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Supplement Piece-Sibling Rivalry

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Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Date: A year before the Founding of the Vampire Council
Location: Nehekhara-The Tower of Nekhlior/Tower of Lost Souls

Nekhlior fled through the tower fear embedded in every inch of his mind, the invaders had somehow found his tower, a theoretical impossibility due to the ancient magic incorporated within its architecture. The greater part of his Golems had already been destroyed as had all of his lesser more common skeletal guards indeed he had barely had time to order the remaining Golems, spiritual servants, other strange beings and lastly his sole Varghulf into the vaults, the most secure location within his home which would seal after the last unholy servants got inside and his Arcanum, a series of Laboratories and Magical Workshops, had already been secured.
That left one location…
The most precious of locations…
That left the Grand Library, one large complex of room containing over four thousand years of texts, this then split of into several other smaller libraries. To name three greatest where those which contained just works (both originals and copies) written by Nagash, another containing the texts of his father W’soran and other pieces saved from the fires of Lahmia, a smaller one containing texts wrote by himself. There where other libraries including one for each lore of magic that he studies, one for Necromancy that didn’t fit into other areas and even those for Dark Magic and Daemonology.
Nekhlior reached the Library entrance and stepped within, with a single whispered word he set the magical field to active, anyone but himself that entered this place of knowledge to be destroyed. Stepping from the room he murmured the enchantment that sealed the main entrance shut, a wall seemingly materialised within the entrance. Despite the entrance closing it was unlikely that any would mistake it for not existing, the library was just too large; it stretched for several entire floors and would be found eventually…but never entered without the correct counterspell.
With ever increasing speed the ancient vampire ran up the stairs, one more collection had to be saved just one last place and to do that he must reach the roof.
Once he reached the top of the Tower he stepped outside, the wind struck him both in the physical sense but also in the magical sense for in this location and this high up both the wind of this world and the winds of magic where strong.
Shaking his head he strode ignored all the instruments of astrology that sat on the roof, however there was only a single object of interest on this roof that had to be saved, it took a few moments for him to reach it since the object of his focus took up the majority of the roof due to the things size and it now towered over him as he approached it.
“Inferipena…” he whispered
Nekhlior stretched out a hand and placed it on the great Zombie Dragons head, in life it had been a Dragon of ancient days, a breed which dwarfed that of the lesser kind that walked the earth today it had even dwarfed the corpses of many of its own kind upon the plain of bones and now it was his greatest masterpiece, an Undead being as mighty as any living dragon that not only was bound to his will but was capable of independent thought. It was not, unlike most of its Undead kind, a being of mindlessness.
It made a deep growling noise as he stroked its head feeling the precious withered flesh beneath his touch.
Behind him he heard a crash and then the clicking of claws, turning he saw his other favoured pet, an Abysmal Terror it had been his first major work as a Necromancer so long ago it had been that he no longer recalled just what creatures had been slain and used in it’s creation, like Inferipena it could think but its mind was more bestial like a wolfs where the Dragon’s own intellect was greater than many humans.
“Malumortus” he said almost lovingly, a smile touching his corpse-like mouth as he turned to pet the beast.
Sighing he recalled the situation quickly to mind, now was not a time to let his attention wander.
“Both of you listen for time is short, you are to flee immediately, I have no idea where you should go…I’ll leave that up to both of you. Malumortus I want you to seek out any of my gets, I believe Thepht to be near the realms of the Kings Children, you know their blood. he commanded
Turning he looked at the huge Dragon
“And you my beauty…go where you please as long as it away from here…your magic will last beyond any death I suffer and I promise to come back from whatever harm I receive…eventually. Until then be free. he said softly.
Straightening up he glanced at both of them
“Go! Now!” he ordered forcefully.
Malumortus made an odd noise almost like cawing as it took off, Inferipena on the other hand stared at the Necrarch for a moment longer and Nekhlior could feel its will struggling against his own as it wished to stay.
After a few minutes it bowed its head before taking off and in what felt like too short a time it vanished.
Nekhlior stood staring at the sky, awaiting his fate…he knew what would come…he knew who would come.
“Hurry up V’azrin” he murmured.

