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Show us your other armies (undead-themed)

Jan 1, 2017
A brief premise.

This thread is NOT for undead armies with some other flavor (for example, Empire's troops used as zombies, so a VC army that visually remembers something else… @Borgnine is a master of those).

This thread is for your other armies, played with the rules of those armies, BUT painted with undead flavor.
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Jan 1, 2017

The ghost Skyfleet

background text
When Nagash put the final stone on the Great Black Pyramid, the energies of Shyish, released at once, propagated across the Mortal Realms, draining the life of billions of living creatures.

A shockwave of necromantic energy stroke at full power the sky-port of Barak-Zhufar… in a matter of seconds, the whole population turned from proud kharadron overlords into restless souls. The glittering metal of the sky ships grew old suddenly by centuries, and even the very essence of the aether-gold was corrupted… now the rusty sky-vessels are no more fueled by the pure, white energy, but their furnaces are constantly burning with green, cold fire, strangely similar to the unholy energies that give power to nighthaunts.

Their pride is lost, their code has vanished, the faith in Grungni disappeared… of their former life, only one thing remains. The Greed.

The Admiral is still the richest and strongest captain… but he hunt for aether-gold belongs to the past. The only prize that will be pillaged will be the souls of the living, that will burn and suffer for eternity, in the necrotic fires that fly the vessels.

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Jan 1, 2017

The Dryads of the Everwinter Forest

Background text
Arkhan the Black was annoyed.
In his perennial quest to increase the domains of Nagash, in one of the many Realms that were plagued by the undead presence, a strong allegiance of the Order was pushing back all the attempts made by the necromancer's forces to overcome them.
One of the main points of resistance, was the Forest of the Verdant Spring, were countless dryads lurked in the deep shadows of the woods, standing still, invisible, able to perceive and hunt any undead that roamed their living paradise.

Taking inspiration by the Great Ritual that once was used by Nagash to turn an entire nation into undead, Arkhan developed his own, toned-down version.
The Endless Spell was cast and a supernatural cold tightened the core of the spring that was giving the life to all the forest.
Deadly poisoned, the water spread all across the dryads' reign, poisoning the soil and the trees that sucked their life from it… and the dryads too.
The magical poison turned the trunks black; the dryads' branches became encrusted with magical ice, hungry for the heat of the living and finally, the sap crystalized into them, leaving a wooden shell animated by necromantic energies.
Then, the spell reached its apex. The icy water of the aquifer turned the terrain into permafrost, and the deadly cold irradiated through the air, killing what was still alive and freezing the forest for eternity to come.
It was done. The forest was dead, guarded by malevolent, undead beings... a parody of the living wooden creatures they once were.

Unfortunately, things stopped to "go as planned" from this point on.
As the Great Ritual failed to accomplish Nagash's plan, creating a reign of skeletal beings with their own will, also this lesser version suffered the same fate.
To Arkhan's displeasure, the dryads kept their malevolent heart, refusing to aknowledge the new master. Only their forest matters… and if the dryads were used to fight all intruders, this new conditions had only increased their hate toward the rest of the world, be it living or undead.
Being unable to command them, Arkhan resorted to leave them alone, to act as an example of the fate that awaits those who will oppose his master.