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Feb 12, 2008
Welcome to the TVC II signup thread!

This thread is to propose your character for the TVC roleplay. Firstly before signing up a really do suggest you check these threads if you have not already done so:

Guideines: https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-TVC-II-OOC-Guidelines

Story So Far: https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-TVC-II-The-Story-So-Far

Done? You sure, this is an unusual roleplay, so make sure you like how we do things around here before you sign up!

Right then, so onto the bio. Now the TVC II requires a bit more information than some other roleplays. This is because this will be a long term RP, and as such we want to start off from a solid foundation.

To that end we are going to use the bio’s from the previous TVC, as many of the older players already know these, and they worked pretty well last time.

Before you go and jump into your bio, there is something different this time round. We have other characters than vampires available. This RP will see more involvement from the Empire, Chaos, and other races as they are encountered. Therefore we encourage people to try other people.

IMPORTANT: Please note everyone should write their bio as normal. However once complete I will be advising a "modifier". This modifier will affect certain characters due to storyline of Undead becoming weaker. So for example I may say that all undead have -1 to strength. I will advise this here when ready.

Finally, all new players, to start off with you may have one major character. This major character may have some minor followers. Minor followers do not warrant a bio, but will also not have any serious impact in the roleplay.

Existing players coming from original TVC may have more than one major character, however I don’t want to overload or make it to unfair on new players. Therefore it will be decided on a case by case basis what characters are being brought along – I recommend you PM me before creating the bio.

Finally, if you would like examples of previous bios, please see the ones here: https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-TVC-Signup-Thread-New

So here are the rules.

1. You must post your bio using the below template. If you don’t I won’t even consider your character. Fluff and background doesn’t have to be extensive (though we would of course like it if you do go into detail), but you must fill in the relevant stat / strengths / weaknesses area carefully.
2. Once posted your character will be reviewed for a minimum of 24 hours. Whilst I may have the final say so, I appreciate the opinions from the current members of the TVC, so this gives them time to post their thoughts on your character. All comments should be made in the OOC discussion thread – I want this thread clear from discussion.
3. You must receive confirmation from me or Simon von Carstein to say your character is ok, once this has been done you can go to the OOC thread to discuss how best to introduce your character. You must discuss this prior to joining an existing chapter so it flows with the story.

Bio Template

Title of Character

Full Name:
Associated Names:
Bloodline: (Note, unknown bloodlines will not be accepted unless for a really, really good reason)
Generation: Most vampires should be 3rd generation or younger (existing older characters from original TVC are ok)
Place of Birth:

Physical Description
This should include the characters looks, clothes etc, but not their equipment or personality.

What kind of person they are, their beliefs, convictions, likes, dislikes etc. This can be quite an important section as it can help others interact with your character easier.

Brief History
Self explanatory.

Basic Stats
A section that MUST be filled in. I have decided to go for a numbered system similar from 1-10, 1 being the very worst, 10 being the very best. Only in very rare instances can it go over 10, and a very good explanation would have to be provided why. Please note these are BASIC stats. If you have a magic item that increases them, that should be put in a bracket afterwards.


Speed: Purely the how fast the character is when running / moving between places this does not mean speed at dodging blows.
Examples: 3 = basic human, 5 = basic vampire lord, 8 = very fast, 10 = Flying.

Agility: How good the character can scale walls, jump around, evade others, launch attacks etc.
Examples: 2 = very slow, will be hit a lot, 5 = average, 8 = very fast can evade most blows, launch quite a few attacks. 10 = basically unhittable.

Weapon Skill: How good the vampire is in combat either with weapons or bare hands.
Examples: 2 = basic human, 5 = basic vampire lord, 8 = very skilled, 10 = Extremely skilled (Bloodthirster for example).

Ballistic Skill: How good a shot the vampire is with ballistic weapons.
Examples: 1 = can’t hit the broad side of a barn, 3 = human skilled, 5 = elf skilled, 8 = excellent shot, 10 = Never misses.

Raw Strength: How much raw physical strength the character has when it comes to pushing, wrestling others etc.
Examples: 3 = weak (same as humans) 5 = average for vampire Lord, 8 = extremely powerful, 10 = Stupidly powerful.

Technique Strength: Someone has little muscle mass can still hit with a lot of power if they use they correct technique or manoeuvre. However I would only expect this to be high if the weapon skill is quite high.
Examples: 2 = poor power in combat, 5 = average, 8 = blows quite more powerful in combat, 10 = Stupidly powerful blows in combat

Toughness: Basic resilience of your character against normal blows.
Examples: 2 = weak, can only suffer a few hits, 5 = average for vampire Lord, 8 = very resilient, can suffer a lot of damage, 10 = Pretty much unkillable.

Tactical Knowledge: How well the character can command armies, deploy troops etc. I will use this to dictate the flow of future battles.
Examples: 2 = Poor commander, 5 = average (Carstein leader), 8 = excellent leader and knowledge, 10 = Superb general, rarely looses.

Magic - you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known:
Raw Magical Power: How much raw power the caster can summon.
2 = level 1 Wizard,
4 = Level 2 Wizard
6 = level 2 wizard
8 = Level 4 wizard
10 = Extremely powerful

Magical Skill: How easy they can cast spells and knowledge of spellcraft
2 = level 1 Wizard,
4 = Level 2 Wizard
6 = Level 2 wizard
8 = Level 4 wizard,
10 = Extremely powerful

Technology – You can have different skill levels for different skillsets
Skillset: (such as black powder weapons, weaponsmith, steam etc)
Skill Level: How skilled the character is in his said field.
Examples: 2 = Apprentice, 5 = reasonable skill, 8 = master, 10 = Knows everything about the said skillset.

Weapons / Armour / Items
Name of Item in Bold
Fluffy description in Italics
Description of item RP-wise, please note if it changes the characters stats, and put the amended stats in brackets after the basic stats.

Other Abilities
If the character has additional abilities that are not covered by the above sections then list them here using the following format:

Name of Ability in Bold
Fluffy description in Italics
Description of item RP-wise, please note if it changes the characters stats, and put the amended stats in brackets after the basic stats.

List the characters various strengths and positives here.

List the characters various weaknesses and positives here.

Additional Notes
Anything extra we should know about your character

Count Darvaleth

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Apr 26, 2010
Kraskor Banespike

Full Name: Kraskor Bo'reathkor Banespike
Associated Names: The Wayward Son
Age: 1479 years
Bloodline: Blood Dragon - Banespike
Sire: Vekarin Banespike
Generation: 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Wurtbad, on the border of Stirland

Physical Description
Kraskor has a strong physique; well-toned body, broad shoulders, and rippling muscles. His hair is white; and comes down to his shoulders. His eyes are a deep crimson; in stark contrast to his pale features. He stands quite tall. He wears black armour, gilded faintly with gold. A great, hooded dark-red cloak billows around him, concealing his armour and face when he wishes it to. Since the battle with Nagash, Kraskor's eyes smoulder ever so slightly, as if a furnace burns just behind the crimson facade.

Like all Blood Dragons, Kraskor has a strong sense of honour. He sees himself as augmented by his ascension (for he sees it thus) into vampirehood, and uses his immortality to study the art of combat. Unusually for a Blood Dragon, Kraskor does not abhor magic; he in fact embraces it as a new facet of war. Kraskor has become more pragmatic since this development, and is more accepting of change. Kraskor has become proud of his involvement in the fight against Nagash, and looks down on vampires seeking glory when, in Kraskor's opinion, all the glory has already been won.

Brief History
Kraskor was not born with this name; he was Tobias Wurtclane, son of a noble of Wurtbad. As Tobias grew up, he grew ever more disgusted with the paltry politicking and bickering amongst the noble classes. Eschewing the comfortable life of a rich noble, Tobias joined the Imperial army, at 18, when his parents had left to visit Nuln for some bussiness. His noble blood, however, would not be easily beaten; the recruiting officer recognised him, and, only after significant persuasion, eventually gave in, but made sure he would become an officer. While his parents' return was delayed by a small orc raiding force operating near Nuln, Tobias learnt the way of the sword. He was an adept pupil, and also learnt to command well. When he was finally granted his forces, ready to set out towards a Chaos incursion, his parents returned. They were irate, and had him removed from command. Tobias ran away.

Stumbling through the Empire, Tobias somehow found his way into Sylvania; deeper, somehow avoiding the horrors which lived there, into the mountains. Upset and angry, but completely exhausted, Tobias staggered into what looked like a castle, and fell to the floor. Looking up, he could just make out the form of a massive, armoured figure. Everything went black.

Kraskor awoke as a mighty vampire, sired, as he later learned, by Vekarin. He was drafted into the mighty Knights of the Rose; remaining with his master even after the Violet Citadel was destroyed by the dreadlords. Even when the main bulk of the Knights joined the Red Duke, Kraskor still stayed with his master. He served on, journeying wherever his master went, always attending to his every need.

Kraskor fought in the Great Battle against Nagash, and was within metres when Nagash was finally destroyed. Before the battle, Kraskor saved the Council from a possessed von Carstein, who had been corrupted by a Book of Nagash; the same Book which was then used by Kraskor's master to summon the Staff of Damnation. Kraskor's finest achievement, however, was laying a blade strike on the Dread Lord; it had little effect, and the Liche quickly blasted the Blood Dragon aside. Kraskor had done, however, what few could dream of; he had landed a blow. Kraskor previously swore pupilage to Nehklior, a Necrarch, and is still studying magic with him. The Blood Dragon split from his sire, Vekarin, just before the battle, much to Banespike's anger. Kraskor still bears the name Banespike proudly, however.

Basic Stats

Speed: 4 - Although naturally swift like a vampire, his armour weighs him down.

Agility: 6 - Kraskor is very skilled in combat and can dodge and evade enemy attacks well.

Weapon Skill - 7 Kraskor is a Blood Dragon, and naturally adept with a blade

Ballistic Skill - 0 Kraskor abhors ranged attacks in every form.

Raw Strength - 6 Kraskor has natural vampiric strength, flowing from the Banespike bloodline

Technique Strength - 7 Kraskor's skill with a blade allows him to strike mighty blows, even when little force is put behind the stroke.

Tougness - 5 Tough, like a vampire, but also protected by his full suit of armour.

Tactical Knowledge - 4 Before he became a vampire, Kraskor was still learning the art of war. However, he is an able pupil and can still command effectively, should the time arise.


Magical Lores Known: Necromancy, basic Elemental Magic

Raw Magical Power: 2 (3) [Soulgem of Zacharias]

Magical Skill: 2


Skillset: Metalwork and Forging

Skill Level: 5 - Kraskor is fascinated by the art of smithery and forging, and tries to learn more whenever he can.


Common Sword
Kraskor's Red Blade was broken when he struck Nagash in the Great Battle; he is now without a proper blade. Kraskor has sharpened this sword, but it is not at all special.

The blade has no effect on Kraskor's statline; it's just a sword.

Soulgem of Zacharias the Everliving
After Kraskor and Nehklior defeated Zacharias in the Great Battle, Kraskor's tutor imprisoned the Necrarch's soul. Kraskor tried to use it as a weapon against Nagash, but the gem simply bounced off the Liche. Kraskor recovered it after the battle.
This Soulgem ekes out magical energy, allowing Kraskor to further empower his spells and incantations.

Kraskor's Armour
Non-magical, yet still strong; forged of meteoric steel (his favourite forging metal), and tailored to Kraskor's style; he forged it himself. It is black in colour, and also lightly gilded with gold around some of the edges; a touch Kraskor gives to all of his works. The armour was reforged and repaired by Kraskor after the Great Battle.
A simple suit of armour, making Kraskor more resilient.

- Expert Swordsman - Kraskor is a mighty warrior in battle.
- Self-control - Kraskor displays abnormal self-control for a Blood Dragon.
- Honour (both strength and weakness) - Kraskor has a strong sense of honour, and whilst this gives him conviction, it also puts him in difficult moral decisions, leaving him vulnerable.

- Honour (both strength and weakness) - Kraskor has a strong sense of honour, and whilst this gives him conviction, it also puts him in difficult moral decisions, leaving him vulnerable.
- Rage - Should Kraskor be pushed into losing his control, he will fall into a dark rage which can prove nigh on impossible to recover from.

Additional Notes
Kraskor not only claimed Zacharias' soul, but also his dragon; Kraskor has an Undead Black Dragon, Bloodclaw, at his command.


Some changes from the old sheet; added information from the Great Battle, and his adoption of magic. Removed his Red Blade, added in Zacharias' dragon and soulgem, and also lowered his stats here and there. Looking forward to TVC II!


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Aug 4, 2010
Markus Shiefter, Baron of Carrasville and Felaburg

Full Name: Markus Shiefter
Associated Names: Shah Al-Hamid, ‘Lion of Araby’
Age: 719
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Talabheim, Talabecland

Physical Description
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length
Face: Very handsome, chiseled good looks, faint scar on his right cheek, usually unexpressive
Eyes: Pale gold eyes, light brown iris
As Markus
Clothing: Black slashed breeches (red slashes), white shirt, red doublet, black boots
As Shah
Clothing: Red Arabyan style, silken trouser and white shirt, brown leather belt, black leather shoes/sandals, blood red cloak with golden, lion head clasps to attach to armour

Markus is very strong willed, and not used to being told what to do - being the lord of his own lands and, usually, the most intimidating person in a room. However, he is also very fair, willing to listen to all sides of a confrontation, before he starts fighting.
When he is fighting, Markus is very controlled, yet ferocious, as befits ‘The Lion’. Very few can stand against his wrath, which is more akin to a cold rage than screaming fury.
He dislikes the dishonourable, and will pass harsh judgement on them. Markus has only twice known defeat since coming of age, and as such may have trouble understanding when a situation is desperate, and would be better served by yielding.

Brief History
Markus was born in Talabheim, and was raised faithful to Taal, as well as loyal to the both Emperor and the Empire, from birth by his mother, Lilette Dujour, the daughter of a prominent Parravonian marquis, and his grandfather, Gerald Shiefter. His father, named Gerhart, was missing for the first fifteen years of Markus’ life, presumed dead, in Araby, where he had been on an expeditionary journey to Bel-Aliad along with many others, including numerous wizards. Few returned, but when Gerhart did, he did so in the possession of a new name, Shah, and a unique set of armour and weapons.
Markus admired those items from the moment he laid eyes upon them, but he was never allowed to even touch them, let alone wear and use them. At the age of seventeen, he was married to Eva, the daughter of a minor baron in Ostland, and not long after, upon her father’s death when he was eighteen, became Baron.
His father died not long after, leaving him quite wealthy, but also with the armour and weapons, which Markus then dubbed ‘The Armour- and Claws of Shah’. He moved Lilette out to Ostland when she began to ail but he couldn’t do anything and she died two months after his father. Feeling alone and deciding he had to travel to forget his pains, he left his lands and journeyed across the Empire. It was on this journey, at the age of nineteen, that he was attacked, randomly, by a creature that seemed straight out of nightmares - a blood-sucking monster that killed indiscriminately. Scared out of his wits, but determined not to die without a fight, he launched himself at it, and even struck it, before he was brought to his knees, even then refused to be cowed and spat at his attackers feet. Impressed by his fervour, Markus’s assailant turned him.
Nights after, having been through an orgy of blood, he tracked his sire and, in a fight that lasted throughout the night, managed to overcome him, fueled by fresh blood as he was. Markus never knew what his sire’s name was, and never cared to.
He then returned to his lands, and turned Eva, whom he couldn’t bear to see grow older whilst he stayed as he was.

Markus has since then devoted himself to Eva and the running of his estates - Carrasville and Felaburg, the property in Talabheim as well as a small keep and village in Bretonnia, which Lilette’s father gifted to her before she died, and was then passed on to Markus. The only other vampires he associates with on a regular basis are those who have joined his household when he or Eva turned them; none others are welcome. Whenever he leaves his lands, he wears his armour and goes under the name of ‘Shah’, as a nod to his father and his travels.

Basic Stats

Speed: 6
Agility: 5 (6)
Weapon Skill: 7
Ballistic Skill: 2
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 6 (7)
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 3

Magic -

Magical Lores Known: Fire (Aqshy)
Raw Magical Power: 2
Magical Skill: 2

Technology -
Skillset: N/A
Skill Level: N/A


Armour of Shah
Markus’ father, Shah, found this armour in the ruins of Bel-Aliad, a dead city that Arkhan the Black sacked. Many artefacts remained, but this was amongst the most desirable, hailing from before the rise of Nagash
The Armour of Shah that Markus wears is the same armour his father brought back with him from Bel-Aliad, but it doesn’t appear to have any extraordinary effects.

Claw Blades of Shah
These weapons form a set with the Armour of Shah, which his father found in the ruins of Bel-Aliad. As with the armour, these weapons hail from a period before Nagash truly rose
These unique weapons form a set with the Armour of Shah, and also hail from Bel-Aliad. They also do not appear to have any arcane effects or enchantments, but are razor sharp to the point that even the slightest of touches can draw blood.

Other Abilities
If the character has additional abilities that are not covered by the above sections then list them here using the following format:

Claw Fighting
Markus has fought with his unique weapons, the Claw Blades of Shah, since before his ascension to the undead. He has found many ways of enhancing his combat abilities with this form of combat, and it is certainly disconcerting to his enemies, few of whom have seen the like
Markus has a unique method of fighting that suits his unique weapons. Having mastered this form of combat, which requires him to be more agile than most, Markus gains +1 Agility and +1 Technique Strength in combat

Honourable/moral - people usually trust him instinctively due to his sense of honour, which he makes perfectly clear
His coven - magically capable, whilst he is not
Used to various forms of combat - unarmed, sword, his Claw Blades
Combat experience

His coven/family - would do anything to protect them (especially Eva).
Honourable/moral - wouldn’t do something that was dishonourable. Could miss devious tricks
Magically incapable
Prefers close combat to ranged attacks
Incompetent leader - Markus has always fought alone, as opposed to in groups or as part of any army
Vampire - he holds the inherent weaknesses of his kind - holy symbols, as well as an inherent dislike of running water, sunlight


Hope it's all OK, DoN

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Jan 28, 2012

Full name: Morturion Darkheart
Associated names: Soulstealer, Bane of Morr
Age: 1000 years
Bloodline: Necromancer
Sire: - (Taught by various necromancers and vampires and Nagash)
Generation: - (Taught by various necromancers and vampires and Nagash)
Place of birth: Templehof

Physical Description
Half of Morturion's face looks like it is made out of volcanic rock, due to a terrible spellcasting accident. He is of an average height and wears hooded, faded, ragged black robes that reach down to his ankles and put his face in shadow, making him look mysterious. He is well muscled, but not very much so, and his cruel, intelligent, dark purple eyes seem to be endless pits of hell when looked deep into. Green fires seem to burn beneath them when Morturion is angry. He hovers slightly above ground level, with coils of necromantic magic writhing around him.


A deep malignance rests within Morturion; he is sly and subtle. Quick to betray, unforgetting and almost without forgiveness, Morturion is a megalomaniac who is determined to make necromancy rule the world; the only creatures he despises more than orcs are followers of chaos. Morturion is proud and particularly enjoys someone feeling (or being) crushed; he is of a sadistic and spiteful nature.