V’azrin sped up the stairs, moving faster than any mortal could possibly hope to, over his shoulder a smouldering corpse was thrown only it wasn’t truly a corpse for it was still filled with unlife even if it was in too much pain to move.
As he reached one of the middling floors he touched the wall, he could sense a powerful ward, the winds of magic hummed.
“The Library” the Necrarch guessed.
He had found the plans for the tower in Nagashizzar, sadly the plans only had contained the spell for finding, locating and entering the Tower. V’azrin could not hope to break the enchantment and enter…how could he? The tower had been designed and in parts even enchanted by Nagash himself, Arkhan, W’soran, a number of Necrarchs and many of Nagashi Sorcerers had.
The tower had been the Great Necromancer’s gift to Nekhlior for being a Dark Lord of his army, its construction had began 4,000 years ago although Nagash had put the finishing arcane touches on it just before the battle against the man-god Sigmar and no doubt Nekhlior himself had made many modifications to it.
He tore his mind away from thinking about the treasures that must of lay within; no doubt Nagash would tear away every ward of this place in time and then all the artefacts, texts and treasures would be the Nagashi force’s for the taking…and V’azrin would seize all he could.
As he finally reached the top he threw open the door and stepped out.
“Hello Brother.” he said with a voice filled with malice.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Nekhlior sighed and turned his gaze from the sky to the new arrival that stood smirking in the entrance to the stair.
“Hello V’azrin.” Nekhlior said lightly despite the overwhelming depression he felt.
V’azrin’s smirk widened
“So nonchalant Nekhlior! Most impressive!” V’azrin mocked as he threw the smouldering corpse he held onto the ground.
Nekhlior stared at the so called corpse for a moment
“Vladimir?” he whispered causing V’azrin to break out laughing
“That’s right Nekhlior! This burnt ruin is your little get…and you know what? The little neophyte is still alive!” V’azrin stated delivering the burnt young get a kick as he did so causing him to cry out slightly.
“Too harshly scorched to move it seems though.” he sneered.
Nekhlior stared on in mute horror, the damage done to his thrall was horrific and to keep him alive suffering…he did not think even V’azrin could be so cruel.
“Leave him alone!” Nekhlior hissed
V’azrin grinned and shrugged faintly
“As you command.” he said clicking his fingers.
Vladimir screamed as he burst into flames before being reduced to ashes in mere seconds.
Nekhlior barely reigned in his horror knowing the satisfaction that would give his brother he merely nodded
“Thank you for putting him out of his misery.” he said evenly causing V’azrin to lose his smile.
“Fine, be that way…you never where any fun.” V’azrin spat before hissing out a series of dark words and then flinging a ball of dark fire at the other vampire.
Nekhlior raised his staff whispering a counterspell to unravel his brother’s spell before twirling the staff above his head, conjuring up a cloud of shadow to send it at V’azrin. The cloud enveloped the other Necrarch, it tightened up around him crushing the immortal vampire, and it took him precious moments to dispel the attack.
“Not bad for a decrepit old fool!” V’azrin sneered
Nekhlior allowed himself a faint smile
“You should leave brother…at any time you and I would be too close for comfort in a battle of magic…you would probably destroy me but I’d take you with me fool!”
“What? You think so? Even if you can harm me I shall kill you.” V’azrin snarled losing his temper.
“Oh yes, but I have this…our master’s old staff.” Nekhlior stated holding a gnarled long piece of blackened wood.
V’azrin hissed angrily
“I know you had a hand in his death! Melkhior would never have dared if he thought that you would move against him when you where so close during the murder of W’soran!”
Nekhlior chuckled attempting to bait V’azrin into making a mistake
“Well…the old fool had lost his ability to reason…he had lost his ability to even control those Necrarch’s under his control…not my concern if he had got so weak…Melkhior is a perfectly fine replacement!” he cackled.
For a moment there was utter silence then V’azrin seemed to reign his temper in as he smiled once more
“Well…I’m not going to kill you brother…no I have a much worst fate in mind.” he told Nekhlior
“How will you do such a thing all alone?” the older Necrarch sneered angrily
V’azrin cackled
“Who says I’m alone?” he said with cold satisfaction.
Nekhlior spun around raising his staff as he sensed the coming of another mage through the winds of magic, as the shadow consolidated he recognised the newcomer as Reshorn V’azrin’s official ‘first’ get.
“So V’azrin you brought your eldest!” Nekhlior spat
V’azrin snickered
“I did he’s on his way.”
Nekhlior cursed realising what that meant and then there was another flash of magic causing Nekhlior to wheel around once more, as the shadows formed Rahotep came into view.
“So you brought both your thrall lackeys then!” he spat
Rahotep stiffened at that but said nothing.
V’azrin nodded
“Indeed but we are running out of time so we should get started.” he said then pointing at Nekhlior a blast of purple energy soared towards the Necrarch who barely knocked it out of the way with his staff but as soon as he did Rahotep and Reshorn launched their own arcane attacks.
Nekhlior wheeled around blocking the purple beams with his staff for almost another minute before being stuck by one of Rahotep’s attacks then he was struck by V’azrin’s soon after. Nekhlior fell to his knees in pain spitting out dark blood, with a thrust of his staff he gestured at Rahotep throwing her from his feet but Reshorn stuck him again knocking the vampire’s consciousness from his grasp.
As he fell to darkness he heard V’azrin’s cackling.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Date: A month after the attack on Nekhlior’s Tower
Location: Nagashizzar-Rahotep’s Laboratory.

