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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
RE: Strigoi Army List (Confirmed)

Strigoi Stat Changes

+1 Wound
5+ ward save
Hatred (against all foes)
May not take any mundane / magical equipment
May not take mounts of any kind
May take an extra 50% points on powers - 75pts vamp, 150pts Lord
Do not have the option to take BSB

Bloodline Powers

Ancient Beast of Strigoi: 150pts - One in armies upto 2000pts, for each full 2000pts over this value you may take another instance of this power (so 2 instances in 4000pts, 3 in 6000pts etc)
The eldest of the Strigoi possess not only brutal strength but also the pride and spirit of the ancient lords of their bloodline.
The vampire gains +1A, +1S, +1T, 4+ ward and the Terror special rule. They also gain the Red Fury power as per the VC rulebook. In addition it also counts as the armies BSB and confers the relevant bonuses. Finally any unit joined by this vampire also gains the Hate special rule.

Varghkin: 75pts - One in armies upto 2000pts, for each full 2000pts over this value you may take another instance of this power (so 2 instances in 4000pts, 3 in 6000pts etc). the vampire may not take any other powers if it takes this power.
The vampire have truly embraced its beastail nature.
The vampire looses all magic abilities and levels. In return he gains +1A, +2S, +1W and the Fly, Bestial Fury (as per the VC Rulebook), Terror, and Regeneration special rules, however the regeneration works on a 3+ instead of the normal 4+. He is also now classed as a monster and thus gains the Thunder Stomp rule and Large Target.

Child of Morrslieb - 50pts
Through the years of living in the presence of corrupting warpstone, tiny fragments of the essence of the moon Morrslieb have matastisized itself within the body of this vampire. As it spreads through the body and mind the Strigoi vampire develop a powerful resonating field of anti-magic. Its claws gleam with a sickly green aura capable of rending creatures not of this world.
Vampire gains MR(3) and magical attacks. Once per game he can focus his aura - The user must declare this at the start of the enemies magic phase, for the remainder of that phase any doubles will result in a miscast, although only a double 6 will cause Irresistible Force.

Massive Monstrosity : 45pts
As time pass the Strigoi vampire grow tougher and tougher and merely shrug off wounds which would cripple or even kill lesser beings.
+1 Toughness

Predator's instinct: 35pts
The Strigoi's bestial nature allows it to swiftly and fatally identify the weak points of its chosen prey
Confers Killing Blow, in addition the vampire causes D3 wounds against any models with the Monster and/or Large Target special rules.

Ghoul Master: 35pts
The innate understanding the vampire has with its dark followers allows him to instinctively command them, ensuring they are ready to strike with deadly precision.
All friendly units with the Free Will rule that are within 12" of the vampire with this power, gain the Vanguard special rule.

Blood Rage : 30pts
Once the vampire has tasted blood the raging beast within is set free.
The vampire, and all friendly units within 6'' gain the Frenzy special rule. This Frenzy can be lost as normal (if the vampire loses it, all units affected by this power lose the Frenzy rule as well). However, if the vampire subsequently deals an unsaved wound, it and all units within 6'' will regain Frenzy.

Bat form : 30pts
Its wicked diet have created a bond with the flying creatures of the night.
Fly. A vampire with this power may join a unit of Fell Bats or Vengeance Riders and counts as being the same troop type for the purposes of LOS! However a unit of Fell Bats or Vengeance Riders may only ever have one vampire join it at any one time in this manner.

Fear of the Hunter - 25pts
Just the smell of one these bestial vampire is enough to send horses or steeds into a fearful retreat.
The vampire counts as causing terror in any cavalry, monster, chariot or swarm units. Such is the fear the affected units must take the relevant Fear and Terror tests at -1Ld, and it still applies if the unit is ItP.

Hatred of the Arkayne: 25pts
Having fought the vile Skaven for many years the vampire have felt the bitter sting of their fell weaponry. Each blow, a new scar. Each bite, a foul meal. Finally, the vampires body will instinctually react towards the baleful energies unleashed upon it. A perculiar side effect of these encounters and unorthodox diet, even by Strigoi standards, a thin layer of warpstone dust will eventually settle on its claws, fangs and tough skin.
The vampire gains MR(2) and magical attacks.