Brief History

Morturion was an evil child. On the night of the restless dead, after zombies killed his parents in front of him, he started laughing and grabbed his older brother's sword. A nearby necromancer saw this, and became very confused, until the boy ran up to him, hacking down the priest of Morr from behind as the necromancer duelled with the priest. Morturion asked to be taken into his service, and so the astounded necromancer duly did so. It turned out that he had a talent for necromancy, and he moved up swiftly through the ranks until he was serving among the top necromancers of Nagashizzar.
Morturion had a passion for tinkering with souls. Using vile necromancy, he learnt the art of capturing a creature's life essence, and soon became the master of twisting, warping and bending it to his will. There was no other like Morturion in this art, and soon he had hundreds of capsules containing the souls of legendary beings. He even ventured into Morr's realm and stole valuable souls for his own use; the soul of Melkhior was taken and used to power many great rituals to serve Nagash.
Eventually, Nagash noticed his talents. He made Morturion chief of his disciples and gave him a dark blessing, and was going to make him a dreadlord, but then the great battle of Nagashizzar happened and. Morturion fought fiercely in this fight, but was eventually overcome by hundreds of vampires. He was thigh-deep in destroyed vampires when he was forced to flee. Some time after Nagash was slain, he was hunted down by the Von Carsteins and forced to surrender. Although his strength has waned due to the death of Nagash, he still practices the art of soul-warping, his magical powers are acute as ever, and every day, he eats a soul and becomes mightier, deadlier and more feared throughout the Old World. Although he is now allied with the former members of the vampire council, his loyalty remains doubtful and he almost always puts himself before others.

Basic Stats

Speed: 3- Morturion's centuries of combat training have made him faster than the average necromancer
Agility: 4- Despite levitating, Morturion's physical abilities in hand-to-hand combat are rather poor; he has never studied climbing walls too often either
Weapon skill: 3- Morturion is a necromancer; combat has never been his strength
Ballistic skill: 3- Morturion has never cared very much for shooting, preferring to slay his enemies with bolts of darkness
Raw strength: 4- Morturion has grown much stronger than he was before due to the dark blessing of Nagash he received
Technique strength: 2- Morturion has delved little into the understanding of the techniques to slay a foe
Toughness: 5-Morturion's necromancy, instead of eating away at him, has only made him more resilient over the past millenia, building an invisible shell of invulnerability around him
Tactical knowledge: 7- Morturion has led many an army for Nagash over the centuries and is a master general

Magical lores known: Necromancy, death, fire and shadow
Raw magical power: 7
Magical skill: 8


Skill set: soul alchemy
Skill level: 10- Morturion is the master of soul alchemy, and longs to find a soul that will actually challenge him. It is very easy to use most of them; he wants to find one that forces him to work hard to bend it to his will.

Cloak of darkness
Some say that this mysterious cloak, that looks so much like Morurion's robes, contains a portal to a hellish dimension where necromancy rules.
Allows Morturion to access his pocket dimension where he stores his captured souls with a whispered command; without this, he can only access these souls from his laboratory. Also allows him to teleport to somewhere a few metres away; but this ability cannot be used too much in one period of time, it needs time to recharge.

The Souleater
A cruel double-headed scythe that can be swung around and used like a staff, the souleater is terrible to behold. When this blade-staff takes a life, it devours the life essence of the dying creature and casts it into the mysterious dark world known as The Prison of Souls.
Gives Morturion +1 strength, magical attacks, flaming attacks and +1 magical skill.

Dark Armour of the Chief Disciple
This plate seems to be pure darkness and flickering necromantic shadows fill in the gaps in it. This is resistant to even the strongest of blades.
This would give Morturion a 4+ armour save in warhammer; it's very strong. As it binds to his body, it gives him +1 toughness.

Morturion is very cunning, extremely skilled at magic, and is an adept fighter

Morturion's pride often makes him make rash moves, he can't shoot well, and almost everyone, including Morr, hates him and will go out of their ways to try to make sure that he doesn't profit much in unlife.

Additional notes
Those who previously served Nagash tend to admire Morturion and inform him of a lot about the movements of the vampires, the empire and chaos. He knows that knowledge is power, and tries to gain as much of it as he can, being very successful.

Sweeney Todd

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Mar 9, 2008
Full Name: Kenshiro
Associated Names: The Man with Seven Scars
Age: 542
Bloodline: Harakhte
Sire: Ryuuken
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Nippon

Physical Description
Kenshiro is a tall man with features distinctly Nipponese, like his black hair and eyes, and his complexion. His shoulders are broad and his frame packs rippling muscles all over. Despite his already physically imposing appearance, he is actually even stronger than he looks. He usually wears a dark colored tunic, pants and boots, with the occasional monastic robe. However his most distinctive physical feature is only seen when his clothes have been destroyed or taken off. Kenshiro's chest bear 7 scars in the pattern that those with knowledge of astronomy would know as the Big Dipper constellation.

Kenshiro is a quiet man who usually radiates an aura of calm. Although he rarely raises his voice, he has a way of making himself heard, a sort of hidden charisma. His life has shaped him into an often contemplative person who is always in control of his emotions. Not arrogant like most elder vampires, Kenshiro is a walking example of inner balance, although those who look upon him with jaundiced eyes are unlikely to see it that way. Oppression of the weak is perhaps the only chink in his 'spiritual armor', as that can drive him into an avenger's fury, with brutal results for those on the receiving end. Even then his anger is controlled and only directed against those he deems deserving of retribution.

Brief History
Kenshiro was merely another peasant, one of thousands, in a time where civil war, famine and disease ravaged the land of Nippon. He was 21 years of age when his family was slain by wandering bandits, including his wife, a woman named Yuria who was of both Nipponese and Old World Imperial heritage. Rage, fear, despair, and a desire for vengeance filled his starving body as he ran into the wilderness, on the run from the bands of thugs and brigands who filled the lands in those dark days.

Thus, he stumbled into his first master, a vampire known only as Ryuuken, who was the head of a mysterious and secretive sect of warrior-monk assassins who combined influences from both Blood Dragon and Harakhte bloodlines. Ryuuken sired the willing disciple he found in Kenshiro. So began years of training, until the time had come for him to avenge his murdered wife. His quest to seek out and destroy the band of outlaws who had slain his wife and family was a test of sorts, and a successful one. Thus he excised himself of his hatred, and dedicated himself fully to the monastic ideals his order championed.

Centuries passed as he underwent further training. This era of Kenshiro's unlife was marked by various forays into the world outside of his order's hidden monastery as he accumulated experience to back up his training. After this period he left the sanctuary of his order, and wandered throughout Cathay, Nippon and Ind. During this period of time he trained under several other masters, including Pai Mei and the legendary Man With No Name. Eventually he returned to see his old master once again. Upon their reunion, Ryuuken expressed to him the fact that he considered Kenshiro his finest disciple, and gave unto him a quest to seek out the 'Fist of the North Star'. Though exactly what the 'Fist of the North Star' was, or whether it was even an object, or a state of mind, or something else was not told to Kenshiro. He has wandered the Dark Lands for a day and an age, and now he has come to the Old World...

Basic Stats



Weapon Skill:7

Ballistic Skill:5

Raw Strength:6

Technique Strength:8


Tactical Knowledge:3


Magical Lores Known: Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 1
Magical Skill: 1

Skillset: Weapon and armor maintenance
Skill Level: 5 - It is a necessity for any warrior to know how to take care of his equipment, and Kenshiro is no different

Weapons / Armour / Items
Hands of the Avenger
The favoured weapon of Kenshiro is a set of gromril gauntlets with spiked knuckles. This gauntlets are enchanted by the Dwarves with a rune that makes them nearly indestructible. Other than that however, the only thing these gauntlets do is to allow him to hurt creatures that are impervious to mundane physical attacks. These gauntlets have no other magical property.

Exotic weapons
Kenshiro brings around a small assortment of weapons almost never seen in the Old World. These include a nagamaki with retractable blade, and a 'flying guillotine'. Note that the latter item and others like it allow Kenshiro to strike people from afar. However, these items are well-crafted but mundane and bear absolutely no magical properties whatsoever.

Other Abilities
Assasin-Monk of the North Star
Kenshiro's way of fighting focuses on destroying his opponent's body from within rather than without. He knows a whole host of techniques that allow him to kill with bare hands, the Five Point Exploding Palm, the Hundred Crack Fist, the Seven Stars of Death and the Face-Breaking Fist of Compassion being four of many. Accordingly, he knows all the pressure points in bodies human and otherwise like the back of his hand, and can kill with but a single digit or with the victim not feeling any sensation at all. His ki mastery also give him a set of strange powers, such as vastly increased recovery rates over other vampires

This increases his technique strength by 1. Kenshiro has limited stealth capabilities; while not something he can be called a master of, this allows him to not be a liability on occasions where subtlety is required. He also has a bunch of other abilities such as vastly increased stamina(increasing his speed by 1), accelerated regeneration outside of combat, immunity to vampire weaknesses and such.

Reincarnation Without Thought
Kenshiro's rigorous mental training, and the innate magical powers of a vampire have combined to form highly unusual results. He has less necromantic power than even a Blood Dragon of similar age. In exchange however, he subconsciously projects an aura within which he can control the transmigration of souls, and to a lesser extent the flow of the Winds of Magic

Kenshiro is highly resistant to mental attacks of any kind. He also has innate magical resistance. He projects a short-ranged aura that allows him to interfere in the flow of spirits, hindering spirits(including wraiths, dryads and daemons) and reanimation of dead bodies. His magical defenses are especially effective against those who wield the power of death, such as necromancers and Amethyst Wizards. This aura can be 'switched off' if Kenshiro so chooses.

Warrior-monk - Kenshiro is a warrior who is as deadly with simple gauntlets(or even bare hands) as others are with their chosen weapons
Swift - As a result of being unencumbered Kenshiro is faster and more agile than those who wear armor.
Ascetic - Kenshiro has a bunch of unusual abilities to complement his combat prowess, such as mental fortitude and immunity to vampire weaknesses like sunlight and holy water
Limited stealth - Self-explanatory
Unconventional warrior - Kenshiro frequently uses martial arts from the Far East that are rarely if ever seen in the Old World. This can give him an advantage against opponents who don't know what to expect.

Unarmoured - Self-explanatory
Magic-deficient - Kenshiro's magical abilities are lacking for a vampire, even when compared to a Blood Dragon.
Ascetic code - Kenshiro has quite a few scruples that others would find strange, abstention from sex and alcohol being merely the most obvious.
Champion of the weak - As explained in his bio. This can force him into difficult dilemmas.


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True Blood
Oct 26, 2010
Alastor Spyros

Full Name: Spyros Alastor
Associated Names: The Angel of Music
Age: 28
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Unkown, adopted by Kraskor Banespike
Generation: unknown
Place of Birth: A small town, Artholf

Physical Description
A tall, handsome, well kept young man, there is only one blemish on him, a mask covering half his face, and deeply scarred tissue underneath, giving the half of his face the impression of being dead. Alastor always wears expensive, dark clothing, although considering he has no wealth, it is unknown where he gets them from


Alastor is a very sad and bitter person, and tries to make up for his disfigurement as best he can. Sadly this has affected him deeply mentally as well as physically. The root cause of all this is the lonliness he feels because the whole world shuns him, he just wants somebody to care for him, but throughout his life no-body has shed a single ounce of love towards him. As a result, Alastor is a very dark and depressed person, spending very long periods inside his hideout on his own doing absolutely nothing, except sometimes editing his masterpiece, a piece of music he composed and is continually fiddling with. His home is a giant cavern system in the side of the mountain overlooking his hometown. It is a vast gothic place, candlelit, expensive and old things collecting dust everywhere, and in the centre, a huge Black Ironwood Organ, Music has been and always will be a huge part of his life, and is possibly the only thing that kept him going, when he played his dark pieces for days on end, his grief feeding his music and vice versa.

Brief History

Alastor was born as a completely healthy human, however life was not kind to him from the outset. Although Alastor was a quiet, solitary child, he was very kind and loving to anyone who payed any attention to him. Sadly his parents had a very difficult relationship as his father often slept with other women in the village and drunk to much, and was frankly bored of Alastor's mother. His mother on the other hand was trapped in between her love for her husband and the abuse and disloyalty she daily received from him. Many a night Alastor would lie in his bed with his ears plugged and his eyes screwed shut while his mother was beaten by a drunken father.

Then things took one huge turn for the worse in one fateful night. After a particularly bad bout of insults and abuse from her husband, something snapped inside Alastor's mother, and she turned and threw a candlestick at Alastor's father. This missed the intended mark and sailed into the wall, subsequently beginning a fire. As the two parents shouted at each other in hate, the fire progressed, and it was too late. Alastor's parents shouted at each other until they were choking, and then left the house. Alastor's cries for help were unheard and the night scars him to this day, both literally and metaphorically.

Although Alastor survived half of his face had been horrendously burnt. This was the breaking point for his parents. His mother broke into tears every time she saw him, and soon after his father left town with the 18 year old bar maid, who returned weeping one month later. Everywhere he went people would avert their eyes and his once friends refused to speak to him. Even the beggars in the street spat at him. At the age of six Alastor realised that the world no longer wanted him, and exiled himself to a nomadic life, living on the nearby mountainside and travelling occasionally, momentarily returning to bring food to his grieving mother once a year, until the day when he entered her house and discovered her swinging from a rope out of the window. She was quietly buried at the edge of a forest, and Alastor, now 12, shed his final tear.

Alastor spent the next six years of his life travelling the world, shunned all the way, yet picking up on many cultures and much music, kindling his love for all things musical. Through music he could pour out his lonliness and despair and lessen the pain of his existence. It was at this time that he began his only piece, the only piece of music he will ever compose. He still is editing it and tweaking it now, but it is for the most part a complete piece now.

After his travels and hitchhiking Alastor wanted to settle down, and eventually discovered the vast cave system nearby his hometown, still the only place felt he still had a bitter connection to. Here he created his vast gothic palace, with his organ at its black heart, Taking him 9 years up to the age of 21. Just before he finished his work, on a cold, frosty night, a familiar terrifying orange glow grew on the horizon. Alastor stared in disbelief as he witnessed his home town on fire, Running at a speed he didn't even know he could run at, Alastor ran to assist his town. Only when he arrived there did he realise the true horror of what had occurred, A vampire from the north had been fleeing practically an army of vampire hunters, and had been cornered in Artholf. Allthough the town had been besieged, the vampire hunters grew desperate and set the village alight, even with the still living inhabitants trapped inside. Alastor tried, he honestly did, he tried to save someone, anyone, but people would only recoil from him and backed further into the fire rather than approach this demon. In end nobody survived, and Alastor discovered the vampire hiding in the corner of the morgue, one of the few places not set alight. The sound of footprints came soon after Alastor entered the room and it was evident that Alastor had been followed by the hunters. The vampire panicked and in it's fear gave Alastor the bloodkiss, evidently thinking it took less time than it does in reality. As Alastor writhed in the pain on the ground, screaming, the vampire was killed. As Alastor went through the first stages of vampirification, the guards took him for dead and left him where he lay.

When Alastor woke up he realised instantly what he had become, and the morgue echoed with his screams of agony and sadness. If Alastor had any chance of being accepted by society, it had gone now. He was well and truly alone now, and he resigned himself to his music, endlessly changing and improving his piece, and his organ.

Alastor always made sure that his victims for blood where similiar to his father or deserved to die, and as such has accumulated quite a bit of wealth from their persons, although he has nothing to use it on. He is also becoming very adept in the art of torture, which he uses with great relish as he exacts revenge on people who he views has wronged the world. He only carries one weapon, his beloved Razor blade, a present he received when he was young, and used to self-harm himself with before his exile. It is kept sharp at all times, as a matter of principle.

However on the fateful night of Alastor's demise and re-birth, his sire was not the only vampire nearby. Kraskor Banespike was tailing the vampire for his own enigmatic reason and witnessed Alastor's last stand. His courage impressed Kraskor enough to adopt him under his wing, no doubt saving Alastor from falling to total despair. It is two years after that day now.


Speed: 4

Agility: 4 (5)

Weapon Skill: 3 with his razor blade. 1 with all non dagger objects.

Ballistic Skill: 0

Raw Strength: 4

Technique Strength: 5 (unarmed combat only, 2 otherwise)

Toughness: 2

Tactical Knowledge: 0

Magic - you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known: Shadow
Raw Magical Power: 2

Magical Skill: 2

Note: the only thing Alastor can do magically is short ranged (ie 2 metres max) teleportation, which can be pulled off quickly but otherwise has no effect.


Skillset: Torture
Skill Level: 6 (7 for mind games)
Alastor enjoys making his victims pay for what they have done to deserve his attention, while he normally does it in more sophisticated ways, Alastor sometimes just feels like a good bit of cutting with his razor blade.
Skillset: Face reading/mind torture
Skill Level: 7 for mind games
Alastor takes his revenge upon society via his victims for blood. They die a death better worth not mentioning. If it is not physical pain, Alastor will toy with their minds like a cat chasing a mouse. People will jump at shadows and run around in circles not knowing where is safe, only to realise the shadow was in fact their killer.
Because of this Alastor has grown accustomed to reading people's emotions, their fears, hopes on dreams, and is getting rather good at destroying them.


Razor Blade
The blade that has been with Alastor for all his life, the only thing he can rely on to work. He keeps great care of it.
A simple very sharp blade, causes abnormally large amounts of pain when slicing people. Rarely used in combat however

Other Abilities

Unarmed combat
Alastor greatly despises using weapons, as he considers them unwieldy and crude, and prefers the satisfaction of snapping bones and breaking parts of people, also makes his lethality much more concealable.
Ingame: Unarmed combat weapon skill: 5

Music playing:
Alastor is a master organist and composer, although all of his music is dark and gothic, he is extremely skilled.
Aesthetic ability, no in game value.

Fiendishly quick, enjoys picking apart his victims.
Teleportation greatly helps in combat.
Used to travelling long distances (by foot), and can survive very efficiently in the wild.
Is an intelligent person, can toy with somebody's mind with ease.

Wears no protective clothing whatsoever, no tactical knowledge, solitary, armoured targets often present a threat, possible bitter and un-cooperative.

Additional Notes
Is just a poor lonely vampire in search of somebody who actually likes him.