Nekhlior awoke to a dark room, with a groan he attempted to sit up but felt both his arms and legs bound to the table on which he lay.
“Wha…” he began only to stop as pain shot down his rotten throat.
Cold laughter filled the room, Nekhlior turned his head to look for the source and found it almost immediately
“Rahotep” he croaked
The withered vampire stood only metres from his bound brethren, he was grinning coldly at his once-friend
“Indeed it is, V’azrin was right you where too easily overcome.” sneered the Necrarch
Nekhlior hissed angrily at the other Necrarch
“I’ll shred your flesh from your bones when I’m free! I’ll attach your soul to an orb and torture you until eternity’s end!”
Rahotep cackled at Nekhlior’s protests
“You my old friend? You will never be free; this is Nagashizzar, the greatest fortress in the world!”
Nekhlior groaned upon hearing the fortress’s name.

Two cowled mortal Nagashi strode into the room, bowing deeply to Rahotep as they did so.
“Dark Lord The Sentence.” they murmured bowing deeply.
Before Rahotep could reply Nekhlior broke out laughing
“Dark Lord? The Sentence? Hah! Not only are you still somehow a Dark Lord but Nagash is also giving out cute little Nicknames now?”
Rahotep growled and with a slashing gesture he spat a twisted arcane incantation at the other vampire causing Nekhlior to scream in pain as it felt like hot silver blades where tore across his chest.
When Nekhlior had stopped screaming Rahotep turned his attention to the mortals
“What do you want?” he snapped
“A...Arkhan demands a report on the prisoner.” one of them stuttered
“Inform him that the prisoner is being kept magically drained, his mind is distorted through Blood-Drugs so he can’t cast any spells and I’m torturing him regularly to keep him physically unable to break free.”
The two mortals bowed once more before scurrying out.

Rahotep dug into the folds of his robes withdrawing a short thin silver rod and smiling coldly began to advance on the bound vampire
“No! Wait! Rahotep why am I even here? I have always served Nagash faithfully! By the Gods we once served I am amongst the highest of the Dark Lords!” he shouted desperately.
Rahotep stopped and tilting his head he smirked icily
“V’azrin had Nagash revoke your status amongst the Nagashi…you are now to be bound here eternally.”
Nekhlior shook his head
“No, no that’s not possible! V’azrin does not outrank me! In the Great Necromancers name I outrank him!”
Rahotep shook his head chuckling
“You have been out of the loop to long, no one cares if from your tower you planned to assist Nagash…here in Nagashizzar things have changed…I myself am now amongst the highest of our kind with only two above me…V’azrin and The Black…both of which advised the Master on your capture.”
“Impossible Arkhan would never turn on me!” he cried out
Rahotep nodded looking slightly uncomfortable
“Yes…to be honest none of us know how he did it…” he trailed off and then shrugged
“Anyway that is enough talk” Rahotep said with a smirk raising the silver rod, whispering under his breath it began to glow with purple and dark energies and when it touched Nekhlior’s skin the vampire began to scream.
He would scream for a long time.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Date: A month before von Carstein betrayal.
Location: Nagashizzar-Rahotep’s Laboratory.

