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Share your second Blender build

Nov 13, 2013
So I'm sure that I'm not the only one running double blender lords now that 50-50 lords is a thing. The build for the first lord (QB, RF, OB, OTS, ToP) is pretty well-established, but what are folks running for their secondary lord?

I'm debuting my double blender list at a tournament this weekend, and here's the builds I'm looking to run:

Lord # 1:
HA, shield, hellsteed
Ogre Blade, Tal of Pres, Other Trickster's Shard
Quickblood, Red Fury
Level 4 Vampires

Lord # 2
HA, shield, hellsteed, Lance
Potion of Strength, Nightshroud, Dawnstone, Scroll of Shielding
Quickblood, Red Fury
Level 1 Death/Vampires

The Sun King

True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
Nice thread, I don't run double blenders so I cannot contribute at the moment, but I will be interested in seeing what people cook up. I think I would run Level 3 Beast on my second one.
May 6, 2014
My current single blender build runs qb rf top sword of anti heros, and an enchanted shield. Cheaper more survive able version.
Jul 16, 2014
I put Lore of Beasts on my first VL and go level 4, RF, QB, OB, ToP, E-shield + HA. My second one is a Strigoi Ghoul King with Sword of Strife/Bloodshed, Dragonbane Gem, misc other items, RF, misc other powers (I don't give SGK Quickblood because it saves points or if I don't have the points to spend, and he already has infinite hatred). Bubble Savage Beast on that and it doesn't matter if they're in weak ass zombies or a Grave Guard Death Star the CR from those two alone will demolish anything in the game except maybe BotWD. 2+ ward because I have magic weapons :tongue:

Edit: Also, the Pelt helps my armorless SGK survive against a lot, and a Mortis Engine for a better Regen is cool too. I'm debating running these guys as a two man squad on foot screened by something, because they can probably kill even a deep unit with command by themselves...
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El Syf

Crypt Horror
Dec 4, 2011
I'm fielding these two in my next game in a unit of black knights with the razor standard.

Lord #1
Heavy armour, shield, barded nightmare, ToP, ogre blade, the other tricksters shard, RF, QB, DK

Lord #2
Barded nightmare,
Giant blade, armour of fortune, enchanted shield, RF, AoDM
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