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Jan 20, 2012
Ok, first time with this, hope it is good

Full Name: Igor Vladstock
Associated Names: The silent blade
Age: 400 years
Bloodline: blood dragon
Sire: Markus von Vespy
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Uknown

Physical Description
Dark, almost brown skin and a scarred disfigured face. Crooked nose and a bottom lip that is half cut off. Abnormally short, only 5 feet tall. Incredibly thin.
Personality: Igor is a taciturn, moody, quiet, almost deathly figure who has a resentment of everyone and everything in this world and all others.
Brief History: As a child aged 7, Igor was discovered wandering a forest in nuln, he was attacked by a couple of beastman gors wandering the forest, looking for prey. He ran like he had never ran before, but was soon exhausted. He snatched a large rock from the ground, and collapsed, out of breath. The first gor approached him greedily. As the gor was about to attack, a flash of red descended on its' neck, severing its head cleanly off. As the man drank the blood of the beast, the second one approached. This one was marginally smarter than the first, and knew that he would be killed like his brethren if he approached. Sneakily, it approached from behind the man. Right as he was about to strike with its' wickedly sharp axe, Igor threw the rock as hard as he possibly could. It struck the beasts' temple, stunning the beast for a couple seconds. The man, who's name was Markus, realized the gor was behind him, broke out of his blood frenzy, and struck him down. Markus looked down at Igor and smiled. He was in need of a thrall. At the age of 27, Igor was gifted the blood kiss from markus. Markus tried to raise Igor with honor, but Igor rejected all notions of honor, for all he could ever see when he thought about honor, was the lone gor who might have killed Markus, who could kill hundreds of such beasts in a frontal attack, by sneaking up behind him. He thus decided that that was by far the most effective way to fight. Markus did not appreciate these new ideas, and tortured Igor to near insanity for his dishonor. Ten years later, after years of torture, he decided to get his revenge. Using Markus's ornate pair of daggers he used for torture he brutally killed Markus in his sleep, never allowing him the chance to defend himself as Markus so vehemently believed in. Since then, Markus has traveled the Empire, hiring out his services as an assassin all the while perfecting his skills at enchanting and assassin-craft.
Basic Stats:


Speed:6, as an assassin, Igor must move extremely quickly

Agility: 7, an extremely agile and and ridiculously skilled at launching surprise attacks, and killing people when they are not expecting it.

Weapon Skill:5, average vamp lord, but not completely amazing at weapon craft

Ballistic Skill:0, despised all ranged combat (note that he takes an exception to his daggers, which he throws skillfully.)

Raw Strength:4(5), less powerful than normal as a result of his tortured body and muscles

Technique Strength: 5, nothing extraordinary, as he has never been trained in traditional melee combat

Toughness: 2, he is extremely weak as a result of his torture

Tactical Knowledge: 0, works and operates alone always. Hates company of any kind, including an army

Magic - 2, shadow magic, but only can really cast spells that enhance his speed and befuddles the enemies senses

Magical Skill:3, innate magical abilities, but little training in the area.
Technology: enchanting items, 5. Reasonably skilled in the art of enchanting, he has enchanted his own set of armor.
The red blades. A pair of magical daggers which raise his raw strength to 5, and the wounds from the daggers never heal. These are the same daggers that tortured Igor.
The shadow robes. A set of black robes that magically alter his imaged to whatever is directly behind him, causing him to have a camouflage effect.
Other Abilities
Has excellent stealth abilities, augmented by his armor.Trained in complete stealth by master assassins, can walk around almost unnoticed by everyone.

Incredibly hard to hit
Can sneak almost anywhere unnoticed
Can kill anyone in their sleep

Glass hammer, no armor
Low toughness
Can't command anyone

Additional Notes
Distinctly unlikable
Hates Blood Dragons and anyone with a code of honor


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Sep 1, 2010

Full Name: Carina Collins
Associated Names: Apart from names some might call her behind her back, she has none, she haven't made a name for herself yet.
Age: 227 (Appearance 21)
Bloodline: Lahmia
Sire: Andora the playful
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: A small unknown village north of the middle mountains.

Physical Description:
Carina is a girl that looks around 21 years of age, height 5' 6", toned muscles and fit. A perfect body that befits any lahmian vampire. Long reddish hair. She has powerful intense purple eyes and a perfect white smile.
All this in stark contrast to a horrendeous cursed face, that would make a strigoi proud, a face that inspire fear and terror in lesser men.

Carina is a young vampire, and she is aware of this fact. Knowing she have a lot to learn and master. Having lived with her sire in secluded parts of the dark forest of the empire, she doesn't know much about court life, intrigue and politics. She acts very polite and will go to great lengths not to anger anyone.
She hates chaos and expecially Slaanesh, which is behind the curse of her face and the death of her sire. And she wants revenge.
She hopes that she can learn and acquire power from the old and powerful vampires of the world, to further her ability to seek revenge on the powers of chaos. Carina believes a strong council with a strong military might is necessary for stability in the world, something to counter the everpresent threat of Chaos. But she doesn't necessarily believe that vampires need to rule the world, thou she would rarely say this out loud.
She is very willing to learn, that includes the skills of court life, combat and magic.

Brief History:
Carina grew up in a little empire village north of the middle mountains in the province of Ostland. At the age of 13 she became the maid of Andora, an excentric noble woman, living in a large fortified villa a few miles away from the village. There she grew into a young woman, and became the personal maid of Andora.
As Carina became older and more aware on how the world works, she started to notice the strange signs of Andoras excentricity, mostly being awake in the night. The young men that was brought into her bedrooms, but wasn't seen leaving. Carina not able to control her curiosity, hide in her mistress bedroom one night, waiting to see what happened. Andora led a young man down into a secret cellar. Carina followed in after a little while wanted to see what was happening, there she saw her mistress and the young man peforming sexual activites of the more painful and perverse kind. Carina hurried back to her own room, shocked and afraid. Not knowing what to do, she simply stayed and tried to act like nothing had happened. But her own sexuality had been awakened and kickstarted. She visited young men around the surrounding vilages, but it wasn't quite right. And she started to sneak down to the cellar after her mistress on several occasions, untill the day she simply joined in the fun, her mistress not surprised at all.
A few years went by and a new relationship grew among Andora and Carina, and finally Carina was rewarded with the bloodkiss at her 21st birthday.
It was a new life that started for Carina, the next one and a half century she was tutored in the way of the vampire, learned the magic arts of necromancy, thou it didn't really appeal to Carina to raise skeletons. But with her newfound strength, speed and power she started to roam the dark forest alone. Hunting game with spear and seducing the better looking poachers and bandits she found in the forest. Killing them if they were harassing the local villages.
Carina and her sire moving around, when local people started to notice the lack of ageing, the missing men and other anomalies. Even had to fight and move because of those over zealous witch hunters from time to time.
But about 50 years ago this comfortable life abruptly changed. Unknown to Andora and Carina a powerful daemon led Slaaneshi pleasure cult moved into the same area. Unknown to the two women, many of there playthings had been tainted by this cult, to bring a curse unto Andora and her followers. There faces from one day to the other contorting into horrible masks of a nightmare. Same day a message was delivered from the cult, announcing they were responsible and they had worked on the behalf of a third party.
Andora flew into a a terrible rage, she sent Carina hunting, looking for any clues of the cults whereabouts. While she prepared her force of undeads. The Cult was tracked down, and a battle begun. But the Slaaneshi herald had allied herself with a warband of forest goblins and orcs, and the battle were going badly for the Undead. But surprisingly wood elves intervened, and the orcs and chaos worshippers was defeated. The Slaaneshi herald escaping.
The wood elves approached the vampires after the battle, relaying a message from there prophetess. That Andora and Carina were to hunt down the Slaaneshi herald, which would bring them closer to get rid of there curse and on the path of there destiny. But the wood elves had not needed to bring this message as Andora had allready started to move her force north.
Andora and Carina hunted far into the north, increasing the army on the march. They fought several mortal and daemonic forces of chaos. But was finally led into a trap, a trap that only Carina escaped. Fleeing south, unsure what to do, now that she didn't have the guidance of her sire.
Her path finally leading back to the mansion where she had received her bloodkiss. It was abandoned and haunted. Carina discovered that the Elves of the forest had left her four gifts, a spear, a bow, a suit of finely crafted leather armour and a ornamental diadem. And a letter adressed specifically to Carina, it wrote.

"Carina your path have returned you back to where your unlife started, it is now time for you to truly walk your path of destiny. We could not have stopped you or your sire from going north to seek release from your curse and revenge. But you now know you need to become much stronger and need allies to seek the revenge your heart yearns for and a cure to your curse. What you seek will be yours to take, but you need help from more of your kind. Thou the help you need will not be available the first few decades, as they struggle with the power of another great enemy. You need to become a much greater hunter, you have to learn how to use your gifts and curse, for you to be succesful in your quest for a cure, revenge and the slaying of a powerful presence of the ruinous powers. Another letter will find your person, when its time for you to seek knowledge and help from your own kind"

Carina had many questions she would have liked to ask these elves, but she could not find any clue to there whereabouts, and she was not at all certain if they were local elves or wood elves from the fabled forest of Athel Loren. So Carine used the next few decades travelling the old world, seeking mages and witches in the hope to find a cure for her curse. She found no cure or clue to a cure, but as the years went by, she discovered the abilities of the presents of the elves. As a great unsettling surprise a few years back, she found that she could tap into the very basics of wood elf and/or life magics, as she has been unable to track down any wood elves, she have a lot of unanswered questions. The human life mages only adding to the confusion, Carina herself felt.
Carina also discovered that even thou she repelled and inspired fear into men, they still on a primitive level lusted for her, the slaaneshi and lahmian seductive powers working there magic. The Slaaneshi curse still holding the promise of a immense sensual experience.

Basic Stats:

Speed: 6(7) - She has the speed of a Lahmia, enhanced by her preferance to run down her prey when hunting. Her armour giving a boost to speed too.

Agility: 5(6) - She survives on her speed and agility, trying to avoid getting hit. Her spear also help her defensively

Weapon Skill:
4(5) - She can handle herself, learned basic combat from Andora. Favours the spear. Her diadem increases this stat when she charges.

Ballistic Skill:
4 - Decent shot, prefered hunting with speed and spear. But have practised with the wood elf bow she has been given, knowing that some enemies are better killed from afar.

Raw Strength:
4(5) - Thou muscular for a girl and enhanced by her blood, she does not have the raw strength of a man. Improved to 5 when charging with a spear, her speed and use of spear giving increased hitting power

Technique Strength: 2 - Still has a lot to learn when it comes to combat, relying on speed and agility to survive.

Toughness: 4 - Know women can be though, but I am not that big, powerful and old yet.

Tactical Knowledge:
1 - Doesnt have much military experience, Andora leading the armies to the north. She really have a lot to learn here.


Magical Lores Known:
Vampire Lore/Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 5
Magical Skill: 3

Lore of Athel Loren/Life
Raw Magical Power: 1
Magical Skill: 1

Skillset: Fletching
Skill Level: 3

Skillset: Skinning and buthering
Skill Level 5

Wood Elf Longbow
A masterly crafted wood elf longbow, simple in design and apperance.

Spear of Nightfall
This dark spear made of wood and magical sharpened steel, have the durability to parry and deflect blows from powerful swung swords and axes.
This spear improves Carina's agility, helping her to stay alive in melee combat, and its sharpness improves her raw strength when charging.

Armour of the Morning mist

This masterly crafted leather armour with patterns of leaves and elven symbols, have made Carina outrun bloodhounds and make her disappear in forests.
+1 to Carina speed and improves her stealth ability expecially in forests, but illsuited for noble and courtly duties and it doesnt provide much protection, compared to heavier armour types.

Diadem of the Stag
A diadem that have been imbued with the power of the great stag of wood elf mythology
Gives Carina +1 WS on the charge

Other Abilities

Skillset: Torture
Skill level: 2 You can learn a lot from various sexual games.

Skillset: Stealth and sneak
Skill level: 5(6) Hunted for a long time, sneaking in on the prey and then exploding in a burst of speed.

Skillset: Fear
Skill level: 4 Her cursed face in a mask of nightmare and terror, Carina has learned to use this to good effect in battle. And experience that even vampires and hardened veterans can be unsettled by her face, this in conjuction with the charm she exudes too with her lahmian powers and slaaneshi curse to truly unsettle those she interacts with.

Skillset: Seduction
Skill level: 4 She has not forgotten the art of seduction, and even thou her face scares people, her lahmian and slaaneshi powers still provoking lust and extacy.

Knows how to use her feminine charm and her face of horror. See the opportunities in her curse rather than the limitations.
Very stealthy and fast.
Knows she has a lot to learn, before she can attain a position of true power. Willing to learn.
Hates Chaos and will redouble her efforts when dealing with them.
Decent magic abilities, knows a bit of wood elf/life magic

Young and unexperienced in vampire culture.
Not the greatest fighter around, relatively easy to bring down.
Has a lot to learn.
Hates chaos, can cloud her judgement.
Have a strong wish to get rid of her curse.

Additional Notes
Slightly changed from the Carina I wrote for TVC 1, which I couldn't join as you were entering the last chapter. Most notably I removed her dabbling in slaaneshi magics, and gave her a slightly stronger bond into the wood elves. I know there can be some issues with fluff of vampires and wood elf/life magic, so I am very interested in hearing feedback in the /ooc thread, both on this and the character as a whole, I feel slightly underpowered to some of the characters allready posted, as it seems people wan't to be able to rip ordinary vampires to shreds. So don't know if I should boost some stats, or if they are fine as they are.


May 3, 2012
Title of Character

Full Name: Elanor Rosenberg
Associated Names:Firesword, Blood Maiden
Age: 24 when bitten (Been a vampire for the last 243 years)
Bloodline: Lahmia
Sire: Tasirath Zade
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Altdorf

Physical Description
Short, slender, with long golden blonde hair which reaches down to her waist. Dead white skin without any blemishes. Deep azure blue eyes which turn red when bloodlust is upon her. Cute pixie like face. Smiles a lot. She often still wears her families emblem of the Rose on her clothing.

Elanor is generally happy, friendly and nice to those she considers her equals or superiors. However she can't overcome her basic vampiric instincts and will sometimes snap and butcher people in horrible and violent ways and then feel awful and guilty about it afterwards. Nobles who dare to speak with her may experience the night of their lives and walk away lavished in jewels and wealth or they may find the blood drained from their bodies and their corpses eternally bound in service. She is a lot like fire, beautiful to look at but touching her burns. Her emotions also burn very strongly in passion and anger. Since becoming a vampire she has become afraid of death and always seeks to continue living at all costs.

Brief History
Elanor was born in the Imperial capital of Altdorf to wealthy noble parents. Her early life was strict and conservative, she was constantly watched over by her older brother Naren. Although she often teased him and would go to lengths to hide from him, she knows that he cares deeply for her and is one of the few people she can truly trust. When she was 15 it was discovered that she had strong magical talent after ‘accidentally’ burning down a barn. She was sent to the colleges of magic where she began her magical training. So impressed were the wizards of the bright college by her natural manipulation and strength with the wind of aqshy they advised her to travel to Lothern in Ulthuan to further her studies of magic at the age of 18 and also before she burnt the entire city down. There she made friends with several dragon mages who possessed a similar fiery personality and pride. She was amazed by the sun dragons that she met and desperately wanted one for her own but was unable to awaken one. From the elves she learned much of magic and warfare and she grew to long desperately for the elves eternal life and beauty. When the elven Prince Berendan Aesrandir set with his warhost in response to an Imperial cry for help concerning an undead incursion. Elanor went with them. The battle with the undead horde was epic and Elanor’s first taste of violence and bloodshed. The elven force had underestimated their foe’s strength and many of them were slain by a lithe dark shadow.

As the high elf forces began to retreat Elanor found herself alone in the carnage surrounded by the rotting dead. Out of the shadows a beautiful woman covered with blood appeared, smiling sweetly. Elanor attempted to defend herself raising her flaming sword but she never got a chance. The vampiress moved like a blur sinking her fangs into her neck. However something gave the vampiress pause, maybe a faint memory of her past, maybe a passing attraction, maybe a grudging admiration of the courage and desire to face a vampire in single combat and not flee. Instead she gave Elanor the blood kiss and revealed to her that her name was Tasirath Zade. However at this moment the vampiress was forced to flee as the elven forces had rallied, aided by imperial reinforcements and it was nearing dawn. Stumbling among the scattered corpses Elanor came across the fallen elf prince Berendan, his beautiful sword lying discarded next to him. Elanor picked it up and immediately it burst into wondrous blue flames, although they did not burn her. She decided to take the ancient relic with her as the elf clearly did not need it any longer.

How Elanor managed to survive the next few days is a testament to her inner unquenchable fire and indomitable will and she transformed easily into a vampire. Several weeks after the battle the lahmian vampiress Tasirath caught up with her and they travelled together for a time. Elanor told her much about her brother, Naren, how brave and strong and handsome he was. One day Tasirath returned to tell Elanor that she had found her beloved brother and turned him into a vampire, thinking that would please her. Elanor was furious though and left Tasirath to travel on her own. She thought about meeting up with Naren but couldn't bear the thought of him seeing her like this and went to great lengths to avoid him.

Slowly she began to lose her strict morals and indulge in her pride and lust. She began travelling around the old world moving from castle to castle, town to town, trying to fit in but never being accepted. She yearns to return to Ulthuan but knows that she never can. Part of her wants to remove the curse but part of her wants to remain a vampire, for she loves her youth and beauty and the strength and power that comes along with it. No longer does she feel like an inferior to the elves. But a powerful warror in her own right.

Basic Stats

Speed: 4
Why run when you have all eternity to get there?
Agility: 6
Avoiding getting hit is always top priority number 1
Weapon Skill: 4
Can handle a sword but no extensive training
Ballistic Skill: 5 [6]
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Hasn't been a vampire for long and is only rather small

Tactical Knowledge: 7
After spending much time with the High elves she has picked up many tactical skills which she still retains

Magic -
Magical Lores Known: High, Fire, Vampires
Raw Magical Power: High (1) Just doesn't work as well anymore but can still manage a basic shield of saphery, Fire (7) [8] Vampiric bloodlust only added to her inner fire and can create vast fire storms with ease. Vampires (2) Still very new at raising the dead.

Magical Skill: High (1), Fire (7) [8], Vampires (1)

Technology: None. Is not interested in anything remotely mechanical.

Weapons / Armour / Items
Starfang Taken from the body of a dead high elf prince. It is her biggest treasure. It's name eerily prophetic. It is a longsword which she wields with both hands. Like most elven blades it never grows dull and is virtually unbreakable. Whenever she wields it it burns with blue flames that neatly match her eyes. The Sword acts as a conduit for her magical abilities increasing them slightly.

Cursed Bow of Unending Tears Elanor found this black long bow in an ancient tomb surrounded by thousands of blooming wildflowers. Since she picked it up she has found herself unable to get rid of it. Every time she shoots an arrow it emits a sorrowful dirge which causes all to hear it to reflect upon themselves. it also improves her ability to aim.

Elanor doesn't wear armour. Even on the field of battle she dresses scantily in silk and velvet, usually in black.

Other Abilities
Seduction:Since becoming a vampire, Elanor has felt liberated from the conservativeness of her past life and instead flirts with both men and women, ensaring their minds until they will do anything just to be with her. However if it becomes clear they are only interested in her body she usually kills them out of anger.

Fireborn: As a master of the element of fire if things are going badly she can incinerate herself and be reborn from the ashes.

