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Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Mar 9, 2008
I agree with Bishop about making him a Lord. As for the Hoarder of Knowledge special rule, I personally think it's too cruel and unusual on the controlling player to have the spell be randomly decided after you allocate power dice. I would change it so that at the start of his magic phase you just roll to see what random spell you get as extra. That is also simpler as well, I believe.

Also, seeing V'azrin is/was at least around Lesa's level in terms of magical power, he should have some sort of bonus to cast and dispel.

The Dread King

Staff member
True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Well? Will the dreadlords ever be used in the legion? Or is this thread truly dead? This has been left to collect dust. Why? Is it because nobody wants to use the dreadlords any more? Or are people just bored with making the legion? I don=t want to see this project die like so many others, e.g. the zombie pirates, did.

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