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Soulblight vs Bonesplitterz - 500 points


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Tonight I played a learning game against the organizer of the coming escalation league I'll participate in. I almost took enough pictures to make a good report of it but still not quite, and unfortunately I missed some of the best shots. Probably out of sheer excitement!

Scenario: Investigate the Sites of Arcane Power
Realm: Hysh (realmscape rules and spells are used)

My list:

Allegiance: Soulblight, Swift Death bloodline

Vampire Lord
-chalice of blood
-ethereal amulet
-curse of the revenant
-amethystine pinions

5 Blood Knights

2 Bat Swarms

Soulsnare Shackles

Quicksilver Swords

His list: (can't give much details, sorry)

Wardokk with the '2x move with fly' spell

10 Boar Riders

2 Big Stabbas


For those unfamiliar with the scenario, the 5 coins on the table are the objectives to hold for two turns before you score them. The number show how much they're worth to me, and they're worth the opposite to my opponent (so my 1 is his 5, my 2 is his 4 and so on).

Turn 1

The Orcs took the first turn and immediately the boar boys are flown right up the board into my face by that spell the shaman has. He rolled a double on the casting roll so the pigs had a 27'' flying move. And here I was thinking that 12'' flying blood knights would be something special...

Meanwhile, the shaman and stabbas move up normally, out of the picture, and claim their objectives 1 and 2.

The boar boyz charged and piled in to kill the bat swarms while still locking the blood knights in combat, as you can see the two models on the right above. The bats die. The boars are now swarming my objective 1, which is worth a whole 5 points to my opponent! The few knights I have that are in range to fight don't kill even a single pig.

On my turn 1 I replied by giving Blood Feast to the blood knights and casting Pha's Protection, the Hysh realmscape spell, on them. I charged my vampire lord in to give the knights a hand. Unfortunately I have no pictures of this magnificent struggle.

In combat I kill 2 pigs and lose 1 knight.

Turn 2

I went first and just continued fighting after successfully casting Pha's Protection on the blood knights again. Lots of pigs die now and they're down to just 2 models, but they pass battleshock.

On my opponents turn he flies the boars away with that spell again and lands them nearby close to my objective 2 (his objective 4) after realising that he cannot hold my objective 1 for two turns at this rate. The shaman and stabbas have taken their objectives now, giving my opponent 3 victory points.

Turn 3

I go first once again (and thank Nagash for that, or the pigs would've taken their objective 4 right away). I abandon my objective 1 and go after the boars and big stabbas. My vampire lord confronts the pigs while my blood knights charges the big spears.

It seemed like a good idea until the big stabbas both did 3 mortal wounds each upon dying, killing two knights. Ouch! The vampire lord killed one of the two remaining pigs, ensuring that they did not have their objective 4 under control anymore.

My opponent flies the last pig away again and lands it back on his objective 5 (my objective 1), hoping for a double turn.

Turn 4

Which he gets! The pig claims his objective 5 and the shaman his objective 3, giving my opponent another 8 victory points and me with only 2 left to possibly claim.

I say screw that and go after the last remaining orcs. The vampire lord catches the last pig and kills it good.

Turn 5

I get first turn and assault the shaman, who dies proper.


Result: Complete Annihilation... and a 11-0 VP victory to the Bonesplitterz.

Well, I'll have to do better next time. I really got caught by the flying pigs and didn't really consider the objectives until it was too late. My opponent used pile in shenanigans and other things to hinder my counterattack in the beginning and courteously talked me through the entire process so I'd learn. It was a really fun game and possibly the first battle I've ever (ever!) played with two finished armies on a good field - hooray for that!

I'll also do better with more pictures next time, making this into a report was an afterthought!
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May 22, 2010
Thanks for compiling an enjoyable report. It looked like a fun game to play, even though Soublight were thoroughly defeated. I was also thoroughly crushed in my first, and so far only, game of Age of Sigmar last year, but my opponent and I were both playing the game for the first time, so I, arguably, made much more of a mess of it than you did.

I think that your Soulblight force has the potential to do well and I am sure that you'll put up a more tactical display next time. This game was all about killing off some Bonesplitterz :).


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
I was thoroughly outplayed by my opponent, for sure. He killed the bat swarms to take away my cheap objective grabbers, robbed my blood knights of their charge and contested his most important objective right away at the same time, and I fell into the trap and played along while he captured easier points with the other stuff. I think it was great how the game showed that a simple grindfest isn't always the best idea.
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Sep 28, 2011
Great batrep. It's easy to spot the weakness of such an elite army in this sense as far as objectives go, but as far as extermination... :konrad::suck: