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Feb 12, 2008
Welcome to the new TVC II signup thread!

This thread is to propose your character for the TVC roleplay. Firstly before signing up we really do suggest you check these threads if you have not already done so:

Guidelines: https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/guidelines.20133/

Story So Far: https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/the-story-so-far.20132/

Done? You sure? This is an unusual roleplay, so make sure you like how we do things around here before you sign up!

Right then, so onto the bio. Now the TVC II requires a bit more information than some other roleplays. This is because this will be a long term RP, and as such we want to start off from a solid foundation.

To that end we are going to use the bio format from the previous TVC, as many of the older players already know these, and they worked pretty well last time.

Before you go and jump into your bio, there is something different this time round. We have other characters than vampires available. This RP will see more involvement from the Empire, Chaos, and other races as they are encountered. Therefore we encourage people to try other people.

IMPORTANT: Please note everyone should write their bio as normal. However once complete I will be advising a "modifier". This modifier will affect certain characters due to storyline of Undead becoming weaker. So for example I may say that all undead have -1 to strength. I will advise this here when ready.

Finally, all new players, to start off with you may have one major character. This major character may have some minor followers. Minor followers do not warrant a bio, but will also not have any serious impact in the roleplay. Once you have regularly posted in a few chapters, you may then request to introduce additional characters.

Existing players coming from original TVC may have more than one major character, however I don’t want to overload or make it to unfair on new players. Therefore it will be decided on a case by case basis what characters are being brought along – I recommend you PM me before creating the bio.

Finally, if you would like examples of previous bios, please see the ones here: https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/signup-thread-locked.19585/

So here are the rules.

1. You must post your bio using the below template. If you don’t I won’t even consider your character. Fluff and background doesn’t have to be extensive (though we would of course like it if you do go into detail), but you must fill in the relevant stat / strengths / weaknesses area carefully.
2. Once posted your character will be reviewed for a minimum of 24 hours. Whilst I may have the final say so, I appreciate the opinions from the current members of the TVC, so this gives them time to post their thoughts on your character. All comments should be made in the OOC discussion thread – I want this thread clear from discussion.
3. You must receive confirmation from one of the GM's to say your character is ok, once this has been done you can go to the OOC thread to discuss how best to introduce your character. You must discuss this prior to joining an existing chapter so it flows with the story.
4. Following acceptance I would recommend all players to then try and think up of a sideplot, a long overarching plot in which your character grows and progresses etc. The template for you to complete is attached to this post, which must be completed and sent via conversation to Disciple of Nagash.

Bio Template

Title of Character

Full Name:
Associated Names:
Bloodline: (Note, unknown bloodlines will not be accepted unless for a really, really good reason)
Generation: Most vampires should be 3rd generation or younger (existing older characters from original TVC are ok)
Place of Birth:

Physical Description
This should include the characters looks, clothes etc, but not their equipment or personality.

What kind of person they are, their beliefs, convictions, likes, dislikes etc. This can be quite an important section as it can help others interact with your character easier.

Brief History
Self explanatory.

Basic Stats
A section that MUST be filled in. I have decided to go for a numbered system similar from 1-10, 1 being the very worst, 10 being the very best. Only in very rare instances can it go over 10, and a very good explanation would have to be provided why. Please note these are BASIC stats. If you have a magic item that increases them, that should be put in a bracket afterwards.


Speed: Purely the how fast the character is when running / moving between places this does not mean speed at dodging blows.
Examples: 3 = basic human, 5 = basic vampire lord, 8 = very fast, 10 = Flying.

Agility: How good the character can scale walls, jump around, evade others, launch attacks etc.
Examples: 2 = very slow, will be hit a lot, 5 = average, 8 = very fast can evade most blows, launch quite a few attacks. 10 = basically unhittable.

Weapon Skill: How good the vampire is in combat either with weapons or bare hands.
Examples: 2 = basic human, 5 = basic vampire lord, 8 = very skilled, 10 = Extremely skilled (Bloodthirster for example).

Ballistic Skill: How good a shot the vampire is with ballistic weapons.
Examples: 1 = can’t hit the broad side of a barn, 3 = human skilled, 5 = elf skilled, 8 = excellent shot, 10 = Never misses.

Raw Strength: How much raw physical strength the character has when it comes to pushing, wrestling others etc.
Examples: 3 = weak (same as humans) 5 = average for vampire Lord, 8 = extremely powerful, 10 = Stupidly powerful.

Technique Strength: Someone has little muscle mass can still hit with a lot of power if they use they correct technique or manoeuvre. However I would only expect this to be high if the weapon skill is quite high.
Examples: 2 = poor power in combat, 5 = average, 8 = blows quite more powerful in combat, 10 = Stupidly powerful blows in combat

Toughness: Basic resilience of your character against normal blows.
Examples: 2 = weak, can only suffer a few hits, 5 = average for vampire Lord, 8 = very resilient, can suffer a lot of damage, 10 = Pretty much unkillable.

Tactical Knowledge: How well the character can command armies, deploy troops etc. I will use this to dictate the flow of future battles.
Examples: 2 = Poor commander, 5 = average (Carstein leader), 8 = excellent leader and knowledge, 10 = Superb general, rarely looses.

Magic - you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known:
Raw Magical Power: How much raw power the caster can summon.
2 = level 1 Wizard,
4 = Level 2 Wizard
6 = level 2 wizard
8 = Level 4 wizard
10 = Extremely powerful

Magical Skill: How easy they can cast spells and knowledge of spellcraft
2 = level 1 Wizard,
4 = Level 2 Wizard
6 = Level 2 wizard
8 = Level 4 wizard,
10 = Extremely powerful

Technology – You can have different skill levels for different skillsets
Skillset: (such as black powder weapons, weaponsmith, steam etc)
Skill Level: How skilled the character is in his said field.
Examples: 2 = Apprentice, 5 = reasonable skill, 8 = master, 10 = Knows everything about the said skillset.

Weapons / Armour / Items
Name of Item in Bold
Fluffy description in Italics
Description of item RP-wise, please note if it changes the characters stats, and put the amended stats in brackets after the basic stats.

Other Abilities
If the character has additional abilities that are not covered by the above sections then list them here using the following format:

Name of Ability in Bold
Fluffy description in Italics
Description of item RP-wise, please note if it changes the characters stats, and put the amended stats in brackets after the basic stats.

List the characters various strengths and positives here.

List the characters various weaknesses and positives here.

Additional Notes
Anything extra we should know about your character


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Ordo Cruentus

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Jul 27, 2013
Rosa El-Hashem

Full Name: Rosa El-Hashem
Associated Names: The Pale Djinn, The Mercenary of Blood, The Black Corsair, She of the Dead Blades, Dam’Rih
Age: 133
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Lord Armel Durant
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Lashiek, Araby

Physical Description
Possessing a lithe, athletic physique, and average height, Rosa El-Hashem tends not to look as massive or intimidating as most Blood Dragons. Which is just the way she likes it. Beneath her often populous-blending clothing however, her body paints a tale. Hard, scarred muscle makes up her body, though she possesses an easy grace in every step. A long, graceful, many would say pretty, face is visible to the world. Her short, swept back, jet-black hair and dark eyes would not mark her as remarkable, except for the odd, almost predatory stare she seems to have permanently attached to her visage. Often clad in tightly form-fitting clothing, the better to move unhindered and dance between combat blows, Rosa El-Hashem presents a very professional air when she is among her fellow Vampires, and not trying to blend with the humans. The fairly recognizable language of Araby seems to be tattooed onto the flesh of her lower back, though few realize what it actually is due to its faded appearance and the fact that it is crisscrossed with scars, usually obscuring the sentence.

All of this gives of the instinctual warning that she is a very deadly individual. But it is her eyes...her cold black eyes that pull the attention...

This woman is very dangerous.

Rosa El-Hashem is first and foremost a survivor; as a consummate pragmatist, she will adopt whatever persona she thinks will best assist her in whatever current situation she finds herself in. She can be flirty, cold, ditsy, intimidating, boisterous, meek, etc at the drop of a hat. Her ability to read people nearly boarders on psychic insight, she is so intuitive. However, when the young woman is outside of the presence of others, or is perhaps alone with individuals she really trusts, they would find her to be a contemplative, and tentatively-empathetic person. However, decades of suffering the horrors of the Vampiric condition has doused her altruistic spirit, leaving a hardened Blood Dragon warrior in its place. If anything, Rosa secretly wishes she could identify with the meek and downtrodden humans, and if she has found one that could meet her in combat, has shown a keen mind, or even made her laugh, she usually lets them live. But her survivalist nature makes these instances far and few in-between. Behind her usually unreadable visage, a keen mind thirsting for knowledge is harbored. She often surprises people with her deductive reasoning, and logical thought processes. In another life, she could have been a respected scholar, or a historian. But alas, the Blood-born must make her way through life armed with practical knowledge, rather than academic.

Brief History
The tales of the Old World are many, but few begin with the birth of a half-breed. This one does. Rosa El-Hashem was born amongst the most unusual of circumstances. Clara Gagliardi, a noblewoman from Pavona, was sailing to Martek in order to look over some family holdings in their silk trade, when the dread pirate Bahadur El-Hashem attacked her ship. Capturing the merchant vessel, and plundering her wealth, Bahadur was struck by Clara’s beauty, and spared her both death and slavery. She too found this dashing swashbuckler intriguing, and endured her captivity with him a bit more quietly than most noble ladies might have. It was not long before this attraction blossomed into true romance. Forsaking her family, Clara threw in with Bahadur and the two were married at sea only a few months later. Many were their adventures, but this is the tale of their child. A little more than a year after their joining, Clara found that she was pregnant. Fearing for the life of his child, knowing the danger his lifestyle brought, Bahadur sent Clara back to her family after their child was born in Lashiek, Araby. Naming her Rosa, but keeping the surname of her father, Clara honored the decision, for she understood the reasoning.

The Gagliardi family was overjoyed to see one of their own returned after so long thought dead, but considered Clara returning with child to be a scandal and embarrassment. They sent her from Pavona to one of their holdings in Luccini to hide her and the child away. Rosa grew up in the Tilean port city, and had no family but her mother. Not wanting her child to grow up in the politicking, pampered lifestyle of the rest of her family, Clara used her minor family stipend to educate Rosa practically, and even went so far as to have her tutored in the art of swordcraft by the Diestro Guiomar Escarrà. For her part, Rosa grew up to be a serious minded girl, though she was always enthralled and inspired by the stories of her father that her mother told her. In fact, in an act of teenage rebellion, she stowed away on a ship and made for Lashiek.

Though barely sixteen winters old, and without wealth or contacts in the city, Rosa was not swallowed by that den of thieves and pirates. Her skill with the blade made sure of that. After weeks of searching, she eventually came across a man who had been Bahadur’s first mate. He claimed the man had died in battle years ago. Though she was crushed, her sorrow was somewhat assuaged when, out of sympathy to an old friend’s child, he offered to take her on as part of his crew. For the next decade, she sailed upon the high seas, and learned the ways of piracy, almost knowing her father by becoming like him. She never achieved the position of captain however, for while she knew enough of fighting to work with others, she was no grand strategist. At the end of this time, the old crew was ready to retire, but she was still young and full of vigor.

Putting into port in Sartosa, as she did not trust any other crew not to take advantage of a woman on the endless lonely ocean, Rosa took to the life of a Tilean mercenary. It was mostly the same as piracy she found, except it was on land, and the governments of the city-states actually liked them. Her adventures with the Free Companies lasted four years, and took her all over Tilea, Estalia, and the Empire. It was during a job fighting Chaos Marauders that she met a man named Borislav Volkov. He was a mercenary from Kislev, and former Winged Lancer. Admiring him personally, and his ability to lead men, she left her mercenary band and took up with him. It was from Volkov himself that she learned the art of horsemanship, for he thought her an incredible warrior, and thought that she would be a great asset to his mercenary rota. She took to being a light cavalier with all the gusto that she had learned her sea-craft, and enjoyed adventures in the north for three glorious years.

One dark winter, she received word from Luccini that her mother had passed away. She rode south in order to attend her funeral, and it was then that she had the most life-changing event that she would ever have. On a moonlit road through the dark land of Sylvania, Rosa came upon a mounted knight in blood red armor. The man introduced himself as Lord Armel Durant, and challenged her for the right of the road. Thinking him some drunk fop from Bretonnia, Rosa obliged him. But this was no arrogant man, this was a mighty Blood Dragon, hunting for fresh prey. Though it was obvious that he could have easily slain her, the big man toyed with her, testing her on every level; speed, strength, agility, technique, and bravery. She must have impressed him, for after he pierced her heart with his sword, he offered to give her the gift of immortality. Never one to give up, or give in to death, she accepted the Blood Kiss.

Though a great warrior, and only enhanced by her Vampiric blood, Rosa nonetheless made a terrible Blood Dragon. In less than five years, she had completely run through the iron patience of her sire, and he released her from his service. She was too dedicated to winning first by any means necessary, including using dirty tactics and ranged weapons, and honor very second. For a while, she wandered her old stomping grounds, taking to the seas again, before finally becoming fed up with the problems living on a ship posed for her kind. Going back to Sylvania, she began taking on mercenary jobs for the Vampire Counts, most notably the von Carsteins. Before long, she was taking on the role of assassin for any vampire authority with enough coin to pay her, or guile to pull her into their machinations. She would pass through human lands, assassinating specific targets, and fighting anyone who raised her blood. She had some Blood Dragon in her after all. That life changed ten years ago however, when the various Vampire factions united in a concentrated effort to finally rid the world of Nagash. She was often found in the thickest of fighting, enjoying the opportunity to operate in the open once again. She had her fill of blood and death, and more besides. However, as a lowly warrior in the conflict, she was not privy to the greatest spoils of war. Not that she minded, for the war was reward enough for her. And the subsequent invasion of the Empire thrilled her as well, though she took care to hide her features often, for if the war went south for them, she would not be able to move among humans anymore. And it seems that this was the right choice, as the Undead conquest has ground to a halt. Now Rosa wanders, looking for the next great adventure…

Basic Stats

Speed: 4 (8 while on Isra)
Agility: 5
Weapon Skill: 6
Ballistic Skill: 3 (4 with dueling pistols)
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 6 (7 with Dead Blades)
Toughness: 4
Tactical Knowledge: 2

Magical Lores Known: None
Raw Magical Power: 0
Magical Skill: 0

Skillset: Black Powder Weapons
Skill Level: 4

Weapons / Armour / Items
Ferro Morto - Link to picture
A Schiavona that was originally commissioned by Borgio the Besieger for the greatest duelist in his armies, Vespero. Borgio was known for lavishing not just wealth and prestige upon the mercenary, but gifts to increase his chances of survival, and serving the merchant-prince. Being friends with the Supreme Patriarch, this commission was given as a joint project between the Gold Order and the Amethyst Order. The result is a blade that is constructed of a strange, mighty metal that has never been seen before, backed with all the life ending power of the Lore of Death. Never before has a blade of such quality been crafted by hands of man, that was not also empowered by a god or enhanced by one of the long-lived races. However, the Borgio was poisoned just before the Schiavona was transported to his city. Once it did arrive, the true significance of the weapon wasn't realized, as it was a surprise that he would reveal not just to Vespero, but all of Miragliano. The sword was locked in a family vault, and forgotten about as just another tribute from his foreign friends. Rosa only came upon this weapon when she was engaging the Skaven in their latest attempt to take the city. The big rats were a fun way to test her combat prowess without fear of discovery. As she battled through the sewers and catacombs of the city, a blast from a Grey Seer tore open one of the walls of the vault, spilling its long forgotten secrets. After she had dispatched of the Skaven in the room, Rosa claimed the Schiavona as her own. It has been one of the greatest decisions of her career.

Badiya’sikin al-Iblis - Link to picture
At first glance, this Janbiya looks to be the same as any of those worn by the people of Araby. However, Rosa picked up this wicked, curved blade after the war against Nagash, deep in the heart of his Black Pyramid. While not a weapon of that great necromancer, this blade did indeed end countless lives. Wielded by his priests, this sacrificial dagger, constructed of pure abn-i-khat, ended thousands of lives in the pursuit of their evil magics. The Janbiya has drunk fathoms of blood for so long, that it now hungers for it at all times. And it is a greedy weapon. While not the most powerful weapon plundered from that horrible place, it is eternally seeking fresh bodies to thirst upon, and as such makes a perfectly suitable offhand weapon for its mistress. Not many among the living can stand against its draining, corrupting touch. She has bestowed upon it the name Badiya’sikin al-Iblis, and cherishes it as the companion to her other Dead Blade.

Ithilmar Mail Armor - Link to picture
This suit of fine Ithilmar chain was pulled off of the corpse of Vivandrel, a Sword Master of Hoeth, after Rosa defeated her in a titanic dual. The two warrior women met in the pursuit of a Cult of Pleasure that had been welling up in the city of Marienburg. Though initially hostile towards each other, the two put aside their differences to take care of the cult. While Vivandrel was charged by her order with the task, Rosa only wished to fight some of the famed Daemonettes, to test herself further. After a long and breakneck adventure, the two stood victorious over the cult. They had both agreed to kill each other after their task had been concluded however, and both were eager to test themselves against the other. It was the most intense battle of Rosa’s life and unlife. She managed to slay the High Elf only by the thinnest skin of her teeth, and it very easily could have gone the other way, but it was Rosa El-Hashem who stood victorious that day. The excellent armor was simply a spoil of war. She usually keeps it hidden beneath her black riding outfit however, as she does not like how it catches the light so much.

Todmeister Dueling Pistols - Link to picture
Standard flintlock pistols have a noticeable delay between pulling the trigger and actually firing the bullet. These purpose-built dueling pistols have various improvements to make them more reliable and accurate, such as longer, heavier barrels, a spur on the trigger guard, saw handles, platinum-lined touch-holes and hair triggers. All component parts were manufactured, hand-finished and then adjusted with great care and precision, which made these dueling pistols much more costly than standard handguns, as Rosa well knows. She actually bought them from Engineer Leon Todmeister himself, or so she claims. Regardless, they are a fine set of ranged weapons that she has great fondness for, despite the fact that most Blood Dragons disdain the use of ranged weapons.

Old Shashka - Link to picture
Rosa's old shashka from her days in the mercenary rota. She keeps the old thing on her horse, mostly for sentimental reasons. It serves as her backup weapon if Ferro Morto is ever lost or broken.

Isra - Link to picture
Isra is Rosa’s current horse, one of the smaller, more agile breeds from Araby. Though not as powerful as some of the Bretonnian Destriers that many of her fellow Blood Dragons favor, Rosa wouldn't trade her for a mountain of gold. The horse nimbly dances upon the battlefield, and can handle terrain that the bigger horses would have difficulty with. This is a light cavalry horse, not a thundering tank tipped by a lance. Isra is a loyal mount, and does her job well.

Other Abilities

Blade of the World – Rosa’s combat style is a strange amalgamation that many of her foes find difficult to stand against. Using a dagger of Nehekhara, a Tilean sword, in an Estalian dualist style, with the footwork of a Dervish of Araby, and all the strength of her Blood Dragon bloodline, Rosa is unique in her technique. Not only does this make her an incredible swordswoman in open warfare, but even in a more focused duel, it gives her an edge. Warriors from traditional combat schools have never encountered this unique mix before, and even long-lived fighters like Blood Dragons and Elves have difficulty with it, as there has never been a form like this before. This unpredictability serves her well. When engaging in mounted combat, she utilizes the riding techniques of Kislev, only adding to the mosaic of her combat style.

The Hidden Threat – Rivaling the Lahmians in her ability to blend into the population of the living, Rosa often travels openly, and interacts with humanity on a regular basis. This has kept her up to date on the world, which is why she can hunt so boldly, and carries out missions in the midst of humans without risking discovery. This has not only proved useful for survival, but more than a few Vampire Lord have commissioned her to undertake missions for them in the cities of the Empire, Kislev, Tilea, Araby, and others.

Bat-of-all-Trades – Being a highly skilled warrior, masterful cavalier, artful pirate, and expert assassin, Rosa rarely finds herself in situations that put her at a disadvantage. She is highly adaptable, and very competent, making her very valuable to the armies of the Vampire Counts.

Outcast – When she was alive, and now that she tries to blend among the living, Rosa has had to deal with the bigotry of those disgusted by her mixed parentage and bold character. And among her own kind, she is seen as a disgrace amongst the Blood Dragons, with her willingness to use ranged weapons, stealth, and other “dishonorable” tactics in order to win. As such, she does not fit in with the majority of humans, and the majority of her Bloodline.

Blade-slave – While Rosa is stronger than any mortal, and could rely on her claws in a pinch, she really is a duelist at heart. Without a weapon in her hand, she could be easy prey for her kind, or enough dedicated humans. She never had any education in the art of unarmed combat, and is just as much of an uncoordinated brawler as most people are.

Magically Dead – While even the most mindless Strigoi can instinctively call upon the dark magics of Necromancy, Rosa cannot even draw upon the lightest breeze of magic. When she become one of the Night’s Dark Masters, she was found weak in power already, and her refusal to even try to learn any magical skill has atrophied her ability to the point where it does not exist. There is simply nothing for her to call upon.


True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Prince George
Full Name: Sylvie of the Strigoi
Associated Names: none
Age: 260
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Brionne, Bretonnia
Appearance: Sylvie is six foot nine and weighs one hundred and eighty pounds; she has a lithe athletic build she is obviously built for speed and agility rather than brute force like most Strigoi. Sylvie’s skin is very pale but is tougher than a mortals with a slight leathery feel; she has two full sleeve snake tattoos on both arms. Sylvie’s hair is raven-black with bright green streaks dyed in using powdered warpstone; she wears it long. Sylvie’s eyes are a feral yellow with slit pupils like a cat and her ears have grown large and bat-like she has four gold rings piercing her right ear and three in the left, her talons are twelve inches long and sharp as daggers, all of her teeth have turned into fangs and interlock in such a way that no matter how gentile Sylvie would be with a mortal her bite would be fatal or leave them disfigured.
Clothing & equipment: Sylvie wears a tight fitting sleeveless shirt made from scrap cloth and comes down to about mid navel. Her pants are likewise form fitting they ride low and are held up with a simple black belt. She wears a pair of fingerless black gloves with steel caps on the knuckles and a pair of heavy leather boots with steel toes that come up to mid-calf.
Personality: Sylvie has a cold, callous exterior and often described as being bitchy keeping everyone at arm’s length with her scything sarcasm this is all a façade she is simply a scared teenager with a chip on her shoulder. In reality she is a very friendly and has a huge soft spot for underdogs and often ends up becoming something like a surrogate big sister to them. As a bretonnian peasant she does have is a problem with authority seeing nobility as a mere accident of birth, she sees the whole Vampires ruling humanity as a huge waste of time and avoids referring to mortals as cattle or sheep their people not pets and is very vocal about it. She has spoken with all of the elder strigoi and knows the history of her bloodline she realizes that the Strigoi version may be abit one-sided and is curious about the other side of the story; she does have an avid interest in history and philosophy and likes to learn more about them. Her worst fear is that she may end up transforming into a Varghulf.
Brief History:
Speed: 6
Agility: 7
Weapon Skill: 4
Ballistic Skill: 5
Raw Strength: 6
Technique Strength: 6
Toughness: 6
Tactical Knowledge: 3
Technology: none
Magic: Sylvie’s Magic is purely instinctive she has had no formal training
Lore’s known: Necromancy
Power level: 3
Skill: 3
Beastkin: Sylvie has a powerful connection with the creatures of the Night beyond that of most vampire Varghulfs, Vargheists, Wolves and Bats of all forms come to her call and will even abandon the control of another vampire to serve her she is also able to communicate with Varghulfs and Vargheists.
Ghoul Queen: like all Strigori Ghouls and Crypt Horrors are drawn to Sylvie.
Silver: Sylvie has a weakness to Silver it burns her flesh and stings the blood.
Varghulf: the mere scent of fresh mortal blood drives Sylvie into a Blood rage she'll charge heedlessly towards the source in desperation to feed she is however good as long as the blood remains in the mortals veins it is the bloodshed that drives her mad.

