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Steadfast query (should be a simple one. I should know this!)


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
Watching a game the other night, one player used his Lord on a Dragon to charge into the other players infantry unit. After the dice were rolled, the infantry unit had been reduced to 9 models; 5 in the front rank and four in the second rank.

The infantry player had to take a break test, but because he had a rank of models (the front rank) and the player with the dragon did not, he claimed that his unit was steadfast.

Was this player correct? If your unit contains only the front rank, and your opponent has no ranks, are you steadfast?
Sep 7, 2014
Yes. You require one more rank of Rank-and-File models than your opponent to claim steadfast. This includes the front rank. As your monster does not have a rank, he has one more than you, hence him being steadfast.