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The Dread King

Staff member
True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
With the end of the TVC being approached, some seem to have given up on the legion. Nothing has been updated for a long time, and very few posts are made. It seems that interest in the legion has died down. Maybe there weren't enough people to kickstart it.
Anybody who still has an interest in the legion, please post on this thread (and others in this section). It would be nice for this section of the forum to be Nagashizzar instead of a graveyard populated by the quiet dead. The legion of Nagash seems to be dying-we must save the legion! Who is ready to save the legion?


Aug 29, 2011
I must admit that I personally like the idea that the "true" servants of nagash have a place in the warhammer setting, even if it is a non-official one. I'd be willing to contribute, but if it is just about updating what has already been made to 8.ed, I think the original contributors are capable of doing this without my aid, or indeed that of any others.

I was in the progress of making my very own Legions of Nagashizzar project, when I discovered this forum, but has since then been "diverted" by my current project, The Bloodline Legacies.

In any case, I'm sure I have some stuff that could probably be used, assuming there is an interest in more than just an update to 8.ed from what has already been made.

PM me if interested, and good luck with it in any case (whatever you decide to do). :-)

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
This project will continue, run by myself as it has done for the last 4 years :D

I am also running a VAU, the TVC and re-starting the Bloodline Armies project. With that in mind this project will kick start shortly.

However I notice there are multiple discussion threads. Previous experience has shown it is best to focus on a limited number of things at one time (say max of 3) to ensure things are dealt with.

As the project is continuing, this thread will now be locked

[mod]Thread Locked[/mod]

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