Full Name: Graveclaw
Associated Names: Karlof Schultz, the Beast, the Vermin King, Ghoul-King, Kin-Eater, Monster, Horn-Breaker, Gitrippa
Age: 860
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Raze'kharn
Generation: 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Stirland
Height: eight feet tall
Weight: three hundred pounds with not an ounce of body fat on him
Eyes: Yellow…. In the last ten years Graveclaw has lost his right eye now it is a sightless white orb
Skin: Pale green like rotting flesh, but as tough as hide leather
Hair: None
Ears: large and pointed, very similar to a bats
Claws: 30 inches long and hard as iron
Teeth: all of Graveclaw's teeth have tapered into razor sharp points.
Armor and clothing: Graveclaw wheres the rusted remains of a chain shirt most of which has rusted away he also wheres an Iron Pauldron on his right shoulder. he also wheres a pair of tattered trousers. In the last ten years Graveclaw has taken to wearing a chain necklace which he has linked through the Crown Of Nagash in an open challenge daring anyone to try and take it.
Personalty: Graveclaw is nearly always on the brink of flying into a berserk rage he hates all creatures of undeath, with an awesome fury even the Ghouls who serve him, know not to wander to close least their masters wrath fall upon their heads.
Speed: when running upright 5 when on all fours 9, 4 when on the roof or walls
Agility: 6- Graveclaw can jump six feet in the air
Weapon skill: 8- Graveclaw does not have any weapons save his teeth and Claws
Ballistic skill: 1- Graveclaw doesn't aim he just throws
Raw Strength: 9- Graveclaw can bend Dwarf foraged steel with his bare hands, and if he gets the drop wrestle a Troll to the ground
Technique Strength: 1
Toughness: 8- anything that does not kill Graveclaw outright he will recover from
Tactical Knowledge: 2 Graveclaw can spring an ambush but pretty much a frontal assault is his main tactic.
The Crown of Sorcery: In the Finial battle with Nagash Graveclaw singlehandedly wrestled the Great Necromancer to the ground and with his own hands tore the Crown from Nagash’s head, since then the Mighty Strigori has linked a chain through it and wears it as a necklace.

Magic: Graveclaw can raise the Dead but has no control over them. A Nerarch once speculated that Graveclaws body gave up its magical powers to fuel Graveclaws strength and endurance.
Awesome strength: Graveclaw can bend Dwarf steel with his bare hands, or tear a manor gate from its hinges.
Unholy Endurance: Graveclaw can get up after being thrown across the room by a Varghulf. And once had a Greatsword driven though his chest, Graveclaw simply pulled the sword in deeper and proceeded to bite the wielders throat out.
Wall Climbing: Graveclaw like many Strigori can climb many surfaces though he is slowed doing so.
Superior Smell: Graveclaw's sense of smell is far greater than even other Vampires he can pick up a trail of his prey that is a week old.
Sunlight: Graveclaw is vulnerable to sunlight though he does not combust he is weakened and put through extreme pain as his skin blackens and burns.
Daemons Root and Witchbane: in the Presence of these foul-smelling herbs Graveclaw begins to choke and cough violently and is unable to draw near.
Will not kill humans*: Just as it sounds No matter what they have done to him or even if they are trying to kill him Graveclaw will not kill humans.
The Voice- since the Fall Graveclaw has been hearing a voice in his head it whispers to him for the most part Graveclaw ignores it but sometimes it distracts him.
*Chaos Warriors and Necromancers have very little of their humanity left and Graveclaw has no problem killing them.
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the hidden one

Streets Ahead
Jan 20, 2012
Full Name: Igor Vladstock
Associated Names: None
Age: 90 years
Bloodline: blood dragon
Sire: Markus von Vespy
Generation: 6th
Place of Birth: Uknown

Physical Description
Dark, almost brown skin and a scarred disfigured face. Crooked nose and a bottom lip that is half cut off. Abnormally short, only 5 feet tall. Incredibly thin. He is deeply scarred in most places, having been tortured to no end by his sire.
Personality: Igor is a taciturn, moody, quiet, almost deathly figure who has a resentment of everyone and everything in this world and all others.
Brief History: As a child aged 7, Igor was discovered wandering a forest in nuln, he was attacked by a couple of beastman gors wandering the forest, looking for prey. He ran like he had never ran before, but was soon exhausted. He snatched a large rock from the ground, and collapsed, out of breath. The first gor approached him greedily. As the gor was about to attack, a flash of red descended on its' neck, severing its head cleanly off. As the man drank the blood of the beast, the second one approached. This one was marginally smarter than the first, and knew that he would be killed like his brethren if he approached. Sneakily, it approached from behind the man. Right as he was about to strike with its' wickedly sharp axe, Igor threw the rock as hard as he possibly could. It struck the beasts' temple, stunning the beast for a couple seconds. The man, who's name was Markus, realized the gor was behind him, broke out of his blood frenzy, and struck him down. Markus looked down at Igor and smiled. He was in need of a thrall. At the age of 27, Igor was gifted the blood kiss from markus. Markus tried to raise Igor with honor, but Igor rejected all notions of honor, for all he could ever see when he thought about honor, was the lone gor who might have killed Markus, who could kill hundreds of such beasts in a frontal attack, by sneaking up behind him. He thus decided that that was by far the most effective way to fight. Markus did not appreciate these new ideas, and tortured Igor to near insanity for his dishonor. Ten years later, after years of torture, he decided to get his revenge. Using Markus's ornate pair of daggers he used for torture he brutally killed Markus in his sleep, never allowing him the chance to defend himself as Markus so vehemently believed in. Since then, Markus has traveled the Empire, hiring out his services as an assassin all the while perfecting his skills at enchanting and assassin-craft.
Basic Stats:


Speed:6, as an assassin, Igor must move extremely quickly

Agility: 7, incredibly agile, a professional assassin, whose slight build hides a strength at executing complicated manouvers

Weapon Skill:5, average vamp lord, but not completely amazing at weapon craft, but streets ahead of human soldiers

Ballistic Skill:0, despised all ranged combat (note that he takes an exception to his daggers, which he throws skillfully.)

Raw Strength:4(5), less powerful than normal as a result of his tortured body and muscles

Technique Strength: 5, nothing extraordinary, as he has never been trained in traditional melee combat, but uses his unconventional fighting style to defeat more well trained eneimes

Toughness: 3, he is extremely weak as a result of his torture, his body little more than a human in toughness

Tactical Knowledge: 0, works and operates alone always. Hates company of any kind, including an army. He is very skilled in stealth though.

Magic - 2, shadow magic, but only can really cast spells that enhance his speed and befuddles the enemies senses. Uses only his natural talent, not trained

Magical Skill:2, innate magical abilities, but little training in the area.
Technology: enchanting items, 5. Reasonably skilled in the art of enchanting, he has enchanted his own set of armor.
The red blades. A pair of magical daggers which raise his raw strength to 5, and the wounds from the daggers never heal. These are the same daggers that tortured Igor. Gets their name because they have never been cleaned, and are stained from blood. Igor can use the blood dried on the blades in case of emergency
The shadow robes. A set of black robes that magically alter his imaged to whatever is directly behind him, causing him to have a camouflage effect. He is functionally invisible when standing still
Other Abilities
Has excellent stealth abilities, augmented by his armor. Knows how to sneak pretty much anywhere
Master Assassin- skilled in stealth and covert murder.
Adequate enchanter- can craft and repair his blades and robes
Works Alone- has no real friends, and does not look for allies with much vigor
Vendetta- has been carrying a personal vendetta against blood dragons for most of his life
Assassin- not used to open battle, struggles to deal with hordes of enemies
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Esmerelda Du'Soleil

Full name: Esmerelda Tir'Vanzahani-Du'Soliel
Age: 975
Associated Names: The Red Angel (Strigany), The Blood W****(Bretonnia), The Red Night-maiden (everywhere else), The Queen of Zahanil
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Ulrich the Radiant
Generation: 4th generation
Place of Birth: Mousillon, Bretonnia (half Strigany by birth)

Physical Description
Beautiful in life, divine in undeath is how people would describe her in an instant. Esmerelda has long, wavy midnight black hair and dark green eyes. One can only describe her facial structure as being near-Elven and her skin is a lighter olive tone. Even when enraged or stressed, she still maintains her Immortal beauty, but her skin becomes paler, her eyes a luminous red and her fangs become bared. Her beautiful hands, painted in blue Strigany henna patterns, become long red talons. Even in battle, as well as her equipment, Esmerelda wears a black dress, a corset inset with gold and jade-green boots laced with silver and whatever else appeals to her aesthetic sense.

Many words describe the Queen of Zahanil, some pleasant, some are not so and some are extremely obscene. On one hand, Esmerelda is a compassionate person, having witnessed the plight of Bretonnia's peasantry and her Mother's people inspired her to take over the Border kingdom of Zahanil and on most days is quite a jovial woman. Many of the laws she passes are fair for both Vampires and mortals (as most of the inhabitants are Strigany, some of the laws are based on their customs), as well individual pieces of legislation addressing certain issues. Her unorthodox upbringing has also made her independent and adventurous, having explored the world many centuries. However, she is anything but an angel, for she does possess very questionable traits. To start with, she is extremely promiscous, having had many unions over the centuries with men and woman, some for pleasure and some to get an easy meal. She would even go as far to say that you may not really know someone until you hit the sack with them. Like any of the Lahmian bloodline, Esmerelda is quite the manipulator, but her talents began before she was given the blood kiss, such is the nature of being noble-born and possessws razor-sharp wit combined with a deep cunning. There are also times when she can be extremely sadistic, having been known order the flaying of her enemies but is also quite the inventor when it comes to methods of torture and punishment. Her worst side is truly let out when someone lays a finger on the people within her kingdom or the other Strigany that still roam the Old World, it is best left undescribed what happens to those who arouse her wrath.

Brief History
A child of prophecy, Esmerelda Tir'Vanzahani-Du'Soleil is the daughter of a Strigany Seeress and a high-ranking Bretonnian Lord named Leontes Du'Soleil of Mousillon. One night, the Lord was told by a Prophetess that a child of his and the blood of the Strigany would do great things. Knowing better than to question the servants of the lady, the young Leontes chose his bride from a nearby Strigany caravan, a young Seeress who appealed to the Lord's aesthetic sense and caused controversy among Bretonnia's nobility. However she demanded a price, that the Strigany will have the protection of his knights, that their child be brought up within her culture as well as his and that the child is not to be sent to the Fey Enchantress should they show magic ability. Blinded by ambition, the Lord agreed to her conditions. When the Seeress gave birth to a girl, he was somewhat disappointed, but still had high hopes that the child will fulfil the prophecy. The couple named her Esmerelda Tir'Vanzahani, the Seeress' family, Du'Soleil and she was beautiful. When the girl was 8, she showed magical ability, her father respected the conditions of their marriage and allowed his wife to teach her the arcane arts. As the years went by, as well as learning swordplay, politics and how to act like a lady, Esmerelda learnt the ways of magic from her mother. Most damning of all however was that on her 16th, she was slipped a copy of the Liber Necris, which she read in secret. It was at this time that the young Lady was considered quite the beauty, many of Bretonnia's young nobles desired her, not caring for her heritage, some even desired her razor-sharp wit; a relief from the uptight noble women of of the land.

It was on her 21st birthday that one such suitor that took the chance. A handsome stranger named Ulrich the Radiant came to Esmerelda's birthday celebration. When the young lady first laid eyes upon him, she fell for him immediately. A few days later they were married, disappointing many other would-be suitors. It was that night when Ulrich revealed his Vampiric nature and gave her the blood kiss.The relationship started off well, but that was just a front; like any typical Empire nobleman, he sought to control his bride and used violent means to keep her under wraps. However, Ulrich did not count on his young wife's independance and cunning, and payed for this underestimation when he found himself at the mercy of Sigmar's Witchhunters, tipped off by an anonymous source, he 'died' screaming Esmerelda's name.

Taking what wealth she could, Esmerelda fled to other parts of Bretonnia, by posing as a courtesan and using her position to feed on clients. This resulted in her now infamous nickname used by the people of Bretonnia. Discontent with this lifestyle, she turned her sights to the rest of the world. From her travels she learned many things, the existance of more Strigany caravans, the languages and ways of others, more techniques of the sword and more tomes of arcane power. Finally her travels have brought her to a kingdom bordering the Southwest of Simon Von Carstein's Ikaanate territories, the Kingdom of Zahanil. It's population consisted of a Strigany majority (mostly refugees from the Poetic Fiend's forces) ruled by a Tilean, Estalian and Empire minority. Sensing fate call her here, she led an uprising of the Gypsies and seized power. Upon her coronation, Esmerelda declared all under her banner equal and then sent invitations to the Vampiric friends and Strigany caravans to live within Zahanil. Now it's armies are swelled by professional soldiers and the undead, the locals not really caring as the corpses are criminals and war prisoners and the learning of all magic is encouraged, only Vashanesh's children are unwelcome.

Basic Stats

Speed: 5 (being a Lahmian and centuries of travel and evading the authorities have granted a decent movement speed)

Agility: 7 (a combination of her Lahmian blood and learning the intricate dances of the Strigany and the Arabyans have made Esmerelda very agile, among other things)

Weapon skill: 5 (her education in the arts of the sword and centuries of doing what it takes to survive have made her quite skilled with a sword)

Ballistic skill: 2 (Being born in Bretonnia and having focussed on magic, Esmerelda can barely hit the broadside of a Dragon, let alone a human)

Raw strength: 4 (Her age and rough centuries of unlife have made her very strong, but prefers the arcane)

Toughness: 4 (Esmerelda prefers NOT to be hit)

Technique Strength: 6 (A result of education from some of the world's finest swordsmen, combined with the grace of the styles of dance she has learned).

Tactical knowledge: 5(6) (how else do you successfully lead an uprising?)

Magical lores known: Lore of the Vampires, Heavens, Metal and Shadow

Raw Magical power: 7 (Her Strigany blood combined with the magical nature of Vampirism has gifted Esmerelda with an impressive level of power)

Magical skills: 7 (Her upbringing and centuries of travel have allowed her to discover many teachers from hedgewitches to powerful necromancers and amass a small but impressive collection of powerful arcane lore throughout the world)

Skillset:Herbalism: 6 (a combination of experience and knowledge passed from mother to daughter, Esmerelda uses this knowledge add some spice to her prey as well as deriving elixirs to incapacitate them)

Skillset: Mistress of the Silver Tongue: 8 (Having had to conceal her magical abilities as a human, her Vampirism combined with many dodgy dealings and natural Lahmia affiliation, hell she even managed to persuade a mad old Strigoi to fight for the people of the city. Esmerelda has an affinity for manipulation and persuasion and being extremely beautiful helps).


A 'gift' from the Wood Elves of Athel Loren, this ancient sword has served Esmerelda well for centuries. Tainted by the sorceries of the Lichemaster, it's blade shimmers with unearthly energies, each strike cutting through armour as though it did not exist. As it pierces the flesh, it scorches the souls of the weak-minded through their own fears.
Feysilver easily cuts through armour, weakening it until it is no longer there. The person who it successfully injures has to not let his fears overcome him, lest his soul be scorched by shear terror.

Corset of the Wanderer
Upon her coronation as Queen of the Border kingdom of Zahanil, the greatful Strigany population had bequeathed unto their savior an artifact left over from the fall of Strigos, a corset worn by the Vampiric noblewomen. The energies emanating from the corset provides a certain level of magical protection from her enemies and her own magic.
The corset grants a ward that can be also be used on the occasion that Esmerelda miscasts. Also grants a morale bonus to her people (human and Vampire).

Tomes of the Arcane
The numerous tomes collected by Esmerelda have served her well. Texts such as the Liber Necris, Celestium Arcanum, Okkam's Shadow Compendium and much more besides.
These texts don't really serve any in game purpose, only to justify Esmerelda's skill with magic.

Amulet of the Tir'Vanhazani
A family heirloom passed from Seeress to Seeress, this is the last thing of Esmerelda's mother that she has. This amulet grants the wearer an insight into the future when using the lore of heavens, refining any gleanings gathered from the stars.
This amulet is triggered when using spells from the lore of heavens, allowing Esmerelda to discern what most Astromancers to miss, allowing her to remain one step ahead of her opposition.

Other Abilities

Queen of Dancers
Centuries of learning the dances of her Strigany cousins and the Arabyans have served Esmerelda as a courtesan now they serve in entertaining guests and in the heat of battle. The sheer gracefulness of the dance combined with Lahmian beauty and magic has a beguiling effect upon the foe, rendering the weak-minded more vulnerable to the Queen's feminine wiles...or her blade.
The dances of the queen can beguile the foe lest he keeps himself from being enamoured with such a beauty.

Network of the Strigany
The Strigany who have decided not to settle in Zahanil act as the eyes and ears of Esmerelda throughout the old world. They maintain contact with her through arcane mirrors and can summon her in their time of need through a sacrifice of blood, or if she desires a fancy entrance.
As well as granting Esmerelda greater insight into the events of the world and increasing her Tactical knowledge by 1, she and her bodyguard can be summoned anywhere in the Old World when an offering of blood is made to it.

Friendly and Compassionate, it helps with manipulation
Experienced traveler and fighter
a divine beauty to most men and women, as such it also makes manipulation easier
Genuinely cares for her people
VERY persuasive, willing to use any means to get what she wants (Sleazy or gruesome)
Talented spellcaster
Spy network of Strigany

Goes berserk when someone lays a finger on her people
She is something of a Nymphomaniac
Is not as tough as other Vampires
Finds things amusing at an awkward time, can easily threaten diplomatic relationships
A blind man can shoot better than her.
Any Von Carstein who knows of her absolutely hates her, she executes any that trespass in Zahanil, they are starved of blood and left in the sun to burn.
Finds it hard to stay in a committed relationship
Additional notes
Esmerelda is accompanied on her travels by her bodyguards, their Captain is a Vampire who she has sired, a Strigany Necromancer and 7 Strigany warriors also accompany her.
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Mikhail Bjornson

Full name: Mikhail Bjornson
Associated titles: the Ice Queen's champion, Half Breed (Favourite insult used by most Kislevite nobles), The Kossar King (title given to him by his Kossar comrades for out drinking an entire regiment of dwarf warriors)
Race: Human - Half Kislevite, half Aesling* (see aditional notes)
Place of birth: Unknown Aesling village

Personal appearance:
Mikhail is a tall yet slim handsome young male with shoulder length brown hair and has piercing ice blue eyes. Mikhail is a half blood as he would like to ignore being half Kislevite, half Aesling which is the reason for his tall stature,fair skin and Ice blue eyes. Most Kislevite nobles see Mikhail as a traitor who they see as a secret chaos worshiper due to his tainted northern blood though his position with the Tzarina protects him from most accusations. Usually only wears his cuirass, gauntlets, simple Kislevite leggings and boots with a white fur cape giving him a barbarian appearance.

An odd sort Mikhail generally is a quiet yet stubborn person motivated by honour and vengeance usually doing stupid as well as reckless stuff without thinking. Generally a solitary person he really only gets along with fellow warriors or the Tzarina, distrusts all southerners as well most nobles. Once he gets an idea in his head he will follow it no matter how stupid or insane. Mikhail despite his mixed blood has a strong hatred of chaos and its followers vowing as long as he lives he will fight the followers of chaos with his last breath protecting his homeland from them. Mikhail is utterly loyal to the Tzarina who he is utterly dedicated to defending her in battle and following her orders some nobles whisper that Mikhail is the secret lover of the Katarin who loves her champion greatly though most are smart enough not to say it to offend either Mikhail or the ice queen, though strangely neither seem to deny it. Has a strong northern accent which most southerners find hard to understand, he also can not read anything not in Kislev especially maps.

Brief History
Abandoned in the wilderness of Troll country north of Kislev by his Aesling relatives due to his mixed blood, Mikhail was rescued by a wandering Priest of Ulric who found the child in a bear cave during a blizzard. Realizing that the child was blessed by Ulric the priest Boris brought Mikhail up in the ways of Ulric as well as teaching him the ways of the Kossar. When Mikhail was sixteen the village he was brought up in was attacked and destroyed by a chaos warband, a company of winged lancers riding down some fleeing marauders of chaos discovered the destroyed village with Mikhail unconscious, wounded and covered in blood next to his adopted father's corpse surrounded by ten brutally dismembered marauder corpses. Though uneasy about this strange youth the lancers took him with them and returned to the city of Kislev where Mikhail joined a band of Kossars. Over the next few years of being a Kossar Mikhail excelled as his berserk fury helped him survive many dangerous situation, with his comrades seeing him as a form of lucky totem who would help them always win.

When he was twenty one Mikhail saved the Tzarina's life defending her single handily against a chaos warband when the Tzarina was knocked unconscious by a spell from a chaos sorcerer who Mikhail killed afterwards. Though badly wounded Mikhail managed to defend Katrina surrounded by the followers of chaos killing those who came close until the Gryphon Legion managed to break through and rout the forces of chaos. In honour of his devotion Tzarina Katarin honoured Mikhail with the title of the Tzarina's champion gifting him with a magical Shashka forged of ice which would never melt or shatter as well as a fine crafted suit of armour including other tokens of her appreciation.

Over the next few years Mikhail served the Tzarina faithfully as her champion defending her in battle or acting as her herald bringing her judgement to bear even fighting against the vampire count legions when they invaded the empire slaying a few vampires. Though with the current raids of chaos, Mikhail returned to his queen and lover's side ready to fight those who would invade Kislev, Katrina however had a more important task for her champion to seek help in the coming war against chaos to find allies to help defend Kislev as he was the only one she could trust for this important task.

Mikhail followed his Queen's orders setting out with a large band of Streltsi and Kossars unfortunately in Middenheim a drinking contest with a regiment of Dwarf warriors went sour which turned into an all out brawl with anyone the band of Kislevites disliked (every non Kislevite there was) including the majority of the Knights Panther and Knights of the White Wolf in Middenheim who the Kislevites insulted for not worshiping a true strong god like Ursun. Mikhail got separated from his companions and now wanders aimlessly around the empire hopelessly lost trying to follow the Tzarina's orders as well as avoiding the Knights Panther and Knights of the White Wolf who are really angry with him (apparently he defaced their chapter houses pretty bad as well as other stuff).

Basic Stats:

Speed: 4
Agility: 4 (2)
Weapon Skill: 6 (being champion means Mikhail is good with the blade , the Tzarina wouldn't just keep him around for his good looks though it would be one of the main reason)
Ballistic Skill: 2
Raw Strength: 4 (6)
Technique Strength: 5
Toughness: 4 (5)
Tactical Knowledge - 2 (0) Mikhail is a champion not a leader and prefers to follow orders killing stuff not giving ordering others plus is generally totally drunk or in a berserk rage so any orders he does give make no sense or are highly insane, only tactics he really knows is to kill those in front of him and find skilled warriors or leaders to kill.

Magic: None, Mikhail is about as magical as a rock though a rock would probably be more magical.

Skillset: Survilaist
Skill level: 8- being brought up in the harsh landscape of Kislev has taught Mikhail a few things, mainly the necessary skills to survive in harsh wilderness able to hunt and forage food as well as surviving by himself for large periods of time.

Other Abilities
Immune to the cold:
Due to his mixed northern blood, Mikhail to all purposes is immune to the cold with the most extreme temperatures that would kill most people barely even giving Mikhail a slight chill. Some believe it is a mutation of chaos like his ice blue eyes while others believe it is a blessing from the Gods of Kislev, Mikhail doesn't really care as he thinks those who can't handle to cold are weak southerners

Berserker :
Due to his tainted northern blood Mikhail is a berserker, one of the feared warriors of the north who can fight through the most terrible of wounds. He had an insane temper which he tends to keep in check pretty well however when wounded as well as comrades are wounded or killed in front of him which makes him snap going in a berserk fury increasing his strength and resilience majorly as he can shrug off all but the most grievous wounds that would kill a lesser man. However this insane strength and toughness comes at a cost as he is a lot easier to hit as he loses all sense of reason not caring about defending himself brutally attacking those who face him.
(when going berserk has the stats in the brackets)

Weapons/ armour /items

Armour of a champion
wears a suit of beautifully crafted ice blue armour gifted to him by the Tzarina Katarin for saving her life. Whilst it was once a full suit of armour, Mikhail has lost most of it in lost bets or as payments for his tab at taverns, all that is left is the gromril forged cuirass and gauntlets which provides protection from most attacks.

Winter Blade
A fine crafted Shaskha given to Mikhail by the Tzarina for saving her life it was made by the Tzarina herself and the blade is made of enchanted ice which will never shatter or melt, provides a numbing coldness to those hit by it slowing them down as they experience extreme cold, it is also very sharp kept in a simple scabbard. Usually wielded one handed

Aesling Axe
A Aelsling hand axe which Mikhail wields alongside the Winter Blade basically a simple hand axe used to kill stuff in a very brutal fashion.

Seal of the Tzarina:
Due to his drunken and shabby state most people would never believe Mikhail is what he says he is as such he carries around the seal of the Tzarina to prove he is her champion and herald, also a very good way of getting free alcohol from most places.

Amulet of Ulric
a simple talisman that he wears around his neck, nothing magical about it.

Kislevite (both strength and weakness) has a strong sense of honour which he will stick by no matter what, generally stubborn

Champion: an expert swordsman Mikhail is highly skilled with a blade, has defeated chaos champions as well as orc warbosses and has even defeated a couple of vampires fighting alongside the Empire when it was invaded by the armies of the vampire counts.

Devout: a faithful follower of Ulric Mikhail has a strong faith in his god which helps him get by in highly depressing or scary situations basically fearless as his faith protects him from doubt.

Kislevite: (both strength and weakness) being a kislevite as a strong sense of honour and is highly stubborn never retreating.

Bad temper: whilst usually quiet Mikhail has a large temper he tries to keep in check generally if people insult the Tzarina Katarin it will make him lose it as well as being wounded or watching comrades wounded as well.

Reckless: Generally an act first think later person who does pretty stupid stuff, also says what he thinks with no political skills.

Human: whilst strong compared to others, Mikhail is still human which has its weaknesses especially when fighting monsters.

Werewolf: being a skin wolf which is the same as a werewolf Mikhail has all the weaknesses of a werewolf vulnerable to silver, fire as well as most holy icons (apart from ones of Ulric the wolf god likes werewolves)

Additional notes:
Has a bad sense of direction where he usually always gets lost.

Aeslings are a tribe of marauders near the chaos wastes north of Kilslev, generally all are chaos worshipers who fight in the armies of chaos. Mikhail's mother Freyja Bjornson was an Aesling who fell in love with Mikhail's father Ivan a Kislevite who was captured in a raid, eventually giving birth to Mikhail. When the village chief Snorri Bjornson found out what his daughter was doing he killed both the Kislevite as well as his daughter, abandoning the young child in the wilderness of troll country as an offering to the gods expecting him to die. Eventually when 22 Mikhail fought his grandfather Snorri Bjornson who was the exact older likeness of him. Mikhail slew his grandfather after Snorri revealed he was his grandfather. Mikhail claimed his grandfathers axe as well as his last name Bjornson meaning Son of Bear. Whilst the Tzarina trusts him with her life many of the other Kislevite nobles despise as well as distrust Mikhail for his mixed blood and have even tried assassinating him. What really annoys most Kislevite nobles is how a low born half blood barbarian rose to be such a prominent figure in Kislev being the champion, herald and lover of the Tzarina Katarin

Due to his tainted Norscan blood Mikhail is one of the feared Skin wolves, individuals cursed by chaos mutations hidden within them forced to turn into a twisted horror of both wolf and man. When Mikhail loses control of his anger or is wounded he undergoes a painful transformation where his entire body mutates with his skin being ripped apart as the beast within Mikhail tears its way free, when Mikhail becomes the beast he stands over seven feet tall covered in the bloody ribbons of skin over his pure white fur with razor sharp claws and teeth capable of tearing through flesh, bone and most armour with ease. No living person knows of Mikhail's dark secret as those close enough to see him change into the skin wolf are usually the first to die and be devoured as Mikhail has an insatiable hunger he struggles with if he is unable to sate his hunger in beast form when he reverts back to his crazy human self he still has the hunger. The Tzarina Katrina knows his secret but ignores it since he saved her as well other reasons.

When in beast form Mikhail has same stats when berserk as that triggers the transformation as well as causing fear he also has the frenzy and regeneration (5+) special rule kinda why he has T5 and S6 when in beast form.


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Behind Darvy
Nithek Deathclaw, Warlord of Clan Deathclaw

Full Name: Nithek Deathclaw
Associated Names: Warlord Deathclaw
Age: 24 Years
Clan: Deathclaw
Former Clan: Rictus
Place of Birth: Skavenblight

Physical Description
Covered in mottled black fur, Nithek Deathclaw is large even for a former stormvermin. Cunning, beady eyes peer out from above his scarred snout, while a large, fat tail twitches behind him. As a sign of his wealth and power, Nithek is monstrously bulky and chubby. Half of his left ear is missing, having been bitten of by a rival, and his body is covered in scars and mutilations.

Nithek Deathclaw is fierce, ruthless and cunning, as befits a skaven warlord. Like all Skaven warlords, he is monstrously greedy. Warpstone, power, wealth, slaves; but most of all, revenge he desires. He is completely contemptuous of the lives of his underlings, and strongly believe that only those of his minions who fight for their survival truly deserve it. He has a great interest in the world beyond the under-empire, collecting various trinkets, lore and slaves from around the world. He will pursue his ambitions, at any cost....

Brief History
Born beneath Crookback Mountain, Nithek was immediately selected to be raised as one of Clan Rictus's many Stormvermin, due to his impressive bulk & black fur. He quickly rose through the ranks of his pack through a mixture of bloody minded brutality and self-serving treachery. He became Fangleader of his pack of Stormvermin after his predecessor tragically tripped over and brutally impaled himself on his halberd. Over the years as Fangleader, Nitheks pack earned a reputation for ruthless brutality, until one day Nithek grew tired of serving Clan Rictus. When his Stormvermin were stationed on a small convoy of skaven barges being used to try and outflank a human held town in the Border Princes from the sea, he decided to commandeer the rickety fleet after the Chieftan commanding the fleet "accidentally" fell tripped and disemboweled himself with his own sword.

With his own small fleet, dozens of stormvermin and a small band of clanrats & skavenslaves, Nithek took to raiding various human villages and towns for a while, stealing slaves & plunder, and capturing various ships to add to his fleet. At the first sign of pursuit or reprisal, the rickety fleet would disappear into the watery underways known only to the skaven.

After a while of doing this, war erupted in Tilea. Nithek secretly approached one of the patrons of the local city states, offering his services as a mercenary. The corrupt ruler needed an enemy removed, but could not attack him openly, so he hired the skaven to attack his enemy for him. From then on, Nithek worked for several various groups in the area, fighting for slaves, loot and wealth. When the fighting in Tilea settled down, and the local authorities began becoming suspicious about the skaven in the area, Nithek moved his forces towards the border princes, this time working for various disreputable rulers once again.

Now Nithek had enough power, wealth and followers to truly form a warlord clan- all he needed was a place to settle. With his greedy eyes on the ruined dwarvish hold of Ekrund, which contained considerable wealth but was swarming with greenskins, Clan Deathclaw instead settled nearby beneath the marshes of madness, a cursed place even by skaven standards. The hostile environment and enroaching madness of the place bred particularly tough skaven, in a survival of the fittest environment that Nithek favours greatly.

Nithek Deathclaw soon decided that he was ready to assault Ekrund, to steal it from the greenskins. However, he needed allies to do this. He arranged an alliance with the Skaven of Fester Spike, lead by Skritch Warp-eye. However, during the assault on Ekrund, both Skritch and Nithek betrayed each other, both using the exact same plot to try and kill the other. Enraged by Skritch's treachery to the skaven cause, Nithek swore vengeance and began a long war against Clan Skritch.

Recently, after a particularly disastrous battle that left both clans weakened, Nithek decided to strike out for Sylvania, lured by rumours of huge deposits of warpstone, that could buy him an advantage over Clan Warp-eye. While in Sylvania, Nithek found his forces co-opted into joining a large warhost of skaven, which got destroyed during an ill-advised battle with the Vampires. Nithek managed to escape, and bullied many of the survivors into joining his Clan. Ever since then, he has been biding his time beneath Sylvania.....

Basic Stats


Speed: 5 (The Skaven are particularly fast)

Agility: 5 (6) (The skaven are particularly agile, especially when underground or in cramped environments)

Weapon Skill: 5 (Nithek is a Skaven warlord and a former stormvermin, making him particularly skillful with a blade)

Ballistic Skill: 3 (Your average stormvermin is not a particularly good shot)

Raw Strength: 3 (Skaven are small, not particularly strong creatures)

Technique Strength: 4(5) (Nithek is about on par with your average vampire swordsman, when aided by his magical weapon)

Toughness: 3(4) (Skaven are not particularly tough, but Nithek's armour helps to mitigate this slightly)

Tactical Knowledge: 5(7)(Nithek is a Skaven Warlord, so has a keen tactical mind. The skaven are also masters of underground/tunnel warfare)

Magic - 1 (Nithek has almost no magical ability, apart from uttering prayers to the horned rat)

Magical Skill: 2 (Nithek has some basic knowledge of the nature of magic and the ways of the horned rat)

Skillset: Skaven Engineering (Nithek Understands some of the basics of skaven engineering)
Skill Level: 2

Weapons / Armour / Items
This wickedly curved blade made of dark metal is covered in glowing runes imbued with warpstone. Its strikes seem to hit with unerring accuracy upon weak points in armour and vital organs, and it cuts through regular armour like.... a warpstone imbued blade through regular armour.
+1 to technique strength, armour piercing, toxic (warpstone), sword.

A reforged version of the weapon that earned Nithek his name, this armoured gauntlet he wears upon his left hand has long, razor sharp talons. It is rumoured that this terrible claw is not just a gauntlet, but has been grafted onto his hand. The Deathclaw is stronger than Nithek's other hand, and he often uses it to catch his opponents blades. When the deathclaw touches metal, the metal often seems to go brittle or even crumble under its grasp....
Claw weapons, strong, corrodes metal.

Warpstone Armour
This dark, heavy plate is covered in terrible runes of protection and warpstone trinkets, created to protect the warlord from harm and spells.
Heavy Armour, +1 Toughness, Magic Resistance.

Warp-cursed Arabyan Compass
Formerly a magical compass stolen from a previous employer, this compass has been modified by a warlock engineer to point not just magical items and sources of magical power, but more importantly- warpstone!
Points towards large sources of warpstone, magical fulcrums, magic items, etc. Ignores its own users/companions energies. (Sometimes!)

Other Abilities

Mercenary Warlord
Nithek Deathclaw is a ruthless warlord of his own clan, and is always accompanied with his bodyguard of vicious stormvermin, known as Nithek's Deathclaws. He also has the resources of his clan to draw upon at will. He is also an expert at tunnel/underground warfare.
Stormvermin Retinue, clan resources, +2 to tactical when fighting underground/tunnel warfare. Has lots of chittering skaven at his disposal.

Evolved, born and adapted to the life of a skaven, Nithek is at home in the dark places and tunnels of the world. He has an exceptional sense of smell, is far stealthier than most other races, and is incredibly good at climbing and scurrying in the dark. Also has exceptional vision in the dark.
Darksight, Skaven Nose, +1 Agility when underground/in caves/tunnels/sewers/etc.

Ruthless, Agile, Cunning, Resourceful, Ambitious

Paranoid, Greedy, Deceitful, not as strong as a vampire, mortal, no magical ability, has enemies (such as skritch warpeye, rival clans, his own underlings, etc.)

Additional Notes
Anything extra we should know about your character


May 3, 2012
Full Name: Elanor Rosenberg
Associated Names: Firesword, Blood Maiden
Age: 24 when bitten (Been a vampire for the last 243 years)
Bloodline: Lahmia
Sire: Tasirath Zade
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Altdorf

Physical Description
Short, slender, with long golden blonde hair which reaches down to her waist. Dead white skin without any blemishes. Deep azure blue eyes which turn red when bloodlust is upon her. Cute pixie like face. Smiles a lot. She often still wears her families emblem of the Rose on her clothing.

Elanor will often appear friendly and even kind or gentle. But beneath her smiling mask she is manipulative and loyal only to herself. However she is also not truly cruel and doesn't cause others pain except for revenge, albeit she takes offense rather easily and hence often claims to be acting in revenge.

Nobles who dare to speak with her may experience the night of their lives and walk away lavished in jewels and wealth or they may find the blood drained from their bodies and their corpses eternally bound in service. She is a lot like fire, beautiful to look at but touching her burns. Her emotions also burn very strongly in passion and anger. Since becoming a vampire she has become very much afraid of death and always seeks to continue living at all costs.

Brief History
Elanor was born in the Imperial capital of Altdorf to wealthy noble parents. Her early life was strict and conservative, she was constantly watched over by her older brother Naren. Although she often teased him and would go to lengths to hide from him, she knows that he cares deeply for her and is one of the few people she can truly trust. When she was 15 it was discovered that she had strong magical talent after ‘accidentally’ burning down a barn. She was sent to the colleges of magic where she began her magical training. So impressed were the wizards of the bright college by her natural manipulation and strength with the wind of aqshy they advised her to travel to Lothern in Ulthuan to further her studies of magic at the age of 18 and also before she burnt the entire city down. There she made friends with several dragon mages who possessed a similar fiery personality and pride. She was amazed by the sun dragons that she met and desperately wanted one for her own but was unable to awaken one. From the elves she learned much of magic and warfare and she grew to long desperately for the elves eternal life and beauty. When the elven Prince Berendan Aesrandir set out with his warhost in response to an Imperial cry for help concerning an undead incursion. Elanor went with them. The battle with the undead horde was epic and Elanor’s first taste of violence and bloodshed. The elven force had underestimated their foe’s strength and many of them were slain by a lithe dark shadow.

As the high elf forces began to retreat Elanor found herself alone in the carnage surrounded by the rotting dead. Out of the shadows a beautiful woman covered with blood appeared, smiling sweetly. Elanor attempted to defend herself raising her flaming sword but she never got a chance. The vampiress moved like a blur sinking her fangs into her neck. However something gave the vampiress pause, maybe a faint memory of her past, maybe a passing attraction, maybe a grudging admiration of the courage and desire to face a vampire in single combat and not flee. Instead she gave Elanor the blood kiss and revealed to her that her name was Tasirath Zade. However at this moment the vampiress was forced to flee as the elven forces had rallied, aided by imperial reinforcements and it was nearing dawn. Stumbling among the scattered corpses Elanor came across the fallen elf prince Berendan, his beautiful sword lying discarded next to him. Elanor picked it up and immediately it burst into wondrous blue flames, although they did not burn her. She decided to take the ancient relic with her as the elf clearly did not need it any longer.

How Elanor managed to survive the next few days is a testament to her inner unquenchable fire and indomitable will and she transformed easily into a vampire. Several weeks after the battle the lahmian vampiress Tasirath caught up with her and they travelled together for a time. Elanor told her much about her brother, Naren, how brave and strong and handsome he was. One day Tasirath returned to tell Elanor that she had found her beloved brother and turned him into a vampire, thinking that would please her. Elanor was furious though and left Tasirath to travel on her own. She thought about meeting up with Naren but couldn't bear the thought of him seeing her like this and went to great lengths to avoid him.

Slowly she began to lose her strict morals and indulge in her pride and lust. She began travelling around the old world moving from castle to castle, town to town, trying to fit in but never being accepted. She yearns to return to Ulthuan but knows that she never can. Part of her wants to remove the curse but part of her wants to remain a vampire, for she loves her youth and beauty and the strength and power that comes along with it. No longer does she feel like an inferior to the elves. But a powerful warrior in her own right.

Basic Stats

Speed: 4
Why run when you have all eternity to get there?
Agility: 6
Avoiding getting hit is always top priority number 1
Weapon Skill: 2
Has never had proper sword training and fights mainly with brute force and determination than any real skill
Ballistic Skill: 4 [5]
The High elves taught her the basics of archery and she is an average shot
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Hasn't been a vampire for long and is only rather small

Tactical Knowledge: 6
After spending much time with the High elves she has picked up many tactical skills which she still retains. She enjoys games of strategy and manipulation, setting her foes against each other to weaken them before moving in for the kill.

Magic -
Magical Lores Known: High, Fire, Vampires
Raw Magical Power: High (1) Just doesn't work as well anymore but can still manage a basic shield of saphery, Fire (7) [8] Vampiric bloodlust only added to her inner fire and can create vast fire storms with ease. Vampires (2) Still very new at raising the dead and doesn't really like having dead things hanging around that much.

Magical Skill: High (1), Fire (7) [8], Vampires (1)

Technology: None. Is not interested in anything remotely mechanical.

Weapons / Armour / Items
Starfang Taken from the body of a dead high elf prince. It is her greatest treasure. It's name eerily prophetic. It is a longsword which she wields with both hands. Like most elven blades it never grows dull and is virtually unbreakable. Whenever she wields Starfang it burns with blue flames that neatly match her eyes. The Sword acts as a conduit for her magical abilities increasing them slightly.

Cursed Bow of Unending Tears Elanor found this black long bow in an ancient tomb surrounded by thousands of blooming wildflowers. Since she picked it up she has found herself unable to get rid of it. Every time she shoots an arrow it emits a sorrowful dirge which causes all to hear it to reflect upon themselves. It also improves her ability to aim.

Elanor doesn't wear armour. Even on the field of battle she dresses scantily in silk and velvet, usually in black with a black rose on her breast.

Other Abilities
Seduction: Since becoming a vampire, Elanor has felt liberated from the conservativeness of her past life and instead flirts with both men and women, ensaring their minds until they will do anything just to be with her. However if it becomes clear they are only interested in her body she usually kills them out of anger. She is a bit of a hopeless romantic and will fight to the death over a crush.

Unholy Phoenix: As a master of the element of fire if things are going badly she can incinerate herself and be reborn from the ashes.

Powerful fire magic
Friendly countenance often causes people to think there is no danger until it is too late. Everyone likes her.
Is able to disguise her vampirism and live in normal society

Not very well skilled with a sword but enjoys fighting and may engage in combats she has no hope of winning.
Although she does do some pretty nasty stuff she isn't totally evil and heartless and may let enemies get away

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Name: Nekhlior the Unfading Scholar
Titles in Life: Liche Priest of the Mortuary Cult.
Previous Titles in Death: Priest of the Temple of Blood, Chronicler of Sorcery in the Great Library of Lahmia, Dark Lord of Nagash, The Forsaken (Against Sigmar)
Origin: Khemri (Mortal Birthplace) Lahmia (Siring location)
Age: 4,523 (Born: -1990, Sired -1641) he is likely the eldest Vampire alive (Although a number of vampire's came into undeath before him, it should be noted he was an elder liche priest by the time he was sired).
Generation: Second

Physical Description:
Before his siring he had been a man of lithe build and had not been an ugly man, he had been a priest, thus his body hair had been ritually shaved off. By the time of his siring however he was a Liche Priest and already becoming rather corpse-like despite being alive.
His current appearance is even more withered; his rotten flesh stretches tightly over his thin frame and his face resembles that of a skull with empty eyes sockets that at times glow with unholy flames. Despite being only average height he appears tall due to his thin frame and elongated fingers with dark, dirt encrusted claws that serve as nails.
He wears long black robe with a hood that obscures his withered corpse-like features.

His mentality is alike many Necrarch's who see the world of death far more clearly than that of life, and he continues Nagash's great plan in his own way. However this is not his first priority, instead he is more consumed with finding magical knowledge and artefacts of power. He also conducts his research in the areas of Necromancy and Alchemy.
He is intelligent and rather manipulative, he is also rarely friendly with others and can put allies in danger to meet his own goals.
He strongly believes every thing in life and undeath is a potential test subject including himself.
He is also less than stable, in his undeath he has suffered “True Death” two times and been brought back on all three occasions, once by Nagash himself and once by gets of his making, this has led to him having an even more strenuous grasp on reality.
Despite his negative traits he has shown to be very caring and protective towards his gets and apprentices.

Very Brief History
Nekhlior began his life as a Priest of the Mortuary Cult and was a Nagashi loyalist who served under W'soran and eventually became one of his first gets.
Nekhlior served Nagash and fought in all his wars.

His dark reputation has spread to most lands with the exception of Araby, Cathay and Nippon.
He has accumulated names in other areas due to his attacks on the lands in quests of artefacts and knowledge. Some examples are The Dark Alchemist in Kislev due to his poisoning of a large estate belonging to a powerful noble many years ago, the poison caused them to die and rise again as walking corpses to bring him the families magical heirloom that the Necrarch coveted.
Others are due to more noticeable actions such as “The Rival of Fate” due to his numerous battles agains large Tzeentch war band.

Decades ago prior to the Council's war with Nagash Nekhlior was betrayed by his brother in death V'azrin and fellow Dark Lord and tortured for years.
When he escaped the Necrarch fled and eventually ended up in the service of Settra the greatest of the Tomb Kings where he waited for the arrival of the representatives of the Council and taking V'azrin's get and apprentice Reshorn as his own.
In short order he had joined them and assisted in the battle against the Great Necromancer, his former master, almost dying in the attempt.

Since then he has taken Kraskor on as an apprentice, which at first was a novelty to see if Blood Dragons could even master magic has now become a serious goal of his although in thirty years the warrior vampire is only beginning his tutelage into the great Arcane. With him came Reshorn and a young get of Lesa called Katie.
He has also summoned his various gets back to him and restablished himself in his great and ancient Tower in the Land of the Dead after transferring all texts and artefacts belong to the now dead V'azrin to his own tower.

Basic Stats
Speed:6 As an ancient vampires he is faster than average
Agility:5 With ages comes power for vampire-kind as such as he' grown older his ability to dodge attacks has increased.
Weapon Skill:2 He's a scholar and has never learnt how to wield sword or spear
Ballistic Skill: 0 It would be wise not to give him a bow
Raw Strength: 5 Being an ancient vampire his physical strength is not poor
Technique Strength: 1 Definitely not a warrior
Toughness: 5 Perhaps due to being a frail Liche Priest before being sired he isn't as durable as other vampires his age.
Tactical Knowledge: 2 Giving him command of an army would be a mistake, he left most of his force commanding to one of his gets. He can use horde like armies to overpower his foes but tactical awareness and a grasp more subtle tactics are far beyond him.

