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Show us your Necromancer(s)


Vampire Lord
True Blood
If I had a necromancer I'd show you, but I unfortunately don't have a single one painted! I rarely ever use the guys, but I heartilly approve of this thread. :)

Why don't you show us yours? You started it, so get in the spirit, sir!
Here's my Necromancers.



In addition of these, I have one old Necromancer model and a scratch-built one, but they are not painted because of my Ogre project.

- Cheers, Skarsnik. :thumbsup:
The Watcher said:
I believe it's a converted Night Goblin. Awesome work!
It certainly is, haha.

I had the parts there so I went for it.
It's a very affective albeit, small necro:lol:

Lovin the Gandalf necro Skarsnik, and Sharkbellys necro is very sinister looking
Shark the paint job is gr8, is that figurine GW? Haven’t seen it before.

Skar another amazing looking necro your shadow technique is implacable.

D gr8 idea for a necro it will blend in nicely with the rest of your army.
That’s some great wok you’ve don their especially with the shading, don’t know about you guy’s but I find black the most difficult to shade which is kind of sad since my hole theme is that color.
great necro sea.man!

did you sculpt the roses? Its awesome. how did you do that?
nice looking necros. i never get to use them these days. but they are great. i have very ugly necros... buh... need some awesome ones. thanks for the thread
count kill alot said:
Love your necro sea.man, great painting especially the sword and the sculpting is 1st class. :thumbsup:
thank you, very much :)

Loempiaketzer said:
great necro sea.man!

did you sculpt the roses? Its awesome. how did you do that?
thank you, very much too :D
Yes, I have sculpted them myself. I just took a small ball of GS and then I was making holes (longer then wider) to make the petal.

sea.man :konrad: