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SillyCon-10 Sweden

Jul 2, 2010
Ok, this is actualy a convent but it have a fantasy and a 40K tournament in it, it's site, in swedish:http://sillycon.sverok.net/wp/
Everything's in there, but what i waned to do is not advertise, but ask you: How the h**l do i run this thig?

Background, dont read if u dont want to. :innocent:
I'v been reading the rules since april, played 3 games and that's my experience, appart from abut 100 battle repports on youtube. So my experience is verrry slim, and i'l be the one holding the fantasy turnamentas i'm the most enthustiastic aboujt fantasy there. The population is not exactly booming around "Mora"(City) and "Dalarna"(County)

The outliner is that every game can take 4h, after that, it's stopped. Also, due to the low amount of players, peoaple havent invested in bigger armies, so 2000pts will be the limmit. So... enny help about how to run this? Or how to preapere to run it.