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy / Vampire, Dark Magic, Fire, Heavens, Metal, Shadow, Death, Beasts.(Despite all this knowledge he limits more than two thirds of his spell casting to Necromancy, Death Magic and Dark Magic.)
Raw Magical Power:9 Being a Sorcerer in life his magical power was only expanded by the unique properties of his bloodline. He is almost totally sustained on Dhar and as such finds it easy to wield a lot of Power.
Magical Skill:9 Having studied the Arcane Arts for more than Four and a Half Millennia his skill at working magic is exceedingly high.

Skill set: Alchemist (A concocter of both magical elixirs and more mundane chemical mixtures.)
Skill Level: 7 (Very skilled in Alchemy but he hasn't reached the pinnacle of his talents due to Alchemy taking a back seat to his Magic Experimentation.)
Skill set: Necromantic Artificer (As a Necrarch hes spent a great deal of time mastering the fusion of Undead flesh, he can create a wide variety of undead constructs, an example of which is his strangely sentient zombie dragon which died in the war with Nagash but was reconstructed)
Skill Level: 10 (As a Necrarch the experimentation of the unholy realm of necromancy takes precedence over all other pursuits, as such he is a complete master of the dark art)
Skill Set: Artificer (His experiments often led to the magical creation of weapons, armour or just little devices)
Skill Level: 6
Skill Set: Runes (He has learnt many different types of runes e.g. Dwarves, Chaos etc)
Skill Level: 4

W'soran's Staff:
A staff that once belonged to his sire it whispers to its wielder predicting the flow of magic and reveals the secrets of any foes castings.

The staff makes casting spells safer and makes magic duels easier and further enhances his already great magical skill.
Amulet of Blood:
An amulet wore by the Vampiric Priests of the Temple of Blood in Lahmia, it provides the wearer easier access to the fickle winds of magic.

The amulet provides a safeguard against the dangers of the winds of magic.
Book of Nagash:
Once the property of Drake von Carstein this book was given to Nekhlior during the Final Battle with Nagash by Kraskor for a great arcane undertaking, since then Nekhlior has kept the book from his apprentice for “Safe-Keeping” until the blood dragon is ready to use it

The Book is a store of great knowledge and a source of magical power in itself however even the insane Nekhlior avoids its use unless necessary.
Various Scrolls:
Powerful counterspells are written within these ancient papyri.

Various scrolls of powerful counterspells.

Other Abilities
Get of W'soran
So ancient is the vampire that his teacher was not only his sire the great W'soran but he also studied at the hands of the Great Necromancer Nagash during two seperate wars. Manipulating the flow of magic comes as naturally to the vampire as breathing does to a living human.

In terms of the RP this shows why his Necromancy is so powerful, it allows him to control and raise a large amount of Undead and lets his seize control of Undead from lesser Necromancers. He can also manipulate the winds of magic to make it difficult for other wizards to wield the arcane.
He can use his dark magic to teleport as well.

Unholy Cynosure
The Necrarch can focus his power into a different plane to foresee the future and thus use his ability to change the present

This power allows Nekhlior to see into the future with varying degrees of success, he can not only see the far future given enough time and power but he can also use this ability to rectify short term mistakes. The power is very draining and can not be used often, also to see further into the future requires a trance like state to be achieved.

One with the Spirit Realm
Nekhlior no longer sees the mortal realm as most vampires do, like only the oldest of his line he perceives the world in a different manner.

Not truly an ability but it does allow Nekhlior to see spirits and the winds of magic at all times, this makes it easier to command spirits and to wield (and monitor) the winds of magic themselves.

Magical Capabilities:
Master: Necromancy, Dark Magic, Lore of Death, Lore of Shadows, Lore of Metal.
Adept: Lore of Fire, Lore of the Heavens, Demonology.
Average: Lore of the Beast.
No Knowledge: Lore of Light, Lore of Life. (Incapable of wielding both).

Ancient-Like all vampires he grows stronger as he ages and thus he's grown quite powerful as he's aged. He also seen much in his life and became quite intelligent and cunning over this time, he is said to be only about a decade younger than the great Nagash himself.
Second Generation-Sired by W'soran himself he is as close to the source of his kind as he can be.
Master Necromancer- Having spent the greater part of his existence on developing Nagash's art he has became a master of the art. He can also create great wonders of undeath; examples are his Undead Dragon or his Abysmal Terror. He also claims to have created numerous Bone Golems.
Experienced Mage- Has many millennia experience of using magic.
Necrarch:His magical affinity is boosted and his thirst for blood is lesser than other vampire bloodlines and when he does need blood a simple replenishment potion can work. As a vampire he is physically powerful also, although untrained in combat and has minor vampiric abilities such as Shapeshifting and Hypnosis.
Intelligent: Or in his opinion a Genius, he had a lot of knowledge on a wide number of topics but especially the arcane. He often employs his intelligence to work out how best to combat his opponents by studying them beforehand or gathering knowledge on opponents to strike at weaknesses.

Insane- Recently Nekhlior's sanity has become less stable than his already poor state of mine.
Unarmoured- Wearing only robes leaves the Necrarch vulnerable to physical attack.
Scholar-Lacks any warrior training and whilst he has fighting experience from the wars and could slaughter rank and file humans its unlikely he could physically stand against any vampire with the slightest bit of training.
Necrarch- Like many Necrarchs his mental stability isn't what it could be, this could manifest as his talking nonsense to making a fatal mistake during an incantation to pure, common paranoia. He also can not hide his appearance efficiently for any length of time.
Religious Symbols-The most effective against him are the symbols of his homelands ancient gods but the symbols of Ulric and Sigmar and similar gods work to a lesser degree. Chaos symbols have no effect.
Useless General- He has led a great deal of armies many times and is worst than mediocre when commanding at best, his skill in raising his fallen troops usually makes up for this.
Arrogant-One does not master the Deadly Path of the Necromancer and live for over four thousand years without gathering a certain amount of pride and self-confidence in themselves.

Additional Notes
Nekhlior's sight
It is important to note that Nekhlior no longer sees the mortal realm as most vampires do, like only the oldest of his line he perceives the world in a different manner. He no longer sees mortal things but only the winds of magic, spirits and auras. He can still see everything a mortal could see but in a very different way, instead of peoples physical selves he sees only their spirits selves and aethyric echoes of physical things like buildings.

This Bio is pretty similar to what it was in TVC, I've removed some things and rearrange some stuff also lowering his stats because his weapon skill was 4...which made no sense.
Unsure if his magic should be 9 or 10 since hes been doing it for 4000 years yet for games sake 10/10 skill wasn't allowed in TVC 1 (aside from Lesa and V'azrin who were destined to pewpew each other until one was blown out of existance)

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Non-Player Character

Name: Karl von Carstein
Title: Regent and First of the Triumvirate, Baron of Teufhof
Age: 872 in the year 2533 (Born 1671, Sired 1709)
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Vlad Von Carstein
Generation: 2nd
Place of Birth: Kislev.

Approximately 5'9/5'10 foot, he was a lean figure with long black hair which he usually lets fall down over his shoulders but when pulled back in a pony tail it shows his high hairline, and is not a handsome man but carries strong aristocratic features he also physically appears to be around the age thirty seven.
He is usually seen wearing an extravagant nobleman garb with a long flowing cloak finished of with a silver clasp made in the image of a wolf's head; he will also at times carry a cane with him.
During war he will don a suit of amour and a cloak that made in the image of his sire's, appears to be made from the souls of the dead.
At his waist is a powerful enchanted blade called the Vampires Fang.
All of this serves to exude an aura of command, however much of this is not physical and is in fact a vampiric Talent of his.

Karl is a supremely dignified vampire and is extremely prideful of his position as the eldest of Vlad's gets.
It's noteworthy for all the infamous arrogance associated with his bloodline he is quite diplomatic and polite to others, even the living at times. However if angered he is known to be quite wrathful and to hold grudge for long periods of time.

Originally a Noble and as a Commander in Kislev's armies, when he was thirty seven he welcomed a Noble Man going by the name of Vlad von Carstein into his home. Over the period of two weeks the count and the man seemingly became close, then one night Vlad announced he had a gift for his new friend and within moments granted the blood kiss to the, not entirely willing, mortal.

Coming out of nowhere in the year 1785 during the early reign of Vlad he arrived in a Black Coach at the gates of Castle Teufhof claiming to be a distant relative of the count, the current Baron one Seltar von Tuef welcomed him cautiously. The von Carstein spent little time in introducing himself to the Baron's only child a girl of 19 years by the name of Emilie and lured her into a false sense of confidence in which she confided that her father often abused her and was a cruel and weak man and after a few days it became obvious that she loathed the man. In that moment the von Carstein boldly stated that he would kill her father and take the girl as his bride...is she wished it.
She did.
That night at a dinner Karl killed Seltar in someway and from that point on became the new Baron and after the poor treatment of previous rulers the city welcomed him with open arms.
When the wasting sickness struck Sylvania Emilie, like so many mortals, contracted the disease, and despite himself Karl felt himself caring about her fate, he called as many doctors as he could and used threats and manipulation to get the best from the farthest reaches of the empire but still nothing could be done. However soon after he found out Vlad had sired Isabella and in a journey that took a mere two nights he rode to Drakenhof and spoke with the count and when he returned he immediately sired his wife.

Having a background in military command and as Vlad's eldest child he served as a Lieutenant in Vlad's forces, commanding lesser vampire and mindless Undead alike. He was a skilled General due to his previous life and did well however when his sire was killed he was struck by a feeling of utter hopelessness and then faking his own death he fled.
He lived amongst human society and only encounter one other of his line, a get of Posner's whom he killed and drained quickly.

When Mannfred was killed Karl quickly returned and slaughtered many other vampires, he laid claim to the Vlad's legacy, claiming as a remaining son of the original count he had the strongest claim. Many vampires pledged themselves to Karl...for a time...but when Mannfred returned he promptly lost all support and angrily he returned to his Castle where he remains to this day.

Joining the council during the War against Nagash he was a close ally to Simon and Micrea helping Simon to bring forth Vlad from his grave.
He was later enchanted by the Dark Lord V'azrin like the rest of his blood until Lesa managed to slay the Necrarch.

He would later be part of the Battle with Nagash attempting an assault on the Liche himself alongside the Arch-Assassin Akarin and the Necrarch Reshorn. The assault was an utter failure resulting in the death of Akarin.

He later returned to Sylvania with his two nephews to claim leadership of Sylvania.

The past ten years
For the past decade Karl has ruled as the Regent and Eldest member of the Triumvirate having a “First Amongst Equals”.
Where Micrea is the High Marshal of the von Carstein armies and Simon is Lord Imperator of the south, holding a great deal of power in the south it is Karl who administrates the holdings of his von Carstein Empire and rules from the capital Drakenhof.
He also is the most diplomatic of the three leaders and deals with any envoys deemed important enough to deal with the Triumvirate.

Recent Events
Karl hosted the first meeting of the renewed Vampire Council for the war against Chaos however the Regent was both unwilling and unable to leave his newly founded Empire to join the other vampires.
He has been spending even greater time with representatives of Sylvania's Assassin Order in an attempt to bring the rebel Assassins to heel.

Basic Stats
Speed: 5
Agility: 6
Weapon Skill: 7
Ballistic Skill: 3
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 7
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 8

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy/Vampire Lore, Ice Magic.
Raw Magical Power: 6
Magical Skill: 6 (8 with Ice)

Skillset: Armour and Weapon Maintenance

Karl's Fang

A Sabre based on the more powerful runeblade his father wielded.
The Blood Drinker, striking this helps raise the wielders health and heal his wounds on successful hits on the enemy
Armour of Teufhof
The hereditary armour of his Barony, it was made better by Necromantic enchantments. It grants a greater protection to the Baron.
Essentially conveys to the wearer a level of protection.
Cloak of Souls
The cloak itself absorbs the souls of the slain and grants the vampire increased regenerative powers.

Can absorb the souls of the dying to increase the wearers regenerative abilities.
Signet Ring
A ring bearing the emblem of the von Carstein house gifted to Karl by Vlad.

Nothing Magical, just a symbol of his status.
Karl's Cane
Looks expensive and well crafted, there is a thin short silver blade within that can be removed with a twist of the handle.

Other Abilities
Aura of Dark Majesty
Karl projects an impression of such high nobility, of just majestic grace that all other beings feel themselves lessen in his presence, he can use this ability to manipulate and exploit others.

In terms of the RP it makes others feel less than Karl when in his presence, it works to greater effect on mortals and lesser vampires but even the eldest are effected to some degree.

von Carstein Shifting
Strong is the ability to transform within Vlad's descendants, mostly wolves or bats are the shapes of choice although mist is a possibility too.
Like most von Carstein's he bears the ability to shape shift, he is quite proficient at it but is restricted to the shifting into a Bat (or swarm off) or a wolf. Mist can also be used but is best kept for escape.

Weather Manipulation
Like many of his bloodline he can control the weather, the effects are stronger and more ferocious when he is angered

He can manipulate the weather causing the sun to become blocked out by clouds or for wind and rain to rage viciously.

Ice Mage
The Greatest Warlords of Kislev have the ability to use magic that is beyond the knowledge and ability of the empire, they bend the winds of magic transmuting them into storms of Ice to match the climate of their homeland.
There are a varity of Ice Spells, those most commonly used by Karl are
  • Shardstorm - Shards of diamond hard ice is emitted from the hands of the caster, striking the enemy viciously.
  • Freezing Blast - This freezes any water based terrain, creating a sparkling, flat surface over which armies can walk. Otherwise it can freeze an enemy unit, encasing them in binding ice.
  • Form of the Frostfiend - The caster changes into a beast of Kislev legend, coming closer to the Ice Magic than humanity. They will last like this until they die or cancel the invocation. Due to the magical nature of this form, most magical equipment becomes useless.
  • Invocation of the Ice Storm - A harsh blizzard can be cast by the wizard chanting a few words which engulfs ranged weaponry. A blast of air blows many ranged objects off course or even stop a unit from firing at all.
  • Midwinter's Kiss - The breath of the caster is turned into a raging torrent of ice, freezing all in its path. Icicles form a barrier around the affected, preventing them from moving.
  • Glacial Barrier - This erects a vast ice wall that is impassable and cannot be seen through. It can be dispelled by the caster to aid movement and attacks.

Talented Necromancer- An expert of Necromancy he can easily raise an army to serve him.
Ice Mage- Karl wields the rare magic that none but the greatest Kislevites can wield. This was an innate magical ability.
Vampiric-Has the speed and strength of a vampire.
Swordsman- He is a capable warrior and well-trained in the use of a sword.
Supreme General-Has mastered tactics in life and unlife to lead his horde of the Undead against enemies.
Aura of Dark Majesty-An extremely authoritative figure, no free-willed creature can look upon him without feeling their arrogance melt away to some degree.
Fast- He has increased vampiric speed compared to most other von Carstein's mostly due to his generation and fighting style.
Diplomatic- Karl is one of the most diplomatic of the elder von Carsteins.

Vampire- He holds the weaknesses of his vampiric nature, he can not enter a place a mortal calls home unless invited, can't stand Sigmar's symbols and hates sunlight although can easily walk in it when he must.
Arrogant-His arrogance could easily be the death of him.
Failure-Having failed to achieve the title of Count from Mannfred on two occasions he has feelings of Loathing towards himself and his brother.
Narrow Magical Studies-Can't use any lore apart from Necromancy and his inborn Kislevite magic.
Not a extreme Master-He has neither mastered Magic nor Physical combat to the almost god-like extremes of many vampires of his age have.
Brooding-His often seems to be in a dark or depressed mood much like his sire.
Terrifying Temper-Like his sire when he loses his temper only his beloved can calm him.
Beloved-He cares for Emilie to such a degree that such any harm befall her he will lose rational control.
Ice Magic - Ice magic is weaker away from Karl's homeland.

Additional Notes
How Karl's aura in the TVC
Combined with his appearance and his vampiric talents he gives off an aura of complete and utter majestic command; no matter how powerful or will strong all beings feel their arrogance and personal standing diminish to varying degrees next to Karl.

Karl is an NPC, only present when required to represent the von Carstein Empire and more or less this post is for people to decide what people know ICly about the Triumvirates leaders.

Karl von Carstein's Timeline up to Pre-TVC
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Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Masked Assassin - Satsu

Full Name: Unknown (Believed to be Hans von Alber)
Associated Names: Masked Assassin, Satsu (Simply taken from the Nipponese word Satsujinsha)
Occupation: Apparent 3rd Generation Master of the Sylvanian Assassin Order
Age: Unknown
Bloodline: Von Carstein
Generation: Unknown (Believed to be 4th)
Sire: Unknown (Rumoured to have been Akarin from whom he received much training)
Place of Birth: Unknown

A lean man standing at around 5"10 his features are utterly hidden. He wears dark clothing over his entire body showing not an inch of flesh except for his hands.
His jacket has a hood to cover his head and the assassin wears a light coloured mask with a red circle on the forehead.
The vampire's violet eyes will occasionally turn red during combat or times of extreme aggression.

A formal and serious vampire this man often speaks only when necessary, his voice totally disguised by an enchantment on the mask. Whilst polite to strangers and enemies both he is exceptionally merciless and cold when killing his targets.

As the Headmaster of the Sylvanian Assassin Order he is more secretive of his identity than the founder ever was.

Brief History
No known history available.

- One of the original Sylvanian born nobles who were sired by Akarin and trained into killers under Vlad's sponsorship.
- Real name is said to be Hans von Alber who joined the more secretive sections of the Order and as such carried out the more sensitive assignments.
- Served in the Assassin Squad responsible for killing other vampires.
- Was trained directly by the First Headmaster and his Lieutenant Silibar in the use of illusionary magic.
- Was one of a handful of talented assassin's sent to the Crimson Hold to train under Akarin's original swordmasterAkimitsu no Chishio-Ryu
Stood in the third circle of command as a small squad Captain within the Order.
- Was severely injured during the Battle against Nagash.
- Served as a senior officer for Akarin's replacement after the War of Nagash.
- Was promoted by Simon von Carstein to Headmaster of the Order after his predecessor's disappearance 8 years ago.
- Has spent his entire command trying to hunt down and kill the Rebel Assassin's leader.

Basic Stats
Speed: 7
Agility: 8
Weapon Skill: 6 (7) Improved skill when using Nipponese Swords.
Ballistic Skill: 2 (5) Skilled with throwing weapons.
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 6 (8) Improved skill when using Nipponese Swords
Toughness: 4
Tactical Knowledge: 1 (10) Talented in leading Assassin Squads, useless otherwise.

Magical Lores Known: Lore of Vampires/ Necromancy, Lore of Shadow
Raw Magical Power: 6
Magical Skill: Necromancy 1 and Lore of Shadows 6




The Concealing Mask

A strange mask inspired by Eastern designs.
The mask hides the wearers features but also magically blurs the voice making it deeper and unrecognisable.

A matching set of Nipponese swords and a gift from Akimitsu, the rest in a plain but well maintained black scabbard.
The longsword is enchanted to increase it's effectiveness against Armour but the Shortsword is a mundane weapon.

A needle-like spike designed for throwing.
The Assassin carries several of these at all time, they are not meant to kill but rather as a distraction while engaging his opponent with sword or fist.


The signature move of the Sylvanian Assassins as created by Akarin von Carstein.
Can teleport through shadows, he is also able to become a shadow himself to avoid attack but in turn can not attack others this also leaves him indistinguishable from the darkness around him.


This vampire spent his entire existence perfecting the art of killing in silence he has also learnt how to use his talents to fight to the best of his abilities. Moreso he is quite adept at the murder of other vampires.
Silent, stealthy and acrobatic this vampire has spent his entire immortal life killing from the shadows.

Eastern Martial Arts
Skilled in the Nipponese sword arts of Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu and the hand-to-hand arts of Cathay and to a lesser extend Nippon.
Like many of the higher ranked Assassins he studied under the Nipponese Blood Dragon Akimitsu to learn the Way of the Sword and empty hand. The Cathay Jade-Blooded Xunru tutored him in the fighting arts known as the "internal" styles. Whilst he learnt other styles too they were at a lower level and are infrequently used.

von Carstein
Possesses some von Carstein traits, he can turn into a lean black wolf at will and with a greater effort a bat.
The assassin can shape shift into a black wolf with dark eyes or a normal bat.



Amongst the fastest of the von Carsteins
An assassins greatest asset as he can move silently in almost any situation.

Professional Killer
A skilled fighter with swords, daggers or hand-to-hand that also employs the use of more underhanded techniques and Illusions makes the assassin very dangerous. The assassin has developed an unpredictable fighting style.
Assassin Headmaster
Stands high in the ranks of the von Carstein family and can lead his followers.
Nipponese Sword Master
Skilled with the Nipponese Longsword and Shortsword he has also studied Iaijutsu the art of Drawing, this means he can unsheath and attack in a moment's notice.
The assassin is an adept user of Shadow magic.

The assassin disdains armour and is less protected because of it.

Necromantic Weakling
A terrible Necromancer.
He is a target for the rebel assassins and has been targeted in the past because of his position.

Additional Information

As discussed in the PMs DoN

Physically looks like http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb.../00/20121107105523!Amon_and_his_Equalists.png
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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
Full Name: Niklaus
Associated Names: The Living Shadow, the Master of Shadows
Age: 75 vampire, 25 mortal
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Charlotte
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Middenheim

Physical Description
tall and pale, with black hair and eyes that are pools of midnight. His shadowy clothes obscure all but his head.

Aloof, cold and calculating, quite intelligent. Near emotionless, but finds room for a cynical humour.

Brief History
Sent to the Midenheim Shadow Magic College when his talents with Shadow were discovered, he quickly rose up the ranks, and by his 8th year at the College, at 25, although not yet at the top of the order, he had been nicknamed the Master of Shadows, or the Living Shadow, for his incredible talent.
His sister Charlotte was a skilled artist and travelled the Empire, occasionally venturing into other lands. One day she returned pale, with bite marks in her neck. The paleness was apparently from a disease, but the marks were harder to explain. She observed Niklaus for some days, before making her siring pitch to Neferata. Despite the Vampire Queen’s skepticism of males, she was impressed by Niklaus’ talents, and gave Charlotte permission.
Delighted she told all to Niklaus, who to her surprise was furious and asked her to feed only on criminals, advice she ignored. Seeing he would not willingly turn, she forcibly turned him. Though he took Undeath over death, Niklaus was still angry, although he could do nothing for the moment due to being a fledgling thrall. He bided his time for a number of years until he felt free enough to do what he needed to do. Charlotte was his sister, so he tried to make her see reason one last time, but she laughed and refused to listen. He resolved to kill her, purging emotion from his body.
One dawn he went to her coffin, dragged it outside, using his powers to hold what was left of the night around him, and staked and decapitated her. he then ran inside before the last shadows dissipated.
The next day, Niklaus began having dark, and somewhat terrifying, dreams, which forced him to relive every moment Charlotte had been upset, and eventually introduced him to Lucinia, Annabella's newly adopted daughter, of the Blood Dragon line (Annabella is his grandsire). He is also visited by a nightmarish rider on a dark steed, the rider appearing to be only a midnight black cloak gripping the horse's reins, in the dreams, and wakes screaming the rider's words, but for some reason always forgets about the rider as soon as he awakens.
Over the decades Niklaus built a spy network to find vampires and kill them, sometimes anonymously giving tip offs to the witchhunters, and to counteract the Lahmian network. His organization has found and killed, or assisted in killing, a number of vampires, but he has not yet found his grandsire, or removed major players.
he left the Shadow College before awkward questions about not aging were asked, and fed only on criminals and vampires. (or volunteers)

Basic Stats


Speed: 6: Lahmian, therefore naturally fast.

Agility: 6: See above.

Weapon Skill: 3: can fight, but prefers magic.

Ballistic Skill: 2: Prefers magic, which is more available than guns.

Raw Strength: 4: Not quite past his first century of Undeath, but old enough to have picked up vampiric strength.

Technique Strength: 2: A wizard, not a martial artist.

Toughness: 4: See Strength.

Tactical Knowledge: 4: Runs a spy network, but not a general.


Magical Lores Known:
Raw magical power: 7: The Living Shadow.
Magical Skill: 6: The Master of Shadows.

A curve blade stolen from a leading traitor assassin, useful for when Niklaus cannot properly use his shadow magic.
No special properties, simply allows him to fight properly even if he can't use magic.

Other abilities

Niklaus can merge with the shadows for short periods of time.
this allows Niklaus to merge into the shadows to allow blows/shots to go through him.

Master of Shadows: Powerful Shadowmancer
Cold: Unaffected by emotion, and emotional traps.
Vampire: Undead, fangs, strong, etc.
Lahmian: Inherently fast/agile compared to other vampires.

Poor Necromancy: Won’t use it, therefore no game effect.
Vampire: Needs blood, etc.
Limited feeding pool: Will only feed from worthy opponents or lowlife, so can’t get refreshment whenever he needs it.
Vulnerable to sunlight: His extreme focus on shadowmancy has made him more vulnerable than other vampires to sunlight.
Poor fighter: prefers magic over weapons, so in trouble if opponent dispels/brushes off his magic. Plus no weapons.
young: Not quite at his first century,, Niklaus is younger and weaker than a lot of other vampires

Additional information
Spy Network:
Niklaus' spy network has informed him of the Vampire Council, and counteracts the Lahmian network where it can, but due to its nature will have little in game effect.

It is organised extremely anonymously, so not even Niklaus knows the identities of all the members. this decentralisation is for security reasons-if one cell is breached, there is a limit to how many others those people can reveal. even the two directly below him know not of each other.

Niklaus is the supreme head, and is referred to vaguely in the oath of allegiance and the Dark Overseer, but only his two highest subordinates know of him in reality, and then only on a need to know basis.

There are two branches, the spies and the assassins.

The spies are lead by the Hooded One, a mysterious individual known only to Niklaus. He trains subordinates as spies, and sets them up in separate cells. his knowledge in this area is beaten only by Niklaus. The Hooded One tells each cell leader that he is the head, and it is a small organisation, and to repeat this to recruits. therefore the cells know only of their immediate superiors and inferiors. There are cells across the Empire, and one or two in other human realms, but they are concentrated in Middenheim and cities known to have 'vampire problems'. there is no known number, but 15 cells (of 4, including the cell leader) would be a good estimate.
Due to the organisation, each cell reports directly to the Hooded One, whoi then decides whether or not to report to Niklaus.

The assassins are led by The Shadowed Blade, and follow the same organisational principles as the spies, although have far less cells. The assassins are reasonably well trained in vampire killing, and when the Hooded One deems information on a vampire to be detailed enough to tell Niklaus, this is passed on by Niklaus to the Shadowed blade who assigns a cell. There are 5 cells of 5 assassins each.

All the agents in both networks are human, and any vampire foolish enough to apply is driven out for later assassination/killed on the spot.

When half the Empire fell to the von Carstein Empire, the network attempted to aid the Empire in resisting, but was largely unable to hold back the Sylvanian hordes. Now there are only scattered cells in the former eastern Empire provinces, with the majority having fled to the western Empire.

Niklaus' Bloodline: This is secret from the characters, unless they have some means of discovering bloodlines e.g. Graveclaw's sense of smell.
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The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Full Name: Professor Ferigeld Austimov
Associated Names: Faust
Age at ‘death’: 31
Status: Vampire
Time spent undead: 0+ years
Nationality: Half-Imperial, Quarter Tilean, Quarter Kislevian
Bloodline: Unknown by Faust (Carstein?)
Sire: Unknown by Faust
Generation: Unknown by Faust, at least 4th generation

Physical description
Faust is dressed in a ‘night green’ trench coat. His hair is short, spikey, and is fading from its original brown to grey. He wears spectacles, and usually hangs some engineers goggles round his neck. He wears thick leather gloves and strong, comfortable clothes. Though he is tall, he is not very muscled.

Backstory: The third son of a Kislevian-Imperial noble, Austimov was sent to study to join the Imperial Engineers Guild. A rising engineer in Nuln, Austimov ended up searching for several mysterious artefacts, one consequence of which was the recruitment of Roland to help retrieve them. One of his trips took him through Sylvania, where he received a blood kiss through a severe case of mistaken identity, a masquerade, a lot of vodka and a young, female witch hunter. Though he has never returned full time to engineering, he continues to hunt both the artefacts and, after recent events, an unheard of treatise by a little known Obsidian Wizard.
A formative event happened soon after his conversion to the vampiric race. Still travelling with Roland, the pair stumbled across a necromancer raising an army from his vast mansion. His eyes became aware of the bonds of necromantic energies that shackled the zombies to the necromancers will, and this, coupled with his principles and vampiric instability, pushed him over some edge. After sending the necromancer to his own death, he spent days locked in the library while Roland ransacked the mansion. He learnt to converse with the spirits, and found that all were sentient, used merely as guidance for their own dead bodies, and that there were a few who wished to aid him put others to rest. He hopes to find a method such that no control can be exerted over the spirit and undead body wearing it, so that those who wish to work for him may operate away from his influence.

Personality: To all who encountered him before his transformation, he was egocentric and extremely focused on his task, and his moral boundaries were never strained by his insular lifestyle. Now, he is strangely repulsed by all forms of enslavement, including the necromantic arts: he will go head to head with many vampiric colleagues and necromancers over such issues. He cannot fight to save his unlife, despite his abilities and his engineered tools.
When he was converted, he was angered by the impulses that shackled his mind. Having had no choice in the matter, he feels partially enslaved himself. Though he does not attempt to avoid drinking blood, he makes sure that those he does are compensated adequately.

Basic Stats
Speed: 4
Agility: 4
Weapon Skill: 1
Ballistic Skill: 2 (5 given 5 minutes to set up…)
Raw Strength: 3
Technique strength: 1
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 5

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy (unorthodox) [Austimov is so vehemently against the control of the spirits in zombies and skeletons that he gives them free will. This often means that opposing necromancers struggle to take the reins back from him: he doesn’t have them!]
Raw Magical Power: 4
Magical Skill: 4

Skillset: Blackpowder, Clockwork, Steam, Automation, Metalwork, Infusion, Crystal work, Carpentry, Magictrics (Magical Circuitry e.t.c)
Skill Level: 3, 5, 5, 5, 7, 4, 3, 7, 3,

Weapons/ Armour/ Items
Clockwork Buckler
A razor toothed buckler. When the clutch is pressed, the clockwork mechanism spins the teeth at a fast speed. Requires rewinding and has five minutes of spin before it winds down.
Used by Faust for offense and defence. He isn’t very good with it…

Faust’s Backpack
Made of some very light yet strong material, this backpack can do a lot of strange things. It has been observed to unfold into a table and mini forge.
A better than indestructible portable carrying device/ moving workshop. It contains several engineering tools and materials, as well as some documents and a spare change of clothes. It appears to have a larger interior than exterior, as well as remaining the same weight no matter how much is in it. It does not appear magical, and not even Faust knows how it works.

Improved Blackpowder Pistol that doesn’t blow up.
Gives Faust something to shoot with. N.B. he only shoots well when he isn’t rushed.

Strong Morals
Good at making things

Terrible at fighting

Additional Notes
Harland has right of attorney over Faust if I go missing.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Basingstoke or Nexeternus
Simon von Carstein
Full Name: Simon von Carstein
Associated Names: Scourge of Morr, The Poetic Fiend, Imperator of the South, Lord Imperator, Third of the Triumvirate.
Age: 626
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Isabella von Carstein (deceased)
Generation: 3rd generation.
Place of Birth: Unknown

Roughly six foot tall with short blond hair which indicates some Norse Blood within him. Simon was sired at the age of twenty six and continues to look this age. The exception to this rule is his eyes which reflect the six centuries he has lived. Simon's appearance has tended to change over the centuries. In his younger days during his exile he dressed to resemble a member of the working class after he sired Sariah he started to revert back to clothes that reflected the minor nobleman he was. In battle he wore standard armour until shortly after the death of Konrad when he discovered a Hauberk that may have belonged to Walach Harkon not far from Grim Moor he tended to wear it as it was superior to his old armour. Thoughl it was finally destroyed by a dark lord of Nagash. Currently he has started wearing armour especially made for him by Jason Nightwere . He carries a magical blade called Animessor once wielded by a vampire hunter it works just as well on mortals too. In complete contradiction to his brother Mircea Simon is always smiling as he enjoys the life that he leads and sees it as a fascinating game.

Simon is possibly the happiest and most devious member of the council. Nothing seems to intimidate or frighten him as he oozes a confidence that unnerves everyone around him. Being a poet he has a way with words that enables him persuade people more easily than others. However his personality can change without warning. When angry he is at his most destructive and his ruthlessness and brutality borders on the genocidal. However despite these occasional outbursts Simon is generally popular and well liked by his servants and he is a kind and thoughtful lord though he has some racist views on vampires that didn’t start off as human calling them half breeds. In his arrogance he believes himself and his fellow vampires to be gods due to their enhanced abilities and powers. However what is not generally known is that he continues to worship Varena Goddess of knowledge and Justice. His best attribute is his almost fanatical loyalty to those he is close to. One example being his rescue of Lesa and Milosh Cromwell from the forces of Magneqrox. He later restored Milosh back to life and aided him in an attempt to bring Lesa back as well.

Brief History
a minor nobleman and famous Sylvanian poet Simon was sired by Isabella so that he could compose poems for her forever. Simon was exiled by Vlad for antagonising everyone as becoming a vampire had radically altered his personality. He was reconciled with his grandsire forty years later and grew to greatly respect him. Vlad was the only vampire Simon ever acknowledged as his Lord as he refused to serve Herman Posner, Konrad and Mannfred instead striking out on his own to forge his own destiny. Simon is currently the Imperator of the Ikaanan Territories which were once known as the Border Princes after manipulating the war between Mannfred and the Council to his own advantage. He is also a member of the Triumvirate alongside brother Mircea and Uncle Karl.
He is known as the scourge of Morr by mortals due to the terrible crimes he committed during the first war of the Vampire Counts and because ever since he defeated Dieter von Kronos he has made a point of hunting down and challenging any Vampire hunters connected to the Order of Morr mostly because he grew tired of fights he knew he was going to win. His second title The Poetic Fiend was given to him by other vampires due to his poetry and his habit of killing his own kind and it is the title they use to refer to him.

Basic stats
Weapon Skill:7
Ballistic Skill:6
Raw Strength:5
Technique Strength:8
Tactical Knowledge:7
Magical lores known: Lore of the Vampires/Necromancy and Shadows
Raw Magical Power: 7
Magical Skill:8

Technology Skillset: Stud Farming:8
Simon's knowledge of breeding has enabled him to create the Baalak Gul.

Animessor - The Sword of von Kronos slays demons and undead with ease.
Armour of Nightwere - Forged for Simon during the war against Nagash by Jason Nightwere this armour actually increases his life force as well protects it.
Sceptre of Ikaana - This potent magic item enhances Simon's summoning abilities allowing to bind many more undead than normal.

Other abilities
von Carstein shifting - Simon has never shown any evidence of this power. However it should not be ruled out as al of his family have this ability to some degree.
Spectral Attendants - An aura made up of the spirits of Simon’s victims makes it easier for him to dispel enemy magic attacks aimed at him. They also drain enemy magic away.
Defying Gravity - Simon can defy gravity in a limited way enabling him to jump further and higher and even walk on ceilings.
Sunlight - Unlike most vampires Simon isn't superstitious about traditional vampire weaknesses and the most the sun can do to him is weaken his abilities without harming him.

Expert Swordsman - Though he cannot match the skills of the Blood Dragons, Simon is known as possibly the best swordsman of the von Carstein line, his unusual cloak and sword technique has earned him many victories.
Vast Resources - Simon has the largest military force of the council, with hundreds of thousands of undead, mortal troops and mercenary ogres included in his forces his army outnumbers all others on the vampire council.
Potent Necromancer - As a collector of unusual magic items Simons necromantic powers are excellent though he cannot match the like of V'azrin or Lesa.

Laid Back - Simon can sometimes not take things seriously enough, this can mean he can react to situations too late leaving him in a negative position.
Outburst - When Simon does finally lose his temper he becomes extremely irrational and unpredictable, however this is difficult to do although insulting his wife Sariah normally works.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Basingstoke or Nexeternus
Colonel Markus Canaris

Full Name: Colonel Markus Canaris
Associated Names: Pistols
Age: 45
Place of Birth: Reikland

Physical Description
Markus generally has a well groomed appearance with long hair tied back into a pony tail and a well kept beard and moustache. He generally dresses in the latest imperial fashions.

Canaris is a man who will get the job done no matter the cost. He recognises that he is in a dangerous profession and tries to enjoy himself as much as possible and always has a witty remark. Colleagues find this disconcerting.

Brief History
Markus Canaris is the illegitimite offspring of a high ranking Sigmarite priest and a young serving girl who died in childbirth. His father arranged for him to be brought up by an aunt who was paid well to keep him out of the limelight which would have been an embarrassment considering his position.

At the age of ten Markus displayed signs of magical abilities and was immediately sent away to the Colleges of Altdorf as a means of getting him out the way. He ended up in the Grey College studying illusion magic and it was here he was approached by the Order of Vashanesh and offered a chance to attain greatness and surpass the peers who despised him. He accepted.

Life in the Order was not easy and he discovered that he had little aptitude for Necromancy. However he had proved to be a skilled illusionist and so he was transferred to join the Cult's mysterious enforcers where he learned how to use his abilities to remove the cult's enemies. He had been with the Order of Vashanesh for fifteen years when he was selected to help steal the remains of Vlad von Carstein from the Sigmarite Cathedral in Altdorf. The raid was successful and it was he who personally rescued the ashes of Isabella von Carstein and brought them to safety.

About a year later he was handpicked from the Cult by Vyachaslav von Carstein the newly appointed spymaster for the Triumvirate and assigned to work for Simon he was trained in espionage and sabotage techniques where his skills at illusion magic saw him in good stead and was granted the ceremonial rank of Colonel. He has spent the last ten years carrying out Simon's most dangerous assignments including assassination, disinformation, kidnapping, counterintelligence and sabotage. He is nicknamed Pistols by other agents of the Triumvirate for emulating the fighting style of Marshal Gabriel von Carstein who is an expert in blackpowder weapons. He has been invaluable to the triumvirate and is well respected by Balthazar von Pestise Supreme Patriarch of the Order of Vashanesh and Marshal Lucius von Carstein the Supreme Interrogator of the Triumvirate.

Weapon Skill:4
Ballistic Skill:5
Raw Strength:3
Technique Strength:5[6] When facing vampire
Tactical Knowledge:4[5] when facing vampire

Magical Lores Known: Lore of Shadow
Raw Magical Power:4

Magical Skill:4

Silent Killing:6
Black Powder Weapons:6

Magic items
These lockpicks were especially made for Markus and are enchanted to open almost any type of lock.

Vampire Hunter
Simon recognises that the greatest threat to a vampire is another vampire and so has ensured that all of his operatives are trained to recognise them and to kill them.


Only Human

Additional notes
Markus is accompanied everywhere by a trio of Wraiths who generally remain invisible. Two of them act as bodyguards and advisors the third as a messenger to ensure that Markus is never out of contact with his masters.


Wight King
Sep 23, 2012
Kavok Sarrowfang of Bastonne

Full name: Kavok Sarrowfang of Bastonne
Associated Names: Kavok. I don't think bretonnians are big ones for nicknames excluding those for having slain something impressive or the like... Which hasn't really happened as of yet for Kavok.
Age: 21
Race: Human (bretonnian nobleman)
Place of Birth: the dukedom of Bastonne

Physical Description
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Dark Brown, short
Eyes: Brown
Face: A short beard and mustache
Clothing: Generally wears his armor on top, generally with a light grey tunic and trousers underneath. He does wear leather boots and gauntlets that have armor plates embedded into them for added defense, and goes without the helmet, unless he knows he will be fighting soon.

Kavok, while being an honor-bound, chivalrous knight, he has a decent head on his shoulders. For one raised in bretonnia he is fairly open-minded about things, but considering how set in their ways bretonnians tend to be, that may not be saying much. He will stick with his word and his code, though by how he interprets it. He does tend to think to himself a lot about what is happening around himself before actually acting. Trying to stop himself from getting killed in the middle of a melee, he actively tries to stop himself from just thinking and not acting.

Brief History
Kavok was born the second son of a Baron from the dukedom of Bastonne. Being the second son of such a minor lord meant he had little more to inherit then the essentials a knight has for battle and likely some small domicile. His parents, while not outwardly saying it, did actively imply that Kavok was not to outshine his older brother who was to inherit the lands and family household, but instead to be supporting him.

So Kavok's earlier years were spent learning the usual things a male bretonnian nobleman would learn. And with how confident the older brother was in his abilities, he lacked a willingness to admit that he needed to learn new things. This made catching up to the martial skills of the older brother relatively easy for Kavok, to the slight annoyance of Kavok's parents. With this Kavok ended up spending more time studying with books instead of blades, while his brother continued to have extra lessons to learn how to fight.

When Kavok came to the age of adulthood, he joined the Knight Errant to prove himself on the battlefield. While he was a bit hot-blooded like the rest of the knights, he was probably the calmest of the lot. His upbringing had caused him to try and not show off as much as the others, but his tactical knowledge, and use of this knowledge, did help his squad of knights. This led to rather successful military engagements for Kavok's group, and he ended up being promoted rather quickly.

After becoming a full Knight of the Realm, Kavok decided that he didn't want to continue to live as basically a spare part and a soldier, so he took the Questing Vow. Kavok laid down his lance and any ties of duty to his home, and left on his warhorse with only the things he could tie onto either himself or the horse.

Basic Stats
Speed: 3
Agility: 4
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 3
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 4
Toughness: 4
Tactical Knowledge: 5




Skill Set: Metalworking
Skill Level: 3 - He knows the basics, and could make simple things if needed, but this knowledge was mainly gained in order to properly maintain his arms and armor while traveling.

Weapons / Armour / Items

Simple Arming Sword
A basic sword, and has a plain horizontal bar cross guard. The blade is about two and a half feet in length. It is generally sheathed on Kavok's belt at his waist.

Simple Greatsword
A basic two-handed sword with a plain horizontal bar cross guard. The blade is about five feet in length (Based on the true two handed sword, the Zweihänder), with about a foot more in length for the hilt. It is strapped across Kavok's back.

Common Hunting Bow
A basic bow used for hunting.

Heavy Armor
A simple suite of heavy chain mail made by bretonnian smiths. This includes a basic heater shield and white tabard with no heraldry painted on either.

Bretonnian Warhorse
A purebred bretonnian warhorse. It has armor that it doesn't always wear, and it carries more packs then is generally seen on a warhorse because of the traveling nature of its master in recent times.

-Gifted and trained bretonnian knight - Kavok was trained since birth to be a knight of the realm. For a human he is fairly gifted in the art of swordsmanship and horsemanship.
-Honor (both strength and weakness) - bound by his code of honor and chivalry. He is generally firm in what he believes, and will be honorable in a fight.
-Tactical mind - Kavok enjoys warfare as much as the other bretonnians, and found the tactical side to it to come relatively easy to him. He enjoys reading written works for tactics and such.

-Honor (both strength and weakness) - bound by his code of honor and chivalry. He can be taken advantage of using his code against him.
-Human - In this world full of the monstrous, being a human gives you a relatively weak base to start off with.

Additional Notes
Kavok has taken the Questing vow. (For all its worth given his current situation)
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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Rowhaine - Champion of Asaph

Full Name: Rowhaine Cromwell
Associated Names: The Chosen One, Champion of Asaph, Avatar of Asaph, Herald of the Gods
Age: 549
Bloodline: Previously von Carstein
Sire: Previously Milosh Cromwell, now raised to power by Asaph, Nehekharan god.
Generation: Previously 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Unnamed hamlet in the Empire.

Physical Description
Rowhaine is a striking man, standing at over 6 foot with a broad muscular body, tapering to a slim waist with a multitude of scars across his skin. At first glance everything exudes raw physical power, however to look into his dark eyes shows he the intelligence to match. His skin is tanned from many days under the Nehekharan sun, his long black wavy hair held back in a golden clip. A rough stubble generally covers a face which whilst not beautiful, could be considered ruggedly handsome. He clothing does not reflect his status, despite the protests of those around him, he still wears the britches, white shirts and leather boots commonly found in the Empire. However around his biceps are bands of solid gold, matching the torc around his neck.

Surrounding his body is a slight glow of godly power. A subtle yellow hue, in battle or anger it grows stronger, his eyes turning into blazing light as his body is surrounded by an almost white corona.

An enigmatic man, to say Rowhaine is complex is an understatement. He is a warrior first and foremost and does not suffer fools gladly. In the past ten years he has matured beyond his years, and he now projects a clam detached manner that at times can almost seem cold. Likewise he words can be blunt and direct, avoiding exaggeration, lies and when he refers back to his Empire roots "bullshit". He also has the habit of treating everyone the same, regardless of rank and whilst he is courteous and polite in an old fashioned way, he will also not mince his words. That said, Rowhaine is intelligent and as such knows there is a time and place, certainly dealing with the Nehekharan Kings as given him great insights into diplomacy.

Rowhaine lives his life by values, still believe in honour, loyalty and doing the right thing, even at the cost of oneself. Many have called this a weakness, but his bravery cannot be beyond any doubt. To have Rowhaine as a friend is to have someone who will not let you down, to have him as an enemy is to have someone of focused mind, deadly in combat and gifted with godly powers.

However despite all this, not everything is pure in the champion. Deep, deep down a core of rage still exists. A blinding rage from his past that he must fight, must hide. It is partly because of this that he has become slightly detached from his emotions, as he fights to ensure the darkness inside remains that way.

Brief History
Rowhaine was born a peasant, lowest of the low. Born in an unnamed hamlet in the Empire, nothing is known of his parentage, despite the seemingly good healthy lineage. However that did not go unnoticed when a pair of vampires happened on the hamlet, the infamous siren known as Mistress Lesa and her husband Milosh. As was usual for the pair, the hamlet was bled dry but when they noted such a fine specimen the took pause.

Not long before Milosh had been involved in a magical accident (see TVC for full story), which had left him in spirit form. In such a way he became the Wraithlord, able to command spirits and wraiths without compare. However despite that he missed the pleasures of the flesh, and had been searching for a way to take solid form for many years. His latest experiments had turned to possession, to take the body of suitable "host".

Rowhaine was to be the next experiment, and as such he was turned to provide a suitable host. However the attempt, as all the others failed. Instead Rowhaine was left mentally damaged, filled with the rage of the Varghulf. Only his iron will stopped his full degeneration however he became very bestial, able to shift into wolf form, and every day fought to stop the beast overcoming him.

