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Stories from the Shadows

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood

These stories are focused around less public figures in Sylvania. As such there will be cross over between this and Tales of the Court and might assume some knowledge of that story to explain the background in this.

Other parts will be utterly unrelated.

Thanks and hope you enjoy.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood

The year is 1919 and the 122nd year of Vlad's reign as Count of Sylvania. Ten years previously a young nobleman known as Akarin von Haulf tried to kill Count. Despite his failure Vlad decided to reward him for his talent and ambition, the young Lord was sired by one of Vlad's sons called Fitz.

In the year 1913 Vlad von Carstien was approached by two vampiric outsiders, a strange figure known only as the Lord of Mysteries and an assassin known as Meta the Bowman who made the Vampire Count an offer. They would train a legion of spies and killers to work from the shadows to help Sylvania form and maintain an Empire.

Vlad accepted under the condition that one of his own be allowed to command these men.

It was so that Akarin von Haulf was put in command of the organisation that would one day evolve to become the infamous Sylvanian Order of Assassins however before they became the Order they where simply known as the Sylvanian Shadows.