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Summoning and points

Hey everyone!

Maybe this is a really really stupid question (or at least a question which I'm asking wayyy to late) but does summoning units that have died in battle cost points?

This is a question that recently popped into my head when I was playing with my brother, he uses a Seraphon army containing loads of Saurus Warriors and Knights, but he also uses Lord Kroak. And when I've killed one of his 10 men units of Saurus Warriors, he in the next battle round just pops them into existence again by summoning them. This all seemed quite natural to me, until I started watching battle reports on youtube in which no one seem to do this! Can anyone clear this one up for me?

Thanks for reading!

(edit: not really sure if this is the right forum for this, if any mod sees this and thinks another forum would be more appropriate for this question, please do change it :) )
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Yes, it costs points, both to summon new units to the table and to return slain units to the table. It does not cost points to return slain models to a unit, provided at least some models in the unit are still alive on the table, but if the entire unit is gone, then you must pay reserve points to use any ability that brings them back.
@Malisteen Hey! Just one other question on summoning and points. Does the command ability of an Abhorrent Ghoul King (setting up a unit of three Crypt Horrors for example) then also cost reinforcement points?


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Note that this is all changing in 2e. Abilities that bring in new units will not cost reserve points, but eill instead face other restrictions.
I am personally excited for this change, as bat swarms returning after dying, with their great movement speed, makes them an amazing way to mess with shooting armies.