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Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
True Blood
Jul 26, 2010
Getting the flu at college sucks. Terribly. Can't paint models, can't get up the strength to do homework. I've just been sitting in bed all day, periodically browsing Carpe Noctem.

Plus, I've got this weird appetite for.....brains...lots and lots of brains....brains brains brains.......uuuuugghghgghhhhhjggggkgghhgghhg... :zombie:

No, just kidding. I'm not a zombie. But still, today just makes me want to go ARGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
I feel for you there, mate. I'm currently on the rebound from a particularly nasty case of inflamed mouth-sores that I often get when I catch a cold. They can pop up pretty much anywhere inside your mouth and there they will burn and sting terribly whenever something rubs up against them, which'll happen quite regularily when they appear around the gums. I'm telling you, this last one I had was like a freaking inflamed crater just inside the mouth at the base of the lower lip, and it hurt like hell for almost two weeks, whether I'd be brushing my teeth, eating dinner or just talking to my chums. At times I considered taking a nail and just drive it through the center in hope of killing the thing off, but that fortunately shouldn't become necessary since it is now finally starting to die down on its own.

After this experience I'll definately be taking some preemptive actions the next time I feel one starting to blossom. :swear: