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SkavenInAZ Battle Reports

Hello! Long time Warhammer player, short time VC player (6 months or so), and avid Warhammer Youtuber! I had the chance this weekend to do a LGS tourney with my Vamps -- and figured the community might be interested in my reports of them. So, with no further ado...

Battle Report 40 -- VC vs. Daemons -- YouTube!

Battle Report 41 -- VC vs. Empire -- YouTube!!
The world is a small place...or the internet is. I follow you on twitter, and I also just join this forum, but I promise you I am not stalking you. I do enjoy your videos, so keep them coming.

(dont look behind the curtain)


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Yeah that was a cool battle report really easy to watch. Horrible to see a General die that way, but I don't agree with the YouTube comments about getting an earthing rod. In a game of luck you can't try and counter every possible bad role of the dice :)


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I agree heldantes. I roll double sixes with 2 dice on IoN. No way am I going to spend points on a Earthing Rod, with my luck, I would Magical Feedback or Power Drain , re-Roll and get sucked into the warp. No thank you.


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What up SkaveninAZ! Bigbadbat here, AKA Nick Fenske. Glad you're posting batreps here. There's lots of knowledge and experience here to be found.
Opinions will vary on the earthing rod, I just think if your VL is a lvl 4 you need it.
Especially in GT play, over the course of 5 games, it's gonna come up, and when it does it can save you the game.
Especially in GT play, over the course of 5 games, it's gonna come up, and when it does it can save you the game.
Thanks, Nick! I'll post my stuff here regularly. Think the Skaven will still be the GT list, because I can't fly with the Terrorgheists (8" of foam still doesn't cover them entirely). But, if we drive to one.... maybe then ;)
Battle Report #44 -- Lizardmen vs. Ogre Kingdoms -- and a good argument/discussion on TLOS and cannons -- YouTube

And I use the Earthing Rod on my Grey Seer constantly... so, call me a sissy ;)
I wanted to run through all 3 of the scenarios for the upcoming Alamo tournament -- here they are!

Battle Report #58 -- Skaven vs. Beastmen -- YouTube

Battle Report #59 -- Skaven vs. Empire -- YouTube

Battle Report #60 -- Skaven vs. Dark Elves -- YouTube