Very powerful magically particularly with fire
Friendly countenance often causes people to think there is no danger until it is too late. Everyone likes her.
Is able to disguise her vampirism and live in normal society

Not very well skilled with a sword and will struggle in a physical fight
Sometimes she lets her morality get the better of her and will allow an enemy to escape.
Is still unused to vampirism and doesn't really like zombies

Additional Notes

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Name: Nekhlior the Unfading Scholar
Titles in Life: Liche Priest of the Mortuary Cult.
Previous Titles in Death: Priest of the Temple of Blood, Chronicler of Sorcery in the Great Library of Lahmia, Dark Lord of Nagash, The Forsaken (Against Sigmar)
Origin: Khemri (Mortal Birthplace) Lahmia (Siring location)
Age: 4,523 (Born: -1990, Sired -1641) he is likely the eldest Vampire alive (Although a number of vampire's came into undeath before him, it should be noted he was an elder liche priest by the time he was sired).
Generation: Second

Physical Description:
Before his siring he had been a man of lithe build and had not been an ugly man, he had been a priest, thus his body hair had been ritually shaved off. By the time of his siring however he was a Liche Priest and already becoming rather corpse-like despite being alive.
His current appearance is even more withered; his rotten flesh stretches tightly over his thin frame and his face resembles that of a skull with empty eyes sockets that at times glow with unholy flames. Despite being only average height he appears tall due to his thin frame and elongated fingers with dark, dirt encrusted claws that serve as nails.
He wears long black robe with a hood that obscures his withered corpse-like features.

His mentality is alike many Necrarch's who see the world of death far more clearly than that of life, and he continues Nagash's great plan in his own way. However this is not his first priority, instead he is more consumed with finding magical knowledge and artefacts of power. He also conducts his research in the areas of Necromancy and Alchemy.
He is intelligent and rather manipulative, he is also rarely friendly with others and can put allies in danger to meet his own goals.
He strongly believes every thing in life and undeath is a potential test subject including himself.
He is also less than stable, in his undeath he has suffered “True Death” two times and been brought back on all three occasions, once by Nagash himself and once by gets of his making, this has led to him having an even more strenuous grasp on reality.
Despite his negative traits he has shown to be very caring and protective towards his gets and apprentices.

Very Brief History
Nekhlior began his life as a Priest of the Mortuary Cult and was a Nagashi loyalist who served under W'soran and eventually became one of his first gets.
Nekhlior served Nagash and fought in all his wars.

His dark reputation has spread to most lands with the exception of Araby, Cathay and Nippon.
He has accumulated names in other areas due to his attacks on the lands in quests of artefacts and knowledge. Some examples are The Dark Alchemist in Kislev due to his poisoning of a large estate belonging to a powerful noble many years ago, the poison caused them to die and rise again as walking corpses to bring him the families magical heirloom that the Necrarch coveted.
Others are due to more noticeable actions such as “The Rival of Fate” due to his numerous battles agains large Tzeentch war band.

Decades ago prior to the Council's war with Nagash Nekhlior was betrayed by his brother in death V'azrin and fellow Dark Lord and tortured for years.
When he escaped the Necrarch fled and eventually ended up in the service of Settra the greatest of the Tomb Kings where he waited for the arrival of the representatives of the Council and taking V'azrin's get and apprentice Reshorn as his own.
In short order he had joined them and assisted in the battle against the Great Necromancer, his former master, almost dying in the attempt.

Since then he has taken Kraskor on as an apprentice, which at first was a novelty to see if Blood Dragons could even master magic has now become a serious goal of his although in thirty years the warrior vampire is only beginning his tutelage into the great Arcane. With him came Reshorn and a young get of Lesa called Katie.
He has also summoned his various gets back to him and restablished himself in his great and ancient Tower in the Land of the Dead after transferring all texts and artefacts belong to the now dead V'azrin to his own tower.

Basic Stats
Speed:6 As an ancient vampires he is faster than average
Agility:5 With ages comes power for vampire-kind as such as he' grown older his ability to dodge attacks has increased.
Weapon Skill:2 He's a scholar and has never learnt how to wield sword or spear
Ballistic Skill: 0 It would be wise not to give him a bow
Raw Strength: 5 Being an ancient vampire his physical strength is not poor
Technique Strength: 1 Definitely not a warrior
Toughness: 5 Perhaps due to being a frail Liche Priest before being sired he isn't as durable as other vampires his age.
Tactical Knowledge: 2 Giving him command of an army would be a mistake, he left most of his force commanding to one of his gets. He can use horde like armies to overpower his foes but tactical awareness and a grasp more subtle tactics are far beyond him.

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy / Vampire, Dark Magic, Fire, Heavens, Metal, Shadow, Death, Beasts.(Despite all this knowledge he limits more than two thirds of his spell casting to Necromancy, Death Magic and Dark Magic.)
Raw Magical Power:9 Being a Sorcerer in life his magical power was only expanded by the unique properties of his bloodline. He is almost totally sustained on Dhar and as such finds it easy to wield a lot of Power.
Magical Skill:9 Having studied the Arcane Arts for more than Four and a Half Millennia his skill at working magic is exceedingly high.

Skill set: Alchemist (A concocter of both magical elixirs and more mundane chemical mixtures.)
Skill Level: 7 (Very skilled in Alchemy but he hasn't reached the pinnacle of his talents due to Alchemy taking a back seat to his Magic Experimentation.)
Skill set: Necromantic Artificer (As a Necrarch hes spent a great deal of time mastering the fusion of Undead flesh, he can create a wide variety of undead constructs, an example of which is his strangely sentient zombie dragon which died in the war with Nagash but was reconstructed)
Skill Level: 10 (As a Necrarch the experimentation of the unholy realm of necromancy takes precedence over all other pursuits, as such he is a complete master of the dark art)
Skill Set: Artificer (His experiments often led to the magical creation of weapons, armour or just little devices)
Skill Level: 6
Skill Set: Runes (He has learnt many different types of runes e.g. Dwarves, Chaos etc)
Skill Level: 4

W'soran's Staff:
A staff that once belonged to his sire it whispers to its wielder predicting the flow of magic and reveals the secrets of any foes castings.

The staff makes casting spells safer and makes magic duels easier and further enhances his already great magical skill.
Amulet of Blood:
An amulet wore by the Vampiric Priests of the Temple of Blood in Lahmia, it provides the wearer easier access to the fickle winds of magic.

The amulet provides a safeguard against the dangers of the winds of magic.
Book of Nagash:
Once the property of Drake von Carstein this book was given to Nekhlior during the Final Battle with Nagash by Kraskor for a great arcane undertaking, since then Nekhlior has kept the book from his apprentice for “Safe-Keeping” until the blood dragon is ready to use it

The Book is a store of great knowledge and a source of magical power in itself however even the insane Nekhlior avoids its use unless necessary.
Various Scrolls:
Powerful counterspells are written within these ancient papyri.

Various scrolls of powerful counterspells.

Other Abilities
Get of W'soran
So ancient is the vampire that his teacher was not only his sire the great W'soran but he also studied at the hands of the Great Necromancer Nagash during two seperate wars. Manipulating the flow of magic comes as naturally to the vampire as breathing does to a living human.

In terms of the RP this shows why his Necromancy is so powerful, it allows him to control and raise a large amount of Undead and lets his seize control of Undead from lesser Necromancers. He can also manipulate the winds of magic to make it difficult for other wizards to wield the arcane.
He can use his dark magic to teleport as well.

Unholy Cynosure
The Necrarch can focus his power into a different plane to foresee the future and thus use his ability to change the present

This power allows Nekhlior to see into the future with varying degrees of success, he can not only see the far future given enough time and power but he can also use this ability to rectify short term mistakes. The power is very draining and can not be used often, also to see further into the future requires a trance like state to be achieved.

One with the Spirit Realm
Nekhlior no longer sees the mortal realm as most vampires do, like only the oldest of his line he perceives the world in a different manner.

Not truly an ability but it does allow Nekhlior to see spirits and the winds of magic at all times, this makes it easier to command spirits and to wield (and monitor) the winds of magic themselves.

Magical Capabilities:
Master: Necromancy, Dark Magic, Lore of Death, Lore of Shadows, Lore of Metal.
Adept: Lore of Fire, Lore of the Heavens, Demonology.
Average: Lore of the Beast.
No Knowledge: Lore of Light, Lore of Life. (Incapable of wielding both).

Ancient-Like all vampires he grows stronger as he ages and thus he's grown quite powerful as he's aged. He also seen much in his life and became quite intelligent and cunning over this time, he is said to be only about a decade younger than the great Nagash himself.
Second Generation-Sired by W'soran himself he is as close to the source of his kind as he can be.
Master Necromancer- Having spent the greater part of his existence on developing Nagash's art he has became a master of the art. He can also create great wonders of undeath; examples are his Undead Dragon or his Abysmal Terror. He also claims to have created numerous Bone Golems.
Experienced Mage- Has many millennia experience of using magic.
Necrarch:His magical affinity is boosted and his thirst for blood is lesser than other vampire bloodlines and when he does need blood a simple replenishment potion can work. As a vampire he is physically powerful also, although untrained in combat and has minor vampiric abilities such as Shapeshifting and Hypnosis.
Intelligent: Or in his opinion a Genius, he had a lot of knowledge on a wide number of topics but especially the arcane. He often employs his intelligence to work out how best to combat his opponents by studying them beforehand or gathering knowledge on opponents to strike at weaknesses.

Insane- Recently Nekhlior's sanity has become less stable than his already poor state of mine.
Unarmoured- Wearing only robes leaves the Necrarch vulnerable to physical attack.
Scholar-Lacks any warrior training and whilst he has fighting experience from the wars and could slaughter rank and file humans its unlikely he could physically stand against any vampire with the slightest bit of training.
Necrarch- Like many Necrarchs his mental stability isn't what it could be, this could manifest as his talking nonsense to making a fatal mistake during an incantation to pure, common paranoia. He also can not hide his appearance efficiently for any length of time.
Religious Symbols-The most effective against him are the symbols of his homelands ancient gods but the symbols of Ulric and Sigmar and similar gods work to a lesser degree. Chaos symbols have no effect.
Useless General- He has led a great deal of armies many times and is worst than mediocre when commanding at best, his skill in raising his fallen troops usually makes up for this.
Arrogant-One does not master the Deadly Path of the Necromancer and live for over four thousand years without gathering a certain amount of pride and self-confidence in themselves.

Additional Notes
Nekhlior's sight
It is important to note that Nekhlior no longer sees the mortal realm as most vampires do, like only the oldest of his line he perceives the world in a different manner. He no longer sees mortal things but only the winds of magic, spirits and auras. He can still see everything a mortal could see but in a very different way, instead of peoples physical selves he sees only their spirits selves and aethyric echoes of physical things like buildings.

This Bio is pretty similar to what it was in TVC, I've removed some things and rearrange some stuff also lowering his stats because his weapon skill was 4...which made no sense.
Unsure if his magic should be 9 or 10 since hes been doing it for 4000 years yet for games sake 10/10 skill wasn't allowed in TVC 1 (aside from Lesa and V'azrin who were destined to pewpew each other until one was blown out of existance)


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True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
Behind Darvy
Bio Template

Title of Character

Full Name: Nithek Deathclaw
Associated Names:
Race: Skaven
Clan: Warlord Clan Deathclaw
Place of Birth: Skavenblight

Physical Description
Covered in mottled black fur, Nithek Deathclaw is large even for a former stormvermin. Cunning, beady eyes peer out from above his scarred snout, while a large, fat tail twitches behind him. As a sign of his wealth and power, Nithek is monstrously bulky and chubby. Half of his left ear is missing, having been bitten of by a rival, and his body is covered in scars and mutilations.

Nithek Deathclaw is fierce, ruthless and cunning, as befits a skaven warlord. Like all Skaven warlords, he is monstrously greedy. Warpstone, power, wealth, slaves; but most of all, revenge he desires. He is completely contemptuous of the lives of his underlings, and strongly believe that only those of his minions who fight for their survival truly deserve it. He has a great interest in the world beyond the under-empire, collecting various trinkets, lore and slaves from around the world. He will pursue his ambitions, at any cost....

Brief History
Nithek was born into Clan Skurvy, a largely sea based clan of verminous pirate-skaven from beneath Tilea. Nithek was inducted into the clans stormvermin, fighting in many bloody battles and vicious boarding actions, eventually rising to the position of fangleader (after his packs former fangleader accidentally tripped over and brutally impaled himself on his own halberd).

As fangleader of a pack of stormvermin, Nithek soon earned a fearsome reputation, becoming known as Nithek Deathclaw, for the armoured claw-gauntlet he took to wearing. However, this was not enough for Nithek's ambitions. However, the opportunity soon arose for him to take control of his own ship, after its captain accidentally fell overboard and drowned (which was strange, as he was in his cabin at the time).

With control of his own vessel, Nithek and his stormvermin coerced the crew into sailing the ship away from Clan Skurvy's fleet, Nithek Deathclaw no longer being willing to serve the Clan Warlord. Nithek and his stormvermin set out on their ship, raiding the coastlines of Tilea and Estalia on their rickety vessel, always dissapearing back into the underground river-tunnels of the under-empire at the first sign of trouble. He even raided the occasional clan Skurvy ship, building a fleet of his own from captured vessels.

After a while of doing this, war erupted in Tilea. Nithek secretly approached one of the patrons of the local city states, offering his services as a mercenary. The corrupt ruler needed an enemy removed, but could not attack him openly, so he hired the skaven to attack his enemy for him. From then on, Nithek worked for several various groups in the area, fighting for slaves, loot and wealth. When the fighting in Tilea settled down, and the local authorities began becoming suspicious about the skaven in the area, Nithek moved his forces towards the border princes, this time working for various disreputable rulers once again.

Now Nithek had enough power, wealth and followers to truly form a warlord clan- all he needed was a place to settle. With his greedy eyes on the ruined dwarvish hold of Ekrund, which contained considerable wealth but was swarming with greenskins, Clan Deathclaw instead settled nearby beneath the marshes of madness, a cursed place even by skaven standards. The hostile environment and enroaching madness of the place bred particularly tough skaven, in a survival of the fittest environment that Nithek favours greatly.

Nithek Deathclaw soon decided that he was ready to assault Ekrund, to steal it from the greenskins. However, he needed allies to do this. He arranged an alliance with the Skaven of Fester Spike, lead by Skritch Warp-eye. However, during the assault on Ekrund, both Skritch and Nithek betrayed each other, both using the exact same plot to try and kill the other. Enraged by Skritch's treachery to the skaven cause, Nithek swore vengeance and began a long war against Clan Skritch.

Recently, after a particularly disastrous battle that left both clans too weak to do anything but hold their own territories, Nithek set forth with a small army of his most hardened stormvermin and clanrats, taking advantage of news that the undead, including the vampire counts themselves, seemed to be weakening. Finally the skaven would have their chance to safely access the warpstone laced lands of sylvania, and Nithek was confident that he would be the first to take this opportunity to win a vast wealth in warpstone to gain dominance for his clan. So he loaded up a rickety fleet of skaven warships and set sail through the underground rivers and channels that would lead for Sylvania, even as a single spy slinked away to tell Skritch Warpeye of this development....

Basic Stats


Speed: 5 (The Skaven are particularly fast)

Agility: 5 (6) (The skaven are particularly agile, especially underground)

Weapon Skill: 5 (Nithek is a Skaven warlord and a former stormvermin, making him particularly skillful with a blade)

Ballistic Skill: 3 (Your average stormvermin is not a particularly good shot)

Raw Strength: 3 (Skaven are small, not particularly strong creatures)

Technique Strength: 4(5) (Nithek is about on par with your average vampire swordsman, when aided by his magical weapon)

Toughness: 3(4) (Skaven are not particularly tough, but Nithek's armour helps to mitigate this slightly)

Tactical Knowledge: 5(7)(Nithek is a Skaven Warlord, so has a keen tactical mind. The skaven are also masters of underground/tunnel warfare)

Magic - 1 (Nithek has almost no magical ability, apart from uttering prayers to the horned rat)

Magical Skill: 2 (Nithek has some basic knowledge of the nature of magic and the ways of the horned rat)

Skillset: Skaven Engineering (Nithek Understands some of the basics of skaven engineering)
Skill Level: 2
Skillset: Skaven Seafaring (Nithek is a former member of Clan Skurvy, so is an accomplished skaven sailor.... which unfortunatly is not really good as far as human sailors go)
Skill Level: 6

Weapons / Armour / Items
This wickedly curved blade made of dark metal is covered in glowing runes imbued with warpstone. Its strikes seem to hit with unerring accuracy upon weak points in armour and vital organs, and it cuts through regular armour like.... a warpstone imbued blade through regular armour.
+1 to technique strength, armour piercing, toxic (warpstone), sword.

A reforged version of the weapon that earned Nithek his name, this armoured gauntlet he wears upon his left hand has long, razor sharp talons. It is rumoured that this terrible claw is not just a gauntlet, but has been grafted onto his hand. The Deathclaw is stronger than Nithek's other hand, and he often uses it to catch his opponents blades. When the deathclaw touches metal, the metal often seems to go brittle or even crumble under its grasp....
Claw weapons, strong, corrodes metal.

Warpstone Armour
This dark, heavy plate is covered in terrible runes of protection and warpstone trinkets, created to protect the warlord from harm and spells.
Heavy Armour, +1 Toughness, Magic Resistance.

Warp-cursed Arabyan Compass
Formerly a magical compass stolen from a previous employer, this compass has been modified by a warlock engineer to point not just magical items and sources of magical power, but more importantly- warpstone!

Points towards large sources of warpstone, magical fulcrums, magic items, etc. Ignores its own users/companions energies. (Sometimes!)

Other Abilities

Mercenary Warlord
Nithek Deathclaw is a ruthless warlord of his own clan, and is always accompanied with his bodyguard of vicious stormvermin, known as Nithek's Deathclaws. He also has the resources of his clan to draw upon at will. He is also an expert at tunnel/underground warfare.
Stormvermin Retinue, clan resources, +2 to tactical when fighting underground/tunnel warfare. Has lots of chittering skaven at his disposal.

Evolved, born and adapted to the life of a skaven, Nithek is at home in the dark places and tunnels of the world. He has an exceptional sense of smell, is far stealthier than most other races, and is incredibly good at climbing and scurrying in the dark. Also has exceptional vision in the dark.
Darksight, Skaven Nose, +1 Agility when underground/in caves/tunnels/sewers/etc.

Ruthless, Agile, Cunning, Ambitious, Resourceful

Paranoid, Greedy, Deceitful, not as strong as a vampire, mortal, no magical ability, has enemies (such as skritch warpeye, clan skurvy, his own underlings, etc.)

Additional Notes
Its tricky to figure out what the stats for a skaven should be. I do know that they are exceptional fast/agile/etc, and that a skaven warlord is generally a very exceptional individual for a skaven. However, they are also small, weak and fragile compared to vampires. Lemme know if any stat adjustments are needed.


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True Blood
Dec 29, 2010
Title of Character

Full Name: The Verdant Heart
Associated Names: Lifebloom, Herald of renewal
Age: 23 (since his consciousness came into being)
Chaos God: Believed to be Tzeentch, however there are plenty of forces that could be responsible
Place of Birth: Khorne’s Cleft (waterfall in Drakwald forest whose waters are claimed to have healing powers, and nature that devours)

Physical Description
The Verdant heart stands slightly taller than average, with a lithe figure. Beneath the shining silver filigree of his armour, The Verdant heart hides a mass of thick, shifting vines that extend outward from his chest, filling his armour and functioning as a normal body. On careful observation one cane see these in between the gaps of the armour.

While the Verdant Heart certainly does not lack emotion, due to the quirk of his existence, he is able to remain cool and calm and react in a rational manner, vowing in his thoughts to take vengeance at only an opportune time. As he is a part of it, the verdant heart hates to see the way of nature interfered with. While the verdant heart partakes of little joys, those that he does are serene. He enjoys the sounds of music on the winds, basking under a radiant sun, the cool touch of a tricking stream and the joy of seeing others be happy. The Verdant Heart also seeks to unravel the mysteries of his existence, and uncover knowledge of who he once was.

Brief History
A single Pulse radiated and shook it to life. Not an it. He knew he was a He once. Painfully he gathered himself together, searching for a shell to contain his existence. His tendril like appendages stretched and crept into a log and deemed it fine for now. Another beat sounded. He felt as if he could see but knew at once that this was not what normality saw. He saw far more… and far less. He appeared to be at the bottom of a waterfall and spotted two corpses, one of a man who seemingly had killed the other beast at his own loss of life. He quivered once more as a pulse resounded through him. Looking closer, the man had no heart. That must have been who he was. He must have had a name. He knew he had one previously.

Gazing at himself he saw his tendrils were thick, ropey vines and another pulse quiver through him from what he deemed his centre. He knew his name at once. His old self had no heart, but he did. He was the Verdant Heart. He looked to the second beast. With colours in his vision twisted to some mechanism he had not divined, he could not tell what it was at a glance. Creeping closer, he saw the face of the beast, frozen in rage and fear and his eyes were drawn upwards. Mounted above the face was a 3 foot horn, utterly majestic with its silver inlay. He had killed a unicorn in his fleshy form. Now he knew his purpose, to bring destruction to those who harm the beauty of nature, just as the unicorn had done to him. Plucking the horn from the rapidly decomposing body, he had the tool with which he would bring his cool, calculated justice. He flailed some vines within him to funnel air through vines he had carefully shaped and he gave the unicorn words of sorrow and thanks through a voice that sounded like the groaning of branches in the wind.


Wherever he went, he seemed to exude life into the surroundings, causing foliage to grow rapidly and even create life where there it was barren. As the years went by, The Verdant Heart had gathered a small band of followers, some altered and twisted creatures, some not and none two the same. Each follower followed initially for different reason, some thinking him a chaos warlord, some thinking him a herald of life and others believing him to be the incarnation of nature’s vengeance. As time went by the reason faded and the purpose remained.

The followers’ path was not without reward, for it was often the rich who defile the land. Through means of conquest from such a person he had acquired his shining shell, and his warhorse from another. His followers were from all works of life and one, a particularly skilled craftsman had created a shaft from a fallen branch to make the horn into spear or lance. And so time went by, his troupe followed like pilgrims supporting a holy knight and they merrily passed the time, intervening there gaiety when there was work to be done and people to be punished.

Basic Stats

Speed: 3, 2 without some form of shell or environment to latch on to

Agility: 3 while perfectly able to clamber over most obstacles by growing and stretching his vines, his movement is slow and is unable to dodge most attacks

Weapon Skill: 3, 5 with lance or spear as years of training with nothing but his horn has allowed him to hone his skills significant

Ballistic Skill: 2 nothing special about his skill with ranged weapons, only hidden memories of his previous life as a hunter

Raw Strength: 6 layers and layers of vine provide more force than muscle can provide

Technique Strength: 3 there is nothing particularly special about his technique

Toughness: 7 (8) having no sense of pain and an amorphous body where any lost section can be replaced by other vines or rapidly grow back allows the Verdant Heart to suffer extreme punishment. The full plate armour He wears makes him even harder to crack

Tactical Knowledge: 4 while nothing of note, the previous years have provided him with enough knowledge to skirmish effectively with his motley crew


Magical Lores Known: Life
Raw Magical Power: 3 The Verdant Heart is infused with the essence of life

Magical Skill: 0 The Verdant Heart has little to no control over his raw potential and instead bleeds and breeds life wherever he goes or lingers

Stringed or key based instruments: 6 Having the advantage of many more appendages to manipulate instruments with, the verdant heart seeks to find the perfect music that emulates the sounds of nature and promotes it to grow and conquer.

Weapons / Armour / Items

Shining Silver Armour
The full plate armour-shield set was taken from a rich man who pillaged forests is made of steel, but covered almost completely with silver filigree that can catch the tiniest amount of light and shine brilliantly in it.
Provides strong protection from harm and provides a solid Shell for The Verdant Heart. Distracts opponents by the dazzling light it can catch

Once the horn of a great unicorn, it has been weaponised through the addition of a long shaft and handle to provide better usability. The strong structure of the horn is able to piece the toughest opponents
Usable either as a lance or spear, armour piercing, naturally occurring silver in the horn.

Wyrdash is a large white warhorse. Though not largely battle trained, Wyrdash is a nimble beast, having been raised and trained along the borders of the drakwald. Wyrdash has been changed by the prolonged exposure to The Verdant Heart and has started to grow bark-like armour.
An agile mount that is semi-barded

Other Abilities

Having no eyes does not prevent the Verdant Heart from having vision. He is able to sense his surroundings through innate arcane means.
At the price of not being able to see normal colours, The Verdant Heart sees a vibrant world of auras and even winds or the flows of magic. This scrying however does fade and become hazy at long range.

The Verdant Heart can grow in rapid bursts and heal even the most grievous of wounds given enough time so long as his slowly pulsating heart is not destroyed, though this fact is known only to him.
The Verdant Heart’s wounds can be relatively quickly healed, limbs can be replaced with other vines for a loss of strength and grow back over an hour, whilst severe damage to his structure might take days. Flaming damage increases this time.

Physically strong
Emotionally detached
Extremely hard to kill

Slow and ponderous, especially without a shell
Not particularly skilled in warfare
No control over innate magic, affects his surroundings no matter what it is, including slowly healing enemies wounds if a fight is protracted enough.
Witch-sight limits his vision and can prevent clarity on specific detail
Flaming damage is particularly effective against him

Additional Notes
Has a motley band of followers, skilled in various fields and randomly equipped.
Aug 30, 2012

Name: Peter von Krahe
A.K.A: The Lord of Ravens. The Raven of Swartzhafen.
Age: 670
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Walach Harkon
Generation: Third Generation
Place of Birth: Altdorf (sired in Blood Keep)

Physical Description:

6ft tall. Longish blonde hair. Although not perhaps handsome, is certainly a striking individual. He is almost always clad in his armour, but when spending time amongst humans, he dresses like a noble man.


Although hardened by centuries of war, Peter is still a sensitive man, taking pity on the helpless and those unable to defend themselves. He is also loyal to his friends, sometimes even a point many find ridiculous (see duel between Peter and Mircea von Carstein).

He is not arrogant like many other vampires. This sometimes makes him appear soft hearted.

He is a skilled warrior, but is not given to the blood lust of his fellow Blood Dragons. He is more of a tactician, and willing to take stock of a battle (not that he is unwilling to get stuck in like a true son of Harkon). He is open to many new ideas that other Blood Dragons find distasteful, for example the use of magic.

He also has a deep underlying loathing for the Priests of Sigmar.

Brief History:

1864- Peter von Krahe is born into a family of wealthy merchants. He has a happy childhood, but lives in the shadow of his older brother Karl.

1880- Peter’s father is killed by Beastmen whilst out hunting. Karl inherits the family fortune. Disgusted, Peter leaves his family home in Altdorf and journeys to Blood Keep. He is welcomed into their Order. He excels in every aspect of being a Knight, being a skilled warrior, but unlike the other young noblemen, is humble and compassionate.

1887- Walach Harkon arrives at Blood Keep. Peter is judged to be worthy enough to be raised into a Vampire. At first he is disgusted by his new form, but soon comes round to the ideals of honour that Harkon believes in.

1899- Peter leads a small band of Knights to Brettonia. The group of Vampires pit their skills against the Knights of the Realm. Peter is impressed by the Brettonians skill and chivalry. However when he sees the way the Dukes and Barons treat the peasants, he is horrified. He challenges one Baron to a joust after seeing him set his hunting dogs on a child for sport. Peter easily beats the Baron but is forced to flee Brettonia after the Baron’s knights pursue him.

1915- Whilst hunting a Griffon in the Grey Mountains, Peter is badly wounded by his quarry. As the beast was about to finish him off a raven attacked the Griffon. The monster batted it aside like a fly but the distraction was enough for Peter to kill the creature. Peter attempted to nurse the brave bird back to health but it was too badly wounded. Peter allowed it to drink a few drops of his blood, and the raven became blessed with unlife. The bird has been his companion ever since.

1922- Vekarin the Dark-bladed visits Blood Keep. Many knights join him and become the Knights of the Rose. Peter is tempted to join them. However he does not yet have the will power to break free from his sire.

1936- Peter fights another Brettonian Baron, the son of the first he killed. Peter is shocked by how poorly the Brettonian treats his mount, the finest pure breed warhorse he has ever seen. Peter’s own Nightmare is killed in the joust, as the Baron aimed his lance at Peter’s steed like a coward. The Vampire is eventually victorious, and takes the purebred war horse as his new mount. Strangely the beast is not scarred by the Vampire’s unholy aura. The steed is known as Firehoof. Peter uses his limited Necromancy to turn the horse into a Nightmare.

1943- The siege of Blood Keep begins. Peter fights on the walls for three years, but eventually the keep falls. Peter’s long hatred for the Sigmarites begins here. He is appalled by the brutality they carry out in the name of their God.

1946- On the night before the keep falls, Walach gifts Peter with the magical blade Soul Eater. The sword is similar to that carried by Vlad von Carstein, although it is unknown whether or not they were made by the same person. It devours the souls of those it kills and channels their strength into the user. The next day Walach sallies forth into the Witch hunter army. Peter, along with a small band of loyal companions, escapes. They spend the next sixty years fighting the length and breadth of the Old World as mercenaries.

1960- Peter is hired by a Tilean Prince to help defend his city state from raiding Dark Elves. Peter is blasted by a spell cast by a sorceress. Realising the need for magical protection, Peter seeks out a Dwarven Rune Priest who had also been hired by the Tilean. Unaware that Peter was a Vampire, the Dwarf works powerful runes onto Peter’s armour in exchange for a huge some of gold.

2002- After hearing of the opportunities for a mercenary in the ruined city of Mordheim, Peter leads his warriors to make their fotune. Whilst battling in the city, he crosses blades with Meyerling Faulsing. Realising that he is facing a fellow Vampire, Peter lowers his weapon. The Blood Dragon sees a kindred spirit Faulsing, who tells him of Vlad von Carstein, Peter journeys to Sylvania.

2003- Peter meets with Vlad von Carstein. Impressed with the counts plans for the Empire, and keen to strike back at the followers of the Man-God, Peter swears fealty to the count. Over the next few years, Peter practises Necromancy with Vlad’s pet Necromancers. He soon out strips them, but is still an amateur compared to other vampires.

2010- Vlad declares himself openly, butchering the aristocracy of Sylvania on Geheimsennacht. Peter gives into the beast within for the first time in many years, revelling in the destruction of the arrogant humans. In one of the opening engagements of the Vampire Wars, Peter attacks the Sigamrite fortress of Swatzhafen, near the border with Sylvania. He is horrified by the depravity of the Witch hunters and Priests. In the dungeons below the fortress, he finds Vampires tortured and experimented on. He kills many simply to put out of their misery. The rest he unleashes on the prisoners he captured whilst taking the keep. He raises the defenders of the keep, and adds them to his growing army. He takes the fortress as his own. One of the Vampires he frees, Lucia von Carstein, stays with him. After being exposed to warpstone by the Priests, she can unleash huge amounts of raw magic. She is the closest thing Peter has to a wife.

2015-2017- Peter is part of Faulsing’s failed attempted to take Wolfenburg. The pair fight side by side on the walls of city, but their forces are unable to capture it. Peter also meets Simon von Carsten during this time, although he does not get to know the poet very well.

2018- Peter again fights with Faulsing at the battle of Harroten Fields.

2019- Peter is commanded by Vlad to leave Faulsing’s army. They do not see each other until the siege of Altdorf. Peter fights along side the Count for the next thirty years.

2051- Vlad lays siege to Altdorf. Peter is fighting on the walls when the Count is slain. Peter leaps from the walls, narrowly missing the spikes in the moat which killed his liege lord. His legs are shattered in the fall, and he is carried to safety by his Blood Knight companions. He retreats to Swartzhafen to recover. Over the next few years he further fortifies the keep and develops his skills with the Winds of Magic.

2092- Helmut van Hal leads his forces to cleanse Sylvania. Swarthafen is besieged, but not taken.

2095- Peter fights alongside Konrad von Carstein throughout the Second Vampire War. Peter meets with some of his fellow Blood Dragons who are also fighting with the Blood Count. Some welcome him although many are distrustful of his new magical powers, so he keeps his distance for much of the War.

2100- At the Battle of Four Armies, Konrad is defeated but not destroyed. Peter loses much of his army.

2108-2121- Peter fights many battles as part of Konrad’s army.

2121- Peter abandons Konrad to his fate at the Battle of Grim Moor. As the Mad Count’s army crumbles around him. Peter breaks though the Imperial lines to make his escape.

2122- Peter is reunited with Faulsing (now calling himself Mircea von Carstein). The pair swear fealty to the new Count Mannfred.

2125- Peter sends Lucia into the Empire to spy on the humans. She plays little part in the fighting of the Third Vampire War.

2132- Mannfred launches his attack on the Empire. Peter is not part of the main campaign, instead attacking the South of the Empire.

2140- Lucia is captured by a Sigmarite Priest. She is taken to the Cathedral in Altdorf, and is held there to the present day.

2145- Peter is recalled to Hel Fenn by Mannfred. Peter only just manages to escape with Mircea. The pair go their own separate ways. Peter lays low for a number of years, rebuilding his forces and improving his magical abilities.

2256- Peter attempts to break into the Sigmarite Cathedral in Altdorf to rescue Lucia, but his almost captured himself. He only escapes by stowing away on a ship bound for the coast.

2302- Peter is part of the group of Vampire’s united by Mircea to fight off a Chaos invasion. Peter falls out with a number of the other Vampires, but remains as part of the alliance out of loyalty to Mircea.

2345- Peter once again attempts to rescue Lucia, enlisting the help of the Tilean assassin Dargo the Bloody. The human is almost killed in the attempt to break into the Cathedral. Impressed by his talents, Peter sires Drago, but the new Vampire betrays his sire soon after.

2506- Mircea arrives in Swartzhafen and asks Peter to join him once again at Mannfred’s side. Peter accepts and aids the new Marshal of Sylvania in ridding the province of greenskins.

2522- Present- Peter fights the Chaos horde invading Sylvannia. However he leaves Mannfred’s company soon after, and does not join him in his battles against the Vampire Council.

Peter journeys to Drakenhof after hearing of a new Count. On the way he assists the Strigoi Niklaus and the pair become unlikely friends. Peter swears fealty to Simon von Carstein and joins the vampire Council.

Basic Stats:

Speed: 5 (8 when riding his Nightmare, Fire Hoof).

Agility: 5

Weapon Skill: Peter is a skilled warrior, and has been fighting for most of his life. 7

Ballistic Skill: Peter does not use ranged weapons, believing they are cowardly. 1

Raw Strength: Peter his been honed after years of warfare. 6

Technique Strength: Peter has fought for many centuries with the same blade, so is skilled when wielding it. 7

Toughness: Peter is a tough creature, able to shrug of many injuries. This is further enhanced by the regenerative ability of his sword, and his magic armour. 5 (7)

Tactical Knowledge: Having served under Mircea for a number of years, he has picked up a few tricks. 7


Magical Lores Known: Necromancy/ Vampire, Fire

Raw Magical Power: 4

Magical Skill: 4


Soul Eater.

A blade taken from the vaults of Blood Keep, it takes the life force of those it kills, and feeds them to the user. It is similar to Vlad’s sword, and it is known if the blades were made by the same hand.

Heals Peter when it wounds the enemy. This benefit is incorporated into his Toughness.

Jason’s Armour

Created for Peter to replace his old armour, this suit of armour was crafted by Jason Nightwere. It blocks magical and physical attacks with the Dark Magic woven into its construction.

Provides a Ward against magical and physical attacks. Again this benefit has been added to his Toughness.

Other Abilities:

Lord of Ravens

Ever since the day this bird saved Peter from the Griffon, it has been his faithful companion.

Peter has a pet raven. The bird has been gifted with a few drops of his blood, so is undead. It carries messages for him, and distracts his enemies.


Tactician. Is a skilled general

An army. Has raised a sizeable force to aid him.

Warrior. As a knight of Blood Keep, Peter is a skilled warrior.


Compassion. Takes pity on those unable to defend themselves, he is still a chivalrous knight. He also tries to help his friends, and often takes stupid risks trying to protect them.

Mediocre magic. Not an extremely power spell caster.

Outcast. Since dabbling in magic, he as become more distant from his fellow Blood Knights.


Master Necromancer
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Jan 17, 2012
Full Name: Mikaeus the Outcast
Age: 1396
Bloodline: Necrarch
Sire: 'Vedalken'. Other names unknown.
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Forgotten

Physical Description: Mikaeus is skeletal and shriveled, even for a necrarch. He stands a measly 5ft 3" and has developed a permanent hunch, lowering his stature even further. He has very long hair (although it is so thin you could count the strands without difficulty) and long, claw-like fingernails.

Personality: Mikaeus has had no contact with a living thing for 300 years and little-none for the millennium before that. For a long time before that he was hideously tortured. He is quite peculiar. Often he talks to himself and ignores others, struggling to interact at all.

Brief history: Mikaeus as a man was strong willed, intelligent and, in the eyes of his sire at least, full of potential. He was given the blood kiss by a power hungry necrarch, Mikaeus knew him only as Vedalken, who was searching for a new apprentice, quick witted and full of power, to turn into a weapon against the empire. Unfortunately, Mikaeus turned out to be less than all Vedalken had hoped for. Although he was increadibly determined, he lacked the raw magical skill which is normally inherent in the Necrarch bloodline, and Vedalken was forced to tutor him in the ways of magic. Vedalken's teaching style was one that only someone truly evil could think of. He set his pupil challenges that he knew were far above his skill level and locked him in a magically induced state of permanent agony until he completed them. Eventually Vedalken grew tired of Mikeaus' inability to learn, and after decades of torture he simply left the broken husk of a vampire that he had created in some cavern in the wilderness where he had 'tutored' him.

After the perpetual state of agony and feeding but a few times in his decades of unlife, Mikaeus' body was broken. However his mind couldn't have been more focused. Mikaeus remembered nothing from his previous life, he knew only two things now. He despised his master with a passion that would've made a bloodthirster uneasy, and he must grow more powerful. He formulated a plan to take vengeance on his master, but he needed to become more powerful. And so he studied. He studied magic like a fanatical acolyte of tzeentch. He gathered to him all the written knowledge on magic and magical practices he could find, first stealing the notes of hermits and traveling wizards then, as he grew more daring and more powerful, killing necromancers and taking their tomes of magic. He collected powerful magical artifacts and experimented with them, learning their secrets and exploiting their power to further his own. He also captured live subjects, partially to feed off but mostly to learn descover the relationship between magic and living forms. For over 1000 years Mikaeus lived this way- hidden in his cave emerging only briefly to gather more materials. His skills grew beyond peer and although he still lacked the raw magical skill of many Necrarch's, he knows how to manipulate magic in it's physical form, as magical equipment and enchanted items. For the last 2 centuries Mikaeus has locked himself away, working uninterrupted on the creation of a magical arsenal to ensure his dominance and to guarantee his revenge should he come face to face with his sire. Now he emerges from this cloistered manufacture, feeling that something is wrong- his power lessening and the warpstone he works with brightening and becoming more unstable. Mikaeus is loosing his power over his works.