Scarred Hide: 20pts
The many conflicts which the Strigoi has endured have hardened its skin until it is surprisingly resistant to damage
Confers 4+armour save.

Infinite hatred; As current book. 15pts (lower cost than VC book as Strigois have Hatred as standard)
Within the bitter souls of Strigoi vampires burns a great anger towards the living and the dead which never will be extinguished.

Iron Sinews : 15pts
The strength of the Strigoi vampires is goes beyond even that of the other lords of the night.
+ 1 Strength

Swift Shadow: 10pts:
Striking from darkness, a Strigoi vampire races towards its foe to rend it limb from limb with its bare claws
The Vampire with this power has Mv 9

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
RE: Strigoi Army List (Confirmed)

Strigoi Optional Army List

Free Will
The Ghouls that follow the Strigoi do so of their own free will, believing in their mighty champion. Thus as their minds are free of the vampires sway, they will react as their instincts dictate, instincts which even the Stirgoi have come to respect
Ghouls in the Strigoi army may choose flee as charge reaction, despite the Undead rule, even if there is a Strigoi vampire in the unit. The is subject to all the normal rules for fleeing, and the unit must test to regroup as normal.

0-1 Character other than vampire per 2000pts
No mundane or magical weapons options
May not take Wight Kings or Necromancers

~ has the Free Will special rule
Skirmisher Ghouls +1pts/model
~ has the Free Will special rule
~ There cannot me more units of Skirmisher Ghouls than standard Ghoul units.
~ Can still be raised past their starting unit size through use of the 'Summon Ghouls' Bloodline Power
Bat Swarms
~ do not count towards Core requirement
Fell Bats
~ do not count towards Core requirement
~ do not count towards Core requirement

Court of the Ghoul King
~ See below for rules
0-1 Strigany - 6pts per model
~ See end of list for details

Spirit Hosts
Vengeance Riders

New Units

Court of the Ghoul King - 13pts per model

Court Ghoul - M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 3 / A 2 / Ld6
Court Ghast - M 4 / WS 4 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 4 / W 1 / I 4 / A 3 / Ld7

Dirty Claws & Teeth

Upgrade one model to Court Ghast +20pts

Special Rules:
Free Will
Poisoned Attacks
Regeneration (5+)

Hatred of the Underdog

As those closest to their vampire masters, these Ghouls feel their rage against those who think themselves better or more powerful. This anger manifests in battle as a unwavering fury in the face of defeat
Confers the Hatred special rule. In addition for every round of combat after the first that they are either outnumbered or loose, they may then again re-roll all their attacks in the next round of combat.
~ Cannot still be raised past their starting unit size through use of the 'Summon Ghouls' Bloodline Power


Strigany - M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 3 / A 1 / Ld7
Domnu - M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T 3 / W 1 / I 3 / A 2 / Ld7
2x Handweapons

Upgrade to Light Armour +1pt per model
Upgrade to Bow (in addition to current weapons) +2pt per model
Upgrade one model to Domnu +10pts
Upgrade one model to Std + 10pts
Upgrade one model to musc +5pts

Special Rules:

Followers of the Dammed
The Strigany have never forgotten their Lords in Death and follow them fanatically, however to this is seen as a betrayal to their fellow men who hunt them down mercilessly
The Strigany have the Stubborn special rule. In addition any Empire, Bretonnian or Kislev armies Hate any Strigany units.

Vengeance Riders - 35pts per model

Ghouls: M 4/ WS 3/ BS 0/ S 3/ T 4/ W 2/ I 3/ A 2/ LD 5
Ghast: M 4/ WS 3/ BS 0/ S 3/ T 4/ W 2/ I 3/ A 3/ LD 6
Felbat M 1/ WS 3/ BS 0/ S 3/ T -/ W -/ I 3/ A 2/ LD 3

Equipment: Filthy claws, teeth, and a hideous amount of racket.

One ghoul may be upgraded to a ghast for +15 points. Unit Size 3 - 10

Special Rules:
Flying Cavalry
Free Will
Poisoned attacks (ghouls & ghast only)


- added in Undead special rule to a few units.
- added in "despite the Undead rule" to Free Will description

~ Bishop

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