Nekhlior awoke to the same miserable room he had been in for a length of time he could not measure; his entire immortal frame was wrecked with pain. Blinking he looked around the dark room and was surprised to see that Rahotep was not present, instead three mortal Nagashi stood over the Necrarch’s worktable.
“Where is Rahotep.” Nekhlior muttered causing black blood to bubble from his mouth due to the effort.
The three cowled mortals glanced at each other before one of them spoke, the senior one most likely;
“The son of W’soran is gone on orders of the Scribe.”
Nekhlior laughed before stopped and breaking out in a fit of painful coughing
“You still think Rahotep is a second Generation immortal? He is a thin-blooded third, a get of V’azrin.” he sneered but the mortal’s ignored him continuing their work at the table.
“So…where is V’azrin?”
The same mortal answered, they no longer feared the bound and tortured immortal prisoner so they often answered him
“The Scribe is preparing the final stages of his plan; he is ceasing control of the line of Vashanesh.”
Nekhlior cursed angrily at that, the research to do such a feat of arcane had been his own in origin although he had never finished it…V’azrin must have been able to steal his recent work.
Curses I never locked my personal study he thought miserably, although at least only the tome to do with blood control was left within that study.
The Necrarch turned once more to the Nagashi
“Err…how did he enact the Dominion casting? I could never think of a way to start the spell…or how to enter a pure enough burst of arcane energy into an entire bloodline to control them.” he muttered.
“I don’t know.” replied the Senior Nagashi coldly.
“Err master I know why…” one of the other mortals said hesitantly, by his voice he sounded far younger than the other Nagashi perhaps only twenty summers.
“Fine then answer him Laresh.” the Senior said sounding annoyed.
Laresh glanced at turned and walked to stand next to the vampire
“The Scribe found an elder get of Vashanesh who was apart of a faction of vampires that opposed Nagash….”
“This Vampire Council I heard Rahotep speak off?” Nekhlior said grimacing slightly at the pain of merely speaking.
Laresh nodded
“Yes indeed…Well this get of the King had no physical form so V’azrin befriended him and then offered to create a body for him. Once he did so he weaved spells within this new body to allow the seizing of control…this get then became a Dark Lord, the once called Innocence.”
Nekhlior sighed shaking his head
“V’azrin always was a protégé; it was all the rest of us could do to keep up with the boy…with the exception of Melkhior perhaps.”
Then cutting of he frowned
“Innocence? I met him…well as far as I can meet someone in my current predicament.”
Laresh licked his lips and leant forward speaking softly so that the other mortals would not hear him
“I am sorry about this…about what has been done to you…you are a glorious son of W’soran and I am sure Nagash will allow you freedom afterwards.”
Nekhlior coughed as he laughed
“No…if Nagash thinks I betrayed him I will never be freed…tell me is Rahotep to return anytime soon?”
Laresh shook his head
“No…no he is not…he is leading an army alongside ah…Guilt, the Judge…actually most of the vampire Dark Lords…all perhaps.”
Nekhlior sighed and shook his name
“What is with all these names…I am just…I was just Dark Lord Nekhlior the Unfading.”
Laresh merely nodded at this, no doubt unable to think of a response.
“Anyway little Laresh…don’t resist.” the vampire muttered
The Mortal frowned and began to open his mouth but he never got to answer his question.
In a swift Brutal move Rahotep tore his right arm free from its restraint, a restraint he had slowly been weakening for a long period of time. With that arm he slammed aside the mortal throwing him through the air, then with his single hand he flicked out odd gestures and hissed out twisted words of Necromancy. Even with a single hand the spell contained a huge amount of Dark Power and within seconds the Senior Nagashi and his mortal aide where disintegrated in seconds.
Moving as fast as he could Nekhlior whispered powerful counterspells he had been creating in his mind ever since he realised his constraints where enchanted.
In moments the Necrarch was free, he hadn’t even realised he was cackling until he stood up, the vampire reigned himself in making himself stay silent as he walked across the room.
Laresh lay on the floor, his cowl having fallen off, he was indeed a young man and currently pale with fear.
Nekhlior leant down smiling coldly
“Thank you for the information.” the vampire murmured.
Turning he walked over to a chest in the corner of the room, it was unlocked
“So arrogant Rahotep.” he murmured.
Throwing the chest open Nekhlior pulled out his scrolls, his sword which he swiftly tied to the front of his waist, the ancient amulet which he threw over his neck and a long white coat which he pulled over his black robes then carefully he took out his white and black mask which he placed over his face and pulled up the black hood on his robe.
Lastly and almost reverently he lifted the last item out of the chest, his staff, drawing power through it he sighed as he felt the dark magic invigorate him washing his pain away.
Turning he strode over to Laresh and with a smile spat a spell that tied the mortal up but kept him alive.
“My gift to you is life little Nagashi.” the vampire smiled before turning and walking away.
Striding through the fortress he whispered spells of concealment to hide himself from the minor servants in the halls
“A good thing about being a former Dark Lord, I cast spells in a way that would not alert the Great Necromancer and I know my way around this place easily.” he said to himself giggling quietly as he did so.

The Necrarch stoop on the highest point he could reach of Nagashizzar, he had already called his method of escape, the huge form of Inferipena flashed down from the sky to land heavily upon the top of Nagashizzar.
Nekhlior jumped onto the Dragon and within moments he was gone.
Later the mortal Nagashi would whisper about the Necrarch who had escaped the Dread Fortress and the rumours of his mad laughing which he had emitted throughout the skies for days after.
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