And Mikaeus mustn't loose power.

Basic Stats
Speed: 3 - He hasn't ever really had to move for centuries
Agility: 2 - He hasn't ever really had to move for centuries
Weapon Skill: 2(5) - His skill is terrible having never fought. His blade on the other hand...
Ballistic Skill: 2 - He's never used a non-magical projectile
Raw Strength: 4(2) - A vampire never looses some things, brackets represent sword
Technique Strength: 1(3) - His skill is terrible having never fought. His blade on the other hand...
Toughness: 3(4) - He is shriveled and withered, modified by his robe
Tactical Knowledge: 2 - He has never seen a battle. What skill he has comes from his general intelligence

Magical lores known: All of them to a small extent, although he can only cast necromancy with any real success
Raw magical power: 2(6)
Magical Skill: 6

Robe of Iron: A robe which flows like cloth, but when struck has the strength of meteoric iron. Mikaeus wraps his entire body in the large, heavy robe leaving only his face visible through the hood. Increases toughness slightly and gives an armour save equivalent to full plate armour

Dancing Blade: Mikaeus lacks any semblance of skill with a weapon, so he bound the soul of a warrior to his sword. The sword fights on it's own without having to be held, but remains under the basic control of Mikaeus. Fights with a low strength but WS of 5 and a technique strength of 3

Runed rod: A small wooden rod covered in carefully inscribed runes which glow a malignant green. Has a large hole in the bottom with unfastened glowing straps hanging loose. Mikaeus uses it as a focal point for casting spells and it has the effect of increasing his magical power.

Other magical bits and bobs: Various pieces of magical paraphernalia used for the creation of magic items.

Other abilities
Mikaeus is a master at creating magic items, rivaling dwarf runesmiths in his ability to seal magic into a physical object, although it is not a natural talent and he must put a lot of thought and effort into the process.

Mikaeus is determined to achieve his goals whatever they may be.
Given materials and time he can forge powerful magic items

Not interactive or 'sociable' in the slightest. Difficult to fully co-operate with
Without his sword has no skill in combat at all
His stubbornness can cause him to go for his goals despite obvious dangers

Get of W'soran

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Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Captain Dieter Schwartz

Full Name: Dieter Schwartz (Also was honored with the name von Carstein by Vlad for his service but rarely uses it).
Official Title: Captain of Sylvanian Greatsword Regiment/Regent's Guard and Regent's Champion
Associated Names: Karl's Hound, Triumvirate's Executioner
Old Titles and Associated Names: Count's Champion, Vlad's Butcher, Mannfred's Shadow
Age: 792 by 2532 (Born in 1740, Sired in 1796)
Bloodline: Blood Dragon but sworn to the Von Carstein Line
Sire: Unknown, never spoke to sire
Generation: Doesn't know, but is third generation
Place of Birth: A small village in Stirland

Physical Description
A lean man of average height who appears to be in his early fifties, he has short hair and a goatee both of which where once brown but are now almost predominantly grey. He has a distinctive scar running down the right hand side of his face.
He is usually seen wearing the uniform and plate armor of his Greatsword Regiment, which is completely black with a silver wolf-head on the breast and a matching helm.
However he is also always carrying a weapon, usually his zweihander which gives his profession it's name.

Although vampirism may have stolen Dieter's more human qualities such as faith, mercy and compassion many of his soldiery traits remain the same. His profession as the Captain of the Guard and the Count's Champion has defined him completely over the past centuries.
He follows the orders of the ruling von Carsteins and protects the heads of that bloodline.
He is known for being slow to trust others.
One thing that becomes apparent however is his distaste for those of noble birth and whilst this does not hold true for his masters it does for almost everyone else but this distaste turns to hate for most knights who he sees as fools who'll allow stupidity to reign for the slightest chance at glory although a few competent knights do earn his respect.
The only people he truly likes however are his comrades in arms, precious few of whom currently live aside from his Greatswords.

Brief History
Dieter was born to an ex-swordsman on a small farm in Stirland during the mid 1700's, he was raised to be a soldier and his father taught him how to use every type of weapon in the imperial arsenal with the exception of black powder, with a focus on imperial swordsmanship and regimental fighting. When he was 18 he left and joined the provincial army which he fought in as part of a minor swordsman regiment for twenty years working his way up to the rank of sergeant before during a beastmen incursion his entire regiment was destroyed as was most of the army due to the actions of an idiot general and a glory-starved squadron of knights.
Dieter and a handful of survivors from various regiments, including a young pistolier, protected the provincial colours for three nights from a band of the beastmen who had stayed behind to slaughter the survivors.
When a week later an army came to hunt down the beastmen all they found was a half alive Dieter standing over the Stirland Banner surrounded by the corpses of the other survivors and beastmen.
For his “heroics” as the count elevated Dieter to the Greatswords.
Within a decade Dieter was Captain of the Greatswords and the Count's Champion.
After the investigations of the Templars of Sigmar into a possible vampire den Dieter and a handful of Greatswords and Knights where sent to back up the witch hunters to slay the abominations.
They found three vampires, one of which Dieter managed to slay and another a witch hunter ran through but the third was impossibly strong and slaughtered the dozen men who stood before him with ease. Dieter is not sure what happened next, whether the siring had been deliberate or accidental but when he awoke he could no longer bear the the feel of the sun's light nor the holy symbol that hung around his neck.
He was a vampire.
Dieter wandered the empire for half a century before coming to the doorstep of the von Carsteins.
Instead of being chased or attacked as had happened every other time Dieter had met his own kind the von Carsteins welcomed him and brought them to their master.
The Vampire Count Vlad offered him a place to live but more importantly also give him a purpose once more allowing him to become a soldier and during the year 1841 Dieter became the official Champion of the Count. He would slowly build the Count a force of Greatswords over the years, siring one every 8 or 9 years, most where Greatswords in life but many where simply very skilled soldiers from the state regiments.
By 2010 Vlad had a guard of 20 Greatswords who would serve a variety of specialist purposes from bodyguards for important individuals to reinforcements to enforces of the Count's will.
In 2051 all twenty Greatswords where present during the siege of Altdorf, during the assault they lost 9 members of the regiment with the rest fleeing after Vlad's death. Dieter became trapped on the walls and had to escape into the city and was unable to return to Sylvania for months.
With his return the Greatswords serve no one but protect all of Vlad's children, except from each other.
Dieter quietly serves Mannfred.
In 2094 with Mannfred's disappearance Konrad seizes control and Dieter becomes his Champion and the Greatswords are once more the Count's personal Guard, a duty that becomes less true as Konrad founds his own faction of personal vampiric warriors.
Dieter stays in the background throughout much of Konrad's rule, happy to simply watch the Mad Count, Dieter helps train Damek von Carstein in the martial arts.
Dieter mostly stayed out of the second vampire war on Konrad's orders.
When Mannfred came to power Dieter was ready, the Greatswords were numbered twenty five at the beginning of his rule and they served much the same purpose as they had during Vlad's rule with Dieter officially becoming Mannfred's Champion as he had done for the previous rulers of Sylvania. He continues to serve alongside his men for Mannfred until the Count's death at Hel Fenn.
After this for the first time since their conception the Greatswords all quit Drakenhof and retire to their own private fortress in Sylvania and stay out of the infighting of the von Carstein house.
When Mannfred returns to seize his rightful place as Count Dieter arrives at Drakenhof with forty five vampiric Greatswords to serve once more.
During the battle of the Vampire Council Dieter was abroad on duties for the Count, when he returned Mannfred was dead and half of his Greatswords had been killed by the Council forces.
Karl, who Mannfred had described as the runt of the litter, alongside Simon and Micrea von carsteins, two mere third generation vampires appeared in control.
Unwilling to get involved Dieter and his twenty two remaining warriors retreated to their fortress once more.
After the defeat of Nagash Karl came to the fortress to meet with Dieter to ask for his support for the new ruling regime of Sylvania, the “Triumvirate” with Karl von Carstein as the regent.
After a few weeks Karl left the fortress and had the Greatswords following him, now bearing the name “Regent's Guard” and Dieter as the Regent's personal Champion.
Despite their new name they served the entire Triumvirate, providing protection for not only Karl but the great Sylvanian General Micrea von Carstein and the cunning Poet Simon von Carsten.
For the past ten years Dieter has served in this capacity and the Greatswords have increased their number by four.

The past decade has went poorly for the Regent's Guard who, used to fighting as a single unit, have been broken up to cover the already stretched thin lines of the von Carstein military. Ten guards including Dieter have remained with Regent Karl von Carstein to give the image of Strength and Stability whilst the other Seventeen have been posted throughout the army to protect important personnel, both other Triumvirates Simon and Micrea have four of these guards at their personal disposal.

Basic Stats

Speed: 6 A Well Trained Infantry man who can quickly get from A to B

Agility: 5 Very quick at launching at dodging attacks but slowed by the cumbersome plate armor.

Weapon Skill: 7 Has trained his entire life and unlife in weaponry and soldiering

Ballistic Skill: 1 Hasn't used ranged weaponry since being amongst the living

Raw Strength: 6 A Blood Dragon who's life revolves around melee combat

Technique Strength: 7 As a Greatsword he his proud of his skill with a blade and trains regularly with the same blade types he's always used

Toughness: 5 (6) A veteran of uncountable battles he knows how to keep fighting even when wounded, increased by his armour

Tactical Knowledge: 4 Skilled at commanding his small regiment of Greatswords and with centuries of experience of battle he has an average level of tactical knowledge


Magical Lores Known:
Raw Magical Power: 2
Magical Skill: 2 Almost entirely offensive Necromantic spells with some minor healing and raising of weak undead.


Dieter's sword
A Zweihander of the finest craftsmanship and enchanted by the most skilled of the von Carstein magi
An exceptionally strong blade that can cut through any unenchanted armour with ease and damage even the most magical of suits.

Uniform of the Regent's Guard
Dieter has worn this armour for what seems an age, plate with imperial design uniform beneath it is an all place version of the armour the mortal Greatswords of the empire wear with the exception of a silver wolf's head on the breast.
The armour was forged and enchanted by the vampiric armourers of house von Carstein for Dieter, it is of higher quality than that of the rest of the Regent's Guard., increases toughness by 1

The Wolf's fang and claw
A matching pair of blades, the fang being a longsword and the claw a dagger
A sturdy set of well made, but mundane, weapons.

Other Abilities

Blood Fury: The curse of his blood and despite Dieter's self-discipline in dire circumstances Dieter loses control of himself in a berserker rage but gains immense strength and speed.


Master swordsman: Dieter has trained extensively with a great variety of weapons but it is with a blade that he has focused especially the Zweihander and imperial longsword.
Duelist: As Count's Champion over the past centuries Dieter has entered into a great many duels and always triumphed.
Veteran: Dieter has fought in many conflicts from Wars to brawls and this experience comes in useful
Politic: Dieter has not survived centuries at the service of megalomaniac immortals without learning when to keep his mouth shut


Terrible Mage: Not only is his magical knowledge severely limited to some dark battle magic and some necromantic cantrips but he is naturally poor at casting spells finding it hard to use the winds of magic.
Eternal Soldier: Dieter obeys his masters no matter the circumstances and as such has a certain amount of restriction on what he can do with his existence.
Fragile Mind: Dieter's mind did not take to vampirism easily and like most vampires his mortal mind finds the test of immortality difficult. It is likely needs his existence as a soldier to the von Carsteins to survive.
Hates Knights: Dieter is not overly diplomatic to knights, with the exception of a few comrades he has fought alongside.
Can't stand God: Once a devout Sigmarite, Dieter is strongly repelled by the symbols of Sigmar.

Additional Notes

The guy from my von Carstein stories.

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Note: There might be some discrepancies from the TVC as I can't locate Rowhaine's original bio :swear:

Rowhaine - Champion of Asaph

Full Name: Rowhaine Cromwell
Associated Names: The Chosen One, Champion of Asaph, Avatar of Asaph, Herald of the Gods
Age: 549
Bloodline: Previously von Carstein
Sire: Previously Milosh Cromwell, now raised to power by Asaph, Nehekharan god.
Generation: Previously 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Unnamed hamlet in the Empire.

Physical Description
Rowhaine is a striking man, standing at over 6 foot with a broad muscular body, tapering to a slim waist with a multitude of scars across his skin. At first glance everything exudes raw physical power, however to look into his dark eyes shows he the intelligence to match. His skin is tanned from many days under the Nehekharan sun, his long black wavy hair held back in a golden clip. A rough stubble generally covers a face which whilst not beautiful, could be considered ruggedly handsome. He clothing does not reflect his status, despite the protests of those around him, he still wears the britches, white shirts and leather boots commonly found in the Empire. However around his biceps are bands of solid gold, matching the torc around his neck.

Surrounding his body is a slight glow of godly power. A subtle yellow hue, in battle or anger it grows stronger, his eyes turning into blazing light as his body is surrounded by an almost white corona.

An enigmatic man, to say Rowhaine is complex is an understatement. He is a warrior first and foremost and does not suffer fools gladly. In the past ten years he has matured beyond his years, and he now projects a clam detached manner that at times can almost seem cold. Likewise he words can be blunt and direct, avoiding exaggeration, lies and when he refers back to his Empire roots "bullshit". He also has the habit of treating everyone the same, regardless of rank and whilst he is courteous and polite in an old fashioned way, he will also not mince his words. That said, Rowhaine is intelligent and as such knows there is a time and place, certainly dealing with the Nehekharan Kings as given him great insights into diplomacy.

Rowhaine lives his life by values, still believe in honour, loyalty and doing the right thing, even at the cost of oneself. Many have called this a weakness, but his bravery cannot be beyond any doubt. To have Rowhaine as a friend is to have someone who will not let you down, to have him as an enemy is to have someone of focused mind, deadly in combat and gifted with godly powers.

However despite all this, not everything is pure in the champion. Deep, deep down a core of rage still exists. A blinding rage from his past that he must fight, must hide. It is partly because of this that he has become slightly detached from his emotions, as he fights to ensure the darkness inside remains that way.

Brief History
Rowhaine was born a peasant, lowest of the low. Born in an unnamed hamlet in the Empire, nothing is known of his parentage, despite the seemingly good healthy lineage. However that did not go unnoticed when a pair of vampires happened on the hamlet, the infamous siren known as Mistress Lesa and her husband Milosh. As was usual for the pair, the hamlet was bled dry but when they noted such a fine specimen the took pause.

Not long before Milosh had been involved in a magical accident (see TVC for full story), which had left him in spirit form. In such a way he became the Wraithlord, able to command spirits and wraiths without compare. However despite that he missed the pleasures of the flesh, and had been searching for a way to take solid form for many years. His latest experiments had turned to possession, to take the body of suitable "host".

Rowhaine was to be the next experiment, and as such he was turned to provide a suitable host. However the attempt, as all the others failed. Instead Rowhaine was left mentally damaged, filled with the rage of the Varghulf. Only his iron will stopped his full degeneration however he became very bestial, able to shift into wolf form, and every day fought to stop the beast overcoming him.

The events of the war against Nagash proved to be his saving. During the war he was transported to Nehekahara with his sibling in darkness Katie and the Necrarch Reshorn. Whilst the events there were many, of note was Rowhaine's ascension to Champion of Asaph. Unknown to many the Goddess had managed to gain a foothold back into the Lands of the Dead, thanks to unwavering faith of Khalida and her followers. Unwittingly Rowhaine and the other vampires assisted in stopping the civil war about to take place in Nehekhara, but Rowhaine was forced to fight the existing Champion of Asaph when he was taken for an enemy.

Successfully defeating his opponent, Rowhaine was offered the chance of redemption and his body was cleansed by Asaph and granted her blessing. Swelled with her power Rowhaine went forth in her name, and proved key in the events of the rest of the war, both assisting in defending Khemri, and leading the legions of Nehekhara to the aid of the vampire Council.

Following the events of the war, Rowhaine settled in Nehekhara and brought about the new covenant of the gods. Through his force of will, diplomacy and unwavering faith he worked with the Nehekharan's, dead and living alike. A kingdom where the living and dead coexisted peacefully was created, although the dead still ruled. The cities began to flourish, and once more the blessings of the gods were gifted.

Now Rowhaine stands as the Chosen One, granted blessings of all the gods, though he still remains the Champion and Avatar of Asaph. A holy icon to many of his people he travels the Nehekharan lands, providing advice, defending the lands and protecting the weak. However recently the dead have started to weaken and finally the truth has been revealed to him......

Basic Stats


Speed: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Agility: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Weapon Skill: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Ballistic Skill: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Raw Strength: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Technique Strength: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Toughness: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Tactical Knowledge: 8 - Rowhaine has lead the armies of Nehekhara many times, and is reckoned as one of the greatest generals in the lands.

Magic - you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known: Innate godly powers. Known current abilities involve shielding, teleportation and energy projectiles.
Raw Magical Power: - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Magical Skill: 10 - only because his powers are innate, and as such do not require "skill" as such.

Skillset: Metal work (weapons / armour maintenance)
Skill Level: 7 - Fully capable making and mending weapons and armour.

Weapons / Armour / Items

Khopesh of the Chosen
This khopesh was taken from the previous champion, passed down to all those who take up the mantle of Asaph. It shines with golden light, and can pierce through any known object or magic.
A potent weapon that is designed to support the innate abilities of the Champion of Asaph. It is feather light, razor sharp and unbreakable. Neither armour, stone or magic shield is proof against its edge.

The golden torc around Rowhaine's neck represents his absolute authority as the chosen of the gods.
The item grants Rowhaine the ability to communicate outside the realms of this world. Originally designed to speak with the Nehekharan gods, it also allows his to see and speak to those in other planes of existence.

Other Abilities

Blessed by the Gods
Rowhaine has been blessed by the gods in many ways. He is known to be at least as strong as the older vampires, however many wonder how strong he truly is.....
Rowhaine's strengths will be revealed as the RP progresses.

Magesight / Darksight
Through the eyes of gods does Rowhaine see, and the winds of magic are as plain as day to him. However even clearer are those of evil and dark nature, revealed to him in all their hideous glory
Rowhaine can see the winds of magic like a mage, and he can also easily see and detect any signs of evil, whether they are a creature, person, item or spell etc.

Wolf Form
In recent years Rowhaine has realised this once vampiric power still exists, transforming him into a silvery white wolf of massive proportions. How and why this is still possible remains to be revealed......
Rowhaine can change into a large wolf and gain the associated benefits, whilst still retaining his intelligence.