The events of the war against Nagash proved to be his saving. During the war he was transported to Nehekahara with his sibling in darkness Katie and the Necrarch Reshorn. Whilst the events there were many, of note was Rowhaine's ascension to Champion of Asaph. Unknown to many the Goddess had managed to gain a foothold back into the Lands of the Dead, thanks to unwavering faith of Khalida and her followers. Unwittingly Rowhaine and the other vampires assisted in stopping the civil war about to take place in Nehekhara, but Rowhaine was forced to fight the existing Champion of Asaph when he was taken for an enemy.

Successfully defeating his opponent, Rowhaine was offered the chance of redemption and his body was cleansed by Asaph and granted her blessing. Swelled with her power Rowhaine went forth in her name, and proved key in the events of the rest of the war, both assisting in defending Khemri, and leading the legions of Nehekhara to the aid of the vampire Council.

Following the events of the war, Rowhaine settled in Nehekhara and brought about the new covenant of the gods. Through his force of will, diplomacy and unwavering faith he worked with the Nehekharan's, dead and living alike. A kingdom where the living and dead coexisted peacefully was created, although the dead still ruled. The cities began to flourish, and once more the blessings of the gods were gifted.

Now Rowhaine stands as the Chosen One, granted blessings of all the gods, though he still remains the Champion and Avatar of Asaph. A holy icon to many of his people he travels the Nehekharan lands, providing advice, defending the lands and protecting the weak. However recently the dead have started to weaken and finally the truth has been revealed to him......

Basic Stats


Speed: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Agility: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Weapon Skill: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Ballistic Skill: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Raw Strength: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Technique Strength: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Toughness: ?? - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Tactical Knowledge: 8 - Rowhaine has lead the armies of Nehekhara many times, and is reckoned as one of the greatest generals in the lands.

Magic - you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known: Innate godly powers. Known current abilities involve shielding, teleportation and energy projectiles.
Raw Magical Power: - with the blessings of the gods, Rowhaine has yet to show what he is capable of.

Magical Skill: 10 - only because his powers are innate, and as such do not require "skill" as such.

Skillset: Metal work (weapons / armour maintenance)
Skill Level: 7 - Fully capable making and mending weapons and armour.

Weapons / Armour / Items

Khopesh of the Chosen
This khopesh was taken from the previous champion, passed down to all those who take up the mantle of Asaph. It shines with golden light, and can pierce through any known object or magic.
A potent weapon that is designed to support the innate abilities of the Champion of Asaph. It is feather light, razor sharp and unbreakable. Neither armour, stone or magic shield is proof against its edge.

The golden torc around Rowhaine's neck represents his absolute authority as the chosen of the gods.
The item grants Rowhaine the ability to communicate outside the realms of this world. Originally designed to speak with the Nehekharan gods, it also allows his to see and speak to those in other planes of existence.

Other Abilities

Blessed by the Gods
Rowhaine has been blessed by the gods in many ways. He is known to be at least as strong as the older vampires, however many wonder how strong he truly is.....
Rowhaine's strengths will be revealed as the RP progresses.

Magesight / Darksight
Through the eyes of gods does Rowhaine see, and the winds of magic are as plain as day to him. However even clearer are those of evil and dark nature, revealed to him in all their hideous glory
Rowhaine can see the winds of magic like a mage, and he can also easily see and detect any signs of evil, whether they are a creature, person, item or spell etc.

Wolf Form
In recent years Rowhaine has realised this once vampiric power still exists, transforming him into a silvery white wolf of massive proportions. How and why this is still possible remains to be revealed......
Rowhaine can change into a large wolf and gain the associated benefits, whilst still retaining his intelligence.

Chosen of the gods - unknown powers
Great warrior and general
Excellent network of allies and contacts in both Nehekhara and amongst vampires.
Military might of Nehekhara to call upon

Non-interference - Whilst Rowhaine possesses immense powers, the Nehekharan gods have placed a great many constraints on how and when he can use them. In defence or against other godly influence is permitted, in many cases Rowhaine may only guide others and must not use his powers to interfere with the natural course of events.
Can be manipulated by preying on his core values of honour / loyalty / protecting the weak. Rowhaine will even stick by his values when he knows he is being manipulated.
Other weaknesses currently unknown

Additional Notes
Before you all get worried, Rowhaine is a GM character - i.e he is designed to be stronger so he can lead the story. He will not be steamrolling over other characters or spoiling the RP for anyone xD


Grave Guard
Jun 5, 2011
Full Name: Nimrais Nahmir
Associated Names: The Trickster
Age: 324
Bloodline: Lahmia
Sire: Alenco Klimt
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Middenheim

Physical Description
Nimrais is a shorth and slender girl. She's a beautifully shaped woman that still looks quite young, since she was blooded when she was 26. Like most vampires, she has a pale complexion. She has a dirty blond hair colour and deep, clear green eyes. She stands a little shorter than the avarage girl of the empir, her hair goes to a bit beyond shoulder length and her physique is hourglass shaped.

Her favourite colour is purple, with blue coming a close second. Due to this, her clothing often exists of different shades of purple and yellow or gold, or she goes for a light blue with white. She tries to pick elegant clothing that fits her slender body well. Since she is a performer by nature, she always tries to look good. Most often she wears long elegant dresses with loths of laces, though sometimes she prefers the practicality of a tight fitting pair of pants with a laced shirt since it allows for better movement. Surprisngly, she wears very little jewelerry. A single silvery necklace is all she wears around her neck, holding a beautiful tear shaped clear blue stone that rests upon her chest.

Although she had hardships and trauma in her life, Nimrais is still a well spirited girl like she used to be. She enjoys life, loves to learn new things, and is very sociable. She's also very keen on toying with people, being an innocent, seductive tease.

The abuse she went through after she became a vampire, along with the trauma of no longer being alive and the century of solitude left her quite insane. She talks with shadows which she can summon with her magic, who also talk back, although only she seems to hear it. Nimrais became very lonely, and is keen to search out companionship, but she's also very afraid of people (strong dominant males particularly). She seems to know that her weird mind doesn't sit well with others, and tries to hide is as much as possible from others. Living a life where she hides her undead physique, nature and psyche, living a shadow life, like the "friends" she summons around her.

Brief History
Nimrais made her living entertaining crowds in theaters and bars in Middenheim. She was a local amusement and performed magic tricks and illusions quite well. She enjoyed life and got along well with the people around her. One day, after she was done with her act, a man with a deep voice and unnatural charisma approached her. He insisted that she came to his place, and she didn't have the strenght to resist his charms. Once they got to a more private area however, the man revealed himself to be a vampire and gave Nimrais the bloodkiss and enslaved her to his will.

For years she was forced to travel with him. Hiding from preying eyes and keeping in the shadows of society. Although she didn't like it, it wasn't that bad at the beginning. But as months, years even passed, Alenco became more dark and impatient. He already used Nimrais for his own desires and wishes, but became much more violent and abusive about it the longer it went on. He used his strenght and overpowering charisma to force what he wanted, until one day, Nimrais had enough. She took what few possessions she and Alenco had together, and fled. She knew Alenco would become enraged and would set out to find her, but she couldn't dare it to face him, fleeing instead.

Hating the living for their naïve, happy lives and hating the dead for what they had done to her, she set out to live in solitute. Her traumatized, damaged mind began to break down here, in the caves where she lived, to cope with it all. She let the shadows dance as images of humans which she talked with to push back the feeling of loneliness. The shadows couldn't hurt her, the shadows understood her pain.

But the crowd, the entertainment and the people was always her life. After more than a century of solitude, she gave in. She yearned to be back among the living. No longer feeding on animals and travellers and bandits, to live in the heart of a city, filled with life and simple joys, even if she would never be her old self again. She traveled back.

At first, it was very uneasy for her to adapt to this new environment. People around her, life.. she felt uneasy and excited at the same time. She was shy and not socially adequate to find work as a performer for a very long time, but she kept trying, as it went easier and easier, better and better with each passing day. Now, she hides herself among humans. Living a glimpse of her old life. Performing, smiling, dancing.. deceiving.

Basic Stats

Speed: 6 - She's in good shape and has the natural speed of an above avarage vampire due to her bloodline.

Agility: 6 - She's always been very agile and flexible in her human life due to her career in performing. Her magical abilities and Lahmian bloodline accentuate that.

Weapon Skill: 2 - Nimrais hardly knows combat. Some of her magic tricks and her heightened senses as a vampire make her as skilled as an avarage human.

Ballistic Skill: 5 - Nimrais has a very good hand-eye coördination. Many of her tricks required utmost precision.

Raw Strength: 4 - She's a small girl. And although she is much stronger than the avarage human, she's not as strong as an avarage vampire.

Technique Strength: 1 - Nimrais knows of no combat techniques besides "hit them with the sharp end".

Toughness: 5 - Although she's of small and fragile form, she has taken a lot of abuse in her life and became a tough girl because of that.

Tactical Knowledge: 1 - The only thing Nimrais might be able to lead is a circus troupe. She possesses charisma, but no tactical skills.

Magic -
Magical Lores Known: Shadows (and lore of the vampires, but that comes natural. She has little to no training in it).
Raw Magical Power: 4 - Nimrais was already a minor spellcaster when she was a human, although her magic never extended to much beyond trickery and illusions. When she became a vampire, her natural attunement to the winds of magic bolstered her magical power.

Magical Skill: 4 - She was always a skilled magician. Even though she didn't have much magical power, she knew exactly how to perform the rituals and tricks. With great timing and form.

Skillset and level:
Performing (Trickery and illusion) 5 - She was always a very good performer. Not the greatest to be well known throughout the lands, but she could always amuse a full crowd.

Performing (Acting and seduction) 5 - She was always a very good performer. Not the greatest to be well known throughout the lands, but she could always amuse a full crowd.

Disguising and make up 5 - She was always a very good performer. Not the greatest to be well known throughout the lands, but she could always amuse a full crowd.

Weapons / Armour / Items
Short sword - This sword she stole from Alenco when she ran away. The sword seems to have an unnatural sharpness to it, slicing much easier through armour, but is otherwise not noteworthy.

Elegant walking cane/staff - This item seems to hold no magical properties, but she can channel her own magic through it, using it as a wand in her shows.

Disguise and make-up kits - What is a performer going to do when she can't look good doing it?

Adept in magic.
Good performer and actor.
Vampire strenghts.

Not trained in combat.
Vampire weaknesses.

Additional Notes
Alenco isn't exactly glad about his "pet" leaving (as he would put it), and especially since Nimrais stole his sword. He's set on finding her and setting things straight.

The Dread King

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True Blood
Jan 28, 2012

Full name: Morturion Freiheit Darkheart
Associated names: Soulstealer, Bane of Morr
Age: 1000 years
Bloodline: Necromancer
Sire: - (Taught by various necromancers, vampires and Nagash)
Generation: - (Taught by various necromancers, vampires and Nagash)
Place of birth: a small town near Templehof

Physical Description

Half of Morturion's face looks like it is made out of volcanic rock, due to a terrible spellcasting accident. He is of an average height and wears hooded, faded, ragged black robes that reach down to his ankles and put his face in shadow, making him look mysterious. He is well muscled, but not very much so, and his cruel, intelligent, dark purple eyes seem to be endless pits of hell when looked deep into. Green fires seem to burn beneath them when Morturion is angry. He hovers slightly above ground level, with coils of necromantic magic writhing around him.


A deep malignance rests within Morturion; he is sly and subtle. Quick to betray, unforgetting and almost without forgiveness, Morturion is a megalomaniac who is determined to make necromancy rule the world; the only creatures he despises more than orcs are followers of chaos. Morturion is proud and particularly enjoys someone feeling (or being) crushed; he is of a sadistic and spiteful nature.

Brief History

Morturion was an evil child. One Geheimnisnacht, on a night approaching Nagash's return to undeath, after zombies killed his parents in front of him, he started laughing and grabbed his older brother's sword. A nearby necromancer saw this, and became very confused, until the boy ran up to him, hacking down the priest of Morr from behind as the necromancer duelled with the priest. Morturion asked to be taken into his service, and so the astounded necromancer duly did so. It turned out that he had a talent for necromancy, and he moved up swiftly through the ranks until he was serving among the top necromancers of Nagashizzar. Styled Darkheart by friend and foe alike for his callous and hate-fuelled betrayal of his town and its people, he earned his titles through his hellish exploits and a passion for tinkering with souls, hence. Using vile necromancy, he learnt the art of capturing a creature's life essence, and soon became the master of twisting, warping and bending it to his will. There was no other like Morturion in this art amongst Nagash's disciples, and soon he had hundreds of capsules containing the souls of legendary beings. He even ventured into Morr's realm and stole valuable souls for his own use; the souls of various powerful individuals, and those of multitudes of lesser creatures, were used to power many great rituals to serve Nagash.
Eventually, Nagash recognised his talents. He made Morturion chief of his disciples and gave him a dark blessing, and was going to make him a dreadlord, but then the great battle of Nagashizzar happened and. Morturion fought fiercely in this fight, but was eventually overcome by hundreds of vampires. He was thigh-deep in vampiric corpses when he was forced to flee. Some time after Nagash was slain, he was hunted down by the Von Carsteins and the forces of the Council and forced to surrender. Although his military strength (in terms of the force that he can call to arms for him) has waned due to the death of Nagash, he still practices the art of soul-warping, his magical powers are acute as ever, and almost every day, he eats a soul and becomes mightier, deadlier and more feared throughout the Old World. Although he is now allied with the former members of the vampire council, his loyalty remains doubtful and he almost always puts himself before others. The Cult of Nagash is strictly outlawed by most of the great powers of the Old World currently in place, yet it is rumoured that Morturion, the leader of that organisation, still has connections with some of its loyalist members.

Basic Stats

Speed: 3- Morturion's centuries of combat training have made him faster than the average necromancer
Agility: 4- Despite levitating, Morturion's physical abilities in hand-to-hand combat are rather poor; he has never studied climbing walls too often either
Weapon skill: 3- Morturion is a necromancer; combat has never been his strength
Ballistic skill: 3- Morturion has never cared very much for shooting, preferring to slay his enemies with bolts of darkness
Raw strength: 4- Morturion has grown much stronger than he was before due to the dark blessing of Nagash he received
Technique strength: 2- Morturion has delved little into the understanding of the techniques to slay a foe
Toughness: 5- Morturion's necromancy, instead of eating away at him, has only made him more resilient over the past millenia, building an invisible shell of invulnerability around him
Tactical knowledge: 7- Morturion has led many an army for Nagash over the centuries and is a master general

Magical lores known: Necromancy, death, fire and shadow
Raw magical power: 7 [8 when Fragmented Lore is used] (this is the same for all 4 lores)
Magical skill: 8

Skill set: soul alchemy
Skill level: 10- Morturion is the master of soul alchemy, and longs to find a soul that will actually challenge him. It is very easy to use most of them; he wants to find one that forces him to work hard to bend it to his will. He also has created, and possesses, various magical items to aid him in this twisted profession.

Skill set: alchemy
Skill Level: 5 - in Nagashizzar, Morturion learnt in depth how to create and use various magical elixirs and chemical mixtures; though the wizard prefers to deal directly with a being's soul when conducting tests upon them, torturing them, or trying to augment their abilities, the chemistry of their body is also a fascinating subject for him and he has no shortage of experience in laboratory work of this kind. His invention of specific valuable magical-chemical agents under the tutelage of Nekhlior was well-known to the inhabitants of Cripple Peak during the reign of Nagash there.

Skill set: necromantic artificer
Skill Level: 7 - Morturion studied under the greatest necromantic artificers ever to exist for centuries, and proved talented when it came to trying his hand at the skill. He has created numerous golems and unique hellish constructs, and plans to use the remains of a flesh wyrm vanquished by the vampire council recently outside Drakenhof Castle to design a new unit to supplement his already diverse forces. One of his most valuable creations came into existence from the fusion of his talent in necromantic artifice and his skills in soul alchemy - a novel undead creature known as the souleater.

Skill Set: artificer
Skill Level: 5 - studying under Nagash, Nekhlior and a series of powerful necromancers gave Morturion some knowledge of creation of magical items. This is not particularly advanced, however, except in the field of items relating to souls and their manipulation. Indeed, much of his skill in the general creation of magical items was derived from expertise in the field of creating special items to aid his soul alchemy.

Skill Set: runes
Skill Level: 3 - Morturion can read and understand most runes quickly and easily, but the runes he can create successfully are of a limited number, and he cannot negate the most advanced types of runes (using his knowledge of them, and not just magical or physical assaults) without a good deal of preparation beforehand. Their functions are usually simple (excluding spirit-related ones - his abilities in making runes of this kind are due largely to him being a talented soul alchemist, though his experience of runic writing is, without a doubt, key to the creation of such runes), but can often be potent (e.g. detecting the presence of intruders, reducing opponents' magical abilities in a given room, etc.) and they are very resistant to force.

Cloak of darkness
Some say that this mysterious cloak, that looks so much like Morturion's robes, contains a portal to a hellish dimension where necromancy rules.
Allows Morturion to access his pocket dimension where he stores his captured souls with a whispered command; without this, he can only access these souls from his laboratory. Also allows him to teleport to somewhere a few metres away; but this ability cannot be used too much in one period of time, it needs time to recharge.

The Soul Devourer
A cruel, runed and double-headed scythe that can be swung around and used like a staff, the Soul Devourer is terrible to behold. When this blade-staff takes a life, it devours the life essence of the dying creature and casts it into the mysterious dark world known as The Prison of Souls.
Gives Morturion +1 strength, magical attacks, flaming attacks and +1 magical skill.

Dark Armour of the Chief Disciple
This plate seems to be pure darkness and flickering necromantic shadows fill in the gaps in it. This is resistant to even the strongest of blades.
This would give Morturion a 4+ armour save in warhammer; it's very strong. As it binds to his body, it gives him +1 toughness.

Other Abilities

Fragmented Lore
A hasty read of a pilfered book of Nagash secured Morturion some incredibly valuable information that he'd sought after with great eagerness for years. Upon securing this knowledge, the necromancer tried to learn more of the general magic's used by Nagash. He was partly successful - whilst he learnt much, the book resisted his efforts and attempted to control his mind part of the way through the process. Therefore, besides the aforementioned strand of knowledge, the other information Morturion had discovered was lost in the recesses of his subconscious. Whilst the necromancer's iron will is gradually bringing this knowledge into the forefront of his mind, he has yet to fully cement it within his magical repertoire. In times of great need or desperation, however, the wizard's subconscious recesses open up, and he can wield magic of deadly power for a short time before his newfound abilities leave him again. This taxing extraction of magical ability leaves him tired out. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time until the lore of the book of Nagash becomes fully within the necromancer's reach - and then, the terrible abilities will be consistently incorporated into the mage's spell casting, without the mental repercussions he faces when he uses them at the present.
In times of desperation, Morturion's raw magical power may increase by 1. However, this will be indicated in the OOC thread, and will only last for a short period of IC time. This ability can seldom be called upon by the wizard; perhaps once or twice in a full-length, large-scale battle. For a brief period after use (again, the start and end of this will be indicated on a case-by-case basis in the general OOC discussion thread), Morturion becomes quite fatigued until his brain fully recovers from the strain of using magic buried in the wizard's subconscious.

Aethryic Connection
A simple connection of the mind can do much more than one might initially think. Morturion has one with Defiance (and the other necromancers who serve him), and its usefulness has been proved in Drakenhof.
Morturion has been able to establish a basic aethyric connection with his necromancers, although it is nowhere near as complicated as the Link that Nekhlior made. Morturion is connected to the necromancers in his service (who are also connected to each other), and the mortals can sense drastic changes in each other through this mental bridge, both in regard to power and feelings. For example, Defiance was blasted in the chest with a magical bolt from Nekhlior (as it happened in the RP) and Morturion was able to sense his underling's terror and pain. This was, effectively, a plea for aid from Defiance, and Morturion returned to Drakenhof to see what had happened. The necromancers can use their links to locate where their counterparts on the connection are, and effectively "track" their master/underlings.

Morturion is very cunning and extremely skilled in magic; he has a number of potent devices related to the manipulation of spirits that he can bring to bear. Some of these devices are unique, and so will likely go unapprehended.

Morturion's pride often makes him make rash moves, he can't shoot well, and almost everyone, including Morr, hates him and will go out of their ways to try to make sure that he doesn't profit much in unlife.

Additional notes
Those who previously served Nagash tend to admire Morturion and inform him of a lot about the movements of the vampires, the empire and chaos. He knows that knowledge is power, and tries to gain as much of it as he can, being very successful in this.

Edit: I've edited in Mort's necromancy-related skills under the technology section as I felt that I couldn't reasonably justify Mort's creation of golems, souleaters and the like without specifically listing the in-game extents of his abilities.
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Name: Defiance
Full name: Defiance Althaus
Associated names: none, though those who scorn him or hate Morturion would doubtless spare a few choice words for describing him.
Age: 150
Place of birth: a small town reasonably near Altdorf

Physical description
A small, shrivelled necromancer, though experienced. He usually bears a staff, yet it has no magical properties of its own.

Defiance obeys Morturion, but, ironically, is not sure of himself without his master anywhere but on the battlefield. He is scrupulous, and cowardly, though when his master is nearby, his faith for Morturion generally quells any panic the weaker necromancer might be feeling. He is of a sadistic and cynical nature, though Morturion's other pet necromancers are the ones who do most of the experimenting back at his tower, and he is uncharacteristically loyal to his master. This is another defiance of his - a break in the trend of his own personality. Defiance generally supports Morturion's magics on the battlefield, and is no stranger to war, though he is likely to stay in a bunker of skeletons behind a large horde of undead when given his own choice.

Brief history
Defiance has had a history of - well, defying. He was taught to worship Sigmar and the gods of the Empire, yet he was convinced that the lords of the night were those who were truly gods, and defied the teachings of the priests (though not openly). He started to practise necromancy at a young age, but was unfortunately self-taught. His lifespan was extended long beyond that of a normal man. One time, he was learning in an abandoned chapel, when, accidentally fumbling with the words of an incantation, he put himself in a similar position to that of Jacques de Noirot, the necromancer who raised zombies who he couldn't control, and was duly eaten. Defiance, however, fought back with a bursting feeling of self-preservation, even though it was clear that he could not win against the tides of dead that had trapped him in the ruined chapel. Morturion happened to be nearby, having just killed Zoe's family (see bio of Zoe for more information) and, seeing the commotion in the ruined holy place, he went closer to investigate. He observed as the other necromancer fought the zombies spiritfully, and decided to take him on as an apprentice. Morturion blasted the zombies aside with relative ease, and took Defiance on as a thrall. Defiance served in the second Council's battle against the skaven, barely escaping with his life after being transmuted to soul form for a while.

Basic stats
Speed: 3
Agility: 2
Weapon Skill: 2
Ballistic Skill: 2
Raw Strength: 3
Technique Strength: 2
Toughness: 3
Tactical Knowledge: 4


Magical lore known: Necromancy
Raw magical power: 4
Magical skill: 4

Magical lore known: Death
Raw magical power: 4
Magical skill: 3

Skill set: soul alchemy
Skill level: 2 - learning from one of the greatest soul alchemists ever to live, Defiance has picked up some skill whilst studying under Morturion and gaining limited knowledge of the workings of The Prison, a pocket dimension designed to store souls, extract power from them, and torture them (when Morturion wishes to do so).
Skill set: necromantic artificer
Skill level: 2 - Defiance has been significantly involved in the basic production of golems, souleaters, and other constructs designed and/or used in Cripple Peak and Nagashizzar. From his work in this field, he has picked up a sound understanding of the basics of necromantic design and construction.
Skill Set: runes
Skill level: 1 - Defiance does not really know much about runes, although Morturion has taught him a little bit about them over the last decade. He can recognise that runes are runes, and he can deduce what category (e.g. destructive/protective/healing) a rune falls into. He can pinpoint the exact functions of specific runes, and can create basic runes with minor, yet not entirely dismissible, effects. The creation of complicated runes is beyond his grasp, and, as a mere apprentice, he cannot yet negate very advanced runes, even when given ample time and space.

