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Sep 23, 2009
Radukar the Wolf's Thirsting Court ruled over the benighted city of Ulfenkarn for generations. Thankfully, GW made The Wolf and his crew purchaseable from the website separate from the discontinued Cursed City box, and now that errata to the Soublight Gravelords battletome and General's Compendium matched play profiles allow you to pick and choose which units of the Thirsting Court you want to include in your army, some of them might even see the gaming table.

This thread is for Carpe Noctem members to show off their own Thirsting Courts, specifically any of the following models:

Radukar the Wolf
Torgillius the Chamberlain
Halgrim the Watch Captain
Gorslav the Gravekeeper
Kosargi Nightguard
Vyrkos Blood-born

plus any other cursed city bits and bobs other than the protagonists (boo, hiss) and the skeletons & zombies (they have their own threads). Kritza the Rat Prince & Lady Annika could also be included in this thread, though they could just as easily go in the vampire lord thread. Radukar the Beast and Belladamma Volga probably deserve their own threads.


Starting out, here's my own Gorslav the Gravekeeper. I absolutely love this model, and I'm reasonably happy with how mine turned out:


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