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Selling fantasy and 40k

Mar 21, 2016
Hi everybody, I've got some fantasy and 40k minis I'm looking to get rid off. Here is the list as follows.


Vampire counts:
10 dire wolves
15 grave guard (great weapons)
15 grave guard (sword/shield)
1 blood knight
20 skeleton warriors (sword/shield)
40 skeleton warriors (spears/shields)
40 zombies.

Warriors of Chaos:
12 warriors of chaos
1 Crom the Conqueror


Space wolves:
5 wolf guard terminators
30 space wolves (mix of blood claws and grey hunters)

All the minis have been either painted or primed. I might have more I'm willing to sell so I'll keep updating this thread as I get it organized. Pictures will follow at a later time and if somebody want a picture of something specific I can get it done. Anybody interested can get them in bundles or piecemeal, whichever is best.

Payment via paypal. If you want to contact me personally send me a PM. I live in Europe so sending the stuff to the US might not be viable due to the expenses of packaging and sending it.