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Strange sized models from 8e


Crypt Horror
May 26, 2013
Hello. I'm struggling to play this game when it comes to some of my favorite 8e models. The 3 Mortarcs, Morghast, Coven Throne, Mortis Engine, Terror geist, zombie dragon, Nagash, black coach, and corpse cart, none of these have a base that fits with the undead army. It has no chariots and the monster bases are only supposed to be 50x50.

I want to use all these models but don't know how to field them. I suppose I could use exceptional sized base rule for my vampire lord on zombie dragon but that's only going to put me at a major disadvantage.

Does anyone have any tips for both what to do to field these models and what KoW unit would be most appropriate?
Jul 4, 2013
If you ally with Empire of Dust you can field the throne or mortis engine 50x100mm models as a reanimated behemoth. Corpsecarts as revenant chariots regiment (need 3) or a one of the character chariots

Some amount of Morghasts could be multibased on a wights horde single tray. I have 4 unbuilt morghasts and am considering doing this. Assuming the wings won't cause confusion.

Allying with Abyssals could count the morghasts as tortured souls (large infantry that fly, CS(2), seems about right).

There is some neat undead-like stuff in the night stalkers list as well.

No ideas for the 100x150 based models...


Vampire Count
Apr 10, 2013
50x50 for characters and monsters is just a guideline. You can go bigger if you want. I'm using my Mortis Engine as a Revenant King on an Undead Wyrm with the Wings upgrade. The 'fly' special rule represents it's ethereal movement, the Revenant King's abilities provide magical support to nearby undead units and it hits pretty hard in close combat. I use my Zombie Dragon as a Dragon, and my Terrorgheist as a Dragon. You can shop around in other army lists for something that might fit Morghasts. Maybe something from the Abyssal list.

A Black Coach could be used as a unit filler for some cavalry units, or you could use it as a Revenant King on an undead wyrm without the wings upgrade. It moves fast, has some magical buffs and hits hard in combat.

Nagash sadly doesn't really have an analogue in KoW. I guess you could just call him Morghoth or a Liche King or something like that but it doesn't feel quite right for such a huge model to have such mundane rules.

You've got to remember at the end of the day that Kings of War is a game focused on out playing your opponent, not out list-writing him. The variety and options that existed in WHFB have been blurred together to produce (IMO) a better, cleaner game.