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Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 28, 2011
Can a skaven player reform their units 3 wide, making the furnace/bell in the front rank, followed by the FCG behind the furnace/bell in the 2nd rank??

FCG must be in the front rank unless displaced by characters by stepping up. However the furnace/bell also must be placed in the front rank. So with that rationale, every plague/bell unit must be at least 6 guys wide.

Your thoughts? Ever see a furnace/bell followed by 3-wide plague monks or storm vermin to protect the FCG and/or BSB?

Your thoughts?



Master Necromancer
True Blood
Jan 17, 2012
It was always my understanding that you could run the unit so the furnace was the whole frontage if you wanted, but the issue of the FCG is a good one. I'm not sure now, but I think you can have it so the furnace fronts the unit.

Not that I would, I like having big unwieldy hordes:)

von Rosentod

Apr 4, 2012
In the Skaven armybook it says:
The Screaming Bell must be deployed in a unit of Clanrats or Stormvermin. Place the Screaming Bell at the front of its unit, as centrally as possible.

The "PUSHED INTO BATTLE is in the same font as "Special rules" and all capital letters, unlike for instance Fear, Impact Hits (D6)...

Anyways, armybooks overrule the big red one, don't they?

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