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Sunny's challenge

The Sun King

True Blood
@Bullhax: Glad that you like the WoC list man!

@Wolf Child:

Master Necromancer: Level 4 LoV
28 Ghouls: Ghast
20 Zombs
10 Crypt Horrors
Spirit Host

1200 points

The Sun King

True Blood
Happy New Year everybody!

@Neke: No I think the TG is utterly devastating at small games since the enemy don't have enough points for artillery to efficiently deal with it. The TBat is an absolute monster when unopposed and can lay waste to whole armies if let alone. Hexies are a good choice as well, although not as devastating, since the enemy don't always have enough magic to deal with them.

@Wolf Child: Glad you like it! Hope he doesn't bring a lot of bolt throwers, otherwise your TG should be fine. Tell me how it goes.

@Natalie: Been a while since I've last seen you here, good to have you back. What exactly do you mean by "or no GG" - you're not allowed to bring GG or you MUST bring GG?
Hello I'm playing around with the idea of a ghoul king what lists shall I take for a on foot plus a cav based lists around the 2400 point Mark?. Is the SGK any good competively or a fluff edition?. I understand for a kitted out SgK my VL will suffer in my BK bus but just trying to see merits in all avenues,
Thanks in advance I look forward to your thoughts.
The Sun King said:
@Natalie: Been a while since I've last seen you here, good to have you back. What exactly do you mean by "or no GG" - you're not allowed to bring GG or you MUST bring GG?
Thanks - its good to be back Sun King....No GG as ive not got any! lol

Thank you x
Harry's Daemon Killers
Okay so if he goes for the cookie cutter (except he brings a GUO?) Nurgle list lore of Death will be very good for a variety of reasons: 1) Doom and Darkness for those screams - pop his Great Unclean One fast. 2) Snipe stuff... always nice to snipe stuff and unless he brings Khorne stuff he won't have much protection against it. 3) PURPLE SUN! Nurgle has overall BAD initiative... cast p-sun all day and watch him suffer :D
This is the FIRST TIME EVER I've made a list with Fell Bats. I think I've underrated them generally because they get overshadowed by Spirit Hosts, but against DoC they'll be much better. I actually really like the Baby Vamp build, 3+ AS and 4+ ward is nothing to sneeze at... tell me how it works out. Use your 3 IoN's to keep your TG's going and kill that Skull Cannon as fast as possible.

Master Necromancer: Level 4 Wizard Death
Strigoi Ghoul King: Fencer's Blade, Red Fury, Potion of Foolhardiness, Dragonbane Gem, Level 1 LoV

Necromancer: Dispel Scroll, Level 1 LoV
Vampire: Aura of Dark Majesty, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armour, Level 1 LoV
Tomb Banshee
Tomb Banshee

40 Crypt Ghouls: Crypt Ghast
20 Zombies: Banner
33 Skeleton Warriors: FC, Banner of Swiftness

2 Fell Bats
2 Fell Bats
2 Fell Bats


Total army points: 2250

So I fought the battle against the daemons, and 'won' again. And by winning I mean I got a few VP's more then the daemon player. 1865 for me, 1827 or so for the Daemon player.
Which is good, cause you win the poule if you score the most victory points...

It was a real exiting battle, but man those Daemons are tough! 6 Tzeentch Screamers, were a real pain vs my Gheists, and Plague Bearers vs Ghouls is not an even fight! And those Beasts of Nurgle (or snotsnails) killed my Strigoi, ouch! But luckily there's always Purple Sun :devil2:

My Master Necro had a blast, but got a bit power crazy on the end, and was sucked into the warp, granted a place as a Chaos Champion no doubt after destroying so many things on the battlefield.

This is what he destroyed:

- 1 Great Unclean One
- 2 Heralds of Nurgle, one was the bsb
- 2 Units Plague Bearers
- 1 Unit Ghouls
- 1 Unit Zombies
- 1 Vampire Hero

And himself at the end!

Next Vampire Counts, first time battling my brethren....
Hi sunny,what would you come up with within this comp?...2000 points,no lords allowed...only one flyer/unit of flyers, including characters,only one war machine...you may include one monster free from any legal army book.. (not a flyer though!)
Hey Sunny!
I propose you another challenge similar to the last one I asked you >_<
Make the most competitive list you can for 1500 points trying to use the most of the following pieces:

1x Ghoul King on foot
1x Vampire mounted
1x Master Necromancer / Regular necromancer
1x Wight King on foot
5x Black Knights / Hexwraiths
10x Dire Wolves
20x Skellies
20x Ghouls
10x Grave Guard (can be used as regular skelletons)
1x Terrorgheist

I've been developing myself a 1500 list for a campaign I have in a month but I want to know what would you make ^^

EDIT: Added some new units I've got recently :D
I have a challenge, to combine as many different aspects of these three list archetypes together into a 2400pt army:
1. Skeleton Bus
2. Crypt horrors+Mortis Engines
3. Screamo list

I have written my own and wondering how a veteran-ed VC player would do it differently...or maybe exactly the same ;)


Sleepless Knight
True Blood
Here's one for you, bud. 2.5k, ZDragon Lord, 2 Lore of Death Casters if you can fit both, and a Lore of Shadows on Coven Throne. No Grave Guard. Must use Black Coach.

The Sun King

True Blood
Hi guys - I'm sad to say that I'm too busy these days to get around to your challenges :(

@Natalie: Sorry Nat, I've been too stresed out to get any challenges done :(

The Sun King

True Blood
The time has come! The End Times is upon us and Sunny's Challenge has risen from the dead to help fellow undead generals all around the interwebs! In other words: Here you can give me some restrictions and I will try to whip up a list for you :)


True Blood
It's alive!

How about a Wood Elf list, 2500 points with acorn of the ages? If possible, make it so that opponents won't rage quit lol. So I guess one with enough combat to sate the more casual folks while not being a pushover

The Sun King

True Blood
Okay @Seneschal this should be really annoying to play against:

Spellweaver: Acorn of Ages, Steed, Level 4 Fire

Spellsinger: Calaingor's Stave, Obsidian Amulet, Steed, Level 2 Fire
Glade Captain: Steed, BSB, Shield, Asrai Spear, Armour of Destiny

10x Glade Riders: FC
10x Glade Riders: FC
5x Glade Riders
5x Glade Riders

8x Wild Riders: FC, Banner of Eternal Flame
4x Treekin
10x Sisters of Thorn: FC
5x Deepwood Scouts: Bodkin Arrows
6x Deepwood Scouts: Trueflight Arrows
6x Deepwood Scouts: Hagbane Tips

9x Waywatchers