Defiance, equipment-wise, is the visage of a normal necromancer.
Defiance doesn't really have anything with him, except robes and a normal staff which can be used in combat and for spellcasting (though it is not necessary, some wizards find a staff a convenient tool, Defiance included).

Other Abilities
Aethryic Connection
A simple connection of the mind can do much more than one might initially think. Morturion has one with Defiance (and the other necromancers who serve him), and its usefulness has been proved in Drakenhof.
Morturion has been able to establish a basic aethyric connection with his necromancers, although it is nowhere near as complicated as the Link that Nekhlior made. Morturion is connected to the necromancers in his service (who are also connected to each other), and the mortals can sense drastic changes in each other through this mental bridge, both in regard to power and feelings. For example, Defiance was blasted in the chest with a magical bolt from Nekhlior (as it happened in the RP) and Morturion was able to sense his underling's terror and pain. This was, effectively, a plea for aid from Defiance, and Morturion returned to Drakenhof to see what had happened. The necromancers can use their links to locate where their counterparts on the connection are, and effectively "track" their master/underlings.

Reasonably good skills with magic, compared to some wizards.

Really poor combat skills.

This guy is only an NPC - don't expect very many posts in his character from me; Morty is the necromancer I'll be focusing on in the TVC II.
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Full Name: Orzon Nightwrath
Associated Names: “Traitor!”(by those who knew him in Nagash’s forces), “Dartfoot”
Age: 2156
Bloodline: Lahmian - given the bloodkiss in a ruined keep near Drakenhoff by a Lahmian
Generation: 4th generation
Place of Birth: Sylvania

Physical Description

Athletic and looks rough. Husky voice. Always wearing black.


Sneaky and cruel. Believes that you can only gain by yourself. if someone helps, they will get in the way of your ideas. Self loyal, likes causing arguments., dislikes mortals and Von Carsteins.

Brief History

Orzon was an ordinary human child, and grew up to be a fine warrior of The Empire. But a terrible fate befell him : a freshly blooded Von Carstein drained his old mother of her blood. He was in so much grief, that he went to pray in a ruined temple near Drakenhoff. It was there that a Lahmian that was being hunted by both the Sisterhood and the witch hunters of the Empire. Orzon cried out when he saw her, and in desperation for her safety, she gave him the bloodkiss to subdue him. When the witch hunters found the Lahmian, she fled from Sylvania, leaving her get unconscious in the ruins. She was tracked to Stirland and killed. But Orzon was unnoticed. When he woke, he guessed that the Empire was not a safe place to be in while in his vampiric form, but he knew that Cripple Peak was one place that would welcome any vampire. He took supplies from his old house, and travelled to the lands of the dead, and on to Nagashizzar, feeding on the blood of travellers and rangers as he went. He proceeded to work for Nagash, because he thought the Supreme Lord of Undeath would have final dominion over the world. When Nagash regained his artefacts ten years ago, many flocked to his banner, and Orzon became just another vampire lord in the armies of Undeath. Nightwrath realised he would not be first in line to gain control of any significant part of Sylvania under Nagash, but felt he was entitled to this land, being the first vampire to be sired there. He felt he would rather be a player than a pawn, and set out into the world after making a dummy of himself and faking his own death, apparently at the hands of a Skaven poison. 6 months later, he discovered and claimed an abandoned dwarven hold while searching for artifacts that would help him in his quest for his dominion over undeath in a ruined castle just outside the Sylvanian border. He has an army of a few thousand undead, (which he treats horribly, as he thinks he should do what was done to him) and resides in his underground fortress. A few years ago he was plotting to bring down the Von Carstein Empire , when he noticed that his power was being drained. Alarmed by the weakening of his necromancy, he decided to join the council. It gave him a good opportunity; he could try to talk the Von Carsteins into infighting, increasing his chances of gaining power in Sylvania, as well as putting to rest and ancient grudge against the bloodline for the killing of his mother. Even if Orzon knew that chaos was weakening necromancy and that he could join its forces, he would not do so - he would not risk repeating the same mistake he made in cripple peak. He was his own man - or vampire.

Speed: 7 [8 with the Boots of The Black Pyramid]

Agility: 7 [8 with the Boots of The Black Pyramid]

Weapon Skill: 6

Ballistic Skill: 2

Raw Strength: 5

Technique Strength: 6

Toughness: 4

Tactical Knowledge: 4


Magical Lores Known: Dark Magic, Necromancy, Death

Raw Magical Power: 6 (the same for all of them)

Magical Skill:6 (the same for all of them)


Skillset: Archeology
Skill level: 8 (he goes round and learns ancient languages, and finds artifacts that benefit his purposes.)

Skillset: Smithing
Skill level: 7 (he is able to forge and reforge both mundane items and those he finds that are seemingly not of practical worth.)

Weapons / Armour / Items

The Cane of Orzon
Legends tell of the gates of Nagashizzar, and how, after the Devastation of the Dead, a piece of them was scrounged by Orzon and fashioned into the shape of a cane by him. This seems like an ordinary stick, but, saturated with the power of necromancy, it discharges biting and potentially lethal shocks into all it comes into contact with (barring objects and its master). The metal of the dread gates of Nagashizzar was light but strong, and so is this cane - it will not shatter easily.
This weapon sends shocks of harmful necromantic power into all it comes into contact with, barring objects and its master - Orzon.

The Boots of The Black Pyramid
Orzon’s archeology skills were renowned in Nagash’s reign in Cripple Peak - so much so that he was challenged by the Great Necromancer (when he was observing his servants’ talents) to see if he could do what the Khemrian hunters of the Great Necromancer could not - to locate all the rooms of the Black Pyramid. Many of Nagash’s disciples had assumed that they had found all the rooms when they located the one containing Nagash’s tomb, but Orzon continued to search after finding this, and he found a hidden antechamber. There was a reward in this room for whoever could find it - and that were the boots that Orzon now wears. Tales tell of how he can walk on walls and the ceiling, and how he can run at superspeed.
These boots allow Orzon to walk on walls and ceilings as well as floors, and while wearing them, he can also run at superspeed. They increase his speed and agility by 1 when he is wearing them.

This is just standard plate armour made by Orzon for himself. He worked hard - it is covered in engravings depicting his power.
It is a full set of standard albeit well made plate armour.

Nagash rewarded his senior officers with the challenge of resurrecting a dragon - Orzon completed the task well. His faithful companion has stayed with him for a few hundred years. Orzon decided to not only resurrect him, but to enchanting him the power of spitting magically produced acid. But remember: if you fight Orzon, you fight Klaw.
Klaw is a rather large zombie dragon that can spit acid. Orzon uses it as his mount most of the time.

Other Abilities

Life Draining
They say that you should not annoy the great Nightwrath as he might drain you of your life and pass it on to himself, making him more powerful.
Orzon has a signature arcane ability. It is the temporary sapping of a person's life energy and transferral of it to himself. This ability gives him a power boost for a short time - it makes him more energetic and speeds up his vampiric healing abilities. It saps the strength of the person who has been drained, making them slow and sluggish for a short time until their soul has recovered. Healing spells can allow a person affected by Orzon's ability to recuperate even faster.


Very manipulative and a good speaker. Good at getting away from rough situations.


Can be irritating to other people and snarky. They usually will be provoked and sometimes even lash out at him.

Additional Notes

He is very, VERY sly.
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Full name: Zoë Freiheit Spyros
Associated names: the raven of Hysh, (one of) the winged protector(s)
Age: 20
Race: human
Sire: N/A
Generation: N/A
Place of birth: near a small town called Artholf in the Border Princes

Physical Description

Zoë has grey eyes and raven black hair. She is of an average height, and looks troubled and wistful but determined most of the time. She is not of the most heavily built fighters, but her lithe form belies a formidable physical power. Whenever she remembers happier days, a haunted look appears in her eyes. Dressed in leather armour, Zoë has two cuboid, metal scabbards strapped to her sides in a harness that wraps around her legs, boots and torso. Fixed in place just above these scabbards are a pair of canisters. he two scabbards have in-built, complicated mechanisms within that utilises magically saturated air to drive pistons that control the movement of two retractable grappling hooks that can reach up to 50 metres away from Zoë.


Zoë was a happy and innocent child, always eager to please. However, due to a leries of tragic events that happened in her life, she’s grown to always prepare for the worst and usually wears a sombre countenance which the unobservant see as little more than an emotionless mask. She is reticent and shy, and rarely speaks, but every word she says is one she could not afford to be left unsaid. She is very protective of those she cares for, and has an iron will, but her respect is hard to earn. Moreover, her conflicting desires for revenge and justice, and her protective nature, often collide and confuse her, leaving her unsure, panicked and emotionally vulnerable. When she has a definite intention, she can be extremely determined, but her weakness lies in her difficulty with finding out what her own intentions really are. She can be quite sceptical due to witnessing on many occasions the ugly intentions and prejudices that plague much of humanity and the world.

Brief History

Even at the point of her own life’s inception, Zoë was destined to be miserable. Born of a union between a Nipponese courtesan who died in labour and an irresponsible youth of the Freiheit family, she would have started her woefully short life mocked as lowborn and of "mixed blood" (as some would criticise) on the streets, if not for a kindly doctor who’d agreed to deliver the bay taking her in as his own. She grew up for a few years with the man and his wife in a small cottage in the Border Princes. Meanwhile, the young father, who had, at the time of conception, fallen into a continual drunken stupor, was reprimanded by his parents after a string of minor scandals and mishaps, and saw the error of his ways. For years, he searched for his child between witch hunts, and chased after every lead, to no avail.

A childhood lived out under the wings of two kindly parental figures such as the ones Zoë had should have been happy. But, at the age of eleven, the life she'd known was razed to the earth. After the death of Nagash, the Von Carstein Triumvirate had begun to assimilate the Border Princes into their empire. This caused temporary instability in the Border Princes in that time, and an increase in serious crime in the surrounding regions followed this. In the ensuing chaos, a group of slavers came across the cottage Zoë had come to know as home, and killed her parents and newborn brother. As a girl of partially Nipponese origin, the slavers were ready to sell Zoë as an "exotic vintage" to twisted vampires working under the Von Carstein empire. Their plans went askew when Zoë father, having followed a lead like so many others that he thought could reunite him with his child, came across the cottage whilst searching for long-lost family. After a brief conflict that ended in the slavers' deaths, the man promptly adopted Zoë as his daughter and returned to his abode in Reikland.

Recovering from the grief of her family's slaughter was an arduous task for Zoë. The Freiheit family was the best one to guide her on the path to rehabilitation. They were kind, understanding, and helpful. Her new family was, in short, paragonic. It was also the current generation of a long line of renowned and powerful wizards and witch hunters. Over the course of four years, Zoë grew to be educated both academically and in the art of witch hunting. She became as excellent a fighter as any man, and her family took pride in her, seeing her promise. However, one night, when she was fifteen, she was out of the family home hunting for hawthorn in the woods.

It was then her family was attacked by its most senior member.

Zoë's greatuncle had kept a dark secret from his family; a secret so dark that it was only passed on to the heir of the great family when the family head died. The secret originated on a Geheimnisnacht approaching Nagash's return to the world; it was the night that Morturion Freiheit, later known and cursed as Darkheart, killed the warrior priest who was going to save his town. His elder brother escaped the massacre, and, after the devastation was done, the survivors of the attack struggled back to the town.

Accounts of Morturion's treachery were told; at first, his brother did not believe them, but eventually, he was convinced of his brother's crime.

He vowed never to rest until undeath was eliminated entirely, never to stop his task until his brother had been brought to justice. And so began a line of witch hunters and wizards fighting against the undead. It led to the downfall of many vampires and necromancers, but Morturion himself was never killed - and never forgotten by the Freiheits. When Morturion traced the descendants of a certain witch hunter to his own brother, he was filled with a sick joy. He decided he would pay the Freiheits a little visit...

They were unprepared for him, and were incredibly surprised when he introduced himself before killing them. All were slain, bar Zoë's cousin, the family heir, who was being killed when a large contingent of Empire soldiers burst in, forcing Morturion to flee. Zoë's cousin was dying, and wanted to say goodbye to her. When she returned home after hearing some commotion in its vicinity, she found him, and her cousin told her of the terrible family secret and Morturion's visit (he died soon after doing so).

In this moment, she realised that her life had once again been destroyed by undead aggression. She wondered what purpose it could now serve, before concluding that her role for the rest of her days would be to prevent a similar fate from befalling any other person. She determined to follow in the footsteps of her family and put the dead back in their graves. These intentions were, of course, in conflict with a more primal desires - a hunger for revenge upon Morturion and the Von Carstein Empire.

There were no shortage of conflicts with the living dead at that time, and she soon found a front to fight on - the one against the Von Carstein invasion of the empire. Her difficulty was in finding an official role. Being a woman, she was barred access to the order of witch hunters, and her role within any army was going to be limited, if accepted at all. Death had been an obvious problem in the world which Zoë had become accustomed to facing, but the racism and sexism which she was exposed to as a part-Nipponese female in day-to-day life was something she had been shielded from until the latest deaths in her family had happened. Despite her skill, she had difficulty finding a military job.

Nuln gave her an opportunity to enrol in the forces fighting the undead. The city had long been preparing its defences against a potential Von Carstein assault and siege (in the minds of many tacticians at the time, it was certain that the seemingly unstoppable undead army was going to reach the city) and part of this preparation involved the development of new technologies. One such novel technology was the Omni-directional Manoeuvre Contraption (often shortened to ODMC in military reports).

Designed by humanity's finest engineers and magicians, this was a new kind of weapon that allowed airborne skirmishers to protect vulnerable objectives from powerful and fast-moving undead where normal troops and artillery could not prevail. Like every new technology, when the ODMC's testing programme launched in Altdorf, it needed pioneers, and word was spread around the Empire of Nuln's request for people to join a new division of soldiers that used weaponry that seemed extremely experimental, extremely dangerous, and extremely off-putting. Being driven to desperation by a harrowing war, the prospect of a chaotic incursion and the risk and fear surrounding this technology, the Empire pronounced that every able-bodied human of the age of 15 or older could join this division for three years of training. Zoë learnt of this, and signed up along with several hundred others to join the division.

After three years of training, only a small percentage of the original applicants had passed the tests to join this new branch of the military. By that time, Nuln had been under siege for two years, and was close to falling. Rush attacks from giant vampiric bats and other large undead constructs that clung to the artillery belt limited response fire in case it caused excess collateral damage; convoys shipping supplies to the besieged city could be given little support by its gunnery because they were out of range. When these new soldiers were unleashed on the Von Carstein forces in divisions across the Empire, but in high concentration around Nuln, the tide turned - to an extent (it forced the Empire and the Von Carstein Empire into a stalemate). High-mobility warriors who used no fuel and could strike with precision at enemy troops without causing collateral damage were a great asset to the Empire's forces. Whilst the mortality rate of these soldiers is quite high - a simple mismanagement of equipment can lead to a rapid and untimely death - strategically, the human cost is a sacrifice worth making for the unique addition they make to a region's defences. New squads of these troops are churned out every year from Altdorf.

Zoë is one of the most adept users of the Omni-directional Manoeuvre Contraption. There are only a few hundred at the moment, but their ranks are swelling. The pool from which to select these soldiers is not growing very fast, because use of the ODMC is extremely taxing and difficult for most humans to master, the resources and processes used to produce it are horrendously expensive, and its reputation is not stellar - tales of heroism are often eclipsed by the sombre, and more frequent, stories of what happens to ODMC soldiers when the enemy gets hold of their ropes.

Intelligence reports from spies within Sylvania suggest that a large group of vampires have been convening at Drakenhof. As a senior member of the ODMC force - being part of its special forces squad - Zoë had access to these reports when they were attached to a warning to ODMC officers to watch out for a large group of hostile vampires, but does not know why the group of vampires has met. What she is does know is what the last Vampire Council achieved - the annihilation of the Supreme Lord of Undeath. Desperate to rid the world of its undead blight, Zoë intends to leave the ODMC divisions for a while, track the council and analyse its intentions. Should they suit her purposes - that is, the destruction of potent undead, and the protection of humanity from those who would seek to slaughter it en masse for their own pleasure - she will seek to join them, since she is determined not to miss the opportunity to protect those she does not know from the fate she knows all too well.

Basic stats

Speed: 4 [6 when using ODMC]
Agility: 4 [7 when using ODMC]
Weapon Skill: 4
Ballistic Skill: 4 [5 when using her dual warlock pistols]
Raw Strength: 3
Technique Strength: 4 [5 when fighting undead; she's good at killing them]
Toughness: 3
Tactical Knowledge: 3 [5 when commanding her own ODMC squad, though the vast majority of its tactics are not relevant to other branches of the military]

Magical lores known: nil
Raw magical power: none
Magical skill: no skill

Witch hunting: there is a technological side to witch hunting; Zoe is excellent at it (for a mere human!). Skill level: 7/10


Twin blades of Hysh

A gift to a witch hunter of the Freiheit family hundreds of years ago from a runesmith he'd saved the life of, these runed blades have been passed down the Freiheit family for generations, and have a fierce bite for the undead and daemonic beings. Now, Zoë wields them in place of the standard issue swords that are given to ODMC soldiers when they sign up to the ODMC branch of the military.

These blades channel a harmful amount of light magic into whatever they strike. Even a minor cut can cause a harsh, stinging feeling and a temporary limitation of movement in the area that was struck by them in a human. Therefore, they are particularly debilitating when used against daemons or the undead. If Zoë manages to slay a daemonic or undead being with these, the light magic built up inside of them will subsequently tear every fibre of their body apart, before solidifying into volatile shards of magic that disappear almost instantaneously.

Dual warplock pistols

These excellent weapons were Zoe's grandfather's; they are well-kept and were well-made; she is used to using them and keeps them in small holsters behind her scabbards.

Shooting strength: 5. In warhammer terms, these would give Zoe magical and flaming attacks, and she has +1 ballistic skill when using them.

Leather armour

This armour is flexible, but gives a certain amount of protection, too.

In tabletop terms, this would give Zoe a 6+ armour save.

Omni-directional Movement Contraption

This contraption can be used to move one or two human bodies (at most) up to 50 metres in a given direction. Zoë uses it expertly, but that's not to say that it's safe once its techniques have been mastered - the machinery is fragile, and should even one grappling hook be pulled out of place by an enemy, it could result in a particularly violent, painful, and lethal fall for Zoë. It is powered by runes invoking the magic of Hyish written on the canisters, which saturates the air surrounding them. This magically charged gas is then used by the scabbards' mechanisms to power the grappling hook mechanisms in the ODMC.

See Brief History and Physical Appearance for further clarification on the workings of the Omni-directional Movement Contraption. It increases Zoe's agility by 3 and her speed by 2, and allows her to move around in an airborne state. However, should someone manage to engage her mid-flight, they could easily knock her down from the sky, so she is vulnerable whilst using this machinery. Launching strikes from a great height above one's target can make Zoe's attacks incredibly powerful, though if she attacked from too high her strike would likely be pre-empted, which would give her a grisly demise. The deaths of soldiers using ODMC are almost never a pretty sight.

The basic manoeuvre using the ODMC is simply aiming (and then firing) the grappling hooks at an object and then activating the gas mechanisms within the scabbards (the essential contraption within the ODMC) to reel oneself towards the aforementioned object. Users can then disconnect the hook and continue moving forward. The triggers to fire/disconnect the grappling hooks are at the tops of each scabbard. Secondary triggers (one on each scabbard) activate/deactivate the gas mechanisms.

In most cases, ODMC soldiers have to be able to reel themselves in (before changing their direction) several times in order to navigate to a desired position. Accordingly, they tend to use their momentum from previous reelings in order to swing around targets. This mobility helps them outmanoeuvre enemies, especially large or slow ones.

A prominent advanced ODMC technique is to change one's direction while still being reeled in by the grappling hook (or grappling hooks, in cases where both hooks are being reeled in simultaneously). One extremely demanding movement involves latching the grappling hook(s) onto an intended target, releasing the hooks, and subsequently doing a few spins. This lends a great deal of strength and momentum to any attack made on that target that uses this technique.

Vast array of weapons and tools

Zoe always has something to do the job! She is well-prepared for any undead menace, carrying all manner of weapons in her backpack.

Zoe has a small amount of magical protection from attacks from undead. She also is well equipped for any combat, and so is rarely at a disadvantage in regards to weaponry. She can witch hunt very well with a large amount of tools.

Other abilities

Witch hunting

Self-explanatory. Zoe is a brilliant witch hunter, she would get 8/10 if that skill was marked on a scale of 10.


-Is very nimble
-Will not give up easily
-Has much experience in fighting undead


- Emotionally vulnerable - she still has not recovered from the family deaths she's endured, and she likely never will
-Is not as tough as a many a vampire
-Is not a natural leader; she will not always take the wise course of action, either, due to conflicting incentives that confuse, distress, and ultimately delay her
-Sceptical - horrific tragedies and general prejudices against her that many people have held (due to her race, gender or her existence as a bastard child) have made her somewhat sceptical of individuals and society in general. Gaining her trust and respect is a slow process, so she is often slightly paranoid or emotionally on edge
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Full Name: Odric Von Carstein
Associated Names: None
Age: 140 As a vampire, was 35 when he was sired.
Bloodline: Von Carstein (duh)
Sire: Unknown Vampire
Generation: Unknown, but nothing above 5th
Place of Birth: Small, Unnamed village in Von Carstein controlled territory

Physical Description
Short, only around 5' 5". Piercing green eyes when he was alive, but they have become more muted every year since he was sired. Well toned body, but not overly muscular. Bald, and self-conscious about it. Long fingered, though one portion of his left pinky is not exactly made of his flesh, but rather grafted on by surgery.

Odric is thoughtful and arrogant and vain and greedy and a genius and a monster. He is cool enough to communicate effectively with most other vampires, and he is smart enough to be able to talk with other races and seem like a human. He in mostly unassuming, and likes to blend into the background. He will not ever rise up to a challenge, simply charting that insult in his brain, for further use when the time comes to exact revenge. He will answer a question after thinking through his answer first, and likes to only answer a question that is one that has stumped all others. His trust is nearly impossible to earn, but once earned, he will never abandon you. He has a tendency for sarcasm, and is frustrated when others are not as quick to understand something as him. He has a habit of outhinking himself, and can make a relatively simple thing seem incredibly complex, only to learn that it was exactly what it looked like. He completely throws himself at any task, but has a tendency to get tunnel vision when faced with a particularly tough problem.

Brief History
Odric was born to a poor family in service to the Von Carsteins, and it was immediately apparent that he was different from the other children. He did not make friends, but knew all the children by name before the others could talk. He read all the books in his parents house at three years old, though they only owned three books, and soon was stealing books just to read them, and then to burn them for warmth, for his parents lovingly spent nearly all their money on his education, limited as it was. He was forced to teach himself for most of his childhood, until he could train under the local blacksmith.

