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Sessioni's project eternal: Skeletons, first batch

Thanks for the kind words everyone! :)

@Borgnine I started painting these around 2014-2015 when I started playing 8th edition after an edition-long-break (so from 6th-> 8th). I did have a Vampire Counts army in 6th but I stripped all the paints and painted them properly :)
@robtion Like @Farmer7574 said, you should buy the Giant! Even looking at the bitz is satisfying enough :D Such a great kit!

Anyways, thanks again for the comments. It seems that I visit here too rarely, I just pop in and throw a couple of pictures and then a radio silence, apologies for that. You definitely deserve more attention!
Here, take some (of the blurriest pics in the universe I'm afraid):



I remember mentioning an idea of all kinds of vampire lords to form a Blood Knight unit, but it turns out I have enough Blood Dragon models to make a full unit, and now I have a solid reason to paint more characters! I am still waiting an order from ebay to get me a "vampire horse head" so all five horses have a matching head. Everything is still WIP (well the one that I painted like a year ago is obviously finished) but I hope I'll finish them before a tournament in next month.

Then there is this old exclusive Vampire BSB from 6th edition army deal -kit. It is almost finished (the face and the bat-skull-thing needs highlighting) but I'm not sure what to paint on the flag, any ideas?

So there you go! Hope to see you soon!
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@Sharkbelly That actually might be true, the new blood knights cost way too much!


I finished this bad boy today, altho the basing is still WIP because I'm all out of tufts. And yes, that's an elephants' butt, deal with it.


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Iiiiii like it! The vampire, the butt is ok too though.
Cool dark, dull scheme, a full unit of them will look menacingly coming out of the dark.
Thanks @Theerteen :)

Here's where I'm at, all the vamps are finished, one horse is waiting for a proper head from eBay and one horse is otherwise not painted. Also the basing is not finished as you can see. It is weird to paint more than one character at the same time, but totally refreshing!


I hope I can post a picture of a finished unit next week!


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I was away for a few measly days and you managed to fill a whole page with painted minis, you scoundrel! ;)

Great job on the blood knights ;) A very cool idea and great execution! Red and black looks awesome on vampires and that dark skin makes them more menacing than ever :thumbsup: Reminds me of Gamezone Mournful Knights, sold as a blood knights alternative, but they are so detailed and varied, they can be heroes too - like your idea, only inverted ;)

As for the big banner - there are two prominent fields of skin there, so maybe two fancy letters or something runic? Or a heraldic symbol on one of them and letter initials on the other one?


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Yep, I'd go with glowing runes too. Either cold in blue and white, or... mhhnas I was about to suggest ghostly green, but imo cold blue would fit better to the dark red.look. Just my two cents ;)
@Borgnine Yes I have been very productive this past week, I don't even remember when was the last time I painted this much in a such a short period of time. Gamezone's Mournful Knights are awesome, at one point I thought about buying them too, but the price kept me away from them :D Good tips @Theerteen and Borgnine, I will probably make a use of them, thanks!

And to keep up the pace, here's Neferata herself:



I am not 100% happy with the lipstick, and the hair looks little harsh, maybe another wash will make them look better.
Yesterday I participated in a three round 20 player tournament, my position was 16/20 but I won the best painted army contest :)
Here are pictures taken by Teemu Valve from Warhead/Poromagia, he is a fantastic painter himself and have won several painting contests. And as you can see, he can take fantastic pictures as well which is why I asked his permission to publish them here.


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In the first picture you can also see my newest addition to a growing army, another vampire! But I used him as a Necromancer on skeletal steed, as I don't like the official mounted necromancer model, plus now I can use one of the coolest vampire models GW has ever made :D


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Damn, those are some good photos! Those colours! That red is just simply terrific! And that vampire skin, and etheral sword on the wight, no wonder you got that prize :) Those blood knights kick ass! Neferata and the new necrarch look great too!
Agreed! The colour scheme works out great. Necrarchs have always reminded me of the vampire from the movie 'Salem's Lot. I think that's why I like them so much.
@Sessioni Your heroic blood knight unit has turned out really well, very eye catching as a whole since the unit is made up of characters. The ghouls are cool too - the dark demon-looking flesh works nicely with those red loincloths.
Thanks guys! I am excited that I now have a full unit of ghouls and blood knights, the only two units I didn't have finished. I wasn't happy with my Blood Knight conversion made from Dragon Princes, the green stuff work didn't turn out as I wanted.

New project begins, a Cadawer Wagon. I realized this can actually be an effective buffer unit combined with Barrow Guard as it gives Lighting Reflexes to a unit of your choice in 6" if you cast a spell from Evocation in maximum of 12" from the wagon. I am happy to actually use this old Undead Cart in a game and not only sit in my glass vitrine. Here's where I'm at:

Cadawer Wagon is finished! I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, but I might highlight the red robes a bit more in the future. For now I'm just happy to be able to field another new unit in my growing army :)