Chosen of the gods - unknown powers
Great warrior and general
Excellent network of allies and contacts in both Nehekhara and amongst vampires.
Military might of Nehekhara to call upon

Can be manipulated by preying on his core values of honour / loyalty / protecting the weak. Rowhaine will even stick by his values when he knows he is being manipulated.
Other weaknesses currently unknown

Additional Notes
Before you all get worried, Rowhaine is a GM character - i.e he is designed to be stronger so he can lead the story. He will not be steamrolling over other characters or spoiling the RP for anyone xd


Vampire Count
True Blood
Jul 23, 2009
Name: Alexander von Carstein
Associated names: The Beast Without, the lucky son of a gun, Al, but only if he can call you Betty.
Age: 720
Bloodline: Von Carstein
Sire: Lord Regent Karl von Carstein
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Sylvania

Physical Description: Alexander is a very noble looking man, with mid sized grey hair, and a stylish moustache. He wears aristocratic clothes, and also has a cape that may or may not be considered ironic. He doesn't care either way, it's fashionable.

Personality: Alexander is a very egotistical man, so sure in his own superiority that he will not back down easily from most things. Though he is normally quite sane, his unfortunate..."accident" has left his mind rather fragile. Prodded enough, the metaphorical table in his head will easily be flipped and he will fly off the hinges.

Brief History: As one of the smarter nobles of Sylvania, Alexander was sired by Karl von Carstein, and was not too known compared to some of the other Carsteins. However this was mainly due to his intelligence. Too large of a name and you would be hunted down, too small and you would never be recognized. However during Konrad's rise to power, he defended his sire's barony, and was captured by Konrad's henchmen. He was sentenced to the same fate that many so called traitors are dealt - imprisonment underneath Castle Drakenhof. Over time, he mutated into a hideous creature, a vargheist. However his own surefire belief in himself prevailed even over the beast he had become, and he resisted the urge to feed until he could find a way to return to his natural form. He has slowly been regaining in strength, both mental and physical. He has hired - rather coerced necromancers into teaching him the art of necromancy, wishing to become a true force to be reckoned with. The awakening of the vargheist shattered his old state of mind, and though he is still egotistical, he will never be as brazen as he once was, though the minor insanity he has due to the experience may affect his judgement sometimes.

Basic stats

Speed: 5(10) (As a vampire, he is as fast as you may expect a vampire to be. However, as a vargheist he has much stronger muscles and wings.)

Agility 6(4) (Alexander is very skilled in combat, able to duck in and out of blows and riposte with ease, however as a vargheist he is much bulkier.)

Weapon Skill 5(4) (Though once a renown duellist, Alexander's skills faded while he was out of commission, and his Vargheist form is no better. He does however seek to continue training and become better.)

Ballistic Skill 5 (2) (Alexander is a skilled duellist and is no slouch with a pistol. His other side on the other hand...not so much.)

Raw Strength - 5(8) (As a vampire, Alexander is naturally strong. When he unleashes his literal beast however...it is much stronger.)

Technique Strength - 5(4) (Once again, Alexander is skilled, yet recovering, and his other form is too brutish to understand exactly how to put technique into action.)

Toughness - 5 (7) (Alexander is tough as a vampire, and yet even more as a vargheist.)

Tactical Knowledge - 4 (Alexander is a fair general, though time away from battle as reduced this some.)


Magical Lores known - Vampires, Death

Raw magic power - 5

Magical Skill - 5

Technology: Tailor - 5 (he can generally hand make his own, very stylish clothes. He will consider doing this for others.)


The lifehunt sword - This is a standard sword, however is glows with a dull red, and is enchanted to drain the life of enemies it wounds.

Parrying Dagger - This dagger is used for parrying, and has a minor enchantment to keep it sharp and harder to break.

Pistol - This simple pistol is something Alexander uses to dispatch minor enemies, and as an ace up his sleeve in duels.

Other Abilities

Vargheist form - Alexander has successfully fought off the aspect of the vargheist. However, it remains in his psyche, as a monster lurking just outside his mind
ready to take over if it must. He can willingly transform into the Vargheist, provided he is angry enough, however in times of extreme stress, it will happen automatically, and he will have much less control over it. It alters his stats as shown in the brackets.

Strengths: Selfsure, enough that his sheer willpower can protect him through certain mind altering attacks or dark times.
He is a good duellist, and has a few tricks up his sleeve.
His vargheist form can easily turn the tables of a fight.
He is also decently trained in the art of magic

Weaknesses: His own surety in himself could just as easily be a weakness, as it could be used against him.
Though he is a good duellist, there are many that could deal with him.
The vargheist lurking within could possibly come out at a bad time.

Additional notes: He is very stylish.


True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Prince George
Was origanily going to be someone else but ah screw it
Full Name: Graveclaw
Associated Names: Karlof Schultz, the Beast, the Vermin King, Ghoul-King, Kin-Eater, Monster, Horn-Breaker, Gitrippa
Age: 860
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Raze'kharn
Generation: 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Stirland
Height: eight feet tall
Weight: three hundred pounds with not an ounce of body fat on him
Eyes: Yellow…. In the last ten years Graveclaw has lost his right eye now it is a sightless white orb
Skin: Pale green like rotting flesh, but as tough as hide leather
Hair: None
Ears: large and pointed, very similar to a bats
Claws: 30 inches long and hard as iron
Teeth: all of Graveclaw's teeth have tapered into razor sharp points.
Armor and clothing: Graveclaw wheres the rusted remains of a chain shirt most of which has rusted away he also wheres an Iron Pauldron on his right shoulder. he also wheres a pair of tattered trousers. In the last ten years Graveclaw has taken to wearing a chain necklace which he has linked through the Crown Of Nagash in an open challenge daring anyone to try and take it.
Personalty: Graveclaw is nearly always on the brink of flying into a berserk rage he hates all creatures of undeath, with an awesome fury even the Ghouls who serve him, know not to wander to close least their masters wrath fall upon their heads.
Speed: when running upright 5 when on all fours 9, 4 when on the roof or walls
Agility: 6- Graveclaw can jump six feet in the air
Weapon skill: 8- Graveclaw does not have any weapons save his teeth and Claws
Ballistic skill: 1- Graveclaw doesn't aim he just throws
Raw Strength: 9- Graveclaw can bend Dwarf foraged steel with his bare hands, and if he gets the drop wrestle a Troll to the ground
Toughness: 8- anything that does not kill Graveclaw outright he will recover from
Tactical Knowledge: 2 Graveclaw can spring an ambush but pretty much a frontal assault is his main tactic.
The Crown of Sorcery: In the Finial battle with Nagash Graveclaw singlehandedly wrestled the Great Necromancer to the ground and with his own hands tore the Crown from Nagash’s head, since then the Mighty Strigori has linked a chain through it and wears it as a necklace.

Magic: Graveclaw can raise the Dead but has no control over them. A Nerarch once speculated that Graveclaws body gave up its magical powers to fuel Graveclaws strength and endurance.
Awesome strength: Graveclaw can bend Dwarf steel with his bare hands, or tear a manor gate from its hinges.
Unholy Endurance: Graveclaw can get up after being thrown across the room by a Varghulf. And once had a Greatsword driven though his chest, Graveclaw simply pulled the sword in deeper and proceeded to bite the wielders throat out.
Wall Climbing: Graveclaw like many Strigori can climb many surfaces though he is slowed doing so.
Superior Smell: Graveclaw's sense of smell is far greater than even other Vampires he can pick up a trail of his prey that is a week old.
Sunlight: Graveclaw is vulnerable to sunlight though he does not combust he is weakened and put through extreme pain as his skin blackens and burns.
Daemons Root and Witchbane: in the Presence of these foul-smelling herbs Graveclaw begins to choke and cough violently and is unable to draw near.
Will not kill humans*: Just as it sounds No matter what they have done to him or even if they are trying to kill him Graveclaw will not kill humans.
The Voice- since the Fall Graveclaw has been hearing a voice in his head it whispers to him for the most part Graveclaw ignores it but sometimes it distracts him.
*Chaos Warriors and Necromancers have very little of their humanity left and Graveclaw has no problem killing them.


Grave Guard
Jun 5, 2011
Title of Character

Full Name: Nimrais Nahmir
Associated Names: The Trickster
Age: 324
Bloodline: Lahmia
Sire: Alenco Klimt
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Middenheim

Physical Description
Nimrais is a shorth and slender girl. She's a beautifully shaped woman that still looks quite young, since she was blooded when she was 26. Like most vampires, she has a pale complexion. She has a dirty blond hair colour and deep, clear green eyes. She stands a little shorter than the avarage girl of the empir, her hair goes to a bit beyond shoulder length and her physique is hourglass shaped.

Her favourite colour is purple, with blue coming a close second. Due to this, her clothing often exists of different shades of purple and yellow or gold, or she goes for a light blue with white. She tries to pick elegant clothing that fits her slender body well. Since she is a performer by nature, she always tries to look good. Most often she wears long elegant dresses with loths of laces, though sometimes she prefers the practicality of a tight fitting pair of pants with a laced shirt since it allows for better movement. Surprisngly, she wears very little jewelerry. A single silvery necklace is all she wears around her neck, holding a beautiful tear shaped clear blue stone that rests upon her chest.

Although she had hardships and trauma in her life, Nimrais is still a well spirited girl like she used to be. She enjoys life, loves to learn new things, and is very sociable. She's also very keen on toying with people, being an innocent, seductive tease.

The abuse she went through after she became a vampire, along with the trauma of no longer being alive and the century of solitude left her quite insane. She talks with shadows which she can summon with her magic, who also talk back, although only she seems to hear it. Nimrais became very lonely, and is keen to search out companionship, but she's also very afraid of people (strong dominant males particularly). She seems to know that her weird mind doesn't sit well with others, and tries to hide is as much as possible from others. Living a life where she hides her undead physique, nature and psyche, living a shadow life, like the "friends" she summons around her.

Brief History
Nimrais made her living entertaining crowds in theaters and bars in Middenheim. She was a local amusement and performed magic tricks and illusions quite well. She enjoyed life and got along well with the people around her. One day, after she was done with her act, a man with a deep voice and unnatural charisma approached her. He insisted that she came to his place, and she didn't have the strenght to resist his charms. Once they got to a more private area however, the man revealed himself to be a vampire and gave Nimrais the bloodkiss and enslaved her to his will.

For years she was forced to travel with him. Hiding from preying eyes and keeping in the shadows of society. Although she didn't like it, it wasn't that bad at the beginning. But as months, years even passed, Alenco became more dark and impatient. He already used Nimrais for his own desires and wishes, but became much more violent and abusive about it the longer it went on. He used his strenght and overpowering charisma to force what he wanted, until one day, Nimrais had enough. She took what few possessions she and Alenco had together, and fled. She knew Alenco would become enraged and would set out to find her, but she couldn't dare it to face him, fleeing instead.

Hating the living for their naïve, happy lives and hating the dead for what they had done to her, she set out to live in solitute. Her traumatized, damaged mind began to break down here, in the caves where she lived, to cope with it all. She let the shadows dance as images of humans which she talked with to push back the feeling of loneliness. The shadows couldn't hurt her, the shadows understood her pain.

But the crowd, the entertainment and the people was always her life. After more than a century of solitude, she gave in. She yearned to be back among the living. No longer feeding on animals and travellers and bandits, to live in the heart of a city, filled with life and simple joys, even if she would never be her old self again. She traveled back.

At first, it was very uneasy for her to adapt to this new environment. People around her, life.. she felt uneasy and excited at the same time. She was shy and not socially adequate to find work as a performer for a very long time, but she kept trying, as it went easier and easier, better and better with each passing day. Now, she hides herself among humans. Living a glimpse of her old life. Performing, smiling, dancing.. deceiving.

Basic Stats

Speed: 6 - She's in good shape and has the natural speed of an above avarage vampire due to her bloodline.

Agility: 6 - She's always been very agile and flexible in her human life due to her career in performing. Her magical abilities and Lahmian bloodline accentuate that.

Weapon Skill: 2 - Nimrais hardly knows combat. Some of her magic tricks and her heightened senses as a vampire make her as skilled as an avarage human.

Ballistic Skill: 5 - Nimrais has a very good hand-eye coördination. Many of her tricks required utmost precision.

Raw Strength: 4 - She's a small girl. And although she is much stronger than the avarage human, she's not as strong as an avarage vampire.

Technique Strength: 1 - Nimrais knows of no combat techniques besides "hit them with the sharp end".

Toughness: 5 - Although she's of small and fragile form, she has taken a lot of abuse in her life and became a tough girl because of that.

Tactical Knowledge: 1 - The only thing Nimrais might be able to lead is a circus troupe. She possesses charisma, but no tactical skills.

Magic -
Magical Lores Known: Shadows (and lore of the vampires, but that comes natural. She has little to no training in it).
Raw Magical Power: 4 - Nimrais was already a minor spellcaster when she was a human, although her magic never extended to much beyond trickery and illusions. When she became a vampire, her natural attunement to the winds of magic bolstered her magical power.

Magical Skill: 4 - She was always a skilled magician. Even though she didn't have much magical power, she knew exactly how to perform the rituals and tricks. With great timing and form.

Skillset and level:
Performing (Trickery and illusion) 5 - She was always a very good performer. Not the greatest to be well known throughout the lands, but she could always amuse a full crowd.

Performing (Acting and seduction) 5 - She was always a very good performer. Not the greatest to be well known throughout the lands, but she could always amuse a full crowd.

Disguising and make up 5 - She was always a very good performer. Not the greatest to be well known throughout the lands, but she could always amuse a full crowd.

Weapons / Armour / Items
Short sword - This sword she stole from Alenco when she ran away. The sword seems to have an unnatural sharpness to it, slicing much easier through armour, but is otherwise not noteworthy.

Elegant walking cane/staff - This item seems to hold no magical properties, but she can channel her own magic through it, using it as a wand in her shows.

Disguise and make-up kits - What is a performer going to do when she can't look good doing it?

Adept in magic.
Good performer and actor.
Vampire strenghts.

Not trained in combat.
Vampire weaknesses.

Additional Notes
Alenco isn't exactly glad about his "pet" leaving (as he would put it), and especially since Nimrais stole his sword. He's set on finding her and setting things straight.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Basingstoke or Nexeternus
Simon von Carstein

Full Name: Simon von Carstein
Associated Names: Scourge of Morr, The Poetic Fiend, Imperator of the South, Lord Imperator, Third of the Triumvirate.
Age: 626
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Isabella von Carstein (deceased)
Generation: 3rd generation.
Place of Birth: Unknown

Roughly six foot tall with short blond hair which indicates some Norse Blood within him. Simon was sired at the age of twenty six and continues to look this age. The exception to this rule is his eyes which reflect the six centuries he has lived. Simon's appearance has tended to change over the centuries. In his younger days during his exile he dressed to resemble a member of the working class after he sired Sariah he started to revert back to clothes that reflected the minor nobleman he was. In battle he wore standard armour until shortly after the death of Konrad when he discovered a Hauberk that may have belonged to Walach Harkon not far from Grim Moor he tended to wear it as it was superior to his old armour. Thoughl it was finally destroyed by a dark lord of Nagash. Currently he has started wearing armour especially made for him by Jason Nightwere . He carries a magical blade called Animessor once wielded by a vampire hunter it works just as well on mortals too. In complete contradiction to his brother Mircea Simon is always smiling as he enjoys the life that he leads and sees it as a fascinating game.

Simon is possibly the happiest and most devious member of the council. Nothing seems to intimidate or frighten him as he oozes a confidence that unnerves everyone around him. Being a poet he has a way with words that enables him persuade people more easily than others. However his personality can change without warning. When angry he is at his most destructive and his ruthlessness and brutality borders on the genocidal. However despite these occasional outbursts Simon is generally popular and well liked by his servants and he is a kind and thoughtful lord though he has some racist views on vampires that didn’t start off as human calling them half breeds. In his arrogance he believes himself and his fellow vampires to be gods due to their enhanced abilities and powers. However what is not generally known is that he continues to worship Varena Goddess of knowledge and Justice. His best attribute is his almost fanatical loyalty to those he is close to. One example being his rescue of Lesa and Milosh Cromwell from the forces of Magneqrox. He later restored Milosh back to life and aided him in an attempt to bring Lesa back as well.

Brief History
a minor nobleman and famous Sylvanian poet Simon was sired by Isabella so that he could compose poems for her forever. Simon was exiled by Vlad for antagonising everyone as becoming a vampire had radically altered his personality. He was reconciled with his grandsire forty years later and grew to greatly respect him. Vlad was the only vampire Simon ever acknowledged as his Lord as he refused to serve Herman Posner, Konrad and Mannfred instead striking out on his own to forge his own destiny. Simon is currently the Imperator of the Ikaanan Territories which were once known as the Border Princes after manipulating the war between Mannfred and the Council to his own advantage. He is also a member of the Triumvirate alongside brother Mircea and Uncle Karl.

He is known as the scourge of Morr by mortals due to the terrible crimes he committed during the first war of the Vampire Counts and because ever since he defeated Dieter von Kronos he has made a point of hunting down and challenging any Vampire hunters connected to the Order of Morr mostly because he grew tired of fights he knew he was going to win. His second title The Poetic Fiend was given to him by other vampires due to his poetry and his habit of killing his own kind and it is the title they use to refer to him.

Basic stats
Weapon Skill:7
Ballistic Skill:6
Raw Strength:5
Technique Strength:8
Tactical Knowledge:7


Magical lores known: Lore of the Vampires/Necromancy and Shadows
Raw Magical Power: 7
Magical Skill:8

Skillset: Stud Farming:8
Simon's knowledge of breeding has enabled him to create the Baalak Gul.

Animessor - The Sword of von Kronos slays demons and undead with ease.
Armour of Nightwere - Forged for Simon during the war against Nagash by Jason Nightwere this armour actually increases his life force as well protects it.
Sceptre of Ikaana - This potent magic item enhances Simon's summoning abilities allowing to bind many more undead than normal.

Other abilities

von Carstein shifting - Simon has never shown any evidence of this power. However it should not be ruled out as al of his family have this ability to some degree.

Spectral Attendants - An aura made up of the spirits of Simon’s victims makes it easier for him to dispel enemy magic attacks aimed at him. They also drain enemy magic away.

Defying Gravity - Simon can defy gravity in a limited way enabling him to jump further and higher and even walk on ceilings.

Sunlight - Unlike most vampires Simon isn't superstitious about traditional vampire weaknesses and the most the sun can do to him is weaken his abilities without harming him.

Expert Swordsman - Though he cannot match the skills of the Blood Dragons, Simon is known as possibly the best swordsman of the von Carstein line, his unusual cloak and sword technique has earned him many victories.
Vast Resources - Simon has the largest military force of the council, with hundreds of thousands of undead, mortal troops and mercenary ogres included in his forces his army outnumbers all others on the vampire council.
Potent Necromancer - As a collector of unusual magic items Simons necromantic powers are excellent though he cannot match the like of V'azrin or Lesa.

Laid Back - Simon can sometimes not take things seriously enough, this can mean he can react to situations too late leaving him in a negative position.
Outburst - When Simon does finally lose his temper he becomes extremely irrational and unpredictable, however this is difficult to do although insulting his wife Sariah normally works.


Wight King
Mar 22, 2012
The Rose Knight, Naren Rosenberg
Full Name: Naren Rosenberg
Associated Names: The Rose Knight
Age: 269
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Tasirath Zade
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Altorf

Physical Description
Naren is slightly taller than an average man. He is slightly slender in build, but well toned. Naren's skin is unnaturally vibrant for an undead (Rumors suggest he uses make up to make himself appear more alive). He has long, platinum blonde hair that cascades over his shoulders and down to the lower third of his back. He constantly will braid his hair with small roses in very different styles from various regions.

