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Skeletons "hover"!?!? + Forbiddon Rod ward saves


Jul 13, 2014
I updated my battlescribe not too long back (maybe two or three weeks?) and Skeletons now appear to have the hover rule? Is this a mistake or has it genuinely been faqd into the army book?

Because if so then it's HUGE.

As for the Rod... It says it inflicts D3 wounds on the bearer with no armour saves, however this is listed as a magical property of the arcane item, therefore, are you allowed to take ward/magic res saves against it?
Apr 21, 2012
Unless there was some crazy update that happened without GW telling the rest of us, Skeletons do not have the Hover rule. :)

For your question about the Forbidden Rod, just going off basic rules:

The rod only specifies "no armor saves allowed" so you could still take ward saves.
Magic Resistance only applies to a model's ward save when saving against damage caused by spells (p.72) so it wouldn't apply to the wounds suffered from the rod. Being considered "magical" or "magical attacks" is not the same as being a "spell."

Magic Resistance doesn't apply to saves against damage from Banshee howls or attacks with magic weapons or warpstone weapons, for example, because while they all count as "magic" attacks, they are not spells. Same with the Forbidden Rod's D3 wounds.