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Spartacus and Gladiators

Christophe von Carstein

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 30, 2008
So im currently watching the Spartacus: War of the Damned series and absolutly loving it, so naturally my imagination is going to the thought of gladiator and roman soldier type models anyone know any good conversion ideas or sites where i could get types of models along those lines?


Crypt Horror
May 10, 2011
Wargames factory do both greek and roman minis, but I haven't seen them up close- there were some on display at a show recently, they looked ok.
Jul 20, 2012
IMHO the best range for your purposes would be Warlord Games.


They have a fairly decent range - sometimes not all that historically accurate (e.g. they have Roman Marines) but if what you are looking for are Roman-type miniatures that would fit into a fantasy-classical setting, they are perfect - they even have a Myrmillo Gladiator figure in their range

The best thing about this range is that they also have several different barbarian tribes as well, so you can make up a slave army with Gauls (Crixus), Germans (Aggron) and other non-Roman types as well.