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Starter questions

Apr 22, 2010
So I'm having my first game ever this weekend and I'm wondering what I should give the person I'm playing at the beginning of the game. Do I tell him anything about my units? Basic rules of vampires? Do I tell him what they have equiped? Magic items? spells?
Feb 28, 2010
It's really up to you and your opponent what level of disclosure you will use during the game, and that's something that should be decided before you start playing.

As a minimum, you should disclose the type and the basic upgrades your units have (Skeleton Warriors with spears, shields, light armor, and full command, for example). Whether or not you disclose magic items/vampire powers is more on a game to game basis. The group I play with prefers open lists (full disclosure of everything), though many people prefer to keep magic items/vampire powers secret until they are used. It's really up to you and your opponent.

As far as special rules for undead go (like ItP, no break tests, etc) it's generally considered good sportsmanship to provide as much information about your rules as your opponent wants. That doesn't mean you need to say "This unit causes Fear, is Immune to Psych, etc" for each unit, but if your opponent has never played against undead before, I'm sure they'll have a lot more fun if you explain the basics to them first. :)

Spells are always rolled for a the beginning of the game, so both players will know what spells the other player has.