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Start of 4000 points of Undead.

I have decided to join a campaign at the local hobby store. It's a 4000 point campaign that starts at 1000 then rises 1000 points every six weeks.

My 4000 point list I need to make and paint. In some cases even buy.

Vampire Lord

138 x Skeletons
40 x Dire Wolves
2 x Corpse Cart

49 x Grave Guard
20 x Black Knights
3 x Bat swarms

1 x Black Coach
1 x Mortis Engine

With the possibility of adding up to another 1000 points of Storm of Magic stuff (which I haven't worked out yet).

I have made a start on my first skeleton unit, which is included as an attachment to this post.

EDIT: To add a new attachment for my shields that have arrived.



Master Necromancer
True Blood
For some variety, I'd suggest that you pick up:

a unit of Ghouls

possibly some Zombies, even if they are just for raising

I'd also consider dropping some of the Black Knights. Switching them for some other special/rare. Hex Wraiths or Blood Knights. Maybe Vargulf of Terrorgheist. Or even Vargheist/Crypt Horrors if you fancy that.

I just think that the list, as you have it, will be incredibly dull and one dimensional.
Thanks for the comments they are always welcome.

The main reason I don't have any Zombies or Ghouls is because I don't like them and also the main inspiration for my army is the film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106308

I do agree with your comments about the knights though as it was something I was thinking myself. Hex wraiths might fit, better and they look cool.

Thanks again for the feedback.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
No problems. And welcome to the forum!

I prefer Skeletons as well; I largely use skeletons as the main core units. I have found a single unit of Ghouls to be handy.