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Spell Generation 9th Age


Grave Guard
Jul 17, 2014
So the rule reads:

"All Paths contain “Learned Spells”, which are Spells numbered 1 through to 6. Roll a D6 for each Spell the Wizard has, to see which spells the Wizard can cast in this battle. If a '1' is rolled, the Wizard knows the Learned Spell number 1, and so on. If a duplicate Learned Spell is rolled (either because another Wizard in the same army has already rolled the spell or because the same Wizard rolled a double), the Wizard must replace the duplicate result with another freely chosen spell from the same Path that has not already been rolled."

After reading this I have no idea what happens if I have more than six leaned spells from the same path in the same army. Do I lose the spells? Do I start over as in eighth. It really says nothing on this topic. Right now I'm leaning towards treating it as it was in eighth as not being allowed to take too many wizards of one path is odd, but it is highly ambiguous. Am I missing something obvious here that's part of a different section?