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Signature length error


Vampire Count
True Blood

So, I decided to vary my signatures from time to time, adding some text to spread the fun in the forum with thnings that seem funny in my head =P

Anyways, I can't modify the signature, because of an error that says: "Text is too long". Now, I know signatures have a limit, but 70 characters (my minimum) should not be so... or should it? D:

My current signature is 280+ and it's still viable, but when I try to change it, won't let me.

NOTE: Also, by posting this thread I've broken my 666 posts on the profile and I'm a bit sad =/ but that's ok, since this is a bug report, hehe.


Sleepless Knight
True Blood
The Bug Report of the Beast! Also, glad this is being addressed. I haven't gotten 'round to fixing the plog link in my sig since the update. Now I have an excuse to put it off longer.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Ok, I have amended the signature permissions so hopefully you can sort them out. Please note the following allowances for your signature:

The allowed elements in your signature are based on your posts (and as such the group CN places you in):

New Bloods: 1-49 posts
  • 200 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of links: 1
  • Maximum number of lines: 8
  • Maximum number of images: 1
  • Smilies: allowed

Undead - 50-999 posts
  • 300 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of external links: 2
  • Maximum number of lines: 10
  • Maximum number of images: 3
  • Smilies: allowed
True Bloods - 1000+ posts
  • 500 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of external links: 5
  • Maximum number of lines: 12
  • Maximum number of images: 5
  • Smilies: allowed


Ancient Vampire Lord
Staff member
True Blood
I'm wondering if this should be added to the rules on signatures in the forum rules topic?


Vampire Count
True Blood
Ah, much gratitude!

I can now update my signature more often, and hope to become a True Blood... so that I can write many more lines! hahahahahahahahahahahahah



Nagash will Rise AGAIN! He's back? Nevermind
I can't seem to find how to edit my signature at all. Its been a bit since I've been to the site, but can anyone give me a quick guide on where this can be done on my profile? Thanks!!


Lord of RAW
Staff member
In the top right there's an icon of a person, hover over it and there'll be two columns that appear, the second from the top on the left is the one you wish to click.

(please start a new report in the future however for separate issues)


Nagash will Rise AGAIN! He's back? Nevermind
Hey thanks for responding. Sorry for the dupe. No worries if you want to delete this post, since I got the answer. Cheers!