Odric threw himself into smithing, for his gave him an outlet to do something productive with his considerable intellect. He crafted crude tools at first, but soon he grew more skilled and began to become the master. His teacher was obviously stunned at his rapid learning, and gave him more and more advanced projects. At first Odric struggled, but he eventually mastered those as well. This is when he quit his job. His father had died, as was expected of someone so old, but Odric took the loss hard. He holed himself up in the house for weeks, building something, with only his mother talking to him. He soon emerged with a working smithy (sp?). The townsfolk were surprised when he refused to do anything for them though, as he did not want to hurt the business of his great friend the blacksmith. By this time he simply devoted himself to crafting weapons for the first time, and selling to the Von Carsteins. He was quickly an important cog in their war machine, crafting advanced crossbows and pistols and rifles, and even more exotic weapons for the elite soldiers of the army. During this time he trained for war himself, becoming an expert with advanced ranged weaponry. Soon though, the Von Carsteins asked him to produce more, and more, and Odric found he could not maintain his level of beauty, so he declined the request, and quit with his savings. The Vampires were angry, and stormed the town, meaning to make him. When they arrived they were surprised by Odric, who had assumed that they would do this. He struck first, firing a repeater crossbow modified to shoot multiple dart that would expand when they entered the battlefield. The vampires dodged easily, except for one, who writhed in pain as the bolt shredded his insides. The vampires soon overcame the mortal, but were impressed with his bravery and skill, so they sired him, and brought him back to the local stronghold.

Odric woke on the way and was still adjusting to his new found life as an undead. He was delighted in his improved mental capacity, and his improved frame, but when he learned that his village had been slaughtered, he filled with rage. He, however, was able to swallow the rage, vowing that the three vampires that had kidnapped him would die painfully. Once they arrived, Odric assimilated into the castle easily, though mostly keeping to himself. He spent nearly all his time in the Drakenhoff library, consuming each book with great interest, and in the armory, examining the weapons and noting their flaws. He practiced archery, smithing, rilfery, and all manor of exotic ranged weapons, shunning the brutality of melee for the clinical precision of long distance warfare.

Soon though, he grew more curious of the various realms around the world, and longed to visit them. He also still internally raged at the vampires who had murdered his village, though only two still remained. One day, he crept near the coffins they rested in, and attached a spring loaded device that would shoot 100 bolts of silver into the coffin when it was opened. It was a device of his own invention. He then stole some money, and left, taking a couple prized possessions, such as the repeater bow he used to kill the vampire back at his village.

He traveled nearly everywhere, Nippon, Kislev, Nuln, Nekharra, and finally, after learning much and becoming bored with the unlife he currently inhabited, returned to the place his village had been. Only a couple miles from drakenhoff, he lived like a hermit, preying on travelers to survive and test his weapons on, for he rebuilt his smithy and simply continued on. His last couple years have been one long game of hide and seek between him the Von Carsteins, although he has mostly played both parts. A routine patrol encountered him, and after posing as a hermit for a minute, killed them. He then went into hiding, staying beneath the radar the Von Carsteins, never leaving his home, never drawing attention to his home or himself. He received an invitation to the second vampire council, but ignored it, fearing a trap, for he enjoys the lifestyle he has now, but was intrigued.

Basic Stats


Speed: 5- shorter than average, but does not wear armor.

Agility: 4- lack of melee combat dulls his reflexes

Weapon Skill: 3- never trained in melee combat except for the basics, mostly shuns it as well

Ballistic Skill: 6(7)- excellent shot, and has been training for nearly his entire existence

Raw Strength: 5- average vampire lord

Technique Strength: 2- never trained in melee combat

Toughness: 4- does not wear armor, but otherwise is average for a vampire in this regard

Tactical Knowledge: 2- dislikes leading, though would probably be ok if he applied himself

Magic - 3 (5 for lore of metal)- knows basic vampiric spells and the lore of metal, but only spells used for forging, with no real battle use.

Magical Skill: 2(3 for lore of metal)- little training in magical spells

Technology – Smithing; Mellalurgy; Weaponcraft; Fletching; Etc...: 8- Spent most of his life perfecting his art, but has a deeper knowledge compared to the width of more aged masters. He can tell you nearly everything about crossbows or fletching crossbow bolts, but little about other aspects of the craft.
Linguistics: 6- knows many languages, and can adapt to a local dialect well.

Odrics Crossbow
Odrics handmade crossbow, modified to shoot lighter darts, that fly farther and straighter, and that have tips that will expand into blades on impact, and that has modified sights that he can use to aim with (increases Odric's skill by one). Odric carries a large supply of bolts with him to battle, mostly of his own special creation, but also a few unique bolts that he never fired in a battle before.

Other Abilities
Is a genius. Able to comprehend things that even most other vampires can not begin to fathom. Makes him arrogant, and he is not as well versed in magical lore as he thinks.

Great Ranged Warrior
Can blend in with mortals
Hard Worker

Arrogant, as only a genius can be
Has lived alone for most of his life, so has no real connections to other vampires
Weak in melee combat
Self Alienating, see himself as different than the other vampires, but is mostly the same
Can overthink simple problems
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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Full Name: Helena von Carstein
Associated Names: Little devil of Mordheim
Age: Born 1993, so around 544 years old
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Her father, a now-forgotten nobleman of Sylvania (deceased)
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Sylvanian noblehouse

Physical Description
Helena was sired into undeath during her childhood at the age of 7 and has retained the physical characteristics from that time. She is of average size for that age at just under 4 feet tall and around 50lbs. She has long and straight platinum-blonde hair reaching her waist, pallid white skin and contrasting strong yellow eyes. She is dressed well like the nobleman’s daughter she once was, wearing formal attire with high-collared shirts and skirts, all of high quality and complete with rich jewelry. She dresses primarily in ivory or otherwise off-white coloured clothes; the colours of her original family was a dark shade of blue but upon joining the Sylvanian court she adopted her own. She doesn't usually wear any head wear.

Like most of her bloodline Helena is demanding, arrogant and quick to commandeer those around her. She carries herself in a calm and elegant way, speaking with a depth of voice that contrasts with her appearance. However, this is only a thin and carefully upheld mask that hides the fact that the premature siring has forever branded Helena with childish traits. Despite her efforts at maintaining composure she is immature and has difficulties with controlling her emotions when agitated, making her at times excitable, impatient, selfish, stubborn, jealous or bad-tempered. Her voice rises a number of pitches as she fights to regain her dignity.

Aside from her own personal struggles Helena is curious, sociable and easy to communicate and bargain with if approached in a respectful way. She is generally uninterested in intrigue but sometimes falls prey to impulses for theft during her bouts of childishness. She will not lightly part with any of her loot but despite these tendencies she is an honest individual, albeit often bluntly so, and dependable once she has agreed to something.

Helena's simple mind for politics and scheming makes her easy to predict in personal interactions. She's often underestimated and not usually considered a great threat, but she is still of significant age and has accumulated a lot of experience. She is cunning and adept at avoiding trouble. She prefers to let her minions and allies handle most of the fighting but does not shirk away from violence herself, and she can reveal a vicious prowess if she is cornered.

Brief History
Around the year 2000 of the Imperial calendar the very last of the noble houses of Sylvania fell completely under count Vlad von Carstein’s sway and were turned to vampirism. The father of this noblehouse was quickly consumed by his thirst for blood and even turned on his own young daughter Helena, prematurely introducing her to undeath as well. This went against the direct bidding of the count as child vampires would be inherently limited in their potential. Vlad had both Helena’s father and mother executed by Konrad von Carstein, but Helena was surprisingly spared as the count had something else in mind for her.

Only recently, a meteor had descended from the sky and fallen into the imperial city of Mordheim, destroying it completely and littering the entire area with chunks of potent warpstone. Vlad in his mercy had Helena sent to Mordheim as one of his agents under the supervision of a trusted necromancer, tasked with finding and gathering this warpstone for the Sylvanian cause. For a young and flawed vampire such as Helena this was seen as a practical death sentence but she surprised her superiors by leading a successful campaign over many years inside the city walls. Unknown to all, the exposure to the warpstone worked to gradually lift the shackles placed on Helena, letting her grow strong through the many skirmishes against all manner of strange creatures. It was against this varied opposition that Helena learned that her strongest assets in battle was speed and evasion, striking out together with her dire wolves while the slower members of the warband engaged the enemy from the front. Here she also cultivated both her skills at thievery and an interest for clockwork mechanics as the looting grounds of Mordheim presented a wealth of trinkets and accessories from all over the Old World.

Eventually the campaign drew to an end and Helena returned to Sylvania to be embraced by the count’s open arms for her newfound strength. She participated in the invasion against the Empire that Vlad launched after consuming the vast quantities of warpstone that Helena had helped gather. She performed well, especially in smaller skirmishes where her tactics formed in Mordheim could be utilized. When both Vlad and Isabella were ultimately destroyed Helena returned to Sylvania, but she would suffer under Konrad's subsequent rule; he had always had a bad eye for her for escaping execution on the night when her family met their end by his hands. She managed to evade his wrath but was constantly hounded around Sylvania until one day she, like Mannfred, decided to leave her ancestral home. Sneaking out during the midday sun she began to make her way north, eventually reaching the border between the Ostermark and Kislev, finding refuge inside the enormous Forest of Shadows. Here she had a manor constructed and laid about with spells of concealment, and formed a territory to call her own, occasionally leading small warbands of undead against the denizens of the dark forest, men, Dwarfs, Elves and any others who might have threatened her home with their presence.

As the centuries have passed Helena have begun dreaming back to the days when she were a member of the Sylvanian court, before the fateful invasion of the Empire. Her spying has revealed that Sylvania has been void of any movement until recently, and a sudden burst of activity has peaked her curiousity. She is now compelled to seek out the source and hope to reunite with her peers.

Basic Stats
Speed: 5 (7 when outright sprinting)
Agility: 5 (offensive agility), 7 (defensive/movement agility)
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 5
Raw Strength: 3 (relative to her size she is quite strong but not in direct comparison with other vampires)
Technique Strength: 5
Toughness: 4 (for her size this is quite tough)
Tactical Knowledge: 2 (battlefield), 4 (skirmishes)

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy, Fire
Power: 6 (both)
Skill: 4 (both)

Helena began her studies of magic at a very early age during her time in Mordheim under the guidance of Herr Schtiller, one of Vlad's trusted acolytes, after which she then received a thorough schooling at the von Carstein court. While she wasn't the brightest of students Helena has learned a wide array of magic and with a natural incline towards fire she is capable of conjuring devastating spells.

None. Helena isn't technologically minded. She finds clockwork contraptions fascinating, though.

Skill set: Thievery
Skill level: 6

Helena is proficient at quickly acquiring objects that catches her interest, sometimes without a trace left behind and sometimes through brazen upfront robbery. Her hoard of stolen trinkets has grown quite large over the centuries, with her most prized catch so far being the hat worn by the lichemaster Heinrich Kemmler.

The most likely objects to catch her attention are those that are over dimensioned compared to a more typical specimen. Kemmler's hat, for instance, is nearly as tall as Helena herself. Interestingly, it's during her compulses for theft that she's at her most serious state of mind.

Other interests

Books: Helena is an avid “reader” of books and has collected a large number of various works in her home, although she rarely reads them herself. She's too impatient for that; instead, she has her literate servants read them to her.

Dancing: Helena has avidly practiced traditional ballroom dancing. She sometimes asks her most favourite servants to dance with her while others play the instruments.

Helena prefers fighting with larger weapons to counteract her short reach but she can fight well with most types. For more info see her fighting style description here. She is generally unarmed unless called to open conflict where she will equip herself with mundane personal armour and equipment. She owns a suit of armour tailored to her measurements and weapons fit for her size but she does not carry them around with her if she doesn't see good reason to.

Lucky Charm
A mysterious gem salvaged from a ruined sage’s shop in the city of Mordheim, this lucky charm takes the form of a gold necklace with small precious rubies set in it. It holds strange powers and can ward away even the strongest blow with a blast of shimmering light, although it will then be rendered dull and lifeless until enough time has passed for it to shine again.

The lucky charm has a very good chance of nullifying a blow landed on the wearer, no matter how strong the attack is. However, after absorbing the energy of an attack (regardless if it is weak or strong) its power fades and takes several hours to recover. A weak attack must still be of a certain power before it sets off the charm’s protective power, a nudge on the shoulder will not cause a reaction. In game terms it could be considered as a one-use 2+ ward save against the first wounding hit.

Wyrdstone Pendulum
A piece of jewelry fashioned around a shard of dimly glowing warpstone, this valuable trinket was also a treasure from Helena’s campaign in Mordheim. It seems to attract more dark magic and other evil energies to itself.

The pendant will react to the presence of warpstone, making it easier to locate if it’s in the vicinity.

Step Aside
Having overcome many of the deficiencies that a premature siring brings, Helena's vampiric muscles can control her light body with great speed and precision.

Helena is a small target and can instinctively dodge and duck around most incoming attacks, including projectiles. This is reflected by her high defensive Agility stat. In game terms it could also be considered as a ward save (4+) that is effective for as long as she isn’t trapped or otherwise impaired in mobility, or if the attack in question doesn’t cover too much ground.

Like most of her bloodline Helena is able to shapeshift into the form of an animal or a cloud of mist.

Helena can transform herself into a loose cloud of mist or into the shape of an animal such as a wolf or a bat. Her preferred animal form though is, somewhat uniquely, a large raven-like bird. Whatever form she takes she is unable to fight while shapeshifted and any attempts at combat will force her back into ordinary form.

Selectively Superstitious
Helena learned to see past many false ploys during her days in Mordheim where every passing night strengthened both her body and her confidence. However, to be vanquished when you're at your absolute proudest is often doubly devastating.

Helena is able to mostly ignore many of the common ways of repelling vampires, such as crosses, holy water and being unable to enter homes without invitation. Although it weakens and tires her significantly she can also function during daylight. She is, however, eternally terrified of garlic after a series of incidents during her young undead life in Mordheim.

-Despite her appearance and tendencies Helena is still quite old and experienced. She is weaker than an adult vampire of the same age would be but still possesses the same unnatural vitality. She is not easy to put out of action.
-Her muscle power is, relatively speaking, close to that of an adult vampire while only burdened by the body of a child. This makes her very quick.
-Helena’s childlike appearance and mannerisms belie her power and can dampen antagonism towards her.

-Adults of any race generally won't put up with childish behavior for too long. This can make it difficult for Helena to form lasting alliances.
-Despite her capabilities Helena is still disadvantaged by her small size in combat. She is stronger than she appears to be but can’t fight well toe-to-toe with a prepared enemy.
-In spite of her experience and cunning she can be naïve and impressionable if she's emotionally triggered.
-Helena is not as steadfast as a seasoned warrior would be. If a battle isn't going her way she is quick to lose heart.
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Jan 19, 2013
Prince Kithan, Wight King of Ivrel
Full Name: Prince Kithan Semherkhet, Lord of Ivrel, Beloved of Basth.
Other Titles: Mist Lord, Shadow’s Light, The Gloaming.
Age 3822
Birthplace: Ivrel in the Black Mountains
Physical Description: Kithan is of average height and build. His skeletal body is wrapped in ethereal robes and corroded silver armour. Opals glint on his throat, wrist and fingers, while a delicate silver fillet holds back his green tinged, platinum hair. Lambent lights burn in his bony eye sockets, while a spectral cloak of leaves and ebon blooms, rustle softly round his shoulders. Kithan’s robes trail on the ground and he appears to float, rather than walk, permanently surrounded by an aurora of mist and shadow.
Personality: Kithan is very aware of both the spectral and the mundane world, moving confidently through them both. His twin obsessions are the need to protect his beloved Ivrel and his thirst for knowledge. He finds it hard to pass a library or a book sellers. Ancient manuscripts, modern pamphlets, all attract his magpie curiosity. As a living being there were none remaining in Ivrel equal to his social status and few who could match his intellect. Since undeath even fewer of his ethereal subjects can approach his grasp on reality, or scholars thirst for knowledge. Consequently he has spent much of the past millennia in lonely contemplation. He tends to talk out loud to his constant companions, the two spirit cats Bashees and Tangris, whose spectral forms are rarely far from his side. When dealing with other sentient beings, Kithan can initially come across as rather stiff and formal, but he can also display a surprising degree of warmth, particularly if you can engage him on a favourite topic (Ivrel, books, cats or spirit roses)
Brief History: During the great expansion of Nehekhara in the reign of the living King Settra, an isolated collection of valleys in what would become the Black Mountains, was colonised by one Prince Semherkhet, the youngest son of the then King of Zandri. The land was cleared of greenskins, the surviving human tribes pacified and civilisation was brought to the hills. Ivrel is a tiny realm of steep valleys and vertiginous peaks, eternally clothed in diaphanous skeins of mist. You are rarely far from falling water in Ivrel and what soil there is, is either poor and thin, or rich and wet. The colonists uncovered forgotten Dwarf mineshafts leading to small, but rich seams of silver and gems and initially the colony prospered. Contact between the tiny realm and its homeland gradually weakened and was lost during the tumultuous centuries of the Time of Kings. The ancestral rulers struggled to maintain all the ancient Nehekharan traditions. Some survived, while others withered and new customs developed. A disdain for the weak northern sun and its representative gold grew and was replaced with a reverence for the reflective moon and the abundant silver metal. Extensive mining of the realm’s small, but rich mineral seams meant that jewels like opals and diamonds were relatively common and were often in use, particularly when enhancing their worship of the only surviving Nehekharan deity, a cat headed goddess called Basth. This blending of Ivrel’s culture was further reflected by the court, where the keeping of the local giant hunting cats rather than hounds became the norm. The descendants of Prince Semherkhet tried to maintain the purity of their bloodline, but ultimately their policy of intermarriage was doomed to failure and the birth rate gradually declined. Similarly the Mortuary Cult, which had travelled north with Semherkhet, also became debased and confused, their knowledge hybridised and contaminated by local superstitions.
The last, great, pureblood was Prince Kithan, a noted scholar. He was very aware that he was the last of his bloodline, but was determined to find a way to maintain his family’s hold on power. In his early years he spent his time gathering together all the scrolls and knowledge of the old Mortuary Cult. Once he assumed the throne he led several aggressive military campaigns into neighbouring valleys and acquired many slaves. Deep within the hills of Ivrel lay the Spike. A sharp, rocky pinnacle, it was located at the junction of three valleys, where two narrow, but turbulent mountain rivers meet. The conquered slaves were initially needed to sculpt and shape the Spike, creating an organic obelisk of rock. Once complete their blood and then their corpses were used to anoint and sanctify the strange structure. Here Kithan cultivated and tended the rare and mystical spirit roses, the roisen dubh, ghostly, ethereal vines with glimmering silver etched blooms, only visible by moonlight. Producing a rich, voluptuous scent, anyone who picked a bloom, would gradually lose interest in all but the rose. As they faded from this life the rose would grow and thrive, twining round the unfortunate individual, feeding off their spirit rather than the body. Increasingly desperate to protect his realm and maintain his family hold on power Prince Kithan carried out numerous mystical rites both on and beneath this rose etched spire and a few years later, while still in the prime of life, Prince Kithan and the cream of his court and army disappeared. Without this ruling elite their tiny realm faded and was lost, leaving only the ghostly rose haunted mound as a memorial.
When Nagash cast his Great Ritual and woke the Tomb Kings back in distant, devastated Nehekhara, the magic also resonated in this spectral fragment of their old empire and Prince Kithan stirred. Nagash’s foul, yet omnipotrnt sorceries were subtly altered by Kithan’s old enchantments. Unlike the mummified royalty in the south, Kithan returned as a powerful wight lord, crowned in tarnished silver, studded with softly swirling opals, with his thorned and darkly fragrant cloak around his shoulders.
Kithan still jealously defends his ancestral lands, guarded by the wraiths, wights nd banshees of his former subjects. His favourites are the hexwraiths, both mounted and on foot that roam this mist wreathed realm. Meanwhile tireless skeletal workers rebuild and maintain the lost palaces and lodges of forgotten Ivrel. The Fall passed Kithan by, anxious to maintain his independence from both the Dark Lord of Necromancy and his vampiric opponents. Now though he is troubled by the recent ebb of necromantic power. Prince Kithan has left his hidden valleys and is gliding down into Sylvania, determined to seek the answers to this dilemma.
Speed 4.
Agility 6. Kithan is helped here by his partially ethereal nature and his permanent aura of shadow and mist
Weapon Skill 5. As the ancestral leader of a small fiefdom, Kithan has always led from the front and is a capable swordsman.
Ballistic Skill 3.
Raw Strength 4.
Technique Strength 5. Kithan has had a long time to hone his skills while maintaining his hold on Ivrel.
Toughness 5.
Tactical Knowledge 5. Kithan has successfully led Ivrel through the centuries, maintaining their independence.
Magical Power 4
Magical Skills 5
His main areas of magical knowledge, are the lores of Necromancy, Shadow and Death. However Kithan is very widely read and has a smattering of knowledge across the magical spectrum, particularly if it is linked to cats (Amber) or roses (Jade).
Technology. Artificer of enchanted items 6.
Cloak of the Roisen Dubh
A delicate filigree of ebony foliage, touched in silver, cloaks the frame of the wight king. Here and there sumptuous black blooms unfold their silken petals, releasing a heady, mesmerising musk into the air around the Prince. This cloak was magically woven and maintained by Prince Kithan. The fumes will affect all, living, undead or demonic. On a day to day basis it means that individuals that talk with the spectral Prince often seem unable to withhold the truth from him, but also struggle to remember what was precisely said. In combat the scent slows and confuses the foe. The slightest contact between an enemy and the Cloak of the Roisen Dubh, snags their soul on the ethereal thorns and the roses quickly start to absorb the strength and vitality of the attacker, feeding it into their cadaverous Lord.
-1 to hit the wearer. Any successful hits are at -1 strength
Crown of the Forgotten King
A slender fillet of twining silver strands, studded here and there with iridescent opals, crowns the head of Prince Kithan. The crown is another magical artefact crafted by the Prince. It has two functions; it can act as a store of magical energy and it can also stores a copy of much of Kithan’s magical research. This enables Kithan to cast spells with more power or endurance than one would expect and also helps him recall a wider repertoire of arcane knowledge in the heat of battle.
Kithan can choose 1 spell to be stored within the crown and this spell can then be cast without cost. After use there is a 1 in 3 chance that the crown will be temporarily exhausted.
Mesmer, the Blade of Regrets
Mesmer is the ancient family blade of the Sekhermhets, reforged, recrafted and renamed many times over the centuries. The damasked blade captures an opponent’s attention, sowing doubt and confusion in their minds until the icy Mesmer clarifies their confusion in one fell swoop.
Mesmer reduces the number of an opponent’s attacks by 1 to a minimum of 1. Gives Kithan the Heroic Killing Blow ability.
Bashees and Tangris are a pair of spirit cats that always accompany Prince Kithan. Created from the mortal remains of Ivrel’s great hunting cats, this pair of spectral beasts are the centuries long companions of the Prince. He often talks to them and they seem to show greater understanding and awareness than many of the undead. At times Prince Kithan will send one or the other of the cats on errands or to spy for him. These great ethereal beast seem to fade in and out of reality, their only relative permanence being in the emerald glow of their eyes, the flash of ivory fangs or the faint scratch of a great talon. In battle they defend their Prince in silence, their great claws passing unhindered through armour, horn or flesh.
Count as two wraith bodyguards.
Wisdom of the ages. Magical and martial skills. Devotion to Ivrel. Great general knowledge gleaned from his extensive research. Ability to craft enchanted items. Enjoys his ‘life’.
Lack of practical experience of the wider world. Lack of recent experience in dealing with other individuals. Chance of irrational responses to perceived threats to Ivrel, the cats or the roses.

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