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Supplement Piece to Chapter 19 - Seven Forgotten Warriors

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Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
A crow flew in through a port hole of the Widows Lament and sat on a perch overlooking Amadeus Valda. Opening an eye, he noted a piece of paer around its neck. Leaning he picked the paper of the birds nest and gestured for it to stay. IT had a letter for him.

Dear Count Walden,

I write to you today with the information you requested on the beings known as the 'Seven Forgotten Warriors'. I was shocked to discover you were looking for Vampires, or all things. It is highly unusual to say the least and I have enclosed the documentation within as requested. I do not wish to look at it longer as I fear the creatures of the night. Thank you for your interest and we will, as always, endeavour to help any people suffering from the blight of Vampirism though I would recommend sending for your local Witch Hunters to help you with this problems.

Yours Faithfuly

Alter Ganz

Contained below is a short description of thje Seven Forgotten Warriors. Legendary Vampires I have gathered with common cause. I will describe them for you to save confusion and let the lesson commence:

Heinemann - The Tigers Claw

Standing at roughly 7 feet tall, this Vampire has been encased within a suit of armour for the past 2 decades. He was trapped by an unknown mage and has since become a devastating juggernaut of battle. While nowhere near as terrible magically as the Vampires of the past, his suit seems to do well at protecting him anyway. This armour shimmers in the moonlight and Heinemann has a vicious temper and is always looking for a fight. IT is best to avoid him at all costs.

Berkerach - The Dragons Maw

This Vampire is probably the most dangerous of the forgotten. This vampire is trapped with a dead Dragons jaws, and he holds himself aloft through sheer magical power. His arms are tied and he is only able to curse what he see's. Magic and conventional weapons seem to dance around him like bee's and nobody has ever struck a blow on him. The only problem with this is that he would simply die is the jaws shut further. His magic is unsurpassed and he is amazing at kinesics powers, simply moving objects with his mind.

Akamantis - The Whisper of the Wolf

Akamantis is not living. She is dead, but her spirit lingers on. She is completely ghostly and seems to be able to possess the living through sheer force of will. Only a truly strong mind can cast him out. She is a ghost, so its best to say she is quite annoying to face as you cannot hit her. She appears to be able to manipulate items in room also. She is also a poltergeist for lack of a better phrase

Rakmananoff - The Owls Talon

Rakmanaoff is a masterful engineer who was the apprentice of a Necrach Vampire called Gustanberg. Together they perfected a small portable Steam Cannon that only a single Vampire can carry, for it weights too much for any man. While he is strong, the weapon he carries is stronger. Beware of this weapon for it fires steam and cannon calibre lead. He is quite adept at using it and has been known to blast great holes in even Gromril armour with his powerful weaponary.

Eldebar Klimpt - The Eages Eye

A metal mage of extraordinary talent, Klimpt has taken a shine to being able to become a bat, as most vampires do. A bat that can become wholey metal though is dangerous and halves of people have been found in places he is known to dwell. The only issue he seems to have is an intense ringing noise whenever he flies in this metal bat form. If you find yourself with this Vampire, stay low to the ground. Dwarven Soldiers and Elven Mages have not been able to hit him with their weapons and magic as it simply bounces from his metal wings. A difficult customer indeed.

Ra'en - The Foxs Teeth

Clad in a suit made from skinks, he is easily the quickest of the Vampire being able to use his Cathayan katana is a manner not seen since the Slaaneshi maidens attacked...never mind. He is quick, he is unknown and he is the most rebellious of the Seven. He is quick with asword and if anyone hits him, its a fluke. That should never be disputed.

Amadeus Valda - The Eye of the Storm

As the author of this document, I feel unqualified to be subjective, my apologies.
Sitting inside the Widows Lament, Valda began to laugh. The document had been placed in the care of an elderly priest long ago for when it came time to summon the other six warriors. The paper also included an ancient incantation to make them aware they needed to be somewhere. It was time to get the Seven Forgotten Warriors together once more to face the Vampire Council head on. The laughter carried on deep into the night as he sent his messenger on their way, to beat them to the Empire and assemble his seven warriors. They would be forgotten no longer.
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