out a worse creak then the main door of the castle. A stale smell swept into Valda's nose. It smelt as fresh as a summers day and the creak was incredibly easy on his ears. As the door finished opening, Valda gazed upon that which he had come to rely on, his one vice. A woman stood wrapped in chains, she was unconscious. Her hair was as white as now and her skin looked drained of blood. The reason for the latter being that she was drained of blood. Valda had been draining her for centuries. She was immortal, as hye was, one of his early gets, given the curse because of her farsight.

"Madame Noir le Soir, I do enjoy our time together."

Snapping up, the womans completely black eyes locked on Valda. The rage of a hundred years burned in her eyes. She opened her mouth and screamed. She did everytime Valda came to see her.

"Madame, please stop screaming." Valda coughed up more blood "This is hardly the time. Or is it because I'm not calling you Seer?"

The screaming became laughter as Valda approached and barred his massive fangs. She continued laughing at him at he bit into her. Her blood was laced with the magic that could see the future, forsight, by draining her he would have the confidence of knowing the future once more. Laughing as he gorged, the Seer stopped as Valda drank deeper and deeper. No single drop hit the floor as the Seer was left with only a small amount of blood left, Valda had fed and he felt strong once more, young once more, and ready for anything. Turning, Valda's iris was completely black as he saw visions of the rest of what was to come. Visions of the future at the hands of the Vampire Council. His wounds began to close as he fed, it was working.

Returning to the front door after an eternity of feeding, he opened it up to see a black coach arriving. Valda smiled as Matthias had arrived. For now he would bide his time and wait. He would recover, so would his armies and his forgotten warriors. That was the future, and he had seen it in the blood of the Seer who was recovering in his basement. While she recovered, he would plan, and enjoy the smell of his young lover. For the first time since his defeat by Arkhan, Valda smiled.
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