Naren's eyes are a light yellow color that nearly match his brows. Naren has no facial hair whatsoever. He is meticulously clean shaven, so much so that it is unclear as to if he was resurrected in such pristine condition or if he simply is not seen unless he has had time to prepare.

He always wears bright, vibrant white colors. He will commonly don a shirt that erupts with lace around his neck and wrists. Naren will wear a pair of equally bright white pants that tuck into white leather boots. Around his waist, he always wears a long flowing white sash that dances behind him as he walks. He is commonly donning his armor as it weighs so little and is for looks more than functionality.

It is clear that physical perfection is this Vampire's main focus.

Naren's demeanor is always cool and calm. He will rarely raise his voice, even if discussion becomes heated. He is considered arrogant by most who cross his path (And with good reason). He always seems to have a remark or comment, even if he has no knowledge of the current situation. Fortunately for him, that same silver tongue protects him from much backlash.

When it comes to battle, Naren is generally willing to aid any Lahmian. He thinks of himself as a vanguard for them and the Lahmians as his charge. He also has no trouble going to battle against any of the other races.

When it comes to inner-Undead conflict, Naren is in most cases completely neutral. He has no desire to upset those older and more powerful than himself (which would include many).

Brief History
Naren Rosenberg was born in the Imperial City capital of Altdorf. He was the first of two children, the second being his sister, Elanor. Naren's childhood was that of any average noble. He was well educated and trained in the arts of magic as well as swordplay. He showed amazing promise, but was always a bit lazy and could often be found lounging around in the gardens rather than working.

Naren was always protective of his younger sister, but unfortunately, he could not protect her from herself. At the age of fifteen, she managed to burn down a barn and was shipped off to focus her talents as a wizard. Although, it broke Naren's heart to see his baby sister leave, he would have left shortly himself as he was becoming a full fledged Knight.

Naren fought in many battles at the time and eventually earned himself a small amount of prestige. Fortunately for him, Naren's father's money ensured that his treasured son fought in mere skirmishes that guaranteed his son's safety. Naren continued to move across the country side slaying whatever was in his path and bedding at least two females in each city he passed through.

It wasn't long before Naren adopted the title, the Rose Knight and was venturing deeper and deeper into unexplored territories. Naren's hubris caught up with him as they engaged what they thought was nothing more than a handful of rotting dead...an army erupted where there had been only a few shambling undead. Naren's men were all slain and only he stood left.

Naren dodged and parried whatever came at him. He fell several creatures, but the unfeeling hands eventually grabbed hold of him and stripped him of his rapier and armors. Naren then came face to face with one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen... the alluring Tasirath Zade.

She explained that she had heard of the Rose Knight and wanted him as her own. She embraced him into undeath and used him as her toy. Tasirath saw the potential in the young Knight and eventually began to bring in countless instructors of all kinds to teach the young Vampire.

Unfortunately, some habits die hard or not at all and Naren's laziness did not change. When he should be studying swordplay, he was off drinking from some well endowed maiden. It was a vicious cycle until Tasirath finally disowned the young Knight...Though, she would not destroy him... as she loved him so. Naren still visits his sire from time to time and always managed to escape that final lashing.

Basic Stats
Speed: 6
Agility: 8
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 2
Raw Strength: 3
Technique Strength: 6
Toughness: 3
Tactical Knowledge: 4

Lores: Vampire/Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 6
Magical Skill: 2

Skill Set: None
Skill Level: None

Weapons, Armor, Items
The Blade of the Rose Knight
This long and slender rapier is the definition of grace forged in steel. The hilt is wrapped in the hide of the Black Dragon, Karkrathen. The hand guard is gold, shaped like a rose vine which drapes down to protect the wielders hand. The blade itself has a slightly pinkish hue. This blade is rumored to be magical, but its magics seem purely cosmetic.

Pristine Pearl Armor
This suit of light armor is bright and pearl colored. The armor consists of pearl colored bracers, a breastplate with shoulder guards and a pair of greaves. Brown leather straps secure the armor to the wearer's body. This armor is not magical, but the material that the armor was crafted from does not allow blood to stick to it.

Other Abilities
Naren is a silver tongued individual. He commonly will make a quip or backhanded compliment, but quickly talk his way out of any insult. He is also able to put his tongue to use in the art of lying, seduction and most forms of subterfuge.

Ability to manipulate others
Above average speed and agility

Lack of Strength
Lack of Toughness
Laziness (Would rather sleep around and feed than scheme and conquer)

Additional Notes
Let me know if I flubbed this up anywhere. This is my first attempt at the TVC, though I am a very experienced Role Player and would be glad to change anything on the sheet. Thank you and I look forward to playing!


Wight King
Sep 23, 2012
Kavok Sarrowfang of Bastonne

Full name: Kavok Sarrowfang of Bastonne
Associated Names: Kavok. I don't think bretonnians are big ones for nicknames excluding those for having slain something impressive or the like... Which hasn't really happened as of yet for Kavok.
Age: 21
Race: Human (bretonnian nobleman)
Place of Birth: the dukedom of Bastonne

Physical Description
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Dark Brown, short
Eyes: Brown
Face: A short beard and mustache
Clothing: Generally wears around his armor on top, generally with a light grey tunic and trousers underneath. He does wear leather boots and gauntlets, and goes without the helmet, unless he knows he will be fighting soon.

Kavok, while being an honor-bound, chivalrous knight, he has a decent head on his shoulders. For one raised in bretonnia he is fairly open-minded about things, but considering how set in their ways bretonnians tend to be, that may not be saying much. He will stick with his word and his code, though how he interprets it. He generally only says what he feels needs to be said, but when he does speak he generally does so with confidence.

Brief History
Kavok was born the second son of a Baron from the dukedom of Bastonne. Being the second son of such a minor lord meant he had little more to inherit then the essentials for a knight for battle. His parents, while not outwardly saying it, did actively imply to not outshine his older brother who was to inherit the lands and family household.

So Kavok grew up learning the usual things a male bretonnian nobleman would learn. And with how confident the older brother was in his abilities, he lacked a willingness to admit that he needed to learn new things. This made catching up relatively easy to the slight annoyance of Kavok's parents. With this Kavok ended up spending a bit more time studying battles and their tactics while his brother continued to have extra lessons to learn how to effectively fight at a faster rate then Kavok.

When Kavok came to the age of adulthood, he joined the Knight Errant to prove himself on the battlefield. While he was a bit hot-blooded like the rest of the knights, he was probably the calmest of the lot. His upbringing had caused him to try and not show off too much. His use of tactical knowledge did help his squad of knights. This caused them to cause more damage to the enemy when they charged, and he was still quickly promoted relatively quickly.

After becoming a full Knight of the Realm, Kavok decided that he didn't want to continue to live as basically a spare part and a soldier, so he took the Questing Vow. Kavok laid down his lance and any ties of duty to his home, and left on his warhorse with only the things he could tie onto either himself or the horse.

Basic Stats
Speed: 3
Agility: 4
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 3
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 4
Toughness: 4
Tactical Knowledge: 5




Skill Set: Metalworking
Skill Level: 3 - He knows the basics, and could make simple things if needed, but this knowledge was mainly gained in order to properly maintain his arms and armor while traveling.

Weapons / Armour / Items

Simple Arming Sword
A basic sword, and has a plain horizontal bar crossguard. The blade is about two and a half feet in length. It is generally sheathed on Kavok's belt at his waist.

Simple Greatsword
A basic two-handed sword with a plain horizontal bar crossguard. The blade is about five feet in length (Based on the true two handed sword, the Zweihänder), with about a foot more in length for the hilt. It is strapped across Kavok's back.

Common Hunting Bow
A basic bow used for hunting.

Heavy Armor
A simple suite of armor made by bretonnian smiths. This includes a basic heater shield with no heraldry painted on it.

Bretonnian Warhorse
A purebreed bretonnian warhorse. It has armor that it doesn't always wear, and it carries more packs then is generally seen on a warhorse because of the traveling nature of its master in recent times.

-Gifted and trained bretonnian knight - Kavok was trained since birth to be a knight of the realm. For a human he is fairly gifted in the art of swordsmanship and horsemanship.
-Honour (both strength and weakness) - bound by his code of honour and chivalry. He is generally firm in what he beleaves, and will be honorable in a fight.
-Tactical mind - Kavok enjoys warfare as much as the other bretonnians, and found the tactical side to it to come relatively easy to him. He enjoys reading written works for tactics and such.

-Honour (both strength and weakness) - bound by his code of honour and chivalry. He can be taken advantage of using his code against him.
-Human - In this world full of the monsterous, being a human gives you a relativly weak base to start off with.

Additional Notes
Kavok has taken the Questing vow.

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Full Name: Professor Ferigeld Austimov
Associated Names: Faust
Age at ‘death’: 31
Status: Vampire
Time spent undead: 0+ years
Nationality: Half-Imperial, Quarter Tilean, Quarter Kislevian
Bloodline: Unknown by Faust (Carstein?)
Sire: Unknown by Faust
Generation: Unknown by Faust, at least 4th generation

Physical description
Faust is dressed in a ‘night green’ trench coat. His hair is short, spikey, and is fading from its original brown to grey. He wears spectacles, and usually hangs some engineers goggles round his neck. He wears thick leather gloves and strong, comfortable clothes. Though he is tall, he is not very muscled.

Backstory: The third son of a Kislevian-Imperial noble, Austimov was sent to study to join the Imperial Engineers Guild. A rising engineer in Nuln, Austimov ended up searching for several mysterious artefacts, one consequence of which was the recruitment of Roland to help retrieve them. One of his trips took him through Sylvania, where he received a blood kiss through a severe case of mistaken identity, a masquerade, a lot of vodka and a young, female witch hunter. Though he has never returned full time to engineering, he continues to hunt both the artefacts and, after recent events, an unheard of treatise by a little known Obsidian Wizard.
A formative event happened soon after his conversion to the vampiric race. Still travelling with Roland, the pair stumbled across a necromancer raising an army from his vast mansion. His eyes became aware of the bonds of necromantic energies that shackled the zombies to the necromancers will, and this, coupled with his principles and vampiric instability, pushed him over some edge. After sending the necromancer to his own death, he spent days locked in the library while Roland ransacked the mansion. He learnt to converse with the spirits, and found that all were sentient, used merely as guidance for their own dead bodies, and that there were a few who wished to aid him put others to rest. He hopes to find a method such that no control can be exerted over the spirit and undead body wearing it, so that those who wish to work for him may operate away from his influence.

Personality: To all who encountered him before his transformation, he was egocentric and extremely focused on his task, and his moral boundaries were never strained by his insular lifestyle. Now, he is strangely repulsed by all forms of enslavement, including the necromantic arts: he will go head to head with many vampiric colleagues and necromancers over such issues. He cannot fight to save his unlife, despite his abilities and his engineered tools.
When he was converted, he was angered by the impulses that shackled his mind. Having had no choice in the matter, he feels partially enslaved himself. Though he does not attempt to avoid drinking blood, he makes sure that those he does are compensated adequately.

Basic Stats
Speed: 4
Agility: 4
Weapon Skill: 1
Ballistic Skill: 2 (5 given 5 minutes to set up…)
Raw Strength: 3
Technique strength: 1
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 5

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy (unorthodox) [Austimov is so vehemently against the control of the spirits in zombies and skeletons that he gives them free will. This often means that opposing necromancers struggle to take the reins back from him: he doesn’t have them!]
Raw Magical Power: 4
Magical Skill: 4

Skillset: Blackpowder, Clockwork, Steam, Automation, Metalwork, Infusion, Crystal work, Carpentry, Magictrics (Magical Circuitry e.t.c)
Skill Level: 3, 5, 5, 5, 7, 4, 3, 7, 3,

Weapons/ Armour/ Items
Clockwork Buckler
A razor toothed buckler. When the clutch is pressed, the clockwork mechanism spins the teeth at a fast speed. Requires rewinding and has five minutes of spin before it winds down.
Used by Faust for offense and defence. He isn’t very good with it…

Faust’s Backpack
Made of some very light yet strong material, this backpack can do a lot of strange things. It has been observed to unfold into a table and mini forge.
A better than indestructible portable carrying device/ moving workshop. It contains several engineering tools and materials, as well as some documents and a spare change of clothes. It appears to have a larger interior than exterior, as well as remaining the same weight no matter how much is in it. It does not appear magical, and not even Faust knows how it works.

Improved Blackpowder Pistol that doesn’t blow up.
Gives Faust something to shoot with. N.B. he only shoots well when he isn’t rushed.

Strong Morals
Good at making things

Terrible at fighting

Additional Notes
I have an secret part of my backstory which I’m not sure if I’m meant to put in here. DoN, please tell me.


The Colonel
True Blood
Feb 23, 2010
Right Behind you...
Title of Character
Race: Human
Full Name: Roland Kobura
Associated Names: Cobra
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Somewhere in the Empire.

Physical Description
Relatively tall, with messy brown hair and a perpetual stubble. He wears a generic tunic and leggings, along with a strange, long black coat. The coat is thin but very strong, and seems to swarm with shadows. It enables him to hide all of his various weaponry.

Born somewhere in the grubbiest hamlet in the poorest district in all the Empire as the thirteenth child to a jobless widow (her husband was killed shortly after he was conceived), his heartbroken mother had no choice but to put him up for adoption. For some unknown reason, he caught the eye of a Cathayan monk (who didn't bother explaining what he was doing half-way round the world from his monastery) who sympathized with his mother's plight, and took the newborn Roland with him on the long journey back to his monastery.
However, this monk was no monk, and his monastery was no monastery. It was an elite training camp for ninjas, assassins, and gourmet chefs. Its mission was to take in abandoned youths with no future and turn them into cold-blooded killers who could sauté a sloth using nothing but a couple of sticks and some ditchwater, and make a little money on the side from the assassination fees.
As soon as Roland was old enough to begin his training, it was apparent that he didn't fit in. Far too hot-headed and rash for the deadly skills he was being taught, the mentors nonetheless turned a blind eye to his shortcomings and continued his training. Perhaps it was his unsurpassed talent with a knife, or perhaps it was his ability to rumble up a mean souflé in under twenty seconds.
Whatever the reason, it was not long before his skills rivaled those of his mentors. At the age of 17, he passed the graduation test (which involved assassinating a given target, defeating a mentor in single combat, and serving up up a seven-tiered turkey and bacon ziggurat complete with sides of roast vegetables and assorted condiments using nothing but a pair of chopsticks, a wooden buckler, and a shoe, all within a single hour). Roland completed his first contract within a week.
However, before too long, Roland became disillusioned with life in the 'monastery'. Now that his training was over, he had no way to spend his time expect wait for another dull, simple contract, and watch over the students' miserable incompetence. He began to wonder what the world was like outside the monastery, especially in his homeland, The Empire. Perhaps it was his mentor's- the very 'monk' who had found him in the first place - grand tales of adventure around the globe, or perhaps it was simply his natural restlessness, or perhaps a combination of both; regardless, he snuck out one night, bringing with him only his numerous weapons and a set of assorted seasonings, and never returned.
On returning to the Empire, and witnessing the lavish splendour of the various government buildings, Roland found love - gold. Or rather, wealth. Preferably through obtaining and selling gold. Or even more preferably, alongside gold. He became enamoured to such an extent that he decided to strike out, with enough weaponry to level a warmonger titan, as a treasure hunter.
Unfortunately, he had no idea where the treasures actually were.
Thus, and with nothing to sell other than his bladework and the greatest egg-free caviar any mortal has ever tasted, he had no choice but to become a sellsword. His services were promptly hired by one Narcophilius Lovebender, a rather odd individual whose history Roland never bothered to enquire after. Narcophilius took Roland and the other mercenaries he had hired to places all over the globe, retrieving various artefacts the nature of which Roland and the other mercenaries were never allowed to learn. This remained relatively innocent for about a year, but then the situations Narcophilius lead them to began to grow more and more disturbing, as did the bodies that started appearing near Narcopilius' tent. The mercenaries still continued their services, until one day in a barrow somewhere in the deserted wastes of Naggarrond. Roland, the only man other than Narcophilius himself to get out alive, promptly withdrew his services - that much was obvious as he tried to kill Narcophilius on the spot. Unfortunately, Narcophilius proved... evasive. And so Roland made his way home, thoroughly scarred by his experience.
Fortunately, these scars were nothing a little gold couldn't handle, as Roland discovered when he found the opportunity of a lifetime in one Ferigald Austimov. Faust, as he prefered to be called, would take only what he had come for (usually some scroll or inexplicable gizmo), and Roland would keep all the loot. All the loot. These words echoed around his skull like a bat bounces around a cave in zero gravity. And then there was the considerably large advance payment. Needless to say, he instantly accepted, and when he returned from the first 'outing' with wealth unimaginable, he knew he had made the right choice. Roland and Faust have been travelling together for three years now, and even though his employer has become a vampire, Roland's incredible.... loyalty.... has ensured that he stick by Faust's side. And, despite outward appearances, a strange friendship has been forged between the two of them, although neither would ever admit it.

Although he has matured since his time in the monastery, Roland is still quite headstrong - and is remarkably loquacious for an assassin. His experience with Narcophilius Lovebender has left him with a deep mistrust of strange people with propositions, although for some reason this mistrust has started to wear away in the case of Faust. It surely couldn't be all the riches he has obtained through him, oh no....

Basic Stats
Speed: 4
Agility: 5
Weapon Skill: 6
Ballistic Skill: 5
Raw Strength: 3
Technique Strength: 6
Toughness: 3
Tactical Knowledge: 0

Absolute squat

Cooking: 8

Two Long knives, two sais, two sickles, a katana, several throwing knives and shurikens, a pig-sticker, a hidden blade, a strangle cord, a collapsible crossbow, a blowgun, a chain, a hunting knife, and a killer lentil soup.

Coat of shadows
A very strange coat gifted to Roland by his mentor the day he passed his initiation. The material of the coat seems to swim with dancing shadows. The shadows have a will of their own, and seem unable to tear. Roland has some measure of control over it, and can mentally change its appearance at will.
It can assume any clothe-like form that Roland wishes, provided Roland remains in contact with it. It can assume the form of multiple clothes if he so wishes. Provided it is in its natural form, it cannot be pierced, cut or torn. A tear in an assumed form will not translate to permanent damage - the shadows will simply reform

Other Abilities
Stealth and Disguise
A large part of Roland's training was based on stealth - essential for an assassin.
Roland can move with utter silence if he wishes. In addition, the nature of his coat allows him to disguise himself very well.

Speaking many languages is fundamental to an assassin in order to pursue contracts around the world.
Other than being fluent in Reikspiel, Cathayan and Nipponese, Roland speaks good Kislevarin, Arabyan, and a small amount of Eltharin.

leet ninja skillz - Roland is possibly the greatest human assassin to have ever lived.
A chicken tika-masala to die for

Barring the coat, he is unarmored.
Gold, glorious gold!
Shining and valuable!
Riches galore,
So soft and... malleable!
Statues, rings, and knecklaces,
Ingots, crowns and jewels!
Oh, Gold!
Wonderul gold!
Fabulous gold!
Glorious Gold!
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