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Show us your Nagash!

Link to Show Us Thread Index.

Now that the model has been out for a while, I figured it was time to add him into the masterpiece section. I'll start it off with mine. I can't wait to see everyones ghoulishly painted Master of the Dead!

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Good idea. I'll add this to the index.

Nice looking model too, especially like the sword and the base.
How's this? I don't own a camera so my cell is the only one I have. Hope these show you more. As for my base, I did it to mactch my others, see last pic to see.

I'm gonna be re-doing the spirits on this one now that I've found what I like with the others and the trim border to match.
Hmm, yes, upon a closer look it looks like you've just drybrushed most of it. Drybrushing can be good for creating a naturalistic look but is only really good for painting rocks and other terrain features, it can look good on models if you're going for a dusty look, especially on bone, but otherwise it isn't a good replacement for layering, blending or highlighting.

I think the armour looks really nice though, the bronze is an interesting colour to go for. The bone looks good too. I think you need to work on your skin painting though - those vampires on the Coven Throne look a little bit off to me. I really like how colourful your army is as well - there are too many dark, dingy undead armies.
Thanks for your critique, but I'm an old dog whos drybrushed for over 26 years now. I love the fact that the well detailed sculpts allow for layered drybrush. For instance the armor is 6 metallic colors, the purple area is actually white to indigo to purple wash. The spirits are white to indigo to layered white-indigo blends. Anyhow I appreciate your opinion and your compliment on the colorfulness.
Thanks, great to be here. I have played skaven for a long time and only just started VC when the armies combined with the release of Nagash. Steep learning curve but loving it.
I just reposted pics of my Coven Throne after I did a lot of touch up and color change, I think she perfect now. Look under show us you coventhrone/mortis.
I like it. It reminds me of the days I first started fantasy/40k. I followed the pics on the boxes to a T because I thought that was how it's supposed to be. I later learned that as long as you enjoyed painting them, reguardless of skill level, whatever colors you wanted, with whatever technique you want that putting it/them on the table knowing that you did it, was gratifying enough. That is at least 50% of our hobby other then playing.

BTW, where did you get the grave markers?


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They're from Renedra.

I actually quite like a lot of aspects about the GW version of Nagash. The spirits closely match the other ethereal units in my army, and I when I watched the videos they used several techniques that I hadn't really tried before, like using glazes to blend two colours together and the way they used the purple highlights to suggest a much darker colour. I wanted to try these techniques out, but I didn't want to be experimenting on a $100+ model so I just stuck with the colours they used. I'm very happy with it and I learned a lot that will be making it's way into my painting toolbox. I'm normally never hesitant to leave the GW guides by the wayside, but I wanted to do this one by the book.
Here's the Nagash I completed for our group's End Times Painting Competition over the weekend. My goal was to get as close to the box art as possible so I hope you won't hold that against me! It is the first model of my new army. Plenty more to follow.

You can see more pictures of him as well as the other entries of our painting competition on my blog here. We also did an arena of death so stay tuned to see how Nagash fared...

Very nice. He has a really nice presense. The colors really pop and I would never hold the look from GW's paint team against anyone. We probably have most of us followed their schemes at some point during our hobby.